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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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for the first time tonight, homegrown zika. new cases not linked to travel outside the country, instead likely contracted here on american soil. frightening new developments. off and running, clinton and kaine h the road on a blitz through the rust belt. >> customer service nightmare, wrongly charged big money, then kept waiting for hours and hung up on purpose. tonight tips and tricks to avoid the run around and get your money back. and one week to go, our team in rio, the athletes are there, but concerns remain about what's in
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"nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, world headquarters in new york, this is nbc "nightly news with lester holt." good evening. the experts said all along it was inevitable, and tonight confirmation of zika being acquired not abroad, but in the u.s. because of mosquito new infections, a neighborhood north of downtown miami. and tonight officials are taking extraordinary steps to see how far it's gone and who's at risk. kelley sanders with new details. >> reporter: early today control teams hit the new zika hot zones, now identified in south florida. health officials say it is a first. one doctor calling this homegrown zika. >> i'm directing the accident of health to
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control companies to commence spraying in the impacted area. >> reporter: one woman and three men transmitting the zika virus to all four. >> i'm almost certain we're going to see more. the critical issue is how do you respond to that? >> reporter: tonight, anxious calls. >> you have reached the florida zika virus information line. please hold while your call is transferred to the next available health care and this week state health officials are going door to door in the suspect neighborhoods, asking for urine samples trying to nail down the zika threat. this woman, 31 weeks pregnant. >> avoid any places with standing water. >> reporter: the zika threat now, much more real. >> i've been avoiding the winwood area where it's been reported. >> reporter: to
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is now testing donations, not just from south florida, but from the entire state, georgia, alabama and south carolina. zika has now been found in all but four states, all those cases contracted while traveling outside the united states, but these four florida cases in miami-dade and broward county, pose a new warning for health officials, that the threat is now here at home. health officials say if you recen florida on vacation, you should not donate blood in your hometown. >> kerry sanders, thank you. to presidential politics now after making history and taking aim at donald trump last night in philadelphia, tonight hillary clinton is off and running, hitting the road with her running mate tim kaine on her blitz through
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election day. >> as of tomorrow, we have 100 days to make our case to america. >> reporter: the road trip through the rust belt, clinton and kaine, blasting donald trump. >> donald trump talks about make america great again, he doesn't make a thing in america except bankruptcies. >> reporter: the first stop here in hatfield, 25 miles north of philadelphia, the clinton campaign trying to rebottle the magic of another >> what a night! >> reporter: back in 1992, it was the clintons and the gores, a political buddy movie. >> a great crusade to give the american people their country back. >> reporter: but now bill clinton is the spouse. >> i'm excited to have the 42 and president of the united states as part of this teem. >> reporter: while hillary clinton is making history -- >> i accept your nomination for president of the
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convention designed to fix what polls stay are her biggest problems, honesty and trust. >> i get it that some people just don't know what to make of me. >> reporter: and softening her image with a touching introduction by daughter chelsea. >> i always, always knew how deeply they loved me. >> reporter: but so much of hillary clinton's focus last night, the contrast with donald trump. >> a man you can bait with a tet nuclear weapons. >> reporter: now a critical trip in a key state that republicans are targeting. now pennsylvania is in play. >> i'm not surprised that the trump campaign looks at the figures and says we have a pathway to victory. >> reporter: but if he can't win in the rust belt, he likely can't make a victory. trump is taking
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down, late today raising some eyebrows to a crowd chanting "lock her up" referring to clinton. >> reporter: donald trump unsurprisingly unimpressed. >> i watched her last night giving a speech that was so average. >> reporter: promising more attacks on hillary clinton to come. i'm taking the gloves off, right? yes? take the gloves off. >> reporter: today attacking hillary clinton and others who hit him on the dnc stage, but staying silent for now about one of the most powerful moments of the night. >> god bless you, thank you. >> reporter: by a man named kizer khan. >> let me ask you,
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united states constitution? i will. i will gladly lend you my copy. >> reporter: today, khan's heading home to virginia. >> the reaction had been overwhelming and encouraging as well. >> reporter: after kahn directed this message to trump. >> you have sacrificed nothing and no on same time, trump was delivering his own message on the campaign trail, reiteraing his support of waterboarding. >> they can cut your throats, we can't water board? you know, we're playing by different rules. >> reporter: a striking contrast in a tale of two speeches.
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undeterred, but change unlikely. some political analysts say kahn's speech, while un -- goinged searches spiked during and after kahn's speech, with people looking up how to register to vote. now to a case that could have implications for the election in another key state, a swing state, north carolina, where today one of the voter id laws was thrown out. a federal judge said the law makes it harder for african-americans to vote. >> reporter: voters in north carolina will not have to show any kind of photo id at the polls, the appeals court striking down. the state legislature explicitly set out to
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minorities voters use most often and then to roll back and eliminate them. the restrictions target african-americans with almost surgical precision. using race as a proxy -- >> obviously we're thrilled, we think this is a huge win for north carolina voters and voting rights. >> reporter: north carolina republicans called this ruling partisan. democrats. >> reporter: but today's ruling said the state failed to identify even a single case of in person voter fraud in north carolina. the law also cut early voting by a week, ended same-day registration and stopped a program to let 17-year-olds preregister, all now struck down. in the past two weeks, federal courts have now rolled back voter id and other voter restrictions in wisconsin, north carolina and texas.
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supreme court, but the closer it gets to election day, the less likely the justices are to step in and rule again. two suspects are now in custody in san diego after one police officer was fatally shot and another one was badly injured. a married father of two was killed. one suspect who also had gun shot wounds was caught near the scene, the other was arrested at a home in a standoff not away. in michigan, six additional state workers face criminal charges in the city of flint's toxic water crisis. they are all health and environmental employees accused of hiding data on unsafe lead levels. thousands of children were expoeszed. in april, two state regulators and the city's water quality supervise all were
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out for thousands of civilians. now they're being told they have a chance to flee syria's largest city. but as our richard engel reports, many may never get out. >> reporter: 4-year-old mariah, somehow managed to keep her angelic smile in the midst of water outside damascus. with jets overhead, her father encouraged her to pray, to stay calm. but her prayer was by an explosion nearby. mariah survived. but across syria, the government of bashar al assad, backed by extensive russian help is on the offensive. and nowhere the situation more dire than in aleppo, troops are moving in. the combined syrian-russian offensive has intensified bombing of aleppo's main hospitals. nbc news obtained images taken just
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hospitals turned into killing fields. a little girl, injured and unattended in the midst of chaos. >> translator: the hospital is out of service completely said a nurse, and without it, even the smallest injury could lead to death. there are 350,000 civilians trapped in aleppo and they're running out of everything, even food. this family's refrigerator, like so many others near empty. russia and syria humanitarian corridor for people to leave aleppo. acttivists say it's just a way to clear the city before an attack and possible takeover, unsettling for the people of aleppo may be just beginning. a somber and moving scene today at auschwitz, pope francis making a mostly silent
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we're back now with the frustration so many people can relate to. those rage inducing calls to customer support. you may be shocked to find out many companies are making the experience uncomfortable on pump. but elizabeth stern has ways you can fight back. >> reporter: after 10 hours on the phone with customer service, je >> the whole thing made me angry, upset, totally frustrated. >> reporter: 2 north carolina business owner was staring at $1,000 in phone bills she thought she cancelled for months. jena was caught in the frustrating customer support.
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managers admit they prevent the best possible service. they wear you down before you give up on canceling. >> you're telling me i'm deliberately being given the run around? >> in some of those situations, you are. some companies have engineered it so that if you have an issue, unless you, the customer and the agent can complete it within a certain amount of time, you have no other choice but to to another chance, a different agent. >> always ask for a case id and for a direct number to call back before you get transferred. and download apps like fast customer that will actually wait on hold for you. >> reporter: so when i hear that? >> you can press within the app, the star key twice. >> reporter: after we got involved, jena
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well, there's excitement building in rio. one week before the start of the summer olympics the athletes are there preparing and our team has made their way there as about what's in the water. >> reporter: just above rio, where the stage is nearly set for the summer games. the view from just 200 feet above this city is spectacular, as brazil races to put on the final touches here just one week before opening ceremonies. we soared over olympic park last year, and when we were on the ground 12 months ago, there were questions, would they be done in
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answer, the venues are all finished, athletes are training in many of them today. there are still some concerns over water quality conditions where many events like sailing will take place, but olympic officials tell us the water is being tested every day and there's no reason now why the events wouldn't take place. tonight security is also tightening across this city as well. the police tell us half a million people are beginning to ar they'll continue to come over the next several days. there is excitement here in the air, lester, we are one week out. lester, back to you. >> and a program note, our "nightly news" coverage from rio starts thursday night. we will begin broadcasting live there then and throughout the games. an extraordinary picture out of hawaii captured what may be the happiest volcano on earth.
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look like a smiley face? kilauea, one of the most active volcanos has been erupting
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. finally tonight, now that the 2016 political conventions are in the history books, we're just about 100 days from the election. and as you know, a handful of difference between a donald trump presidency or a hillary clinton white house. >> i've been a life long democrat and i'm done. >> do you believe her lies? >> reporter: they're the voices that could help decide this election. >> i don't trust either one of them. >> reporter: we came to youngstown, ohio a traditionally democratic town to see how voters in the
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conventions in cleveland and philadelphia. like many of his listeners, ron has been a loyal democrat all his life, but after 30 years on the radio here, he's supporting his first republican, donald trump. >> the problem is we have lost too many good jobs. >> reporter: not everyone in town agrees, we ran into one of his listeners on the sidewalk. >> on the democratic party, i think i have a chance, i really do. it seems like when trump gets in, he's go the way it's going to be and that's it. >> do you know what that's called? leadership. >> reporter: industrial jobs have dried up over the past 40 years and unemployment is high. and the democratic voters in youngstown, it will be key in winning the white house. ohio's noncollege educated voters are going strongly for trump. 43 to clinton's 36. and in this county alone, a notable 6,000
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switched over to the republican party. but after watching the conventions, there is still plenty of undecided voters like this democrat, who's impressed with trump. >> he's like me, he's a republican. >> reporter: but he's a billionaire. >> he's a billionaire, but he's just like me. >> reporter: ron says after watching the convention, he's >> it's a leap of nate to vote for trump. >> reporter: the question is how many others are willing to take the leap with him. that's going to do it for us here on this friday night, i'm lester holt. for all of us here at nbc news, thank you for watching and good
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