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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  July 30, 2016 6:00am-6:55am EDT

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now on "today in new york," a woman is robbed and attacked on a train. what the suspect threatened to do to her if she didn't do what he asked. new video coming to our newsroom from a serious accident in bronx, two cars and half a dozen people sent to the hospital. alleys, peering through the windows and that's not all, exclusive video of a night time peeper. "today in new york" starts now. and a good saturday morning to you. welcome to "today in new york" on this last saturday in the month of july. i'm pat battle. >> and i'm gus rosendale. where have you been all my life. >> did you miss me. >> i did. >> no, you did not.
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last. how will it feel this weekend. >> glad to have you back, pat. off to the west, we're tracking light rain this morning. this is a sign of what's to come as we head throughout the weekend. notice where it's dry, new york city, out towards long island, it's not a total washout this weekend. but we will have rain both days. 74 degrees. it's muggy and it will stay muggy throughout the weekend. winds out of the northeast, calm rightno we have partly sunny skies in central park. let's plan your day. as you head throughout the day, you see the increasing chance of showers and storms. if you have to do something outside, earlier, the better. the farther east, the better. the farthest west you head, more showers and storms. unsettled through the afternoon and into the evening. temperatures mild but not too bad. into the mid-80s. there's a muggy feel throughout the day. it starts to get wetter as the day goes on.
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sunday. we'll explain hour by hour in your forecast coming up. gus, over to you. new this morning, we're learning about a serious crash up in the bronx. a car t-boned another vehicle this morning. four adults were inside one car, two inside the other and all six people were taken to st. barnabas hospital. one male victim was ejected from the car and is in serious but stable condition at this hour. police are hoping surveillance photo will lead them to a man they say robbed a woman at a subway station in queens. here's the man police are looking for. he approached the victim at the 36th street station on sunny side. this is tuesday afternoon in broad daylight. police say he threatened to kill her before he took off with her wallet. that wallet contained more than $1,300. just after midnight a woman looked towards a win don't 'say
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michael george has exclusive video of the suspect. >> this is exclusive video we obtain showing a suspect lingering outside a woman's window. police say he then performed a lewd act on himself. >> it's terrible, especially when there's kids all over. >> reporter: another camera shows him running off, scrambling to pull up his pants after being spotted. and another video shows a man calmly walking down an alley. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: ihi kids to stay away from the windows. >> disgusting. i mean, there are kids here. >> reporter: police say the man is in his early 20s, showing up in this alley on block rock avenue just before 1:00 a.m. thursday. neighbors are worried he's still in the area. >> i have a grand daughter. she's 11 years ole. i'm kind of worried. you never know what might happen. >> reporter: this video shows the clearest images police have the suspect.
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and dealt with. >> reporter: neighbors gaffe us those surveillance videos in the hopes someone watching recognizes him. if you know who he is, call detectives. in the park chester section, michael george, "today in new york." a newark man is in custody accuse of attacking his own wife with a knife. s.w.a.t. officers arrested him after a tense four-hour standoff yesterday. the 64-year-old man stabbed his wife several times in their apartment yesterday afternoon and they say neighbors got the 59-year-old woman to safety after the couple'sra of the house screaming for help. that woman is now in critical condition. overseas and new this morning, there are reports of maternity hospital in a rebel held area of northern syria has been hit in an air strike. a videoen by the charity save the children shows the heavily damaged hospital building with debris spread inside hospital rooms. the number of casualties is at this point unclear.
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men suspected of planning a terrorist attack. belgian police conducted raids overnight. the men are brother but they're not releasing any more information. they do say the suspects are not connected to the bombings at the brussels airport and at that metro station back in march. and in california, the suspect in a deadly police shooting in san diego is in custody and is in critical condition after he was shot. a possible accomplice was arrested after a standoff there. killed and wade irwin was seriously injured while make a stop on thursday night. the officers are with the san diego gang task force. 52-year-old jesse gomez is facing murder and attempted murder charges. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton and running mate senator tim kaine will continue their post-convention bus tour, making stops in pennsylvania and also ohio.
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stage in harrisburg, pennsylvania. she focused heavily on the economy, clinton insisting she knows how to create new jobs after 23 million new jobs were created during her husband's presidency. the democratic nominee continued to lash out at gop presidential nominee donald trump. >> donald trump talks about make america great again. he doesn't make a thing in america except bankruptcies. >> today clinton and kaine will make stops at pittsburgh and johnstown, pennsylvania as well as youngstown, ohio. donald trump vowed to step up attacks against clinton. >> after watching that performance last night, such lies. i don't have to be nice. i'm taking the gloves off. right? yes. >> trump took schatz at bernie sanders. he said sanders, quote, sold his soul to the devil in deciding to support clinton. trump also saying that sanders
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and the fbi and the justice department are investigating a computer hack of clinton's campaign, the campaign has acknowledged the breach but said there's no evidence that its internal systems have been compromised. u.s. officials blame the hack of the dnc on russian intelligence, the kremlin has denied those allegations. new jersey senators have approved a new proposal to raise the state's gas task to p road and bridge work. the plan would also cut the estate tax and renew the transportation trust fund which expired july 1st. governor christie backs a previous deal. lawmakers are working to get a veto-proof majority. well, gus, what are we doing at lunch time. >> you know it. >> we're buying powerball tickets, lots of them.
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half billion dollars, growing to $478 million. if you win, you can get that paid out over 29 years or take the lump sum, $330 million. no one has matched all the powerball numbers sin before mother's day. >> take the money and run. >> uh-huh. coming up on "today in new york" on this saturday morning, a dangerous play. pokemon leading players to the home of sex offenders. what's going on here and how local officials want to protect gamers. plus, dramatic video, the situation after inmates took over a jail. and it's dry as we start the weekend. let's take a look outside right now. the brooklyn bridge looking good. hazy sunshine, unfortunately it doesn't stay dry throughout the next couple of days. we'll have a look at the rain and time it out for you in your
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right now we are getting a
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stormy. tuesday, one lingering shower or two. and then by tuesday afternoon, into wednesday, we're finally drying out and warming up. back to the upper 80s by the end of the week. stay up to date with the news 4 new york pam, tap the news 4 in the corner, scroll down and select the weather tab. see the latest forecast, use our interactive radar and learn how to submit your own weather video. the news 4 new york app for iphone is available in the app store right now. pat, ove look at this dramatic rescue in the raritan bay. this is from the aviation unit this was thursday. the 21-year-old victim was stranded in the waters between staten island and new jersey. wow. the man was taken to the hospital for observation and we're told he's doing okay. philadelphia first
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man who became stuck in a sewer line. neighbors cheered though as 46-year-old david barr was pulled to safety at around 7:30 last night. police say just before 5:00 last evening they got a call that a man jumped into a sewer, falling ten feet under ground. barr reportedly crawled into an 18 inch horizontal drain pipe and got stuck. it took a heavy rescue team 2 1/2 hours to bring him out. he's been taken to a hospital for evaluation. still ahead on "today in new rk john chandler joins us with your saturday sports. >> the countdown to rio is on. ahead, bruce beck has a story of a canadian runner who is hoping to bring the gold home. matt damon is back in jason bourne which finds the former assassin searching for the truth
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moms" stars moms who decide to take a walk on the wild side. >> a stranger for five seconds. >> nerve is a heart-pounding high stakes game of dares where the only way out is to win. >> players show us your weapons. and finally, let's find out what's hot in theaters this weekend with this week's fanticipation. that's what's happening in theaters this weekend. this is fandango weekend ticket
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now to the countdown to rio on your screen there, less than a week, six days until the games begin. the opening ceremony taking place next friday. this year there is one canadian athlete who hopes to make history in the 200 meter dash. >> while he's not competing for
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hold a special place in his heart, especially brooklyn. news 4's bruce beck has more. >> i actually did it. it's a dream come true. i'm excited. >> reporter: that's 24-year-old sprinter brendan rodney. he's a dark horse to meddle at the olympics. >> brendan rodney powering through, start to finish. he is mr. 200. >> reporter: but his journey from ontario to rio took a detour here in new york city. where he's been a track star for than new york. i think i can handle myself anywhere in the world after being in brooklyn for four years. i love it. >> reporter: training in brooklyn has made him tough. and brendan had to be stronger than ever earlier this year when his mother suffered a brain aneurysm. after surgery, she could barely walk or talk but her fight to get better has inspired her son
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>> my mom is what drove me to be the best i could be. after her surgery she was like, brendan, i can't walk but go out there and run for me. she just keeps pushing me. i'm just grateful. >> reporter: brendan is the third olympian that has come from liu brooklyn under the tutelage of coach simon hognet. >> he has what it takes to win a gold medal. second or third place. the ultimate goal is to run for a gold medal regardless of who you're competing against. >> it would mean a lot. everybody from brooklyn to back home to my mom would just be so happy. >> reporter: i'm bruce beck, "today in new york." of course news 4 is your olympics headquarters. bruce beck will be down in rio for us and he'll have live reports beginning august 3rd. the opening ceremonies airing
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5th. victor cruz puts on a performance at training camp and a big honor for mike piazza. >> john chandler joins us with saturday sports. >> good morning, everybody. victor cruz was so important to the giants offense, hard to believe he hasn't caught a pass since october 12th, 2014. there was this sight on friday. number 80 practiced start to finish for the first time since last august. remember a calf injury wiped out last season, following that comeba the year before. it's been a struggle. there are no issues, no restrictions. cruz is cleared to play. he's working to recover that trademark speed. the jets aren't sure when darrelle revis will practice next. he had wrist surgery in march. he's taking it slow so far in camp.
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big deal. geno smith also had his moments. a long way to go at training camp. it was mike piazza jersey night on thursday. his number will be retired. could have used vintage piazza back last night. rockies up 1-0 in the second, james loney strikes, deep and gown over the outstretched gun of carlos innings. the bull pen allowed twice as much in half the time. 8th inning, mark reynolds smokes a homer. gonzalez gets ahold of his 21st long ball. the mets fall 6-1. the yankees have traded chapman. no secret they're listening when
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they promptly stumbled out of the gates in tampa. logan foresithe launches the third pitch of the game into section 145 in left. corey dickerson, still in the first, high and tight and deep and gone. nova's allowed five runs on six hits in 4 1/3 innings of work. he didn't think the home plate umpire did him any favors. words on the way and then nova decides, well, maybe it was all the glove's fault. whoops. at the pga championship, american robert streb shot a record-tieing 63 on friday, tieing him with jimmy walker for the lead at 9 under par.
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the first transmitted cases by mosquitos have been confirmed in the united states. one big challenge now. the burglar you might not expect because he's breaking into homes on crutches. and it's dry outside right now. let's take a look at the brooklyn bridge, see what's going on, hazy sunshine as you start your day. it doesn't stay dry today. we are expecting rain. do you need to cancel your beach plans? we'll let you know. your shore cast is coming up. it's the celebration of the year!
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waking up with you, rockland, west chester county, the entire tri-state area, just before 6:30 on a saturday morning as we take a live look at pat battle's favorite span in the tri-state area. >> there's a lot going on there. >> it's becoming increasingly crowded. >> i was thankful to hear nobody was hurt in that accident while
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on the tappan zee. it doesn't sound like it's a great weekend. >> sticky throughout the weekend. we have rain we're tracking early on this saturday morning. it's dry from new york city down the jersey shore and across long island. we have hazy sunshine, just a couple of showers moving into eastern pennsylvania, northwest new jersey. these will not make it into the city. maybe heading into the h otherwise, not a big deal. as far as your beach plans go, it will be mostly dry, especially the farther east you go. if you're out towards fireeye land, hampton islands, you should have a good beach day. the jersey shore, it's a bit more dicey later on this afternoon. temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. possible pop-up showers. wave heights are low, 1 to 2 feet and there's a low risk for rip currents.
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there's a possibility of lightning, especially for the jersey shore. watch out for that. the uv index is 9, that's very high. use lots of sunscreen. we'll take a look at your ten-day forecast and explain when we dry out, coming up in just a few. gus, over to you. >> new this morning, we're learning about a serious crash in the bronx. a car t-boned another vehicle. this happening in the mt. section of the bronx. four adults in one car, two in the other. all six taken to st. barnabas hospital. one male victim was ejected from a car and is in serious but stable condition. in midtown, police are looking for a man they say has been busting into apartments while on crutches. the medical need or just a disguise? news 4's checkey beckford has a look at that suspect.
6:26 am
right leg in a brace, his body held up by a pair of crutches. the apparently disabled man burglarized three midtown apartments. >> i never heard of that before this. >> reporter: this doorman walked here for three years. no doorman was on duty during the burglaries on tuesday. the alleged crook on crutches broke into the apartments, all inside this west 56th street building in just one day. his apparently injured leg didn't stop him from going floor to floor, stealing a laptop, a rolex, a diamond necklace and other valuables from the apartments while no one was home. residents now taking extra precautions. >> i went back in and double locked my door which i wasn't in the habit of doing. >> reporter: two of the vicks tell us they believe this was all an act, that the alleged burglar donned the crutches and braces to slip into apartments unnoticed. john believes people have no need to worry. they now know what he looks
6:27 am
spoke to were adamant they locked the apartment door. they believe the suspect picked the lock. that's how he was able to get in and steal their stuff. they also believe because of the number of apartments he was able to get into in just one day and the fact that he went unnoticed, that this isn't the first time he's done it. in midtown, checkey beckford, "today in new york." happening now, police in queens, looking for a burglary suspect who struck four businesses in far rockaway in the last week and a half. this is surveillance help to find. police say twice he's broken into a business and busted through a back wall to get into the business next door. he stole about $4,500 so far. if you have any information, contact authorities. now to the first reports of mosquitos infected with the zika virus here in the united states. there are four cases now in florida. florida, one of six states reporting at least 50 cases of the zika virus, including new
6:28 am
explains how the city is preparing to fight those mosquitos. >> reporter: they're more than just a pest. >> everybody is concerned. >> reporter: the cdc confirmed several cases of zika virus in florida, caused by local mosquitos, meaning mosquitos carrying the virus have officially made it to the u.s. >> it's all over the news. we all know about it and everything that is there. it's a concern. i think it concerns everyone. >> reporter: in neighborhoods like college point queens, location matters. >> we live near water. so i exposed to mosquitos. >> sometime they come in the room upstairs. >> reporter: that's why these streets are a target for pesticide spraying next week. for parents like emma linton, keeping her kids safe is the priority. >> spray them before we go out to the park. we play soccer all the time on the soccer field at 130th street and 23rd avenue. we usually spray them.
6:29 am
stay inside if possible. especially if you have breathing problems. and if you have a garden, you need to wash everything thoroughly before eating it. >> we are being prepared but we are not panic stricken. >> reporter: the department of health says the spraying is part of a larger effort to combat the virus in new york city. >> the average new yorker who's here in new york should use common sense methods, use mosquito spray, help us fight the bite, don't have water. the same measures effective against west nile, are the same for zika. >> reporter: the hope, to combat the numbers, more than 6,400 zika cases in the u.s. and its territories. more than 850 pregnant women infected.
6:30 am
chances. that spraying happens monday in those queens and staten island neighborhoods between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. the ex-marine convicted in the rape and murder of a long island mother will spend the rest of his life in prison. dante taylor chose not to make a statement at his sentencing yesterday. he was convicted of killing 21-year-old sarah goode after a party in 2014. stabbed her more than 40 times. >> you may circle dates on the calendar but they will mean nothing. there is no date for you it get out. >> we hope you rot in the depths of hell and feel the pain and torture that sarah felt in the last hours. >> they argued he had consensual sex with goode and someone else stabbed her. he plans to appeal.
6:31 am
several blocks of this neighborhood in sunny side. some people were stuck, couldn't get to work, take the kids to day camp. investigators say all the damage was done overnight on thursday and so far, nobody's been arrested. the time is 6:37. and a champion for people living with autism has died. today we are mourning the loss of suzanne wright. wright along with her husband, former nbc chief executive officer bob wright founded autism speaks in 2005 to honor their grandson christian. the nonprofit is the leading advocacy group for autism and autism research. born in the bronx, wright was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer nine months ago. she was 69 years old. the hallways of sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut will soon be filled with students again. we got a first look inside the building which has been obviously, this is a new building, reconstructed. it bears no resemblance to the old school.
6:32 am
plenty of open space, colorful art and new safety technology. it's designed for about 500 students from pre-k to fourth grade. happening today, a new apple store expected to open in williamsburg and here's a peek inside the bedford street location there in brooklyn. earlier this week, long awaited whole foods opened in the hipster neighborhood. doors expected to open at the new apple store at 10:00 a.m. apple also opening a world trade center store in just a few weeks. it's beach weather, there are warnings out there. >> where there are warnings to swim at your own risk this weekend, coming up. and raphael miranda will return with a check of the forecast. don't think there's swimming weather in it. you're watching "today in new
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a live look there at the jersey turnpike out by newark airport early on a saturday morning. lots of folks on the move. maybe they're trying to get it
6:35 am
i'm let raphael miranda tell you about that. a warning for people who may be eager to hit the beach this weekend. suffolk county issued advisories at 62 beaches. the heavy rainfall yesterday raised bacteria levels. >> the city re-opened three staten island beaches. lifeguards will be on duty at south, midland and cedar grove beaches. the city says swimming at this point, not recommended. rats and sewage washed ashore on the island. give it a couple more days to clear out. >> rats? were they swimming or floating? >> needless to say, it's going to be warm today. >> today will be the better beach day. as you head east out of new york, you'll have more sunshine. unfortunate you can't go
6:36 am
dry for long island today. in you're headed towards the catskills you'll hit the rain more than you will if you hit the hamptons, jfk traffic moving smoothly and it's nice and dry. sunshine to start your weekend. it's a good positive feel but it doesn't stay sunny all day long. i'll explain that in just a minute or so. you can see on the satellite and radar picture we are tracking one or two spotty showers well off to the west of new york city. nothing real major there. very light rain at this your weather headlines for this saturday, muggy and unsettled through the rest of the weekend. today starts out dry with sunshine. showers and storms approach by the afternoon. more rain to deal with on sunday and again on monday. let's time it out. future tracker and this is 12:00, lunch time. mostly dry, hazy sunshine, the clouds start to fitter in here. you don't see a lot of rain. after 12, watch what happens, showers popping up, especially
6:37 am
new jersey, the hudson valley, putnam county, orange county. you'll see downpours develop through the day. that's where most of the rain stays today. in the hudson valley, northwest new jersey, new york city, kind of right on the border. we may see rain. as you head east, drying out nicely. in the hamptons, fireeye land, even down the jersey shore, should be mostly dry throughout the day. heading into the overnight hours, scattered showers and storms, waking up to more rain tomorrow morning. the day starts out nasty and damp with showers an a few downpours. heading into later on 11:00 sunday, still a few showers hanging around. we try to dry things out by tomorrow afternoon. maybe get a few sunny breaks in there towards the end of the day and rain returns as we're heading into monday. the reason i'm concerned about flooding between today, tomorrow and into monday, we're expecting anywhere from 1 to 3 inches. depending on where you get the downpours setting up. right now looks like the biggest
6:38 am
that could cause localized flooding from from time to time weekend. planning ahead, temperatures stay in the upper 70s, muggy, storms for some around 7:00 and those scattered storms continue overnight right into sunday morning. a damp start tomorrow. temperatures starting out in the 70s. let's take a look at your exclusive ten-day forecast. we have a chunk of unsettled weather to get through right through monday, even into tuesday. one or two showers will hang around there. temperatures in the low 80s. by wednesday, that's finally less humid. sunny with temperatures in the 80s. we could be near 90 by the end of next week. stay up to date with our weather app. download it, scroll down and select the weather tab. it's my favorite tab there. check out our radar and, of course, get latest updates as you need them throughout the weekend. pat and gus, over to you. coming up after the break, a unique program for kids begins
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lynda baquero will explain who's eligible in this morning's "visiones." pat battle tells me i need to adopt this dog. >> gus, you've got to move. >> coming up on "today in new
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this is a public affairs presentation from news 4 new york, "visiones." >> very different kind of museum education program starts in just two days. and here to explains marie mans field, the associate director of education at the long island children's museum. this is a program you've been doing, tell me first of all how long the museum has been running the program. >> we've been doing it for 11 years now. we're in our 11th summer. we have summer sessions and reunion nights for parents and families throughout the year. >> this was a reaction to the student population around your museum. tell us what was different and why you felt there was a need
6:42 am
>> it is because of the communities that were around us when we started the program, we were hearing from teachers in the local districts that some of the kids that weren't speaking english primarily in the home weren't always necessarily ready and that there was a different idea of what was needed within the american school system and what folks coming from other countries might feel is appropriate. so we created the program and we worked with the kids to get them ready to enter the classroom and get the parents ready to be advocates. >> tell us, you have spanish and french creole teachers. what do you teach? >> colors, name recognition, weight and measurement, math. we definitely have a stem
6:43 am
there's a gap in stem learning. >> and there's special attention i'm getting the parents involved. we saw one of the parents in the photos. why do you feel that's important? >> it's important because of children in the schools and to help kids with home work, how to set up a space for them that is appropriate for education in the home. parents play a pivotal role in their education and this allows them to learn how to do it. >> how long? >> august 1st and runs through august 22nd -- i'm sorry, 26th. it's four weeks, we usually have two sessions per summer. >> is there still space? >> a little bit of space, a few spots left. we work with union dale and westbury. if folks are interested, look to the museum website to find out more information. >> what if parents told you after their kids went through
6:44 am
>> we do see them come back, they do feel more prepared and we heard from teachers and administrators that say the same and we've had younger siblings come back. >> what's the website? >> >> from the long island children's museum. thank you so much.
6:45 am
6:46 am
the "today" show is coming up in just a few minutes. let's check in to find out what's coming up next. >> pat, we borrowed somebody from wnbc this morning. dave price is here. >> hey, dave. >> there he is. there he is. >> flying by. >> lots to talk about on this saturday morning. first of all was hillary clinton campaign hacked? live with the latest as clinton and tim kaine hit the campaign
6:47 am
his attacks against her. also ahead, growing concerns in florida as first cases of home grown zika are confirmed. four people infected, officials going door to door to figure out how widespread it can be. we'll be live in miami. plus, there's a year-long sailing adventure around the world that let total beginners take part. it's coming to an end today. there's been drama, pat, all the way to the finish line. we'll take you to london. the first boats are coming in and we're there live. >> those stories saturday morning right here on "today." >> gus? >> and dave price. >> he walked past you there. >> crunching numbers, looking at maps. he's just so busy. >> he's looking good. that network lighting, i tell you. >> thank you, guys. see you in a little bit. 6:53. time for this morning's pet profile. last week we had amazing success with clear the shelters. more than 1,250 adoptions locally here. tens of thousands across the country. >> 45,000.
6:48 am
there's always a need for foster families. nancy from animal care in new york city is here to explain. we're talking about fostering. what does that mean? >> taking care of a dog or cat or rabbit as if it were your own. it can be anywhere from a long weekend up to three months. typically we need foster families for animals that are really young, maybe like kittens that need to be fed every three or four hours or an older dog that needs medical treatment. they want to be part of this. >> just about anybody who has an apartment or a home that allows pets and we have an orientation every tuesday at 11 park place downtown so you can sign up for that. go through orientation, show where you live. and then you can be a foster parent for the animal care and control. >> the eligibility requirements are the same for having a dog or cat? >> absolutely. >> on a permanent basis. >> have to show your driver's
6:49 am
>> we talked about clear the shelters. i can't emphasize what a huge success this was, how we grew it from year to year. this is not just an arrest locally but across the country. tens of thousands of dogs we're talking about. there's another event going on this weekend that we covered for years. >> broadway barks is today. it's an extraordinary event. bernadette peters kicks it off at 3:00 today, from 3:00 to 6:00. all the big stars from the broadway shows come out,in and we get a lot of animals adopted. all the rescue groups across new york come to this event with their animals. they'll be lots of cats, dogs an rabbits. >> this is happening in times square. >> today at 3:00. >> mary tyler moore, spearheading that as well. david normally is our cat wrangler. he's the cat whisperer.
6:50 am
>> this is an 8-month-old pomeranian who is lovely. 8 months old. willed a at broadway barracks today. >> little lucas has just got fixed and all his shots. he's ready to go to his new home. >> remarkably good temper after this transformation. pat is always telling me to get a dog. she was very emphatic about this guy. >> this is >> a 1-year-old jack russell mix. we think maybe westy or some type of terrier mix. >> a jack russell is spirited, smart dog. >> that's right. >> they need a lot of stimulus. >> great point. when you adopt a jack russell or terrier, they need a lot of exercise. this dog will need a few nice long walks every day. and lots of attention. they both will. >> these are great animals. >> yes.
6:51 am
3:00 to 6:00 at broadway barks. >> you're going on broadway. okay. just coming now from clear the shelters, the acc helping in broadway barks, schubert alley today. >> 3:00 to 6:00. we have a lot of animals at the care center at 110th between 1st and 2nd, lots of kittens, older cats, dogs and rabbits. adoptions start at 10:00. we're coming right back after this. you're watchin ?? and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ?? discover something one of a kind in new york. ?? new york. it's all here. it's only here.
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that looks good to me. thank you, raphael miranda. thank you for joining us. we'll be back at 8:00 a.m. >> right now, "weekend today" starts right here. good morning. breaking overnight. hacked? new concerns that a computer program used by the hillary clinton campaign may have been breached as part of the dnc cyber attack as the campaign shifts in high gear. donald trump promising no more mr. nice guy. fear in florida. officials confirm four people inspected with zika after bitten by mosquitoes in the u.s. the first time this happened in this country. how bad could it get in this long hot summer? horror on the track. two pit members hit by an out-of-control car during a race


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