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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  July 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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flood emergency. floodwaters ravage parts of our area. the danger not over yet for some. how storms turn deadly for people in maryland, too. on the loose. church goers shocked after an attempted rape at their church. who police are looking for tonight. arson attacks. we'll tell you who set several trucks on fire in brooklyn. why drivers say this isn't the first time. news 4 at 6:00 starts now. good evening.
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flash flooding causing big problems and more rain could be on the way. this was the scene in flemington, new jersey. one driver stranded, a nearby street overflowing onto the road. a scene that could be spotted throughout our area. we'll get to storm team 4's erica grow. >> road, you need to turn around and find a different route. if you can't see the lines painted on the roadway, there's absolutely no way to know just how deep that water is. we still have a flash flood watch in effect for counties in western new jersey. that goes until monday evening. right now, the rain has kind of lessened up throughout most of the tri-state area. you can see one thunderstorm cell in central new jersey. some of those areas that were
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widespread rain has shifted into the hudson valley and along 87 there. these are the flood warnings still in effect. no flash flooding but we have flood warnings in effect for our local rivers. can you see this expires tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. i'll use future tracker to show you how much more rain we can expect coming up in the ten-day forecast. >> i imagine many people need a break from it right about now. flash floodin jersey. cars and drivers left stranded in floodwaters. tonight, the weather is still a concern for many people out there. news 4's michael george has the latest from flemington, new jersey. >> reporter: this community got hit hard. more than 5 inches of rain in just the span of a few hours. the end result, a lot of damage, three people trapped in the water and a very busy day for rescuers. two days of powerful rains. in flemington, this car was trapped in the water.
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water kept rising around him. >> he kept sticking his head out the window and saying, you know, i'm waiting. the water was so high. the water was almost to your waist. >> reporter: the man was saved. across the area, the damage from the storm is visible. many told us they couldn't even leave their homes. >> then when i saw the water come three-quarters up my driveway. i said, we're in trouble. >> reporter: driveways are cracked and ruined. streets debris is everywhere. >> the driveways are getting destroyed, people's homes. the destruction is terrible. >> reporter: the floodwaters have mostly recreeded. good news, all those were brought to safety. dmremgton, new jersey, michael george. >> you can stay up to date with the weather with our nbc4 new york weather app. click for enter active weather radar and important alerts. it takest just a second to
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tonight. this coming out of maryland. a state of emergency in howard county and this is why. in just three hours nearly six inches of rain fell. can you see the devastation. two people were killed, swept away by the floodwaters. more than 100 others rescued by emergency responders in the overnight hours. the floodwater so powerful, roads were washed out and cars sent floating away. the town's historic main street suffered some of the worst destruction. >> we've never seen such devastation. i've lived in howard county well over 50 years. i've never seen such evastation but we have those committed to making sure this does not affect them. >> the county executive says it's possibly the worst storm in the town's 244-year-old history. he says the cost of recovery could be hundreds of millions of dollars. right now police are on the
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a woman at stanton island church. church services were held this morning. news 4 has the story from port richmond. >> it's very disappointing that something like that happened and we hope the community will cooperate and try to identify this person. >> reporter: in addition to spreading the good word, father hallonan is alerting worshippers after their place of worship was turned into a crime scene last week. a woman attacked a raped. she says by this man inside the basement. >> we rent to gymnasiums to groups celebrating baptisms and cantoniea. >> reporter: he believes the attempted rape last sunday happened during or after the event happened around 1:00 a.m. they say 42-year-old asuncion
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inside the women's gymnasium bathroom. they say he pushed her down, unled his pants. fortunately, the victim was able to break free. >> this is sad. >> reporter: those entering for mass were understandably horrified. >> i hope someone will come forward and really identify him and, you know, tell he has to be stopped before he hurts someone else. >> reporter: they say these events hosted at the event are family-friendly, like he mentioned, baptisms. police asking anyone that may have information about this support to come forward. in the port richmond section, news 4 new york. police are trying to figure out who is setting semitrucks on fire in brooklyn. take a look at this.
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police believe they were set on fire on purpose. the men who own these trucks tell us this has happened to them before. joined live from east new york with those details for us. >> reporter: the good news is no one was inside these trucks when they were set on fire. take a look at how bad it is. the inside of this cab completely charred. this is one of seven trucks set on fire overnight. now seven drivers looking for answers. twisted metal and ash. remnants of the charred trucks strewn on the ground. i don't know what i'm going to do now. >> reporter: juan carmel slow one of seven drivers without a truck and a family to support. they work for tts trucking but each over own and operate their own vehicle. in isn't the first time suspected arsonists have set the truck cabs on fire.
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now they got seven. >> reporter: other drivers telling us in spanish -- >> translator: we the drivers feel we're not protected by the police. more than 27 trucks have been burned in the last month. and that's money. we're in danger of not being able to feed our children. we're hard workers. we are not troublemakers. we want an investigation 37. >> reporter: police on the scene rummaging through the scorched metal to put a stop to the destruction. police do believe the circumstance fires are suspicious. they hope someone comes forward with information. those drivers say they hope someone comes forward, too, so they don't have to live in fear of this happening again. reporting life in east new york east new york. still ahead on news 4 at 6:00. a rhode island police officer dead. his wife's body in the trunk. what his department is saying tonight about that case. plus, a news conference just
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federal investigators on the ground following a deadly hot air balloon crash. what they believe caused the deadliest accident of its kind in u.s. history. when we became teachers, the state made a commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility
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they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it. tonight we're learning more about a police investigation that shut down the new jersey turnpike. a former police officer committed suicide on the new jersey turnpike after a chase with state police. investigators say franklin
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providence. osgood crashed while running from police on the turnpike last night. he then shot himself. his wife's body was found in the trunk. >> oublg, personally, he's deeply troubled by something and his personal life quite clearly. what leads someone to this level of anger and violence with your wife, your loved one, who knows. >> his friday morning. his daughter called police yesterday after telling them his father is missing and distraught. ntsb investigators just held a news conference about the deadly balloon crash in texas. they are looking for any cell phone videos or photos to help find the cause. the balloon lifrted off yesterday morning, traveling eight miles before crashing. investigators say the power company reported a power line being tripped one minute before
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>> there's physical evidence to indicate the balloon or some component of the balloon hit the wires themselves and not the tower. >> meantime, we are beginning to learn the names of the 16 people killed. a man who works with the balloon company identified the pilot as skip nichols. according to relatives, paige brapson and her mother, laura lee, were also killed in. that crash. coming up on news 4 six, hillary clinton hoping to gain voters' trust. up next, could one candidate bow out of the upcoming presidential
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we turn now to decision 2016. donald trump firing back after being criticized by the parents of a fallen muslim u.s. soldier
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nbc's jennifer johnson has the details tonight. >> reporter: more controversy for donald trump. again, he's not backing down or apologizing. it started at the democratic national convention. >> have you ever read the united states constitution? >> reporter: when the parents of a fallen muslim u.s. soldier said their son wouldn't even be allowed to be in america if trump were president. trump had this response. >> we've had a lot of problems with radical islamic that's what i'd say. we have a lot of problems where you look at san bernardino, you look at orlando, the trade center. >> reporter: a legal consultant is nowic mroering voters. >> i ask them not to vote for hatred or fear-mongering. vote for unity. >> reporter: for his comments that trump hasn't made sacrificing for no one. >> i've made a lot of
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i've created thousands and thousands of jobs. >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigning in ohio sunday says it's the same old trump. but acknowledged she has her own problems, like winning voters' trust. >> i have work to do to make sure people know what i have done and what i will do. that's part of what this convention was about. >> reporter: clinton says it's fair for voters to have questions. >> the two candidates are going over possible debate dates. they say they conflic games and wants them changed. clinton says a nonpartisan committee picked those dates and she plans on being there. >> thank you. kate snow joining us now with a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news" in just a few minutes. kate? >> thanks. i know we've had some rain here, but down in maryland, the latest on a deadly and devastating flood that swept through a small town. you won't believe the pictures. also, what caused a hot air balloon to catch fire and crash this weekend in texas, killing
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a major city dealing with elevated levels of lead in school sinks and in drinking fountains when we see you in just a few minutes for numbers nightly news. >> thanks, kate. erica in with a look at our weather now. we're not out of the woods just yet, as far as the rain goes. >> another round of rain is moving through the hudson valley right now. we'll see more rounds of rain during the overnight hours and into monday morning. a flood warning effect for millstone and neshanic rivers. they are expectled to drop below flood stage tonight and monday morning. we're still looking for water to be completely covering roads during the monday morning commute. if you have to head out the door before sunrise, be extra, extra cautious because it's impossible to tell how deep that water is. also, keep in mind that the roadway could be compromised
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time. i implore you, especially if you encounter a roadway that has a road closure barricade, find another route, turn around, don't drown. that's the message from the national weather service as well. 74 degrees. 75 in bridgeport. we have the rain-cooled air throughout the area. we did get up into the 80s in central park before sliding back down to current temperature of 76. 75 that's an impresses ively humid air map. a three-hour loop showing the heaviest rain north of the city. more rain will be arriving. it's in the washington, d.c. right now. as we take a look at futuretracker, spotty showers
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as you tune in for an update tonight at 11:00, possible showers. 5:00 a.m. monday, we're starting to see a few breaks here and there. during the evening commute, just a spotty shower or storm. it does look like the worst of it will be over by noon tomorrow, but before all is said and done, this is the additional rainfall we're expecting on top of what we already have out there. almost another additional inch in half inch in north port. three additional inches in the poughkeepsie area. here's a look at the storm team 4 ten-day forecast. when will we finally get a break from this? looks like wednesday we'll be completely dry. things are going to gradually get better over the next couple of days. just a shower or lingering storm on monday with a high of 82. maybe a quick pop-up shower on tuesday. most of the day is dry with a high of 78. a nice cool temperature for you. we're back into the mid-80s by thursday. as i mentioned, it will be dry
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we'll reach a high of 90 degrees on friday. we'll be right back with us with
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they were probably holding their breaths, different. beckam jr. might be the best receiver so you can see why ben mack ado was paused when he went down. beckham goes up for the deep ball with jenkins. they get tangled up and left back ham in obvious pain. he limped away, called it a day and ended occupy a cart going to
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it turns out he was cleated and ended up with just a few cuts. big picture, this is minor. >> any time you go down, you don't want to get injured, obviously. nobody wants to be hurt. make sure you get up, shake it off. you'll be all right. it's football. we go down. i've been worse. i'm already. >> seeing him smi podium is relief. giants are off today. full pads on tuesday. trade base bail trade line is 24 hoirz away. andrew miller was traded to cleveland for four prospects and two of these guys are gems in the indians organization. outfielder clint frazer and pitcher sheffield. miller might just be the best closer now in the american league. sporting a 1.39 e.r.a. this year and has two years left on his contract.
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>> this city is great, the fans have been great. to get to put on that uniform and play in front of those fans is as good as it gets. >> he was special. he was special on the field and he was special off the field and in the clubhouse and it's going to be hard without him. but we have to move on. that's the bottom line. >> so what's left of the yankees was in st. pete. trailing 2-0 in the fifth to the rays. big mike pineda serves up a long ball to brad miller. six innings of work. yankees struggling against one of the worst teams in baseball. beltran appears to be the next yankee shipped out of town and he appeared to be one of the lone bright spots, connecting on his 22nd home run of the season. that will boost the trade value. beltran represented the tying run in the seventh but brad boxberger blows him away. yanks get swept, 5-3. no trades for the mets just
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the rocky at home. neil walker continues to swing a hot bat, ripping this one off the wall in right. keep your eyes on cabrera rounding third. suffers a strained patella tendon in his knee right there. looks like a disabled list trip could be in his future. walker again giving the mets the big hit they've been searching for. the amazing after blowing back-to-back saves this year, this is a good sight. mets win it 6-4. they're 2 1/2 games out of the wild card race. i know the yankees don't want to admit they're waving the white flag, but selling out 2016, that's the right call. they got better with prospects. >> we trust your judgment. >> you're one of the few.
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that's it for news 4 at 6:00.
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11:00. have a good evening. on this sunday night, swept away. terrifying scenes and dangerous rescues as deadly floodwaters consume a small maryland town. tonight a state of emergency as a community tries to recover. the war of words escalating tonight between hillary clinton and donald trump over trump's fallen muslim american soldier. lead alert. the city where danger in the water in most public schools is forcing kids to drink bottled water this year. and how he did it. surviving a 25,000-foot fall without a parachute. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york,


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