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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  July 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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shots fired. police on the hunt tonight for a man who opened fire on a brooklyn street caught on video. radio threat. questions tonight about a threat against cops. why is it coming from their own police radios? first, weather alert. storms are moving through and flood wni good evening. i'm stacey bell. >> and i'm gus rosen dale. watches and warnings. flash flood warnings posted for the city and parts of new jersey because of this. heavy rain causing flash flooding. you can see here what people are dealing with tonight. in minutes, this road in paterson, new jersey, turned into a river. you can see rushing water passing those parked cars. heavy rain falling in wayne, new jersey. this video, just in to our
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several car rescues, a dangerous situation out there. we'll head over to storm team 4's erika roe. >> flash flooding tends to happen when you have small concentrated areas of heavy rainfall. in the city we have heavy rain falling in manhattan. flash flood warning is in effect for all the burroughs. hoboken and jersey city areas. flash flood warning in effect for pasaic and bergen for another half hour. a flood warning is in effect even though it's no longer raining in somerset county. the water is starting to filter
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there's a flood warning in effect for millstone river in the reardon area in effect until 2:00 pm tomorrow when floodwater finally recedes. we'll take a look at the threat for more rain in the forecast. >> erika, thank you. you can get the latest updates using the nbc 4 app. you can track the storms going on with our live interactive radar. download the app using the app store or google play. caused major issue for drivers all weekend. new jersey getting the brunt of it. many people had to be rescued. michael george joins us live in wayne with the latest. michael? >> reporter: gus, we've seen that flooding here in wayne tonight. these storms are hitting hard, hitting fast. some communitiesies getting mor than six inches of rain in a few hours causing problems in the tri-state and maryland.
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maryland, bistandards formed a human chain to rescue those trapped in their cars. in ellicott city, cars were thrown to the sides of the road. government officials promising to help the victims. >> we're going to help you out. we will. we just signed a state of emergency to declare an emergency in broward county, providing all the state resources, federal resources. >> streets in wayne were shut down by floodwaters sunday night. in through waist-high water to save the lives of three people. >> he kept sticking his head out the window and saying i'm waiting. the water was so high, almost to your waist. >> reporter: powerful enough to rip drive ways to shreds. >> i saw the water come three-quarters up my drive way i said we're in trouble. >> reporter: brought down trees and shut down roads in morristown.
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destroyed, people's homes. the destruction is terrible. >> reporter: in maryland, officials say two people died as a result of flooding. more tan 100 needed to be rescued. we're live in wayne, michael george, news 4 new york. >> quite a mess ut there still tonight. thanks, michael. nypd wants your help finding a man seen on camera, firing a gun on a brooklyn street. the incident happened last week in sunset park. surveillanid multiple rounds in front of an apartment on 46th street. he runs from the scene then. no one was hit by the gunfire. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers. new tonight, nypd is trying to figure out who is behind the threat against one of its own. that threat not happening online or by phone. it came over their own radio transmissions.
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rana? >> reporter: those threats were made specific chi to the midtown south police captain. nypd doesn't seem too concerned. the caller did make serious threats. tuned in and on patrol. radio scanners turned up. nypd officers for any call. early saturday evening, another voice was on the line. >> hi, captain. do you remember how you put me in jail? i'm out now and i'm >> reporter: specifically asks for the midtown south police captain. the captain gets on the line. >> remember, captain, i'm coming for you. >> where do you want to meet, baby? >> listening in on a police scanner is easy enough. there's plenty of apps like this that allow to you do it. radioing in yourself is a totally different story. police think this person got ahold of a lost or stolen police scanner. throughout the call, the mystery man repeats his threats and at
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calls. sunday night still no clues as to who said those threats over the airwaves. that police dispatcher eventually jammed the call, got the caller off the line. police say they don't think that the threat is credible but are still looking into t reporting live in midtown, r a. na n. vini, midtown, new york. this connecticut man is accused of viciously attacking a danbury police officer. the attack happened in the parking lot of jimmy's market, if you know the area. 20-year-old began banging on a police cruiser. when the police officer got out, thinking he needed help, he was punched in the head. el-hayek is currently being held on $250,000 bond. new tonight, was it an accident or something more sinister? police are investigating the death of an elderly man. when they got to the apartment
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the medical examiner will try to determine exactly how he passed away. police sources do say there was no sign of forced entry or a struggle. on staten island, police want to find a man accused of trying to rap a church security guard. this is the man they're looking for. police say he followed a 21-year-old security guard into the women's restroom at our lady of mt. caramel last sunday, grabbed her by the throat, pushed her to the ground and she was able to fight him off. parishioners arriving for mass were greeted by wanted posters at the church entrance. >> definitely pray that they -- that someone will come forward and be able to, you know, really identify him and, you know, tell the authorities where he is. he has to be stopped before he hurts someone else. >> the security guard was a contracted employee hired by the church to monitor a private
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tonight, part of i-295 has reopened, following a messy crash at a rest stop in new jersey. a truck carrying watermelons overturned near the welcome center at carnechlt y's point today. lanes on the northbound side were closed after that crash. police in the bronx want your help to find these two guys. and the pet they are accused of stealing. es from last month. police say the suspects were able to get into an unlocked apartment and made off with a pet rabbit. cage and all. they also got away with a bracelet and passport. >> most importantly, the rabbit. >> someone's pet. there is much more ahead. up in flames, and police believe this was no accident. tonight the search for an arsonist targeting trucks in brooklyn. drivers tell us this isn't the
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plus a swan is found with darts in its wing. big incentive off long island to find whoever is behind this. touch down in brazil. the first u.s. athletes arrive in rio, getting ready for the kickoff of the olympic games but is rio ready? next. dangerous weather situation out there. flash flood warnings are in effect for much of our area. storm team 4's erika grove is
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to find the person responsible for shooting a swan with darts. the bird was found responsible
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it was hit in a thicker part of the wing and the darts were safely removed. spca finally offering a thousand dollar reward for information. despicable theft. helmet belonging to a fallen firefighter was stolen from a tavern in new jersey. wayne mcquaid died from cancer 25 years ago. his helmet hung on the wall along with otherir someone took it. the tavern owners want it returned, they say, no questions asked. family business in southern new jersey goes up in flames. unfortunately the product they sold helped fuel the devastating fire. the lumber yard has been a mainstay in gloucester county for several years. it was destroyed by a massive fire. no working hydrants in the area.
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water out of a nearby lake. no word on what caused the fire. we are now five days from the start of the olympic games. you see right there, from the u.s. and several other countries, athletes arrived streaming through the international arrivals area at the airport in rio. opening ceremony takes place friday night. some preliminary events actually start before then. everyone is ready to let the games begin. amazing country for volleyball so we're really excited to be here and to experience it with them and hopefully with the fans, too, and the people of brazil. yeah, we worked really hard to be here. we're excited to compete. >> other countries whose athletes arrived in richlt o included south korea, japan, china, france and italy. rio has struggled with public relations nightmares,
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fears. one big question tonight, is rio ready? ryan moore has the story from rio. >> reporter: look at any gold medal performance and you're seeing the results of hard work. years of sacrifice, moments of doubt. in the end a performance to remember. that's what brazil wants to give the world. rio beat out chicago, tokyo and madrid to become american city to host the olympics. organizers impressed with brazil's experience in large-scale sporting events and swayed by dreams that it could help the country's poorest citizens. that's not what happened. while getting ready for the games they fell into their worst recession in decades, the country's president driven from power in a corruption scandal. efforts to prepare rio fell behind as the negative headlines
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waters, and the terrifying emergence of zika virus. >> to be honest i've never seen an olympics that has such a wide array of potential problems. >> reporter: troops train for the worst, the city hopes for the best. >> rio will be the safest place on earth to be by august. >> reporter: athletes making their way here, rio insists it's ready and going for the gold. having arrive reports beginning for us wednesday. the opening ceremony airing here on news 4 friday night. >> such an exciting time. >> always is. opening ceremony. the weather tonight, boy, serious situation out there. >> coming down in parts. >> that's right. >> erika grove here with an update. >> it's starting to let up a little bit, thankfully. but not before dumping as much as three inches of rain in an hour's time in some of these spots just to the north and west
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remaining in a couple of spots to the north and west, such as bergen and passaic counties. very heavy rain fell earlier in the day in somerset county. that crest on millstone river is expected to happen at 2:00 am of 9.3 feet, minor flooding. it will drop back below flood stage later on in the morning. now, some roadways are still going to have standing water on them, on monday morning during that drive time. you may think that you know how deep it is. if you can't see the painted lines on the road, you don't know. so you want to turn around, find a different route. you have gps probably. if not on your phone then in your car. you can just find a different route to go. 71 degrees in north merrick. cooling off with that cooler air moving in behind the boundary with that heavy rain. look at the visibilities that
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very high dew points. saturated atmosphere out there. newberg and white plains. three-mile visibility in central park. that will drop in the overnight hours. there is the potential for fog complicating the issue with the roadways, having standing water on them. you definitely want to give yourself extra commute time tomorrow morning if you're a driver especially. on satellite and radar, the three-hour loop shows yet another line of thunderstorms now developing ahead and kind of due eastward. i think thisil hours. on future tracker, it looks like most of that activity dissipates according to this model solution. i can't rule out another heavy shower or rumble of thunder during the overnight hours. as you're heading out the door tomorrow morning, there's still some lingering sprinkles and showers. you'll still want the umbrella, still need the windshield wipers. it's not looking that intense. at noon, we could get a complete break in the action but still plenty of cloud cover in place. afternoon hours, if we do get
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the fuel for more pop-up thunderstorms to develop. actually kind of don't want to see the sun tomorrow. i know that sounds silly, but that's exactly what the thunderstorms need to get going. another shower or storm passing overnight tonight. 70 in the park. 69 in belmar. 64 in poughkeepsie. tomorrow, we start out with that hazy, muggy start. fog will develop. 72 degrees. isolated shower or storm still possible through the afternoon hours. we'll reach a high temperature right around 80 midtown and some areas to the north and west will see temperatures reaching into the mid 80s tomorrow. in the ten-day forecast we're going to cool down a little bit on tuesday. high of 78 degrees with just a quick passing shower. nothing big. thankfully, we finally have dry days ahead starting on wednesday and all the way through at least friday. friday gets up to 90 degrees. that's the only 90-degree day. fo r that heat wave we just got through we won't see another one
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enjoy the weather starting in the middle of the workweek. >> humidity comes down as well? >> yes. >> appreciate it. state of emergency under way tonight in maryland after two people were swept away to their deaths and more than 100 others rescued from rushing floodwaters. six inches of rain fell in a few hours. darcy spencer from our sister station in washington has a new upclose look at that damage. >> as many of you have been down there, you see, it war zone. as lieutenant governor rutherford told me it looks like a set from a disaster movie. >> i don't know if there's someone in that car. >> reporter: this disaster is real. ellicott city destroyed by a flood that struck hard and fast. six inches of rain in just two hours. >> cars everywhere. sidewalks missing. roads partially gone. utility poles down. >> reporter: countless businesses and homes destroyed.
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they've been identified as jessica wazula of pennsylvania and joseph blevins of baltimore county. >> as they were crossing the bridge and left their vehicle, one was able to go to safety and the other one, unfortunately, was carried down stream. >> reporter: inspectors are still assessing the damage on main street. it's in the multiple millions of dollars. >> four to five of those buildings will be classified as destroyed. approximaty received significant damage. >> reporter: officials tell me they can't even begin to put a time line on when main street will reopen, when those residents and businesses will be able to come back here to ellicott city. a commercial building that has a real estate office. she said it's likely a total loss. >> we can rebuild it and make it whole again. >> reporter: adrian colburn lives here but did not lose his
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businesses that have an uncertain future. >> it's devastating for people that have lost everything. the people that have lost their homes it's very sad. >> reporter: heavy equipment just beginning what will be a long road to recovery. shoring up a church that has stood here since the 1800s. >> we are stronger than the storm and we will be rebuilding. >> reporter: in elli questions tonight in harl em. what happened to a father and his 10-month-old son missing for days? deadly hot air balloon crash. what we now know about the victims and the pilot. stunning car crash caught on video. how the driver managed to make
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practice for the giants. >> it was. it was. but everything is okay. that's the long and short of it. might be the best receiver in football. you can understand why coach ben
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when he went down today. beckham goes up for the deep ball with jenkins. they both come down after getting tangled up and it left beckham in obvious pain there. he limped away, tried to return. instead giants said why don't you call it a day? he was cleated and suffered a few cuts. giants managed to make it through a few practices without an injury. big picture here this one is minor. >> any time you go down -- you don't want to be injured, i've been down that road before. make sure you're straight. get up, shake it off. all right. you'll be all right, man. it's football. we go down. i've been worse. so i'm all right. >> all right. we're thankful for that. coming up next, baseball trade deadline is near. yankees made a big move today.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics.
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tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. baseball trade deadline is less than 24 hours away. 4:00 pm tomorrow. yankees, by all accounts, have work andrew miller follows eroldis chapman out the door, miller traded to cleveland for prospects, clint frazier and sheffield. miller might just be the best closer in the american league. sporting a 1.39 e.r.a. this year and has two years left on his contract. here is miller on his time in new york. >> this city is great. fans have been great.
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is as good as it gets. >> he was special. he was special on the field and was special off the field and in the clubhouse. it's going to be hard without him. but we have to move on. i mean, that's the bottom line. >> and move on, they did, against the rays today, what's left of the yankees in st. pete, trailing 2-0 in the fifth. over 5 earned in six innings of work. this is how it went for t carlos beltran figures to be the next yankee shipped out of town. 22nd home run of the season. 5-2 ball game in the second. boxburger gets him downswinging. blows him away. yankees swept out of florida. 5-3, the final. they have lost four straight. no trades for the mets just yet. they were more concerned with avoiding a four-game sweep to the rockies at home. bottom of the first, neil walker
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rips this one off the wall in right. but watch as asdrubal cabrera rounds third. right there. strained pat ella tendon in his knee. disabled list may be in his future. mets were down 4-3 in the seventh when walker gives the mets the big hit they've been searching for all weekend. a three-run shot to left center. walker does it again and the amazins take a the mets win it 6-4. they are 2 1/2 games out in the wild card race. red bulls taking on chicago. fire in chicago. let's pick this up trailing 2-1. red bulls in the 90th minute. for the 63rd time, in all competitions, bradley wright phyllis on the receiving end to draw the red bulls level.


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