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tv   News 4 New York  NBC  July 31, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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rips this one off the wall in right. but watch as asdrubal cabrera rounds third. right there. strained pat ella tendon in his knee. disabled list may be in his future. mets were down 4-3 in the seventh when walker gives the mets the big hit they've been searching for all weekend. a three-run shot to left center. walker does it again and the amazins take a the mets win it 6-4. they are 2 1/2 games out in the wild card race. red bulls taking on chicago. fire in chicago. let's pick this up trailing 2-1. red bulls in the 90th minute. for the 63rd time, in all competitions, bradley wright phyllis on the receiving end to draw the red bulls level.
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appreciate every minute this guy plays. 2-2, the final. in golf the year's fourth and final major pga championship from a soggy baltusrol golf club in new jersey. jimmy walker, played 36 holes today because of rain yesterday, had a one-shot lead on the par 410th and holes it out from the greenside bunker. that gets him to 12 under par. opens up a two-shot lead. walker stretched the lead to three strokes over jason day with this birdie putt h 17. barely caught the lip and dropped in. and day's reaction, walking up 18 said it all. still the defending champion had a chance. and on the 72nd hole, here is day, burying the eagle putt to close within a shot. keeps the pressure on walker. but the 37-year-old texan didn't buckle. and with this par putt on 18, walker captures his first career major. he becomes the fifth straight
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lots of baseball to discuss. yankees and mets. yankees active at the trade deadline. subway series starts tomorrow. oh, by the way. >> oh, by the way. >> always fun. >> thank you, sir. up next, a world first. how did a skydiver fall 27,000 feet with no parachute and survive? first, arson attacks. where over half a dozen semi trucks were set on fir drivers say this has happened
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who is setting semi trucks on fire in brooklyn? that is what police want to know tonight. we're back with the 11:30 news, extension of news 4 new york at 11:00. i'm gus rosen dale. >> and i'm stacey bell. over half a dozen fires we're talking about tonight, all of them happening overnight. drivers say they've been victims of arson attacks like this fire intentionally. news 4 has the details tonight from eastern new york. >> reporter: good news is that no one was inside these trucks when they were set on fire. take a look inside the cabin. you can see how charred everything is. this is one of seven trucks destroyed. now seven drivers looking for answers. what's left is rubble. twisted metal and ash. remnants of the charred trucks strewn on the ground.
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>> reporter: one of seven drivers without a truck and effectively without a job. >> i have family like everybody here. >> reporter: they work for t.t.s. trucking. they each own and operate their own vehicle. what's worst, this isn't the first time arsonists set their trucks on fire. other drivers telling us in spanish. >> translator: we, the drivers, feel we're not protected by the police. more than 25 truck vbs money. we're in danger of not being able to feed our children. we're hard workers, not trouble maccers. we want an investigation. >> reporter: police on the scene, rummaging through the scorched metal to put a stop to the destruction. police do say these fires appear to be suspicious and hope someone comes forward with information. those drivers tell us they hope someone comes forward, too, so they don't have to live in fear of something like this happening
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vini, news 4 new york. nypd is searching for a manhattan man and his son who have been missing for more than two days. jonathan albuquerque and his 10-month-old son, christian, were last seen thursday night. the two live on hamilton place in the hamilton heights neighborhood. they disappeared after leaving the pediatric emergency room at mt. sinai hospital. anyone with information asked to call crime stoppers. >> new york cit channel between brooklyn and staten island yesterday afternoon and hours later the body of a woman was found in harlem river. no word on the identity of either person at this point. city medical examiner still has to determine how each of them died. gunman who shot a man in the back in west babylon and a police officer was also hurt in the aftermath. shots rang out after 11:30 last night.
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was directing traffic at that scene was hit by a car. he was treated for an injured leg. no charges have been filed against that driver. now to decision 2016. donald trump is trying to clarify some comments he made about the muslim parents of a fallen soldier. and hillary clinton, well, she isn't buying it. it all started thursday at the democratic national convention. the parents of khan killed by a suicide bomber in iraq said their son wouldn't be allowed to be an american if trump were president. trump responded in an interview today on abc's "this week." >> we've had a lot of problems with radical islamic terrorism. that's what i would say. we have a lot of problems where you look at san bernardino, orlando. you look at the world trade center. >> just reinforces the doubts
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about his campaign and the potential candidacy that he's offering to the american people. >> both nominees head out on the campaign trail. no surprise there, hitting the trail tomorrow with less than 100 days to go. clinton heads to a rally in omaha, nebraska, while trump heads to columbus, ohio, for a town hall. warnings now canceled. erika grove is back with an for you. how fast-acting witnesses may have saved this driver's life. the i-team exposed this city court closing early, leaving defendants stranded in jail. >> when people are presumed innocent they shouldn't be spending unnecessary time in jail. >> policy malmakers are calling
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a pair of teens busted on long island, accused of using some funny money. the 18-year-old and 16-year-old were stopped at the mall yesterday when an alert cashier noticed the $100 bill they used
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counterfeit bills in their wallets. both teens are charged with several counts of possession of a forgery. federal regulators are too slow when it comes to getting bad food off the shelves. chuck schumer wants to overhall the review process. linked to tainted flour began in december. but a recall wasn't issued until the minute there's smoke, the minute they are made aware of a contamination, they should initiate recalls. no ands, ifs or buts. >> call for change follows a preliminary report of the health and human services who say it's taken far too long to initiate food recalls. up next on news 4 new york
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routinely closing night court early, leaving people locked up unnecessarily. the i-team gets local lawmakers to take action. countdown to rio is in the single digits, five days to go. bruce beck has the story of a canadian runner hoping to bring gold back to brooklyn. after a rough week of weather, how is your workweek forecast looking? erica grove is back with a look
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tonight, we're learning more about the victims in a deadly hot air balloon crash in central texas. this is the last photo of the hot air balloon. it crashed shortly after, killing the pilot and 15 passengers. newlyweds dr. mark and sunday rowan are among the victims. mark took this photo 12 minutes before the deadly crash. >> they were the cutest couple. everybody rooted for them. they really were. i mean, it's -- sheas sweetest thing and he adored her. >> investigators say the power company reported a power line being tripped one minute before the call to 911 about that crash. police in rhode island are trying to figure out what led one of their own to kill his wife and himself. investigators say former police officer franklin osgood committed suicide on the new jersey turnpike after a chase with state police. osgood was wanted for killing his wife in rhode island. this is the scene at their home
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osgood crashed while running from police on the turnpike last night. he then shot himself. his wife's body was found in the trunk. his family last saw him friday morning. his daughter had called police yesterday afternoon, saying her father was missing and distraught. an i-team exclusive update now. if your work shift lasts till 1:00 am, you're expected to stay until 1:00 am. but not if you're a judge in queens. i-team exposed routinely clock out early. lawmakers, police and prosecutors are now urging reform. >> in some cases we found defendants having to spend unnecessary nights locked up because judges adjourned court early. now that go home early policy is under fire. when people are presumed innocent, they shouldn't be spending unnecessary time in
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daniel squadron said closing court early may be against the law. he is not the only one trouble bid findings of an i-team investigation. queens night court locking up well before it's listed closing time. official website says it's open until 1:00 am. we caught doors closing at 11:27. this night at 11:15. this night they locked at 10:58. queens d.a. richard brownished a scathing statement after the investigation. there is no question that some custody overnight as a result of the early closure of queens night court, he said. our office, together with the new york city police department vigorously opposed the early closure of night court and continue to today. >> that's not acceptable. >> reporter: committee on the judiciary after the i-team report said they closed early, she called the court of
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reviewed. >> no judge should be leaving the bench early if there's somebody who could be arraigned that night and probably the overwhelming majority of cases, the person is going to be arraigned and be sent home. >> reporter: that's what happened to this 18-year-old college student. she spent an unnecessary night locked up after an assault arrest. records show she was ready to see a judge at 10:00 pm but the judge left early and she had to wait until 10:00 am the next morning. that's when she was immediately released on her own >> i stayed there overnight. >> reporter: what was it like? >> it was cold. >> reporter: after the i-team investigation a spokesman for the court told us we have reiterated to all judicial and nonjudicial personnel that all cases delivered to the court and ready for arraignment must be seen before adjourning court for the night. court administrators stopped
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still leave well before 1:00 am and some defendants would still lose their chance at a night court arraignment. >> in this case it looks like the law already suggests this shouldn't happen. shushd be getting folks to arraignments as soon as possible. >> reporter: queens d.a. admonished court administrators, judges but specifically said public defenders have supported the early closings even though the policies leave their clients jailed for unnecessary rep for queens legal aid says the agency does not support the early closures. public defenders there want court to stay open until 1:00 am. for the i-team, i'm chris glorioso. dramatic video of a horrifying car crash in florida. surveillance video at a nearby business, capturing the moment that car went airborne and flipped several times before coming to a rest. this happened in daytona beach. witnesses rushed to the driver's
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safety. he is recovering at the hospital tonight and no other injuries were reported. >> miracle that he's okay. some people, including myself, think the whole concept of skydiving is a little crazy. but i think most people would agree this is just nuts. a man in california set a record for 25,000-foot jump without a parachute. yes, i said without a chute. the only thing to break luke aikens fall and prevent him from breaking his body was a 100 by 100 foot net. he made the net. he walked away unharmed and is just fine. 18,000 jumps under his belt but nothing like that one. let's check on the weather. where do we stand right now? >> flood advisiies are in effect right now. watches and warnings have
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no more flash flood warnings. we will still see more rain and showers orient tonight. couple of isolated areas of maybe a little bit more intense rain. but for the most part it's just sprinkles and showers. most of the rain will continue to be north of the city and lingering shower or storm is going to happen again tomorrow. this is where the flash flood watch is still in effect. as more rain moves over saturated soil tomorrow, we have all these flash flood watches for your counties in western and central new jersey. that's in effect until tomorrow at 11:00 pm. basically, the entire day. right now in sparta, 69. it's 69 in ramsey. 72 right now in central park and farmingdale and 70 in montauk. satellite and radar, another cluster of storms that right now is moving through the lehigh valley, making its way along i-78 basically, moving into new jersey within the next few hours. don't be surprised if you hear a
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tonight. the morning commute could be unsettled in spots. we are going to see a better day tomorrow. still looking for that potential for a shower. possibly a rumble of thunder. as i mentioned in the last half hour, if you see sunshine, that might actually be a bad thing tomorrow. we have so much moisture present, that will provide the instability to get pop-up showers developing. high temperatures return to the mid 80s by the middle of the workweek. finally pleasant weather with less humid air as well. a there. that's not until wednesday. overnight tonight we'll drop down to 70 degrees with a few more isolated showers and a rumble of thunder. tomorrow, we'll see mostly cloudy skies, a few more rumbles of thunder and showers possible pretty much at any point of the day most likely before noon. 79 in andover and belmar. and the mets and the yankees have a series starting at citi field. showers still possible during
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pitch. you might want to bring the rain gear. it will be mostly dry. here is a look at the storm team four ten-day forecast. gradually improving weather here. still have a chance for showers and storms monday. lingering shower possible tuesday. high only in the 70s. it's been a while since we've been able to say that. it will stay dry through the rest of the workweek. high of 90 degrees friday. only 90-degree temperature we have in our whole >> that's a change for sure. erika, thank you. >> welcomed change. here is john with a look at what's ahead. stacey, gus, talking baseball. mets, yankees coming up. before that, trade deadline tomorrow. yankees have made their moves in full-on sell mode. they may not be done yet. mets may have a move or two to make before it's all said and done. that's coming up on sports final in a few.
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>>ve hi a. tus -- it's been that long? matt damon as jason bourn is still a box office draw. it debuted $60 million. "star trek beyond" made $24 million in its second week and raunchy comedy "bad moms" debuted with $23.4 million.
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begin. opening ceremony taking place this friday night. this year, one canadian athlete hopes to make history at the games. >> while he's not competing for the u.s., new york city does hold a special place in his heart, especially brooklyn. news 4's bruce beck has more. >> it's a dream come true. i'm really excited. >> 24-year-old sprinter, brendan rodney. he's a dark horse to medal at the olympics. brandon rodney, powering through! start to he is mr. 200. >> his journey from ontario to rio took a detour here in new york city, where he has been a track star for liu brooklyn. >> i think it's tougher tan new york. i think i can handle myself after being in brooklyn four years. i love it. i have to thank brooklyn all the time what it's done for me. >> training in brooklyn has made him tough. and brendan had to be stronger than ever earlier this year when
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aneurysm. after surgery, she could barely walk or talk. but her fight to get better has inspired her son to chase his dreams. >> my mom has drove me to be the best i can be. after her surgery, she was like, brendan, i can't walk but you go out there and run for me. she keeps pushing me. i'm just grateful. >> reporter: brendan is the third olympian that has come from liu brooklyn under the tutelage of their coach who says he has what it takes to capture olympic glory. >> he has what it takes to win a gold medal. you don't send a athlete out there to say i'm running for second place or third place. the ultimate goal is to run for gold no matter who you're competing against. >> i thank everybody from brooklyn back home, to my mom will be so happy. >> i'm bruce beck. news 4 new york. >> what an inspirational story.
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now. opening ceremonies air here on news 4 thursday night. thank you for having us. sports final starts right now with chuck. >> we find the yankees in an unfamiliar role. sellers, for the first time since 1989. entire generation isn't used to this. they may not be done yet. mets dealt their way into world series contention this time last year. so far they've stayed quiet. will they mac a move before the subway series starts tomorrow? we're talking baseball tonight. first, tonight's sports final headlines. odell is okay. giants survive a scare in training camp. odell beckham gets tangled up with jengins. he left practice early but don't worry, giants fans. he suffered a cut or tw on his leg.


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