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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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roads washed away. "today in new york" starts now. good morning. it's monday morning, august 1st. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. raphael miranda is in for chris this morning with the weather headlines. a lot going on. >> that's right. it is another umbrella day. we may see more of that heavy rain like we saw over the weekend. thankfully it's quiet right now around the city. we are tracking one storm across lots of lightning there. you can see on storm team 4 for the rest of your forecast. temperatures in the low 70s in central park. winds at 8 miles per hour. as you plan the rest of your day, this is why you want to bring the umbrellas. showers and storms popping again late this afternoon. muggy and mild. temperatures back to the low 80s. when will we break out of this pattern? we'll look at your ten-day forecast coming up. lauren scala has a look at your
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roads. an accident with a downed poll causing route 1 and 9 tonnelle avenue to be shut down. last week shut down for flooding, today an accident. over to the fdr drive, shut down with road work between 96th street and 61s in both directions. more weather and traffic on the 4s. thank you very much. now breaking news in brooklyn. two people killed in a crash overnight. police say the driver who caused the crash it happened at the intersection of fulton and chestnut streets. that's where we find jen maxfield. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. police are still here at the scene at the intersection of fulton and chestnut street. this is where two men crossing the street were struck and killed earlier today. i'll step out of the way here and show you that there are two cars up on the sidewalk that are badly damaged. that's because police say that
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a very high rate of speed eastbound here, down fulton street. he lost control of the car hitting two pedestrians and those two parked cars. i can tell you we've been here for some time, and we've been hearing the sounds of people crying off in the distance. friends of the two men who were killed in this crash tell us they were all out with a group at the empera par on fulton street enjoying themselves. these two men leftft midnight, that's when they were struck and killed by this car. the driver of that acura got out of the car and fled after causing this terrible accident, which, again, two men ages 41 and 56 were killed in the fatal pedestrian crash. now back to you. >> thank you very much jen maxfield. we'll look at flooding happening in paterson, new jersey, where people were driving down those flooded streets. the roads turned into a river in
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said she never in her life has seen a flood like this in paterson. >> rain also falling nonstop in wayne, new jersey. that was early in the day. several reports of several caress cues. >> get out! get out! >> now to howard county, maryland, right outside of d.c., where good samaritans formed a two people are dead. virtually every building and business along that historic main street has been damaged. the damage so bad that the governor of maryland declared a state of emergency. >> it's devastating to see some of the businesses that are totally gone. totally gone. i don't even know where to start. >> government officials are promising to get help out to the victims. officials are calling the floods
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half century. you can see all that destruction. >> terrible. >> fatal injuries. >> so disturbing. 4:34 right now. let's look at the weather around here. raphael is in for chris this morning. obviously feeling grateful, but so sad for people dealing with that. >> just horrible. we have had our own flooding over the past few days. it's been a rough weekend. we've seen very heavy rain at times, especially across new jersey. that unsettled weather continues. showers and storms this afternoon and evening. conditions start to improve tomorrow, especially by tomorrow afternoon. then much better and drier by the middle of the week. we're still on alert for flooding. we have a flash flood watch in effect for the counties in green in new jersey until 11:00 tonight. lots of rain has fallen over the past two days. we have heavy downpours, and
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mix. otherwise lots of clouds, muggy, uneasy. 80 is the high today. grab the umbrella, you may need it this afternoon. we'll look at the ten-day forecast in a few minutes. better weather is coming. here is lauren scala with your commute. >> weekend track work on the subways. 3, 4, a, e, d, f, n, r are affected. if you're getting on the buses, one detour, that's great. the s44. finally don't for alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. we'll have your next weather and traffic on the 4s. >> thank you very much. now back to the flooding in new jersey. we did show you video of roads underwater. but the concerns are not over yet. tracie strahan is in wayne with that story. we've been in wayne before. this area is prone to this type of flooding. >> it's happening here all the time when it rains, but wayne police are breathing a sigh of relief.
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result of flooding. that was not the case about 12 hours ago. even in this intersection behind me, colfax road, this was the site of a water rescue. one of several here as a result of the storms. we'll show you video of across the area. wayne here, as you mentioned, always prone to flooding. a lot of people were stuck in it. this was the site of several water rescues last night. police not reporting injuries as a result. but this was not the only place where theyad ing. flemington another spot where they had to rescue people. a lot of people reporting damage to their driveways or roadways as a result of it. again, no major injuries reported. the storm brought down trees, shut down several roads from morristown to flemington. communities have been beaten
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like we saw in maryland as we bring you back live to wayne. no major road closures around the area as a result of flooding. we passed an area where a tree was down. they were able to scoop it up. we're seeing some mist coming down now. wondering if it will start again. i'm sure dpw, department of public works here, is on guard as a result of that. back to you. >> thank you very much. happening now, police are trying to track down the person who used a police radio to make a threat against an nypd take a listen. >> captain, remember how you put me in jail? i'm out now. i'm coming to put a bullet in your head, sonment. >> the threats against the captain started saturday evening and lasted several minutes. the captain did answer and even tried to draw out the suspect. >> remember, captain, i'm coming for you. >> where do you want me to meet, baby? >> a police dispatcher
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off the airwaves. investigators don't believe the threat to be credible but they still want to find that person. happening now, police are looking for the gunman who opened fire on a brooklyn street. the suspect video pulling out the gun, firing multiple shots. this happened last saturday. nobody was hurt. police on staten i'd want to find the man accused of trying to rain a church security guard. they're looking for asuncion moran barrera. last sunday he followed a 21-year-old guard into the bathroom, grabbed her by the throat, and unbuckled i had pants. she was able to fight him off and he escaped. parishioners hope the suspect is caught soon. >> definitely pray that they -- that someone will come forward and be able to really identify him. you know, tell the authorities where he is.
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>> the security guard was a contracted employee hired by the church to monitor a private event. 4:39 no. new this morning, police link a burglary suspect to bushwick in brooklyn to another crime. the man in this surveillance video reached through an apartment window on jefferson street and wilson avenues to steal a cell phone. that was on july 3rd. here he's seen two weeks later helping himself to some packages left in the lobby of a building. he also broke into anpa laptop and some cash. in the race for president, donald trump embroiled in a controversy involving the muslim parents of a soldier.
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called out trump. trump later called captain khan a hero, saying this is about radical islamic terror. >> we have a lot of problems. you look at san bernardino, orlando, the world trade center. >> to attack as he did on captain kahn's mother, i don't know where the bounds are. >> kahn's mother wrote in the "washington post" that trump kn trump tweeted am i not allowed to respond? >> 4:40. this week, we should learn how a jury may be chosen in the criminal case known as bridgegate. two of governor chris christie's former aides set to go on trial in september. they're facing federal charges in the lane closure scandal. now their lawyers will submit the questions they want to ask the potential jurors. the issue will be addressed on thursday. all sides will meet with the judge in the case.
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investigator believes malaysian airlines flight mh307 was deliberately flown into the sea. larry vann tells "60 minutes" the evidence points to a rogue pilot gliding the plane into the ocean. he also believes the plane's fuselage is mostly intact at the bottom of the sea. the plane was carrying 239 passengers and crew when it still to come, a crash sends a car tumbling, breaking apart as it rolls. the driver makes it out alive. this is an incredibility story. that's coming up. and one unusual burglary. the local thief who made off with a rabbit. >> and weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. as we look at the hamilton bridge.
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four things to know this monday morning. much of new jersey under a flash flood watch right now. the state saw heavy flooding over the weekend. today's watch lasts until 11:00 tonight. raphael miranda will have details momentarily. the health department will spray pesticides from trucks in today. crews will spray between 10:00 p.m. tonight and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow in college point, flushing and white stone. it's just a precaution. the zika virus has not been detected there. big change for anybody riding septa trains. starting this afternoon, riders can no longer buy tickets while on the train. you need to get on board. officials are urging everyone to get to the stations earlier
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transit system. and game one of the subway series takes place tonight. the mets are 2 1/2 games out of the wild card race. the yankees are coming off a four-game losing streak. >> good morning. time for a check of your forecast. more unsettled weather today. even though it's not raining outside right now, a bit of a dry start on the plaza around the five boroughs. we are tracking rain off to the there. that tropical air mass is still in place. the same storm we've been dealing with over the weekend is still there. let's look at the latest flash flood watch. this is for monmouth county up to northwest new jersey. that's a flash flood watch until 11:00 tonight. any rain that happens today could produce very heavy rain and flooding potential. the best chance of that will be west of new york city as we head into the afternoon and evening. really all around the tri-state,
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of that heavy rain potential. temperatures in the low to mid 70s. point pleasant, 73. 71 red bank. temperatures in the upper 60s in the hudson valley. 68 in poughkeepsie. here's the radar picture. nice and quiet right now. that may change as we head throughout the day. no rain falling in the city. we are tracking this storm in the south, southern ocean county in the jersey shore. thunder an lightning with this cell as it moves towards stafford, north of little as you plan your day today, not a whole lot of sunshine. maybe a few peeks. lots of clouds, muggy and murky weather continues. temperatures below average today. back to the low 80s. the best chance for rain towards the afternoon and evening. timing that out in future tracker, this is lunch time. not a whole lot going on. clouds. around 4:00, that's when you start to see a few showers, mainly north and west of town.
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will be dodging those showers from time to time. heavy rain potential is there. this is 8:00, 9:00. north and west of town we could see some thunder. tomorrow morning still unsettled. one or two leftover showers for your tuesday. by tomorrow afternoon, the weather turns much drier, much brighter, and better. 79 for your high tomorrow. wednesday, that's the day. low humidity, sunshine, high of 81. then we heat up as we head into the weekend. all right. let's see how that early commute is going. thanks. good morning. a couple problems on the roads. starting with this closure on tonnelle avenue northbound between secaucus road and route 3. at the goethals bring, there's a traffic hold until 5:00 a.m. head over to the bayonne or outer bridge crossing instead. a pothole out there that needed some repairing on the staten island expressway, eastbound, the left lane is shut down out by exit 14.
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both directions. head over to the local streets or the west side highway instead. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. we'll have more weather and traffic on the 4s. 4:48. in the bronx, police are searching for a pair of thieves who made off with the family pet. police say the two men in the surveillance photos stole a bunny from an apartment. you can see one of them carrying the cage. this happened last month. the two also took a bracelet and a passport happening now on long island, a $5,000 reward to find the person who shot a swan with darts. the injured bird was found near the kiwanis fishing bridge in the massapequa preserve. the spca beliefs it was shot saturday night or sunday morning. the swan is doing okay. it was hit in the thicker part of the wing, and the darts were safely removed. a connecticut man is accused
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officer and his squad card. the 20-year-old began banging on a police cruiser parked on german town road saturday night. when the officer got out thinking he needed help, police say he began kicking and punching the officer. backup officers did arrive and arrested him after a struggle. he is being held on $250,000 bond. officials say evidence shows some part of a hot air balloon hit power lines befor this is the last-known photo of the balloon in the air taken on saturday, moments later to burst into flames and plunged to the ground killing all 16 on board. the balloon traveled eight miles before hitting a high-powered transmission line. they found what may be the biggest help in determining what went wrong. >> the fbi evidence response team was able to locate 14 personal electronic devices
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>> investigators also say at the time of the crash there was low cloud cover which may have affected the pilot's visibility. bottled water is going to be made available when the new school year starts in portland, oregon. it's the latest city to have water tainted by lead. parents outraged there after tests found high levels of lead in 75 public schools in portland. federal standard for lead in billion. at one elementary school it tested at more than 2500 parts per billion. >> we've all been drinking gallons and gallons of water because we didn't know. >> we don't have the resources for the fixes. it will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. >> the district is offers voluntary lead screening for the students and staff.
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levels in their debris. flying debris hurt several people in the stands. that's when run truck hit another. the rod injured three people including a woman and her son. she had a broken ankle and had to undergo leg wounds. the condition of the third person is not known. >> in florida, good samaritans came to the rescue of a man who flipped his car several times. surveillance video captured this dramatic cr daytona beach. witnesses rushed in to help. the driver was pulled out of the car's sunroof. he was airlifted to a local hospital where is he recovering. no other injuries were reported. it looks like something out of an action movie. so scary. still to come, new warnings about e-cigarettes and the toxins that researchers just found inside. and the daredevil who fell
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4:54. looking at the statue of liberty on this monday morning. lauren with her hair spray. look, it says scala, disappears. >> it's mine. >> thank you. it's great that you're using hair spray today, darlene. >> it always is. >> with the humidity today, you need that hair spray. you need extra. keep spraying, darlene. there's the radar picture. the same mugginess we've seen over the weekend. still with us today. we're also tracking thunderstorms off into ocean county. a wet start for you. unsettled and muggy, murky. 80 is your high today.
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during the day. you need to have the umbrella on stand by. when it rains, it will poor. best chance for rain will be north and west of new york city and later today during the evening commute. we could see flooding. a flash flood watch in effect through 11:00. overnight tonight, on and off showers and storms. temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow we turn the corner and get out of this pattern. we have a beautiful stretch coming on. we'll see that in the ten-day forecast. this is the last day to get >> not much. some construction out there. a couple accidents. new report on 22 westbound after meeker avenue. so watch out for that. we'll take a look outside at the alexander hamilton bridge where for a change everything is moving along nicely. enjoy your ride on the cross bronx expressway for now. we have a couple accidents. i'll have more on that coming up. 4:55. traffic is moving again on a stretch of 295 that was shut
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jersey rest stop. a truck carrying watermelons overturned near the welcome center at carneys point. here's a look at those melons which spilled all over the area. no one was hurt but traffic was snarled while they were cleared away. cornell university taking steps against the severe drought that's affecting most of new york. the university is limiting water usage on campus to make sure they get. there ithaca is also restricting water usage. the city could run out of water in 30 day. chuck schumer wants washington to act faster to keep you from getting sickened by bad food. he said the fda takes too long to recall products that are known to be contaminated. the ray sent recall of flour tainted with e. coli, he said that trouble was first noticed in december but the flour wasn't
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this, the minute there's smoke, the minute they're made away of a contamination, they should initiate recalls. >> schumer points to an inspector general's report that suggests the fda is not acting quick enough on food recalls. in new 4 your health, scientists discovered two additional cancer causing toxins in the vapor of e-cigarettes. the chemicals transform into the hotter the e-cigarette coil gets, the more chemicals that are released in vapors. the first puffs of an e-cigarette tend to contain the fewest toxins. >> 4:57 right now. team usa is now on the road to rio and getting ready for the games. lots of them arrived yesterday along with athletes from other countries. 555 americans are taking part in the summer olympics. the opening ceremony will take
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night. one woman's volleyball player said she's ready for the competition. >> we know brazil is an amazing country for volleyball. we're excited to be here and experience it with them and hopefully with the fans and people of brazil. >> lots of hope for the usa women's volleyball team. they play their first match saturday against puerto rico. >> we're just four days away from the olympics, but the question is will rio be read finish venues in olympic park. the international olympic committee said on sunday that rio will be ready. >> i've never seen an olympics that has such a wide array of potential problems. >> are concerns about the zika virus, the safety of everyone attending the games, but rio's
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safest place on earth this august. >> the opening ceremonies on news 4, that's friday. it's always a special thing to watch. you can watch it live starting at 7:30 p.m. friday august 5th. a skydiver in california made history by making the highest jump without a parachute. luke aikins fell 25,000 feet through the air before landing on a 100 by 100 foot net. amazingly that 42-year-old walked away withou aikins has about 18,000 jumps under his belt. he has been preparing for this one for two years. you have to have faith in the net, the people who put the net together. how close you are to the ground. >> i didn't know you could fall 25,000 feet and the velocity is not so extreme that it can't poke a hole through the net. glad he's okay. do not try that. coming up on 5:00 a.m. f you're heading out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4
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our next hour starts now. breaking news in brooklyn. police are searching for the driver who they say took off after a crash that left two people dead. much of new jersey is at risk of more flooding today after rains over the weekend left entire neighborhoods under water. >> a mysterious death in manhattan. a man found bruised under his bed. good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this first day of au >> i'm darlene rodriguez. storm team 4's raphael miranda is in for chris cimino this morning. good morning. >> another muggy and unsettled day ahead. chance for showers and storms. grab the umbrella on this monday. on the radar, nothing going on in the city. off to the south, heavy rain towards ocean county. thunderstorms as well. in central park, it's 70 degrees. visibility is good.


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