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tv   News 4 New York at 430  NBC  August 1, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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appointments available now. now at 4:00, securing the games. the rio olympics just days away. a look at the massive operation to keep everyone safe. city hall slammed. new criticism of the deal that allowed a developer to make tens of millions of dollars by selling a nursing home. today charges filed against om took advantage of dozens of sandy victims. >> you're watching "news 4 new york at 4:00." >> i'm stefan holtz. >> and i'm lynda baquero. prosecutors say there was one company that saw an opening to make money. >> the state's attorney general laid out the allegations, a 50-count indictment against an
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they tried to scam the federal flood insurance program. greg cergol has the details. >> reporter: behind me is a sandy damaged home that has yet to be rebuilt. it's obvious that the scars from this storm remain raw for some almost four years later, and one long beach resident told me today what this engineering firm and its former employee are accused of doing really adds insult to injury to every sandy victim. today on charges that he and his former employer high-rise engineering ripped off sandy victims. they altered engineering reports that were done on sandy damaged homes, and those altered documents resulted in smaller payouts from the national flood insurance program. now the attorney general doesn't say how many sandy victims were
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entered not guilty pleas to that 50-count indictment. sandy victims say all of this caused unnecessary financial hardships and may have prevented some families from actually rebuilding their homes. >> when we were in the worst of trouble, the insurance companies was trying to fix the numbers. it was messing up the people something fierce and it was really unfair. >> reporter: his lawyer told me his client is completely innocent and he did anyone, a statement that was echoed by the attorney for high-rise engineering. but complaints and allegations of fraud in this area began popping up more than two years ago resulting in these indictments. we're in long beach tonight. greg cergol, news 4 new york. >> thank you. a 9-year-old brooklyn boy pulled from a pool at a jewish community center last week has died. he was wading in the shallow end
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he was pulled out of the water and given cpr by lifeguards and police before being taken to the hospital, but he died on sunday. the child's family was with him when he passed away. the u.s. is launching a new campaign of air strikes against isis in libya this week. the strikes are taking place in a city halfway between tripoli and benghazi. id consulting with defense officials. there are anywhere from a few hundred to 5,000 militants. >> there is a collaborative process, a very closely coordinated process, that we have engaged with with the gna in determining the precise locations to hit. >> the u.s. does not have any
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video released this afternoon shows the moments after a russian helicopter was shot out of the skies over syria. russian military officials say the incident happened while returning to a russian air base on syria's coast. it just finished a delivery of humanitarian aid to aleppo. the findings are the result of a into the sale of rivington house. that's a nursing home sold to a luxury developer and then flipped for a huge profit. melissa russo is in the newsroom. >> the investigation by the city controller slams de blasio who enabled that private developer to get the rules changed so he could profit big time at the
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house, a nonprofit nursing home on the lower east side, which was supposed to be reserved for the community was allowed to slip away and be sold for a $72 million profit to become luxury condos all because de blasio administration officials failed to communicate with one another and failed to protect the city's best interests. this, stringer says, despite 48 separate staff meetings, hundreds of e-mails, hundreds of phone calls on the the report says at least 40 staffers and three deputy mayors had knowledge of the plans, and the top deputy mayor decided the nursing home should remain a nursing home but that was not conveyed to the city agency that allowed it all to happen. >> scores of health care workers lost their job at the facility. six patients lost their homes.
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haven't seen it, so i'm not going to comment on something i haven't seen. on the bigger situation, we have answered it, period. i didn't know about it. if i had, i would have vetoed it. it will never happen again. >> scott stringer, who is widely known to be considering the possibility of running against bill de blasio for mayor next year said he found no evidence that mayor was happening. after city hall did learn the nursing home was being sold to create luxury condos, they failed to do anything about it for 72 days. they didn't try to stop it. no meetings were called to find out how it happened. the allure group, the developer, tonight tells us they never lie
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potential breakthrough. what researchers discovered about predicting depression. a local assemblyman making ak accusations. we are looking at doppler radar and tracking all the storms. we'll tell you what you can expect through the evening and into tomorrow as too. we're waiting on an update on the that update expected any minute from now. we're going to bring it to you live right here on "news 4 new york at 4:00." when we became teachers, the state made a commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired.
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they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment,
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and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. scientists believe they have zeroed in on genes that trigger depression. this is a new study that crunched data for more than 300,000 people using a saliva test. some of the patients say they had been diagnosed or treated for depression while others had no reported history of depression.
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genome that appear to be associated with the illness. they say the findings can help identify causes of depression. a new study shows the number of injuries from indoor trampolines is now on the rise. er visits for indoor park-related injuries jumped from under 600 in 2010 to nearly 7,000 in 2014. doctors believe that a larger number of facilities could distribute to the surge in sprains and breaks. >> while these parks have safety rules and some supervisors, those may provide a false sense of security for some of these kids and their parents. >> the international association of trampoline parks issued a statement in response to the study saying while safety is a priority, quote, the positives of youth recreational sports far outweigh the negatives.
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estate will have to undergo dna testing. his sisters, three half siblings, and two other individuals claiming relations to undergo the genetic test. prince died in april from a prescription drug overdose. prince did not have a will. right now, let's take you live out to queens where we're getting an update from police on the shooting. two people in queens. let's listen in. floor apartment of a two family home in queens. the female caller apparently was monitoring her apartment and she saw the burglary through her remote camera feed to where she was. she then called 911. when uniformed officers arrived at the scene, the female caller who was also the resident of that apartment met them outside the building and after gaining entry into the department one officer encountered the suspect
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shot was discharged by the officer's service weapon. this was a close quarters encounter. a wall broke at one point near the rear of the apartment. the male was struck one time in the groin area. the suspect fled the building and was chased on foot by the officers and apprehended a block away in backyards. the suspect is a male hispanic with an extensive record for burglaries. condition. contemporaneous with this incident, we have a female who was discovered three quarters of a block down the street in the other direction from where the perpetrator fled in her driveway suffering from a laceration to her head. she is listed in stable condition. following a brief surgical procedure, doctors removed an object from underneath her scalp. it appears to be a short piece
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the female who is 36 years of age is being interviewed by detectives. we're trying to determine how she sustained her injury. right now it appears there are other pieces of cable in the backyard, so we don't know what happened. >> chief, did the suspect just enter the one home? >> it appears that way right now, but we're preliminary in this thing. he is a career burglar from nearby bushwick. there's an active pattern here. the officer an 11-year veteran responded. >> we see a woman go into the house and then come out. why was she in the house? >> she's the 911 caller.
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>> how close to her home was she when she -- >> i don't have that yet. obviously nearby. [ inaudible ]. >> in this particular community, there's a dwelling apartment burglary pattern here with approximately seven cases. >> seven cases? >> that's what we feel right now. >> was that suspect surveilling her house? >> we have the suspect, who we're not going t now. he has six prior burglary arrests. bushwick, brooklyn, and queens. >> the suspect was in the house. the police officer went in the house as well and a woman was also there. >> the woman let the officers then. both officers began searching the house. they got separated as they were doing separate rooms in the house. this is preliminary.
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bedroom and charged the officer out the front door. prior to that, the female who owns the residence grabbed the puppy and she ran outside. right thereafter, you could hear a gunshot go off and that's when he ran out. >> she was inside the house surveilling with a camera. >> no, she was from a different location. almost could call it a nanny cam. >> fos, little bit. we're just making sure we confirmed it. any more information we'll get back to you later on. thank you very much. >> we're getting an update on a police-involved shooting in queens. police were responding to a 911 call from a woman in her home. they said the officer encountered a suspect there, shot once. that suspect now in stable condition. they described the suspect as a career burglar. a woman was also hurt.
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okay as well. there is a pattern of burglaries in this area. we're getting more details and we'll continue to bring them to you. >> a laceration to her head from a piece of wire. we're still trying to figure out. these are preliminary details from the nypd. now to move on to a situation at the bronx. allegations of excessive force against some nypd. >> and the man making the accusations is a new york state assemblyman. >> reporter: that's right. the police commissioner says he was not asked for an apology by the assemblyman this morning and he has no intention of making one. the assemblyman has filed a formal complaint alleging excessive force from an incident that took place right here on saturday afternoon. it was during a barbecue for family day with many people
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altercation between a couple and a police officer when a police officer he identifies as perez grabbed him, placed him in a bear hug, and then slammed him into a fence. the police commissioner says there is also a different version of that sequence of events. >> the assemblyman in his effort to break up the dispute may have placed his hand or of our personnel. that may have been the initiated movement that prompted one of our officers to place him into a bear hug. >> the only reason this situation did not escalate and get worse is because i was a recognizable electable official and fortunately at that moment two other officers recognized who i was. >> reporter: now, the police commissioner says that no action will be taken against the
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taken so far. he says they will await the outcome of the investigation. that is to be conducted by the civilian complaint review board and is expected to take about nine months. news 4 new york. well, today nypd commissioner bill bratton got to acknowledge a special group of officers. he awarded ten members of the force who were injured in the line of duty yet continued to serve on the force. one ofhe was paralyzed nearly nine years ago and says he is just trying to do for others what has been done for him. >> it's about paying it forward. that's my whole thought. i've been taken care of. if i can help civilians out or other officers, that's what i do. >> the officer traveled to orlando to offer his support to officers in the wake of the pulse nightclub shooting there. >> wow. >> nice.
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weather outside. the temperatures a little lower than we've been accustomed too. >> we get a break on the temperatures, but we still have that rain in the forecast, the possibility of thundershowers, in several areas that have been hard hit by flooding. let's take a look outside and see what's going on, shall we? cloudy skies. a little light breeze out there. variable winds at just about 3 miles per hour. the temperatu visibility at nine miles. chance of showers stays with us right through the time we go to sleep tonight or most of us do. thundershowers are to the north and the west, and we're tracking them. we'll watch them all evening. it looks like tomorrow we see more showers sticking around. 78 in white plains. we've got 75 in montauk.
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we were just days ago. this is our doppler radar right now, and as you can see, it is littered with cells where we see some lightning and thundershower activity and otherwise a little bit of rain. now let's zoom on in. this is pushing through pennsylvania on into sections of new jersey. we're going to keep an eye on this. these storms traveling ever slightly to the east-southeast at this point, but we are going to keep a special eye on things because we do have the north, stretching to the west, and stretching to the south to shore points in monmouth and all the way back to warren counties and up to orange and putnam. flash flood watch in effect through about 11:00 tonight. this is what it looks like as we get to the 10:00 hour. we could see some strong storms through the hudson valley. more as you head to the jersey shoreline and down to barnegat. the rain could be heavy at times, even during the overnight. a careful watch is what we will
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as we take a check, the day that really looks the best for us is wednesday. looks beautiful. humidity is going to be low. temperatures are going to be low, but then we wind up that thermometer as we head to the end of the week. we return to relatively normal conditions at the end of this ten-day cycle. >> you heard it first here, folks. want to get to some breaking take a look at this. there is a dump truck on its side in wood rich, new jersey. dennis protsko by the scene. >> reporter: it was carrying contaminated soil. this is wood bridge, new jersey. common ramp from new jersey turnpike interchange 11 and the garden state parkway exit. a little confusing here, but that's what's going on here.
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shoulder for the most part, but a lot of heavy traffic and slow traffic. no word on the driver of this vehicle. possible minor injuries here, but you can see a lot of exiting traffic. that's interchange 11 and all the toll traffic that's getting through here. the turnpike does get by without problems, but bigger delays on the garden state parkway. big delays back to clark. reporting live dennis protsko. back to you in the studio. still ahead right here, the stadium is built, the fans are arriving. >> the rio olympics just days away. we're going to take a look at what it takes to keep everyone safe. coming up, what if you spent thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry only to learn it wasn't even worth half that? better get baquero. you can still see the broken
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a huge wildfire in montana spreading so fast people had just minutes to run for their lives. the so-called is living up to its name. it's burned more than 2,000 acres and several business buildings. >> stage one is a warning. get your stuff ready. we skipped that. we didn't have time for it. frankly, by time we got crews up here and it was very quickly after smoke was detected, we went straight to stage two, which is please get out.
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manmade. >> scary. excitement is building in rio and here for the start of the summer olympic games is just days away. a bunch of daredevils got together to form the olympic rings on ropes hanging from a bridge. the city of rio is now already filling up with tourists. that was pretty cool. >> and people dangling from bridges. ke safe is an historic task for brazil. >> reporter: hey, guys. the stage is set for the summer games. the venues are finished. they look fantastic. take a look. the crowds here are slowly beginning to gather. more than half a million people, many from new york, making their way here to rio. tonight on "nightly news" we're going to be looking at several
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security. a more than 8,000 security force will be in the air, out at sea, and on the ground with them as we take a look at what it takes to secure the olympic games. back to you in new york. >> thank you. much more coming up on "nightly news" at 6:30. bruce beck is in rio. you can see his live reports on wednesday. that does it right now for us. >> thanks for being with us 4:00. now at 5:00, deadly hit-and-run. a driver plows down two people in a brooklyn intersection, then takes off. are police close to catching the suspect? traitor busted. the fbi busts one of their own for funneling sensitive information to china. what he is accused of giving that country. [ gunshot ] breaking news. gunfire in queens as police
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the minute. news 4 new york at 5:00 starts right now. good evening,everyone. i'm david ushery. >> and i'm pat battle. this all started around 9:30 when somebody called 911 to report a burglary at their home in maspeth. >> checkey beckford is at the scene with those breaking details. >> reporter: police confirms just a few minutes ago that police officers did here on 66th street. the woman with a head wound, that was a completely unrelated incident. she suffered from a seizure. a single gunshot was heard and screaming captured by that cell phone video. before the shot was heard, a


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