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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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the minute. news 4 new york at 5:00 starts right now. good evening,everyone. i'm david ushery. >> and i'm pat battle. this all started around 9:30 when somebody called 911 to report a burglary at their home in maspeth. >> checkey beckford is at the scene with those breaking details. >> reporter: police confirms just a few minutes ago that police officers did here on 66th street. the woman with a head wound, that was a completely unrelated incident. she suffered from a seizure. a single gunshot was heard and screaming captured by that cell phone video. before the shot was heard, a
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then a man with winter gloves was running out of the building after that gunshot. police officials say the resident, this woman you saw with the dog running from the home, she called police a short while earlier after she viewed a burglary suspect inside her home from a remote camera. she called police. then she showed up at the home and waited outside until police arrived. police officials tell us that officers encountered at they opened fire. one shot hitting the suspect in the groin. the woman had gone back into the home to get her dog. she was able to escape just before that gunshot that went off. the suspect was later caught by police and taken to the hospital. listen to what one witness tells us he saw. >> he had on winter gloves, so obviously he was doing something that he wasn't supposed to be doing, especially in this
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neighborhood. >> reporter: and again, that other woman that police found or that was found just a few doors down, she was lying on the ground and she had what appeared to be a head wound. police say this was completely unrelated. she suffered from a seizure and hit her head. the suspect shot in the groin is in stable condition, is expected to be okay. that homeowner that called police in the first place went in the home and got her dog. deadly hit-and-run crash in brooklyn where a driver ran down two people, got out of his car, say police, and then ran away. new video shows the moment of impact early this morning in cypress hills. we are at the scene tonight with more on what friends of the victims have to say to that driver. >> reporter: within the last few hours, we saw crews sweep up the
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driver sped through here, hit and killed two people, got out of his car, and ran away. watch the top of your screen. new surveillance shows the moment of impact. police say the driver of the silver acura sedan ran into two men. we blurred out a portion of the video that shows the car throwing the men into the air. that car now looks like this. it is in police custody. meanwhile gev members have been coming to the scene of the hit-and-run all day. a 41-year-old father of one died immediately after being struck. a 56-year-old father of three with seven grandchildren died later at brookdale hospital. speaking in spanish, frankie says everyone loved his father. friends of the other said the same thing.
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friends at a bar. they left to get dinner two blocks away at faro. a speeding driver hit them and two other parked cars and then ran away, leaving his car behind. let's say the driver was watching news 4 right now. what would you like to say to him? >> surrender. you killed two people. that's not right. don't be a coward. >> reporter: police needr he has a silver cura tl sedan. you can see nypd put up this billboard asking for your help to track down this driver. at last we checked, they said an arrest is, quote, imminent. news 4 new york. >> thank you. turning to your weather now, there's been a bit more sun in parts of the tri-state today,
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still out there, folks. janice huff is here with a closer look at the forecast. hey, janice. >> hey, pat. it is a flash flood watch in effect north and west of the city for the potential of more flash flooding. stretching from putnam county over towards northern new jersey, morris, somerset, to monmouth county. this is in effect through tonight. some of this goes into effect at 7:00. there are plenty of showers out there, especially to our area over pennsylvania. they're starting to pop up again, more of those tropical-like downpours. a warning in effect in pike county just south of scranton. it hasn't moved into new jersey just yet, but there could be some storms popping up on later tonight. this is 9:00 on future tracker. across the hudson valley, north and west of the city.
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cells. they sit over the same areas and dump the same heavy rain resulting in the flash flooding. one or two might pop up around the city just after midnight. then things quiet down as we get into the morning commute, but could there be more tomorrow? the answer coming up in your ten-day forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. >> the weather of course changes fast, so count on news 4 to keep you connected with the york app. again, it's available in the app store now. pat, new tonight. a man who has worked for the fbi's new york city office for nearly 20 years and had top security clearance has pled guilty to acting as an agent for china. jonathan dienst in the newsroom with more. >> his job was supposed to be helping fbi agents, but the long-time fbi technician was offering to be an agent for
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he left court this morning. he worked at the federal plaza. he was in court earlier today. he was born in china, but is a naturalized american citizen. prosecutors said in court in addition to trying to send information to china, he repeatedly lied about his contacts inside china. among the information he was asked to provide the internal structure used by fbi agents to conduct surveillance, and he was seeking to get paid as a secret consultant for a chinese technology company. he admitted he was acting as a chinese agent, a crime that could carry up to ten years in prison. he'll be sentenced in december. a substitute teacher in queens arrested for allegedly trying to set up a sexual encounter with a young child.
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time. he is accused of soliciting a sex act from a person online. he thought that person was a 14-year-old girl. turned out it was an undercover officer. the special education teacher was about to leave the country. he was headed over to south korea to teach there. the south korean government has been notified now. new tonight, a delta flight landing at laguardia hit a snag this afternoon when the plane's tire blew after landing at the airport. angry passengers still on plane took to social media asking the airline to update them about the eta. chopper 4 was over the scene around 3:30. you can see the crews towing the plane back to the gate. delta said there was a maintenance check and everything resumed as normal. all the talk on the campaign trail still about donald trump's comments about the family of a soldier who was killed in iraq. after that fallen soldier's father trashed trump at the democratic national convention
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andrew siff is outside trump tower in midtown where there was a protest today. andrew, bring us up to date. >> reporter: well, pat, it's worth remembering the calendar. here we are in august now. september, october, november, election day. this is late in the game. and as you indicated, so much of the focus right now on the way in which republican nominee donald trump has dealt with the gold star parents, whose son died in combat. >> please welcome -- >> reporter: that moment at the democratic >> i would gladly lend you my copy. >> reporter: continues to jolt the presidential race with three months till election day. >> we're also going to stop radical islamic terrorterrorism. we're not letting the people come in. >> reporter: that was trump this
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viciously attacked me from the stage of the dnc and is now all over the tv doing the same. >> he can get up and malign the entire nation, the religions, the communities, the minorities, the judges, and yet i cannot say what i feel? >> reporter: these protesters took up khan's cause at tru tower. >> i think mr. trump needs a lesson in american constitution. he needs to remember that i am an immigrant. i'm a pakistani woman and i have the same rights as his wife does or any other american does. >> reporter: president obama spoke at a veterans event in atlanta. >> our gold star families have made a sacrifice most of us can't even begin to imagine. they represent the best of our country. >> reporter: trump's attack
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rare rebuke from john mccain, who endured his own jab from trump about his military service months ago. today mccain wrote, while our party has bestowed upon him the nomination, it is not unaccompanied by unfettered license to defame those who are the best among us. mayor bill de blasio today made a prediction. >> ts trump will not come back from. >> reporter: others have made that prediction before throughout the primary process and they've all been proven wrong. now on to the general election trump is on his way to another rally in nevada. tonight he made no mention at his ohio rally of the khan controversy. we're live in midtown, andrew siff. on the other side of the aisle, hillary clinton is campaigning in nebraska right now. the democratic presidential
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omaha high school. meanwhile this morning running mate tim kaine visited his campaign staffers in virginia. kaine has a rally scheduled for this evening at a high school in richmond. tonight the "nightly news" team is with the trump and clinton campaigns digging deeper into the controversy as both candidates work to win over voters. a teacher from our area facing charges tonight. what he did when he found a student's car in hisch a wild police chase stretches across three counties, turning streets into a demolition derby. what a group of suspects
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new at 5:00, renewed calls for justice nearly a month after a brooklyn man was killed by an off-duty nypd officer. dell ron small was shot dead by officer wayne isaacs on the fourth of july when small approached isaacs' car. small's family just spoke after a meeting at the state attorney general's office.
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been calling for charges and an indictment in this case. the allegation is her husband was shot and killed by off-duty nypd officer wayne isaacs on july 4th. it is believed the two got into a road rage incident. isaacs apparently opened fire as small approached his car. the officer originally claimed he used his gun because isaacs was punching him. something the dead man's family disputes saying the video shows they renewed a call for witnesses to come forward as they wait to see if the state attorney general will convene a grand jury. >> i'm completely confident that justice will be served for my husband dell ron small. i have faith in the attorney general's office. >> the fact of the matter is the
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he was shot and in fact killed by this police officer. >> reporter: officer isaacs is still on the job, but he's on modified duty. his gun and badge taken away as the investigation continues. as for the nature of the meeting today, the attorney general's office wouldn't say much, but they give their condolences to the small family. news 4 new york. a police chase in southern california lasted for more than two hours and crossed three counties. it all started around police in los angeles spotted a red car weaving across lanes on the highway. the driver headed into orange county and then into san diego county onto a residential street. police say the driver made one last dash for freedom, but drove straight into a roadblock. officers finally stopped her, pulled her out of the car, and
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i'm not a criminal. you hog-tied me and everything. this is not fair. >> police say she was driving under the influence. >> yeah. storm team 4 meteorologist janice huff has made a return. it depends on where you are what to look forward to this evening weather-wise. >> not everyone will see rain showers this evening, but there are a few flooding downpours in a couple spots. all that warm in the last couple of days. today the clouds stuck around for a long time, but this 80 degrees in central park felt pretty suffocating with the humidity levels up above 70%. 80 at laguardia. most temperatures mid to upper 70s to right around 80 this afternoon. flash flood watch is in effect overnight north and west of the city. conditions do improve tomorrow
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right now we're mainly in the 70s. monticello is a cool spot at 66. 96% relative humidity in monticello. 71% in the city. there hasn't been much rain around our area today. we are tracking a lot of storms across pennsylvania. one severe storm north of harrisburg. and a thunderstorm in the forecast through 3:00 a.m. after that, it dries out a bit going into tomorrow morning. we shouldn't have any problems. rainfall totals will be heaviest north and west. you may see as much as 1.75. that's where we're expecting most of those showers and storms to be situated during the overnight tonight. they're not going to move much. we're expecting them to stay
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why you may get some downpours and isolated flash flooding. 79 our high temperature for tuesday. a few showers possible. they'll taper off tomorrow. we'll get more sun. 82 on wednesday and it is less humid. for thursday, 84. we start to creep up towards 90 by the end of the week friday and saturday. saturday looks a little good look at the man who robbed two homes in brooklyn. police say the suspect got into a home on lauten street in bushwick and stole a laptop and cash two weeks ago. he allegedly stole packages from the lobby. the same suspect stole a cell phone through an open window in the neighborhood earlier in the month. anyone who recognizes this man is asked to call the nypd. new tonight, a bizarre incident has landed one
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kimbell of newtown deflated the tires on a car that belonged to a student who parked in his parking space. apparently school security told the teenager to park there because the student parking lot was full. kimbell is now facing reckless endangerment charges and he is due back in court next week. the public service commission approved a plan today to generate half the state's power from renab the year 2030. it's an ambitious plan mirrored by california. it will kick start solar and wind energy projects. "cats" is back on broadway getting a second life. the revival of broadway's second longest running show opened last night at the neil simon theater. the original show ran for 18
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garden, right, david? >> yes. >> creator andrew lloyd webber was on hand for curtain call. you can read our review on the celebration didn't last too long for the newly crowned miss teen usa. what she tweeted that has her under fire. are you driving around in one of america's most stolen cars? stolen? we have the list coming up. pregnant women being told to stay away from a part of florida. the zika virus is spreading quickly.
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the newly crowned miss teen usa will get to keep her title.
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repeatedly used the n-word. the 18-year-old from texas went on social media to apologize saying she regrets using those words. they condemned her tweets, but decided to let her keep her crown. the bronx, the nypd wants your guns no questions asked. it's going to give you money in the process. a buyback program will take place this saturday held by the any civilian can turn any handgun, rifle, assault rifle, shotgun, even air guns in exchange for prepaid gift cards. the guns must be operable though. if you drive a honda accord or honda civic, your car is
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tri-state. they also rank in the top two stolen vehicles in the nation. chevrolet silverado and ford f-150 and toyota camry also make the list. major developments in the zika outbreak. pregnant women now being warned not to travel to part of the u.s. plus, a man attacked on a sidewalk in brooklyn by men who wanted his phone. we're going to tell you who police want to and it's no powerball jackpot, but somebody's $5 million richer tonight. where in our area just struck it big. sesame place
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right now, zika spreading within the u.s. a spike in new cases prompts an unprecedented travel warning as health officials try to figure out what to do next. until now, people were only contracting the virus when they traveled to other countries further south or in the caribbean. >> but now it is spreading within parts and that has triggered a nationwide travel warning. florida's governor said at least 14 people have contracted the zika virus from mosquitos in the miami area. he's requested an emergency response team to come and help. the centers for disease control is advising all pregnant women not to travel to that part of florida. >> reporter: of the 14 infected,


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