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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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officer, they say, to grab her dog. she can be seen running out of the building holding her pet just seconds before a single gunshot was heard and the suspect was seen running from the building. police say he had been shot at that point in the groin area. officers responded to the building on 66th street after a call from the resident who was at work at the time. she saw an intruder inside her home from a nanny cam. she came and met pol h officers found the suspect in a back bedroom and following a struggle fired a single shot. >> i heard the gunshot and then i saw him shoot out the door and take off running. >> this was a close quarters encounter. a wall broke at one point near the rear of the apartment. the male was struck one time in the groin area. the suspect fled the building and was chased on foot by the officers and apprehended a block
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>> reporter: it is still quite an active scene here on 66th street. the resident is down the street talking to police and to some of her neighbors right now. she is fine. that suspect is expected to be okay. she was shot in the groin area and taken to elm hurst hospital. the 38-year-old suspect has an extensive burglary record. news 4 new york. we're going to turn now to our weather. the flooding still causing problems for people in parts of new jersey. roadways still washed out and it appears we're not out of the woods just yet. possibly more flash flooding tonight. >> janice huff is here. she's got more on exactly what we can expect. >> we still have that same air mass with the tropical downpours from the weekend. we can still see the same possibilities in terms of flash flooding. tonight through or after
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rockland counties and the hudson valley through northern new jersey into northeastern pennsylvania, central new jersey counties as well all the way down to monmouth the flash flooding potential will continue through tonight. some light showers now in parts of pike county sliding into northern sussex county, but no heavy downpours. that is still back toward the west into pennsylvania where they've seen a bit of flash flooding already. in the meantime, we are expect m so around 10:00 continuing into the overnight around 1:00 the city might get a downpour briefly around 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning and then things quiet down. flooding caused big problems for a lot of people for much of the weekend and today a lot of those folks spent the day cleaning up. that, as they prepare for what could be to come. the rain wasn't the only problem here.
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>> reporter: this is the mill stone river and it is just waiting for one more good downpour. look behind me. this road that has only a skim of water on it at this point, well, it could be very deep indeed. that's what has everyone worried. the mill stone river easily floods, washing over the black mills wells causeway. not all motts >> we have a tee time at 2:50. i'm not happy. >> reporter: o'donnell is going to be late. farther north in wayne, a church got hammered by a rush of water that left a mess, especially in the nursery school. >> not just water. it's mud. it's debris. it's mulch. it's leaves. >> reporter: it will take days and dollars to clean all this up. the worst flooding this church has ever seen. way to the south, a lightning
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splinter sticking into the ground from this tree. they're using a long piece of molding to show me the seven-foot deep hole in the ground. the bolt traveled underground to blast through the home's wall inside, pushing out sheet rock, even shattering this plastic file bin. >> a loud bang and our whole bedroom just like lit up with the brightness from the lightning. >> reporter: were you scared? >> >> reporter: many places like this are used to this kind of flooding. they even have gates to show you that the road is closed. it is the randomness of these storms that have been stretching across new jersey and what's predicted that makes it hard to say where the next hot spot will be. >> as brian said, the storms have been so random, which is
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track the weather with our nbc 4 new york app. it only takes a few seconds and it is free. absence of clear direction. those are the words from controller scott stringer tonight directed straight at city hall. stringer calling out a series of flaws that he says led to patients being kicked out of a community nursing facility and that is because the building would be turned into luxury condos. melissa russo has been digging on this story. she joins us live in the studio. >> reporter: the new report by de blasio's administration for missteps and mismanagement that enabled a private developer to get the rules changed so he could profit by buying and then flipping a nursing home that was supposed to be reserved for the community. >> there are a lot of warning signs. >> reporter: according to the city controller, warning signs that the lower east side was about to lose an important asset, the nonprofit rivington house nursing home. warning signs overlooked by an
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put community interests ahead of the interests of luxury developers. >> the only winners here are the purchasers of rivington house who walked away with a $72 million profit. >> reporter: rivington house was owned by the nonprofit operator village care but was purchased last year for $28 million by the allure group, a for profit nursing home operator. allure convinced the city in exch f deed restriction on the property would be lifted, eliminating any requirement that the property be used for public health purposes. allure then flipped the property for $116 million to the slate property group to build luxury condos. >> the lifting of the deed restriction is highway robbery for sure. >> reporter: stringer's report today found there were 48
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hundreds of e-mails, and three deputy mayors involved in this situation. the top deputy mayor decided the nursing home should remain a nursing home, but that decision was somehow never conveyed to the agency that lifted the deed and the developer allure, according to stringer, misled the city about its intentions. >> i didn't know about it. i would have vetoed it. we reforms in place that will never allow it to happen again. it's as simple as that. >> scott stringer who is thinking about running de blasio next year said he found no evidence that the mayor knew about the plan. he personally did not investigate allegations that political contributions or political connections helped push through that plan for allure. david? a new jersey woman faces charges tonight accused of stabbing a man to death inside
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home on mountain road in union city. police say they found 22-year-old kevin on his bedroom floor. he'd been stabbed several times. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the 23-year-old woman is under arrest. she knew the man, but the exact nature of their relationship unclear. >> he never turned anyone away. he was always the type of person -- he was always willing to help. he saved me a couple a couple of my problems. he was a caretaker. >> the woman has been charged with aggravated manslaughter. new at 6:00 tonight, health officials on long island are investigating an increased number of cases of the mumps. the nassau county health department say those cases have popped up in long beach and its surrounding communities. 18 cases have been investigated in nassau county.
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mump-like symptoms. additional cases are expected. and if you live in new jersey, it just got easier for law enforcement to obtain your phone records. the state supreme court ruled today that police can get a court order if the records are relevant to a criminal investigation. the new process similar to pulling bank records which only requires a grand jury subpoena. critics say the decision creates a lower threshold sweeping aside laws that have been in place for three decades. how did a man manage to steal an ambulance in the bronx? we'll tell you where it wound up. plus, a life-changing surgery for a little girl in queens. how doctors plan to remove a potentially deadly tumor from her face. it is no $400 million powerball, but someone is $5 million richer in our area. who struck it big in mega millions? john chandler is here.
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series. >> reporter: the subway series starts tonight with the mets buying and the yankees selling. a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and complicated. that's why at cancer treatment centers of america, every patient gets their own care manager, to coordinate every aspect of their care. it's a long journey, its very complicated and we try to help them through that. we are available 24/7. if a new symptom occurs in the middle of the night, we are there to help. the care manager coordinates all of the
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a little girl in queens just a year old is about to undergo a life-changing procedure. this is little sandy diaz. she's worn with a life-threatening tumor called lymphatic malformation.
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breathing. a doctor decided to take a different approach. on this wednesday, he'll remove the entire mass using a special computer program that maps facial nerves to minimize the chance of facial paralysis. best wishes to her and her family. a 9-year-old brooklyn boy pulled from a pool last week has died. he was wading in the shallow end of when he began to struggle. police say he was pulled out of the water and given cpr by lifeguards and police officers before being taken to the hospital where he died sunday. the child's family was with him when he passed away. new at 6:00, while everyone was paying attention to saturday's massive $478 million powerball jackpot, the much smaller mega millions jackpot produced a big winner in new
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horse, where else. it matched five numbers and the mega ball. that's good enough for second prize which is normally a million dollars, but the winner spent the extra dollar to exercise that megaplier option. an ambulance is stolen and taken on a wild ride. how the suspect pulled it off and where it all ended. a project manager under arrest for a possibly cheated sandy
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the nypd says a bronx man who was drunk stole an ambulance and went on a joyride before crashing into several vehicles. they say 21-year-old juan hopped into the ambulance as it was idling near the corner of webster avenue and west 67th
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before crashing into parked cars. no one was hurt. it has been almost four years since superstorm sandy. tonight a 50-count indictment has been handed down in the wake of that storm. it alleges that engineers forged damage reports possibly undercutting homeowners from getting the insurance money they deserved and so needed. greg cergol live with the details. >> reporter: sandy their homes damaged or destroyed by the storm. now new york's attorney general says 25 have fallen prey to alleged insurance fraud. it's the kind of fraud sandy victims have been raising the red flag about for some two years. for sandy victims, the arrest of matthew seemed to verify the belief that after the storm they were victimized again by those who were supposed to help them. >> it's a shame.
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>> reporter: new york's attorney general says the 38-year-old and his former uniondale engineering firm ripped off sandy victims. they're charged with altering engineering reports on sandy damaged homes. those alterations, prosecutors say, resulted in smaller payouts for sandy victims from the national flood insurance program. >> he is completely innocent. he did not defraud anybody. >> reporter: a stone faced matthew would more after he was freed on bail. the attorney general isn't actually saying why the engineer and his company created the fraudulent documents. smaller insurance payouts for some sandy victims to delay the rebuilding of their homes or in some cases to simply walk away
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>> the insurance company is scamming the homeowners. they should be penalized in some way or another and held accountable. >> reporter: the head of fema's flood insurance program apologized for alleged underpayments during a visit to long island last august. he agreed to re-examine some claims. but the lawyer for high-rise engineering says what happened here is no crime. >> we steadfastly maintain there was never any intent to defraud any homeowner. >> reporter: tonight news 4 engineering's partner company has at least two contracts with new york city. tonight a spokesperson for new york city's department of design and construction tells us that those contracts are now under review. we're live in long beach tonight. greg cergol, news 4 new york. let's head over to janice huff. what are you looking at tonight? >> we're watching some more showers popping up over pennsylvania and the potential for flash flooding in a few more counties tonight.
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window at the top of the rock, which is on the 70th floor of our building, it is very cloudy over the city. the clouds are hanging low. we are not tracking any rain showers over the city. nothing showing up on radar. there could be a shower here and there. most of the rain is to our west and that's where the potential for flash flooding will be overnight, especially north and west of the city where you might get some of those isolated downpours like what we saw over the conditions improve tomorrow and it is better by the middle of the week. temperatures today were held in the 70s because of the clouds. did make it to 80 in central park this afternoon, but that 80 felt pretty stifling with humidity levels above 70%. 66 in monticello with 100% relative humidity.
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in most cases it is between 70% and 80% out there. you can see those downpours moving out of eastern pennsylvania headed towards parts of new jersey, but they're very light showers in new jersey. this is sussex county near verona. back in northeastern pennsylvania, you're getting some storms. we're not looking at flash flooding in the city. not under the watch. most of that activity stays north and west of the the game should stay dry. there will be spotty showers and storms mainly north and west through 3:00 in the morning. this is the area where the potential for flash flooding exists from putnam county, northern new jersey, north and west into central new jersey through the night. these areas may see some heavy downpours. you can see over an inch of rain in parts of the hudson valley overnight. it gets a lot better tomorrow and the middle of the week. temperatures will be in the mid 80s.
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79. 82 degrees on wednesday. same on thursday at 84. we start to climb towards 90 by the end of the week. half the weekend kind of stormy. that half is saturday. the better weather on sunday. let's hope we can get the subway series in. john chandler joins us live with a look at sports. >> reporter: that's right. the yankees aren't familiar with waving the white flag, but brian cashmanig the mets are clearly pushing for another pennant this year. coming up in sports, another year, another deadline deal with a big bat joining the amazings. we'll introduce you to jay bruce and the yankees best bat is bound for texas. you'll hear from carlos beltran
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remember last year at the deadline the mets pulled off a deal for yoenis cespedes. this year they did it again. they acquired jay bruce in the minutes before the deadline. the national league rbi leader is in the middle of the mets lineup. he year, but that fell apart. this one was touch and go before the final hour of the deadline. sandy alderson hopes the boost from bruce is similar to what cespedes provided last year. >> you know, it's not an absolute perfect fit for us and you start with the need for offense and work from there, so we're very happy to have jay with us. he is going to provide a big presence in the middle of the
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i mean, he's obviously a left-hand hitter. he spreads the ball around the yard. he is a really good pull hitter. >> it was an extraordinary turnaround last year. all we can do is acquire as many good players as we can to put ourselves in a position to maybe have that magic again. >> reporter: the mets reacquired jonathan jonathan niese. niese spent the first eight years with the mets before being dealt for walker. nova walked out after learning he had been traded to the pirates. manager joe girardi was left to
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his best bat. carlos beltran sent to the rangers. brian cashman prized another gem of a prospect. cashman adds righty dylan tate. beltran told me he knew this was coming. >> you know, we didn't really give the front office a reason to keep us together. thatar now i have to look for what is ahead of me and now that is trying to get to texas, trying to help that team win as many ball games as i can. >> i believe that you can win. i believe that you can win the players in that room. did we lose some really good players? absolutely. some people are probably going to think i'm delusional. there's no reason to put the uniform on if you don't believe you can win. >> reporter: the subway series
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it's quite a different baseball world we are in. back to you guys. >> that'll do it for us. "nightly news" is next. tonight, miami zika alert. the extraordinary warning from the cdc telling pregnant women to avoid a popular area of the city, as activates an ergency response. the gop nominee continuing to star with a fallen sold year's family. hundreds of dramatic rescues, residents form a human chain, to save a woman trapped in her car. protecting the olympics, security forces deploy in rio, as half a million people pour in, four


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