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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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like no other because of zika. the miami neighborhood that are pregnant women are being urged to avoid, and what you need to know if you've been there recently. news 4 new york at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. i'm david ushery. chuck and sibila are off tonight. we're going to begin with a dangerous scene in queens. listen to this. [ gunfire ] >> the gunfire you hear, that from officers as a suspected home intruder put up scene since news first broke. she's in maspeth now. >> reporter: what's even more amazing about this is that woman who ran into that building where police were confronting that burglary suspect in her apartment, because she was worried about her dog. we caught up with her as she returned home tonight and asked her what she was thinking. >> yep, i am. >> okay an understatement after what she went through just hours earlier.
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fired a gunshot at a man they say was burglarizing her home. >> he got his gun out. >> reporter: less than a minute before, the video shows police with guns drawn, surrounding and entering her 66th street building. the resident was waiting outside. but worried about her dog, she dismissed the danger, going inside to grab her pet. less than five seconds after she walked out clutching the dog, the gunshot. the suspect shot runs out right behind her. >> the police chased him. >> reporter: sources say the 38-year-old suspect is felix perez. he was tackled by police and is shown here on a stretcher being wheeled to an ambulance. >> how is your doggy? >> she's good, thank you. >> reporter: the victim's friend says the woman didn't have time to think before racing in to get her dog. the resident had called 911 after seeing the intruder in her first floor apartment on remote camera. she nor anyone else expected it
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>> scary in this neighborhood, yes, because this is a good neighborhood, maspeth. >> reporter: and police say perez was serious but stable at elmhurst hospital. they also say that he has had six prior arrests for burglary, and they say that there have been seven recent burglaries in the area in recent weeks as well. we're live in maspeth, queens, tonight, checkey beckford, news 4 new york. storm team 4 tracking some downpours in parts of our area right now. so we're going to meteorologist janice huff. what do we need to know for the morning? >> well, david, in these areas shaded in green is where we expect there could be some flash flooding. nothing being reported right now but there's still the possibility until 6:00 in the morning. that means ponding of water on roads, streets, highways, areas that tend to flood when rain moves in very fast. also your basements f they tend to flood, there's been so much rain over the last few days that the ground is so saturated. and the least amount of rain
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your basement. watch out from parts of the hudson valley through northern and central new jersey until 6:00 in the morning. as i mentioned, we don't have any flash flooding occurring right now. we have some isolated downpours north and west of the city right now over parts of sullivan county and orange county. not seeing a whole lot but this shower moving towards thompson. there had been a little bit of lightning with that a few minutes ago. also north of poughkeepsie, these tend to be movin north but we're expecting a general area to move southward tonight. so tracking this through 1:00 in the morning and then through 4:00 a.m. through the hudson valley, there will be some moderate rain. in the morning commute around 6:00, maybe coastal connecticut, parts of long island, still raining at 8:00 in the east end. i'll let you know when we'll completely dry out for a while in the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. and remember check the weather conditions before you head out tomorrow morning with
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click the weather tab to see our interactive radar, latest forecast and any alerts that you need to know about. there's a direct warning tonight about the zika virus. all pregnant women now advised to avoid a popular miami neighborhood. the centers for disease control has issued a travel warning for the wynwood district. 14 cases are confirmed in that densely populated area. guz rosendale at laguardia airport talking to travels about the strict orders iss b government. >> reporter: those concerns may be based out of florida but there are ripple effects across the country including here in morning. some travelers being told to take precautions, others being told to skip the trip altogether. laguardia is a couple hours to miami but zika concerns are spreading by the second. >> it is terrible. it's so scary. >> reporter: and so is nadia, an emt waiting for a flight tonight. >> we have protocols of course,
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>> reporter: the wynwood district in miami considered off limits for pregnant women. that's because so-called homegrown zika is spreading. at least 14 suspected zika cases now on the book, more expected. the cdc is dispatching emergency response teams to florida. >> our primary concern is the apparent connection with microcephaly. >> reporter: physicians say any pregnant women who travel to this area on or after june 15th should speak to their doctors. pregnant women who live in or travel to the area should first and second trimesters of pregnant even if they have no symptoms. men with symptoms should wait a full six months. >> most of my patients are very anxious, you know. this is their baby. >> reporter: 12 of these 14 cases are among men, and symptoms are usually mild, making zika harder to detect. infected mosquitos typically don't travel far, but it's a different story for concern,
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and some officials say the federal response has been too slow. >> we're going to make sure we fund our health departments. we're going to make sure we fund our mosquito boards. we're going to make sure we have all the resources we need. >> reporter: federal officials concede the response has been slow. that's because pesticides have not been as effective as expected. david, it is possible that the mosquitos are developing some sort of resistance. live at laguardia airport tonight, gus rosendale. new at 11:00, take a look at this clear surveile the man you're looking at, they say, is the suspect in a violent subway crime in harlem. tonight he is still on the streets. news 4's ida siegel reports on the frightening encounter. >> reporter: it's disturbing enough to hear someone was robbed at knife point in the subway. but when we told riders in harlem tonight that this was the knife-wielding thief police were looking for, a man wearing an mta uniform shirt? they were that much more
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like i said. >> reporter: police say it's unclear whether this man standing near the metro card machine at the 125th street stop for the acbd lines is actually an mta employee or someone just wearing the shirt. but they say he walked up behind a 55-year-old passenger just before 4:00 in the morning last tuesday, held a knife to the man's neck, and stole his backpack. >> there's not a lot of cops there, and it's kind of an just not thinking about anything elsement you're focused on getting to where you're going. so now to have to think about, you know, being safe there as well is just another added thing. >> reporter: though the attack happened in the early morning hours, folks here say it's evidence that you have to always keep your eyes open and never assume someone is harmless just because they're wearing what appears to be a uniform. >> you know, you're in the subway and you're used to sometimes random craziness, but
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would be safe, it's disconcerting to say the least. >> reporter: police still haven't figured out who the man in that video is. if he looks familiar to you, you should call their crime stoppers tip line. the number 1-800-577-tips. reporting from harlem, ida siegel, news 4, new york. the nypd is trying to find a hit-and-run driver behind a horrific incident caught on tape in brooklyn. surveillance video captured the moment of impact on fulton street in cypress the driver struck and killed two men and also hit two parked cars. he then fled the scene own foot. del mer maldonado died aed the scene and israel terse yoes died at the hospital. turning to decision 2016, donald trump finding himself in the middle of a growing controversy. parents of u.s. soldiers killed in action are demanding an apology from the republican nominee for his feud with the mother and father of a decorated
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blasted trump at last week's democratic national convention and trump fired back with his own criticism which has been condemned by veterans groups and lawmakers from both parties. >> this candidate amazes me, his ignorance. he can get up and malign the entire nation. >> these gold star families. the loss of their son or daughter, their brother or sister, husband or wife. they're not looking at it from a political perspective. >> tonight donald trump spoke for an hour at a campaign rally in columbus, ohio. he talked mainly about economic issues. but the controversy has opened a new front for hillary clinton, who campaigned in nebraska. clinton joined onstage by billionaire warren buffett at a rally in omaha. she's calling on republicans to abandon donald trump and, in her words, put country before party because of his comments about captain khan and his family. still ahead, the controversy
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movie. we're not talking about jason bourne. we're going to tell you what has some people fired up. devastation in maryland. streets turned to rivers. tonight, a look at the damage and just how long it's going to take to recover. and security at the olympic games. the specific measure being taken as fans and athletes travel to rio for the olympics. and the life-changing procedure planned for a baby girl from queens. we're going to tell you what she's facing and what doctors are trying to do to fix it,
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new information about the hot air balloon tragedy in texas that killed 16 people. the national transportation safety board now confirming the balloon did make contact with high tension power lines. they found nothing wrong with the balloon itself, and they don't know why it drifted off course as it tried to land. the power line tripped just one minute before the first 911 call was made. there were no survivors. a baby girl from queens set to undergo a life-cha 1-year-old sandy diaz was born with a tumor called lymphatic malformation. she's already being fed through tubes and has help breathing. without surgery, doctors say the tumor will continue to grow. after three unsuccessful treatments, they're going to try a new approach. a doctor operating out of lenox hill hospital will remove the entire mass using a special computer program that maps facial nerves. she'll undergo that procedure wednesday and we will keep you posted. the nypd says a drunk bronx
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into several vehicles. juan delos santos is now charged in the case. they say he stole the idling ambulance as it sat near the corner of webster avenue and west 167th street saturday. he then allegedly led officers on a brief car chase before crashing into parked cars near mount eden parkway and morris avenue. no one was hurt in the incident. in an effort to make the popular pokemon go game safer for kids, governor cuomo is now banning registered sex offenders pokemon go but all online games. downloading or accessing any online game would be considered a violation of parole. that move comes after a report found a high number of pokemons in the game outside the homes of sex offenders. another hit for the founder of gawker in the wake of the massive judgment awarded to hulk hogan. nick denton the company's founder now filing for personal bankruptcy. this all stems from the invasion of privacy trial in which a
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pay hogan $140 million. the company now bankrupt, up for sale. hogan sued after the website published a sex tape of the wrestler with a friend of his wife. a new movie shot in china and starring matt damon is now stirring some controversy. it's called the great wall, set for release next year. in the english language film, damon play az mercenary who fights monsters. but actress constance woo says the real message is that only white men can save the wo hollywood has been gripped in an ongoing debate about diversity. the film's director defended damon's casting, explaining it's a hollywood monster movie and needs to be made in that style. it is almost time. we are now just four days away from the start of the 2016 rio olympics. an estimated half million sports fans are pouring into brazil, and in the wake of a string of deadly terror attacks overseas, security teams are now taking no
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federal police will be watching on land, in the water and from the sky. officers will be on patrol 24 hours a day. their top priority, protecting the venues, including the bay where athletes will compete. >> this is a major site, a major target. we know jihadis have wanted to hit this site and have actually called on followers to do just that. >> brazil is working with other countries including the united states to improve security to deal with the threat posed by international terrorism. the most visible frequent assaults in high-profile tourist areas. another big concern heading into the games is the scenic bay and other waterways and whether they'll be clean enough for athletes and visitors. a 16 month long study of the aquatic olympic venues commissioned by the associated press revealed consistent and dangerously high levels of viruses because of pollution. the tests indicate that some 1,400 athletes are at risk of
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competitions. olympic officials there in rio, though, continue to insist rio's waterways will be safe. our own bruce beck has arrived in rio. he's going to have live reports beginning this wednesday. the opening ceremony will air friday night right here on news 4. washed away. the devastation in el i cot city, maryland, is still difficult to grasp just days after cars and homes were swept off by walls of water, many are still taking stock of the damage. the storm of rain in just a matter of hours. the cost to rebuild estimated to be in the millions and could take months. two people were killed in the saturday night storm. we see the images, janice. still difficult to grasp. >> it sure is. incredible video there from those storms. we have some video from some storms tonight. these were offshore near virginia beach, virginia. in the distance out over the aegs, lightning bolts striking into the water. thank goodness a beautiful picture when you're far, far
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but just remember how dangerous lightning is. it heats up the air at 50,000 degrees fahrenheit in less than a second. i don't want to be close by. these storms of course remain offshore near virginia, so they're pretty far from virginia beach. around here, we're seeing some downpours in the area right now. just some isolated ones but a few more may pop up as we go through the rest of this evening. there's the empire state building, and yankee fans know why it's in that color, right? congrats to the yankees tonight. game one of the subway series. sports. mets fans not so happy. let's look at the flash flood watch in effect for the area overnight. that's mainly north and west of the city where we've got that in effect, where we'll see some of those downpours starting to develop. just a few isolated ones. it won't happen everywhere, mainly in those locations north and west. conditions do improve tomorrow. we'll have a bit more sun, a lot less rain. there's still a chance here and there in the afternoon, but it's definitely better by the middle of the week. with temperatures in the 80s and
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starting on wednesday, even into thursday. by the time we get to friday, though, it starts to heat up again. here come the upper 80s to near 90 with high humidity going into the weekend. and a few thunderstorms too. probably on saturday more so than sunday. right now we're watching the strongest storms over southeastern pennsylvania, but we're seeing those isolated downpours in a couple of spots here. this doesn't look like much, this shower that's just west of fee pack gladstone, but it develop a little more as we go through the evening. rainfall totals there, maybe about a quarter of an inch -- three quarters of an inch per hour. to the north of the city near thompson and forestberg and bethel is where we're seeing bigger downpours now. the rain falling at the rate of 1 1/2 inches per hour. these are some of the areas that could see some isolated flooding overnight. in the meantime, it's 70 degrees in kingston. 71 in bails gate. watch out across much of the hudson valley, the catskills and
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as bridge water. temperatures pretty much the same everywhere. the humidity is really high in most spots. very muggy out there tonight. the atmosphere still packed with moisture, especially north and west where you may see those isolated downpours. so there's a chance through the overnight period till about 4:00 in the morning, and then things start to calm down. we still have, though, that flash flood watch in effect until 6:00 a.m. for these counties north and west of new york city. rainfall totals could add up to more than an inch later on tonight. and tomorrow we do get some more sun. there could be a storm or two in the afternoon around 2:00 or 3:00, but overall most of the rain will occur in the morning before 6:00 a.m. you might see some scattered lighter showers to the east of the city after that. but as we check out and go ahead into wednesday, we're up to 82 with sunshine. beautiful day. same on thursday. then the heat comes back for a few days coming to the weekend. saturday looks rather stormy,
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so noted. thank you, janice. john chandler here. what's coming up? >> the yankees are rebuilding. that is official now. they may have won the deadline today. they are off to a wrong start in the rebuilding mode. the mets are desperate for power in their lineup. they had a guy who's driven in more runs than anyone in the national league. question is, is that enough? we'll have reaction to a day of deals. game one in the subway series needed extra innings tonight. sports is just ahead. here's what jimmy fallon has coming up tonight. for pop quiz. music from bishop rigs.
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mcdonald's says it will make some big menu changes to appeal to health conscious customers. here's what you can expect. the fast food chain removing artificial preservatives from chicken mcnuggets and some breakfast items. antibiotic free chicken is going to be used one year earlier than plan. later this month, will use buns that do not contain high fructose corn syrup. the life-save bronze figure of lucille ball dubbed scary lucy. it has undergone a transformation. a big reveal this weekend. the bronze sculpture once stood in ball's hometown in the northwestern part of the state.
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was even used in a halloween exhibit last year. she hopes her new rendition will garner more positive reviews. we'll be right back with john
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last year the mets pulled off a season altering train for yoenis cespedes minutes before the trade deadline. did they do the same this year? the mets acquiring outfielder jay bruce from the reds, and they paid a price. highly touted infield prospect dillson herrera as well as lefty pitcher max woe tell. bruce beeves up the middle of the lineup. 25 homers, a national league sandy alderson going for it once again. >> look, it was an extraordinary turnaround last year, and, you know, all we can do is acquire as many good players as we can to put ourselves in a position to maybe have that magic again. but i certainly think he can have an impact for us. >> following the same formula as last year, mets also reacquire pitcher jonathan niece from pittsburgh for disappointing reliever antonio bass tar doe. niece will head to the bull pen
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postseason doing that last year. brian cashman sold off his third major piece in the last week. yes, the yankees are sellers. carlos beltran follows andrew miller and aroldis chapman out the door. headed to texas for right hand pitcher dylan tate. the fourth overall pick last year. the 39-year-old beltran has slugged 22 homers this year. he told me he knew this was coming. >> you know, we didn't really give the front office a reason to keep us together. so that's part of the bas what is ahead of me. try to get to texas, try to help the team win as many ball games as i can. >> why honestly, it's been disappointing this season to date. so i think these transactions over the last week, especially, we're trying to take bad and turn it into good. >> so the yankees also ship ivan
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off. a drive to deep right center. the ball caroms off the fence and gardner is thinking about three. then he thinks i got to make this one count. neil walker's relay nails him. he's out. to the sixth, this one's out. yankees lead 3-2. not anymore. matt reynolds just back from triple-a vegas. didi gregorius drops a single to left. that scores a pair, and we're all tied at five. it stays tied to the tenth. bases full of yankees, and starlin castro lifted one to right, all the way to the track, and the sac fly gives the yankees a 6-5 lead. and dellin betances strikes out curtis granderson with the tying and winning runs in scoring position. yankees are 29th with runners in scoring position. the mets are 30th. the yankees take the subway
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so that does it for news 4 "the tonight show" is next. "today in new york" begins at 4:30. have a good night. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jared leto.


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