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department. we have chief investigative reporter jonathan dienst here with late breaking details. this information coming down within the past hour. >> the final decision we are told last night that commissioner bratton and the mayor agreed. the 45 years in public service police commissioner bratton stepping down as police commissioner. we are told he is taking a job corporate job, an offer that was too good to refuse. we are told it provides him with the economics and lifestyle that he can spend time with his three grandchildren so he has decided to do that. taking over will be the chief of department james o'neil described as a cop's cop and the question now will be who else stays within the department because a lot of the top
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have a wonderful working relationship with chief o'neil. it is interesting to see if john miller stays on, spokesman steve davis. this will all play itself out we are told over the next month. the police commissioner staying put through mid september but wanted to go out as continues down every year he has been in office. he felt with the private sector offer along with what along with building up the counter terror division, adding over 2,000 police officers he felt now was the right time. >> as we talk about that here days after bratton told the "new york times" that he would be staying after 2017. the timing is interesting, this announcement coming days after that came out. >> we have heard he has received several private sector offers
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in him but never got confirmation he was going to take the offer. the conversations were ongoing between him and the mayor and apparently outside in the private world that the company wanted him to start sooner than later and was putting pressure on the commissioner to take the position that they needed him now. i think that is part of the reason why the timeframe got moved up. we were hearing perhaps christmas or thanksgiving. over the last week or so the timeline commissioner made the decision with the mayor and we were told that the mayor was meet wg james o'neil and some outside candidates, as well. o'neil who was going to take over started in 1983 with the transit police department and served as deputy chief and chief of patrol and for the last two or three years the chief of department. a familiar face, a man who has been helping to run the police department for the last several
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he will take over as police commissioner. we are told ben tucker, deputy commissioner, african-american, number two in the department. he will stay on. he is recovering from hip surgery we are told but will stay on as the number two as the shakeout as the changes in the police department ranks move forward and we'll be hearing from the mayor and the police commissioner and the commissioner to be, mr. o'neil, at the city hall press conference which is scheduled to presser to start. it is supposed to start around noon. we will bring that to you live. when we talk about the timing of all of this, interesting you bring up when crime is dropping. he wants to do this at the perfect timing, right? speak to that. >> the man is 68 years old. he spent a life in public service. he had a gap when he was doing consulting and private work. he accomplished what he wanted
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counter terror efforts. he has three grandchildren we are told he wants to help take care of and spend time with. this private sector job in the corporate world haven't detailed which one it is. we are told the official announcement will reveal on where the job is. we are told some banks and other financial institutions were among those giving him offers, encouraging him to come back to the private offer and which one he is taking just yet. >> maybe we will know in the press conference set to start any minute. as always, for more on this breaking story and other stories stick with our website, or download our news 4 app. new at noon, the medical
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paramedics were called after someone found a 5-month-old little girl unconscious and unresponsive. jen maxfield has more. >> reporter: the little girl was 5 months old. her parents called 911 from their apartment saying their daughter was not breathing. police are saying it was a homicide and her parents have put the blame on a they say was trying to rid the baby of the evil eye. neighbors of the family's apartment building say they often heard little aaliyah crying. it was her father who came out in the hall to walk her in the stroller, to comfort her. >> he was walking with them. >> what was he trying to do? >> make them quiet. he is good. i saw them. >> reporter: the medical
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police sources tell news 4 that the couple told investigators they took their -- we go live to commissioner. here we go with mayor bill de blasio. >> making our neighborhood safer and bringing police and community closer together. we celebrate. we celebrate transition filled with continuity, filled with shared we celebrate taking a step in new york city's future. in september commissioner bill bratton whose contributions to our city and to law enforcement not only here but across the nation are literally inestimable and extraordinary. in september commissioner bratton will retire from the nypd. and we have found the perfect
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i congratulate you chief o'neil on this very important day for the city. i will say at the outset i call him jimmy. you can call him james. you can call him jim. jimmy is one of the best prepared incoming police commissioners this city has ever seen. in decades of experience have taught him not only how to lead and how to continue to improve the but led him to the vision of neighborhood policing that is now taking hold as the philosophy of this department. he is the architect of our neighborhood policing strategy, strategy that commissioner bratton and chief o'neil convinced me over the last few years would be the future of this city and was deserving of
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bring community and policing closer together. he is the man who will see that vision through to fruition for the good of all new yorkers. we will never forget or fail to honor the achievements of bill bratton. and he and i have developed an intense bond over these last 31 months and i am happy for the future, but i want you to know this extraordinary friendship, i'll miss seeing you every single day, but this friendship, this deep, deep connection will continue. i want to thank you for all you have done for the people of new york city. when we think about the 31 months, we came into office all of us together with the goal of
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time, driving down crime while repairing some of the riff between police and community. we said both of those things had to happen. we knew it was a tough road. whatever bill bratton has gone he has worked on both those fronts. he had an extraordinary chief of department in jimmy o'neil to help find the path to take us to someth seen in the history of the city while righting some wrongs of the past, fixing broken policy of stop and frisk, changing the relationship between police and community precinct by precinct. that work has a long way to go. i want to emphasize that. i don't think any of us could have imagined a more productive 31 months. i don't think any of us could have imagined more done in such a short period of time.
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wonderful colleagues the rest of the senior leadership has done an incredible job. one thing that has been a hall mark of bill bratton and i know is something that jimmy o'neil believes in deeply is a sense of a team, a team that works together where everyone gets to shine and everyone matters. it's brought out the best in the nypd leadership up and down the line. that is one of the reasons you see his extraordinary success. we remember w to be like. a lot of us lived it. over 2,000 murders a year, disorder was common, quality of life offenses almost went without notice they were so common. bill bratton and jack maple changed that for all of us. but there was so much more to be done with that model. it wasn't enough to just end the bad. we had to start working towards
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safest big city in america, towards goal of real harmony between police and community. we have come a long way. much more to be done. when you go back and think about those days in the early '90s when this man and his not partner in crime. his partner in fighting crime are believed something different could happen. they had a vision that many doubted. they had a vision that was big and they had faith. they were willing to go where people hadn't gone before. you are going to see the same from jimmy o'neil when it comes to neighborhood policing. he is ready to take this department where it has never been before in terms of truly deep and consistent bond between police and community. it is an idea talked about for decades. it has never been achieved on a sustained basis. this is the man who will achieve it.
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people of new york city. neighborhood policing continues to grow. we are rolling it out in 51% of our precincts this fall and we will continue from there. and you will see what it means in the lives of every day new yorkers when they know the officer who patrols their part of the neighborhood, when they know the officer's name and have a sense of personal connection, that is going to change this city for the better. jimmy is the real thing in every way. first of all, he comes from someplace i like to call the one true borough brooklyn born and bred. and that upbringing which he'll talk about i'm sure growing up
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beginning of his life, brought up by a wonderful family that instilled in him values of service and then joining the nypd. 33 years ago as a transit officer. and we were talking last night about the fact that transit officers get to know new york city shoulder to shoulder with people of new york city, every kind of new yorker up close and personal, gives them perspective. jimmy kept the people of the city safe one tour at a time. and then he started to rise. he was noticed early on by great leaders of the department like bill bratton. he rose through the ranks, worked narcotics, trained future officers in the police academy. he did so many crucial roles in the department. along the way built tremendous
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this city. great sense of mutual respect. i hear it from them all the time, their appreciation for the way jimmy o'neil communicates and shares his thoughts and visions and listens to their concerns. commissioner bratton understood what jimmy could bring to the equation as he built this extraordinary leadership team and thought about how to take it to the next level. jimmy has been involved in the further extraordinary model. and as the architect of neighborhood policing he is creating a model i believe we will make work here. i believe it will be a model looked at around the country because it really answers what people are aching for. everyone is ache frg it. people in neighborhoods want to be safe and have a sense they are respected and want to walk out the door in the morning and know they will be safe, come home at night.
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their families and come home safely at night. they want respect. they want to contribute. that's why they chose this profession. neighborhood policing is the model that allows that to happen the way it was meant to. the many new yorkers say we remember the cop on the beat. we remember the officer we knew. guy who knew every parent, every child. we yearnor that's what jimmy o'neil will create in this city. well, i know this is a job for a strong man. i know it is a job for someone with a real vision, a vision of change and reform and progress. like i always said about bill bratton who never has ever rested on his laurels to the
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jimmy o'neil burns with a passion to keep making things better, to keep finding the next innovation. and he is going to be an extraordinary leader for this department. i want to introduce to you the next police commissioner for the city of new york, jimmy o'neil. [ applause ] >> it's natural irish people do hug once in a while. good afternoon and thanks for being here. thank you mayor de blasio and police commissioner bratton for your confidence in me. it is truly astounding. it has been an amazing 16 hours. never in my life coming on this job in 1983 did i think i would be standing at the podium talking to everybody as the next police commissioner.
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they do best and that is be effective cops. thank you to all the officers at the nypd, every rank from chief to cop who allowed me and helped me get to where i am today. without them i would be nothing. thank you to elected officials and clergy members and all who live and work who have become true friends and guides for my career. over the past 2 1/2 years i have had the absolute privilegeo the commissioner to help shift this to nation's largest police department away from a style of policing the city that sometimes lost focus of the most important aspect of safe guarding the public, lowering crime but not at the expense of losing vital support of the people that we are sworn to protect and serve. i can tell you first hand the mayor has given the nypd everything we have asked for and
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the right course whether vision zero which is focussed on awareness for motorists, bicyclists or pedestrians all in the name of saving lives or adding manpower to our ranks for the first time in the decade or purchasing necessary tools to make our officers jobs safer and more effective. most importantly steadfastly backing us in our efforts to improve this great city. many might think being named next police transit cop like me. i see this as an invitation to continue a unique chance for us to advance and see through the great work we put in motion over the past 31 months. commissioner bratton, thank you for that. those of you who have known me for a while know i love being a cop and i love this uniform and what it stands for. most people in law enforcement
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they wanted to make a difference in the world. they wanted to make this a better city and help all new yorkers achieve a quality of life we can all be proud of. when i was a rookie cop patrolling subways in 1983 it was a different city in many ways. i think the people had the same dreams we have to live good lives, be productive and take care of their families. my mom, helen, who is sitting in the front row with my sister, sheila. she might remember this. they had us work 8:00 to 4:00. learned quickly how to be a cop, how to be aware of your surroundings and navigate the maze of subway lines and how to talk to every type of person imaginable. i remember the look of relief on people's faces when they would see me, a cop, a little more hair back then, standing on the same platform or riding on the same car. not a lot of people wanted to
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night and 4:00 in the morning but did so to get back and forth to work, to provide for their families and to improve their lives and life. they were happy to see a uniformed cop because it made them feel safer. now nearly 34 years later it is the same feeling today for the young men and women you see in uniform. we are here for you, the people of this city. later as i became a precinct commander my horizons were broadened and fragile this relationship between law enforcement and community is. let me tell you, this is a shared effort and shared responsibility. our successes as a police department, as a society work only when we work together. with the help of every new yorker we will continue facilitating while we help.
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a small percentage of the population. this is something that we concentrate every day. we know who these people are and will continue to go right after them as we have done over the past 2 1/2 years in some of the largest take downs. we will continue follow up and will do all of this while keeping the city safe from ever changing threat of terror. it's a different world. you're already strategic response group and critical response command. those officers are among the best trained in the nation to respond to emerging threats including an active shooting situation. they work hand in hand with counter terrorism and intelligence bureaus. policing includes insuring that people can safely demonstrate. the nypd does it better than no one else. i am in full support of advocacy groups and everyone's right to
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is all about and it is our job to ensure that right. the protest in the fall of 2014 signaled change was necessary. with the brutal assass nation that december it was clear the nypd had to evolve and find a new way forward. that is when neighborhood based policing initiative was borne. by this october neighborhood policing program will be in more wide and in 100% of our public housing commands. knowing who your police officers are and their names, if you are dealing with nco you have their phone number is one way to strengthen the bond and bridging the divide where it doesn't exist. i mentioned my mom earlier. hard to talk about you. she really was the one who
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good cops should aspire to. because of her i learned we can change the world into what we want it to be and life is much, much more than just about one self. it is about all of us. thank you, mom. [ applause ] i never thought it would be that hard to talk about you. i talk about you all the time. been my guru my whole life and pointed me in the right directions. thank you, sheila. today in new york city we are at record lows in terms of homicides and shootings. need to take a second to think about that. that doesn't mean we stop. we never stop trying to drive down crime and we will do it in lock step with the people we are
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i want to thank the mayor and police commissioner for having the trust and confidence in me to continue shepherding extraordinary changes we put in motion and help the nypd continue to evolve. new york city continue to be the place we are proud to live and work. thank you very much. [ applause ] so i have had all of 16 hours to think about the way forward and there were apl one was to ask my good friend ben tucker to stay on and help the city move forward. ben, thank you for that. i ask you to come up. [ applause ] >> just a few words. first of all, jimmy, the first thing this morning i get a call
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your name is on the phone. he says i just want to know, you are hanging around, right? i said absolutely i'm hanging around. i came here and i'm hanging around because jimmy and i have this synergy for the time we connected when i came here back in march of 2014. and i got the call from commissioner bratton -- thank you for that call because it changed my life, brought me back into policing a gone from the nypd for 24 years when i retired. i came back as deputy commissioner of training. we have done some extraordinary work in a variety of ways. never been in my 46 years in the business this much activity in a police department particularly the nypd moving it in a direction that is changing the
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and it's been amazing. subsequently nine months later ended up being appointed the first deputy commissioner. so for me it has been an amazing ride. i love what i do. and when jimmy asked the question, the words came out right away of course i'm hanging around. i wouldn't leave although we have accomplished a great deal we have a lot more work to do. our crime is down. the numbers are down. they look great and we will probably have a wonderful year. on the oer relationship with the community is still challenged. we know it. we recognize it. and everything that we have done in the past 33 months, 30 months has been focussed on how we improve and build trust or rebuild the trust. so we continue on that path. the mission is not over and so i'm looking forward to serving with jimmy when i came in commissioner bratton said i want
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running this agency. jimmy shares that same perspective and i'm looking forward to being a full partner with jimmy o'neill. i know we can work together and do amazing things and do the work for the city we know has to be done. jimmy, congratulations, my man. [ applause ] so if you notice one thing about ben, i'm going to have to up my me ben. >> i know a guy. >> i have a couple. not as nice as that. so moving up to the position of police commissioner that does create a bit of a vacancy, my old job. as chief of department. it didn't take me long to figure out who i wanted to fill that position. it's a man that i've come -- i've known him for 14 years.
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him when i was with the four precinct. he is a man of integrity, hard work and shares the same vision that i do. carlos gomez is a man right for this job. he has the will to make the change. sometimes it's real difficult to change police departments. he has the vision to make the change. so he's a great friend. he's a great leader. i would like to intdu gomez as new chief of department. [ applause ] >> well, let me begin by thanking mayor de blasio, commissioner bratton for all that you have done for this city and this police department. the transformation that has taken place in the last 31 months is truly, truly amazing.
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o'neill, this city is so lucky, someone who cares about the cops, cares about the community, whose management style is one of teamwork. that is what we share. and that is going to trickle down. it is going to trickle down from the top from the police commissioner through me through bureau chiefs. it will trickle down to the police officers, the newest police officers, newest rookies and who benefits? the entire city, the community will benefit from this. it's a great honor to oversee all uniform members in the nation's largest and finest police department. this city is truly blessed in that it has the most hard working, very dedicated and the
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patrolling the street. when i say police officer i mean from the newest rookie in field training all the way up to our experienced and talented bureau chiefs. my task will be to have our officers work together as a team with the communities that we serve to protect us from the threat of terrorism, also to continue to reduce crime especially violent crime. as chief o'neill said committed by such a small segment of our communities. we don't cast white nets anymore. we focus on those rotten apples. and, of course, we must work on our community relations. so much has been done and will continue to be done with that regard. chief o'neill and soon to be commissioner o'neill designed


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