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tv   News 4 New York at 430  NBC  August 2, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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at 4:00." good afternoon. i'm stefan holtz. >> and i'm natalie pasquarella. the message on long island tonight is the mumps vaccine might not be enough to keep them at bay. >> there are 18 cases. most of those in the community of long beach. greg cergol spoke with a doctor. he's in long beach with what you need to know about this. greg? >> reporter: stefan and natalie, health officials are reporting four confirmed cases and 14 suspected cases of mumps. some of themer here at this long beach emergency department. health officials are blaming this outbreak on what seems to be a changing mumps virus. now health officials say most of the cases have been reported right here in long beach. the patients all in their 20s. most have already received the mumps vaccine, but they still got sick because in some cases the virus appears to have mutated slightly, making the
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doctors say because as we get older the vaccine's strength can diminish. despite the concerns about the mutating virus, though, doctors are still urging those who have been exposed to mumps to consider getting a vaccine booster shot and they say if you've never been vaccinated, you should also consider getting the shot. >> some people say, well, you have 18 cases. that seems like a lot of cases. we don't know how many cases are protected and vaccinated, so vaccination is still the single most important public health measure. >> my father has polio. he got polio before a vaccine existed. you don't want something like that getting through society again. >> reporter: now since the mumps is transmitted by coughing, sneezing, and the transmission of saliva, health officials have asked the many restaurants here in long beach to consider using
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wash their glasses in very hot dish water liquids. also health officials are urging folks to get that vaccine shot if they haven't gotten it. the good news is the symptoms associated with pumps, the fever, puffy cheeks, and fatigue, usually go away in a couple of days without any treatment. we're live in long beach. greg cergol, news 4 new york. today, members of the nypd took their calls for a wage hike [ chanting one-term mayor ] >> people chanted as the mayor was leaving a cafe in brooklyn. they followed him as he went to the ymca for his workout. now to eight children in brooklyn who are without a father tonight after a deadly shooting. police now looking for the
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33-year-old ernest brown as he sat in his car. a woman in the passenger seat was also hit, but survived. the mother of brown's son was so overcome at the crime scene she had to be carried away. here's what she said just moments before collapsing in grief. >> he's done everything for his kids. >> police say the shooter was last seen a blue hooded sweatshirt and gray pants. left a 68-year-old queens father in a coma. he died from his injuries. just last week, we showed you the dash cam video of the incident. police had charged the man with assault. it's unclear if he will now face homicide charges after the death. a 27-year-old man died after jumping from the passenger's
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morning. chopper 4 above the scene in east rutherford has traffic was backed up. jorge torres jumped out of the moving car right around 5:00 this morning. the driver of the car is not facing any charges. pseng workers worked to fix a gas main break. it happened on deer park drive in south brunswick. the center was evacuated for a time, but everyone was allowed back in before noon. there's no word of any for a man accused of the mass murder at an historic black church want a federal judge to rule capital punishment unconstitutional. dylann roof's attorneys are seeking life in prison. prosecutors are seeking the
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the desertion case of bowe bergdahl. defense lawyers say a comment violated his due process rights. his military trial gets under way early next year. just ahead for us, a starbucks recall. what caused three children to cut their mouths. plus, the message from governor christie in response to the long lines at motor vehicle offices all around the state. and a backyard swallowed by a sinkhole. what may be underneath this that caused the ground to open up. lots of moisture in that ground. are we going to see some moisture in our backyards? the answer probably not, but maybe a couple of sprinkles rolling through. just a little bit more and then
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[ screaming ] just look at that. that's the moment a five-story
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a local said the debris started to fall off the structure before it crashed down. luckily, not one single person was hurt. occupants vacated the premises the day before because there were cracks appearing on one of the walls. lucky there. troubling new details are emerging about a pilot of a doomed hot air balloon that crashed in texas over the weekend. before setting up operaon nichols has extensive criminal and business troubles in missouri. according to court documents, he settled a personal injury lawsuit for an '09 balloon crash. >> i wish i would have pushed more to get this guy's license permanently suspended. let's face the fact he was suspended from driving an automobile, but he could pilot an aircraft.
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is a convicted felon for drug possession, drinking and driving, and driving with a suspended license. some alarming findings in the latest climate report. noaa confirms 2015 was the hottest year on record. experts say global warming and strong el nino events are to blame. the level of greenhouse gases are also the highest on record. as the arctic continues to warm, sea ice remains afternoon of a sinkhole filled with water that opened up right in the middle of a backyard. this happened in australia in a town just south of brisbane. the hole is about 26 feet wide. a consumer alert to tell you about tonight. starbucks is recalling nearly 3 million stainless steel straw sets. it is recalling those stainless steel straws.
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beginning back in 2012 until june of this year. starbucks received three reports of children cutting their mouths while using those straws. still ahead for us, sticking up for local olympians. the new law proposed to mike sure they don't have to pay if they come home with a medal. plus, a new twist in the bridge gate scandal nearly three years later. who the governor says now needs to be investigated. what is preventing brand-new
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we'll fight for you. well, there is a different kind of delay now facing new jersey commuters. new buses that are supposed to be out on the roads, they're stuck in political gridlock. they're the consequence of the gas tax fight in trenton. brian thompson explains for us. brian? >> reporter: yeah, and you could call this collateral damage from the fallout over that gas tax battle except for commuters who
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morning and home to the suburbs in the afternoon and the evening. a little known secret of the bus fleets is that really even for the private carriers like coach and academy, the state through nj transit pays for the buses. they buy the buses. an order for 1,000 new commuter buses is in limbo with governor christie's decision to shut down all transportation fund spending while he legislature over a 23 cent gas tax hike. >> the single lane bus lane, if one breaks down, the backlog of the buses coming from pennsylvania, new york, and new jersey could be 30 minutes and up until the port authority clears the accident, clears the breakdown. >> reporter: we have found only
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order have been delivered. coach and academy were expecting several new dozen arrivals in coming months. now with the governor's shutdown, it is a month old. there is no light at the end of the lincoln tunnel for all these commuters. i'm brian thompson. news 4 new york. speaking of governor christie, he says new jersey residents shouldn't wait until the end licenses and registration. this is after recent long lines and computer problems at the state's motor vehicle commission offices. with mvc visits spiking at the end of the month, christie says people should take try to do it online.
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wikileaks disclosed e-mails. christie wants wineburg and another investigated for using state resources to forward the dnc's political agenda. 2013, they need to be held accountable for that. >> the panel cleared christie of any wrongdoing in the bridge scandal. on long island, lots of drivers took advantage of a popular parking ticket amnesty program. officials in freeport offered a 40% discount to anyone with unpaid fines. result they closed more than
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back to freeport. fortunately the program is over and drivers who didn't take advantage are no longer eligible for reductions on their tickets. vice president joe biden took on a new job monday, playing an important role in a new chapter of a couple's lives. he was the wedding o a wedding of some white house staffers. >> he's going to be on svu. folks, it's cooler out there and clouds are starring in our production for the rest of the evening. most likely not a bad night. wrap up the workday and head on into the end of the afternoon. here's how things look. we have 75 degrees on the
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we have a nice breeze out of the northeast at 13 miles per hour. visibility is at nine. clouds are out there and relatively thick at this hour. let's move on and take a look and see what we're going to be talking about over the next two and a half minutes or so. an isolated sprinkle out west. tonight is a great night to open the windows and enjoy that fresh air. lower that ac bill. plenty of sunshine as we head to the midweek and even as we make that turn into thursday. it looks good right now, temperatures pretty much the same wherever you go. maybe a little cooler out in montauk with that sea breeze and a little chillier as you head out to the higher elevations in monticello. but 76 in bridgewater and trenton. 73 in long branch. here's how things look. a couple of clouds popping up. and the moisture seems to be at bay as you head out towards the west. we could see a pop-up shower. we'll keep it in the forecast.
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9:00 tonight, again i don't see much falling anywhere. maybe a sprinkle. that's what we'll do with. a lot of that stays out to the north and west. for those who are headed to the south or into the tropics, let's take a look at this. this is what we're dealing with. my name is earl. earl is the tropical storm right now with winds at 50 miles per hour, gusts at 55. south of grand cayman. we're keeping an eye on it. we'll take a l rolls through the eastern edge of mexico by saturday during the afternoon. now, let's put things together for you as we return home. tonight's weather for us relatively peaceful. really lovely. into the lower 40s in places like monticello. 59 in new paul. as we head into tomorrow, sunny skies.
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water. it's going to be very comfortable. uv index will be very, very high at 8. the weekend outlook, we see that thermometer blast back up towards the 90s and 86 degrees as we head into sunday. sunday probably the better of the two days. ten days out into next week, we see temperatures in the mid to lower 80s. then as we wrap up next week, we're right back to that degree range. we're in for a nice day today and a nice night. on the ground in rio. >> a first look at the sites. hi, guys. with just a few short weeks away from the start of the school year, parents, do you know what's on the supply list? a mystery haunting this quiet section of queens after a
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her bed. i'm marc santia with why this
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can you believe three days until the rio olympics get under way. olympic winners get hit with taxes, but new york senator chuck schumer is pushing for a new law to make cash prizes won by u.s. olympians tax exempt. the senate has already approved a bill. schumer urging the house to do the same, but it wouldn't happen
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lead a u.s. delegation that also includes former olympian mark spence. >> we'll get a look at locations. >> reporter: welcome to rio, where the opening ceremony is just three days away. rio, the first ever south american city to host an olympics, is known for its breathtaking landscapes. it's best known landmark is christ the redeemer, a statue which is visible from anywhere in the city. among the thousands of people who visited yesterday were two members of the united states equestrian team, who deflected negative reports of contaminated water and the zika virus. >> there are no horror stories from what we have experienced so far. the american team is looked after like royalty. >> reporter: from an iconic landmark to one of the world's
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finally made it to copa cabana beach. it will be home to the beach volleyball competition. it is also the site of the olympic rings. while the promenade surrounded by a myriad of restaurants and hotels is a popular route for sight >> it is warm. it is just in the air. >> there's been a lot of negative press about it. with the atmosphere and the beach and just the great weather, i think it's going to be a really great olympics. >> reporter: in rio, known as the marvelous city, i'm bruce beck. news 4 new york. >> looks like so much fun. you can watch all the action beginning friday.
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that does it for us. >> thanks for joining us at 4:00. now at 5:00, trump in trouble? are the candidate's controversial comments finally catching up with him or is hillary clinton just getting a post-convention bump? neighborhood on edge. a community now living in fear after a woman's mysterious death. many asked the question was she murdered. i'm leaving with reluctance. i wis >> bratton bombshell. new york's top cop surprises everyone announcing he is stepping down. news 4 new york at 5:00 starts right now. now we knew commissioner bratton wasn't taking around past the next mayoral election. good evening, everyone. i'm sibila vargas. >> and i'm david ushery. if you have the nbc 4 app, you learned the news before the official announcement.
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resigning after just two and a half years on the job. >> the architect of the broken windows police strategy has seen his share of controversies as top cop, including questions about the nypd's use of force and corruption allegations of officers within his department. >> we know where commissioner bratton is now going to work and who will replace him at the nypd. we have two reports. we'll begin with chief investigative reporter jonathan dienst in the newsroom. >> the 68-year-old bratton said now is a good time to leave with good offer from a private sector firm and an nypd team he says is ready to take over. >> i'm leaving with reluctance. i wish i had more time chronologically to stay around for three or four more years to work on the issues that are going to take that long to straighten out. >> reporter: bratton saying the time is now for him to take a money-making job in the private
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>> i'm leaving. it's the right time. >> reporter: chief of department james o'neill set to take over, a man who rose through the ranks who is focused on community policing. >> we're very much aware of the violent crime perpetrated by au. >> reporter: benjamin tucker is staying on. the mayors past 31 months. >> i don't think any of us could have imagined more done in such a short period of time. >> reporter: the department has seen controversies from black lives matter protests to corruption to the execution of nypd officers to complaints by union leaders about morale problems. bratton points to record low crime numbers and many new initiatives, including adding 2,000 more officers to patrol communities and work to prevent


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