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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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right now, the death of a 5-month-old queens child ruled a homicide. her parents now under suspicion. the medical examiner says the 5-month-old girl died of abusive head trauma. >> paramedics were called to a home on saturday after someone reported her unconscious and unresponsive. wale aliyu is at the scene. >> reporter: good evening.
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apartment complex. now we're outside the 108th precinct. police are questioning the parents. what we have learned is what the parents have told police is a little different than what they told the neighbors, which is also different from what the medical examiner is saying. jorge baque and his wife called 911 saturday morning. their 5-month-old daughter alaia baque wasn't breathing. police said they didn't think this was a murder case until homicide. no one was home tuesday because police brought the parents here for questioning. the medical examiner says alaia died of head trauma, eight separate skull fractures. >> good person. >> reporter: neighbors say the parents seemed great, but admit they heard a lot of crying. >> the kid used to cry a lot and they would be out in the hallway with it. i think it is one of those situations where some baies
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>> reporter: the family's explanation of the death, the baby went to sleep, but didn't wake up. however they told police something different. police sources tell news 4 parents told investigators they took their baby girl to a priestess to promised to get her to stop crying by ridding her of the evil eye. her parents claim a ceremony where the baby was rolled back and forth on the floor caused her fatal injuries. nypd is for the priestess. the family has a 17-month-old child which has since been removed from the house. that child is now safe in child services custody. wale aliyu, news 4 new york. and new at 5:00, one of two convicted killers behind the deaths of a connecticut woman and her two daughters won't appeal his conviction. steven hayes told a judge today he is guilty of killing the
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their home in 2007, explaining the only thing a new round of hearings would accomplish would be clarifying the specific roles he and his accomplice played. in central florida, this charter bus was split nearly in half after the driver swerved and hit a pole head on. it happened about 3:30 in the morning california time. at least five people are dead. crash, including the bus driver who is in critical condition. police say several of those hurt lost limbs. >> substantial scene. this is a tragedy, and this will take a substantial amount of time to investigate and to clear. >> no word yet on why the driver swerved in the first place. the tour bus carrying about 30 people was heading to washington state from mexico making picks up along the way. on long island a woman is accused of breaking into a home
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gave away. police arrested 35-year-old jamie grant. she gave her jack russell terrier to a hicksville woman two years ago and recently asked for it back, but the woman refused. she broke into the home on saturday and took the dog. we have images of a woman police say swiped thousands of dos fairfield, connecticut. police say she stole the valuables from the henry c. reed and sons jewelers on post road saturday. she ran off to a parking lot after a nearby rite aid. she got away in a honda. there is new pressure on lawmakers to fully fund a bill that provides help to heroin and prescription drug addicts. last week the president signed
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treatment act. carolyn maloney called on her colleagues to provide the funding for these new programs. there are heroin and opioid treatment shortages all across our area. >> the bill would increase access to medication assisted treatment. it would allow for drug monitoring programs to allow public health agencies to calculate the impact of prescription drug abuse. if we don't fund th, mere words on a piece of paper. >> heroin and opioid addictions claim the lives of 18,000 americans every year. students in one local college get news about tuition that many say makes a whole lot of sense. the road to rio. we introduce you to some of the most powerful u.s. athletes
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improving. meanwhile, tropical storm earl is moving closer and closer towards cancun. lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. >> ahead tonight, president obama steps squarely into the election fray with a sharp assessment of donald trump. how is the water? we ask u.s. olympians. you have heard it for years. floss every but what if the benefits were never proven? the debate rocking the dentist
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the road to rio is shorter now with the opening ceremony just three days away and team usa is ready to take on the world. >> these are some of the most talented athletes we have ever seen, many of them making their olympic debut alongside veterans. bruce beck has their story. >> reporter: michael phelps is a legend. simone biles, the legend in the making. >> i think anybody is satisfied when they come across the line and they make the olympic team. >> reporter: sprinter justin gatlin is an olympic veteran, but 2/3 of the team are first-timers. >> i think overall our team is
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it is incredible to be a part of this team. >> reporter: kocian is one of 33 native texans who have made it to rio. there are almost 70 from the tri-state area. california has the most with 125 athletes. that california contingent includes three-time beach volleyball gold medallist kerry walsh jennings. female contingent at the games. the 292 women make up more than half of team usa. cindy mcloughlin is one of six 32-year-olds on the squad. but for the olympic rookies, it is their first shot.
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>> reporter: one they hope has the happiest of endings. i'm bruce beck, news 4 new york. >> count on news 4 to bring you all the olympic excitement. bruce beginning his live reporting from rio de janeiro tomorrow. it is time again to buy those back-to-school supplies, computers included. >> which laptops is tops for your student? better get baquero for the best picks. it's an illnesst are vaccinated for as kids. why is there a mumps outbreak on long island? we have an answer. this is a live look across the area today from the top of the rock. a clear day for most of us. not too hot. in fact, tonight going to be cooler than normal. janice huff has the storm team 4 forecast when we return. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state.
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good news from westchester community college for current and prospective students. there will be no tuition increase through next year. full-time non-residents will pay $5900 a semester. tuition rates same for part-time students as well. port authority police had a major rescue today. a dog named dart escaped from terminal c and took off running, dodging traffic and racing through parking lots. the chase came to an end when dart got stuck in a muddy marsh.
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reunited with his owner. an suv was swallowed by a giant sinkhole. take a look. just moments after this shot was taken, the ford explorer disappeared completely. it happened this morning in albany. the vehicle belongs to a medical student who was upstairs studying when he got the news. >> the landlord knocked on the door and said come outside. there's something you've got to see. my car was underground. it was kind >> that's a bummer. officials say the sinkhole was created by an underground water pipe that burst. crews are going to have to bring a crane out to remove the suv. >> what would i do in that situation? it is just crazy. >> i think would stand there and watch it sink into the ground. >> and try to get myself out of there. >> you've got to get out. so we're talking tropics
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system of the season. this is earl that is making its way across the gulf of mexico. let me give you an aerial view of where we are. this is south florida right here. they have showers and storms here on the northern edge of the general circulation. no direct hit coming from earl. cuba as well. central and western cuba getting a round of thunderstorms on the northern edge. not expected to effect them over than some heavy rain. we're watching it as it heads toward cozumel is there, belize, and cancun. it will strengthen a little bit more. it is 200 miles south of grand cayman. they're expecting heavy rains there. they still have warnings for the yucatan peninsula. it should make landfall sometime thursday night after midnight in belize.
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to be a mess. if you plan to travel in that direction, anywhere to central mexico, in the next couple of days, you want to call your air carriers and your hotels because there could be delays here. no delays for us. we're just expecting maybe a sprinkle or two this evening, but overall the weather is drying out and cooling down. if you get a chance to open your windows tonight, enjoy the 50s and 60s that are coming your way. tomorrow and into friday the weather is going to be picture perfect. highs in the l t it turns muggy by friday and it turns hot, too, this weekend. temperatures are up near 90 on saturday when we expect some thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon and evening, but sunday looks pretty nice. it should dry out. meanwhile there is a coastal flood advisory middlesex, ocean, and monmouth counties from 7:00 p.m. until midnight. that's tidal flooding. we have game two of the subway series tonight.
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again and the mets are hoping to get a win. tonight's low in the city down to 63. it's been awhile. 50s north and west. here's our ten-day extended forecast. 80 tomorrow. 82 thursday. 84 friday. 89 saturday. 86 sunday. sunday looks great at 86. more coming up at 6:00. back to you. an american airlines pilot came to the rescue of one of his unruly passenger. >> sit down. sit down. enough. you don't put your hands on my flight attendant. >> authorities say the kentucky man attacked a flight attendant and threatened to break her jaw. a passenger tried to force his way off the plane shortly after landing in charlotte. that man was hit with several charges, including being intoxicated and disruptive and
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from flying. if you own a certain type of oven mitt, you should toss them out. these marvel infiniti gauntlet mitts do not offer thermal protection. 231 people have gotten hurt. the maker lute crate says it is offering customers a replacement product. 39,000 car seats have been recalled. the car seats could much force to a child's chest in a crash. it was made from january of 2009 to this june. it is notifying owners and sending a seat cover to reduce the force in the crash. new electronics may be the biggest category of spending for back-to-school shoppers. that's according to a survey from the national retail fred ration. a computer on the list for many. better get baquero for the best picks. >> reporter: for students these
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involve a book at all. but finding the right device requires homework. >> you can get a laptop for as little as $250. you can get one for as much as $1500. >> reporter: the $700 acer aspire r-5 is a good pick. the apple mac book has good performance ratings, but expect to pay top dollar. it is two pounds. >> reporter: you can get the google chrome book for less than $200, but it relies on cloud storage. >> it is a web browser inside of a laptop. you don't have as many features as you would on a full-fledged laptop. >> reporter: tablets are designed for media consumption. consumer reports suggests a
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>> it starts at $750. it has nine hours of battery life. >> reporter: it has a surface pen to allow writing notes on screen. staying focused maybe an even tougher assignment. lynda baquero, news 4 new york. a mumps outbreak here in our area. more and more cases of the dangerous viral infection are popping up in one particular area. we're going to tell you where and what you need to do to protect your fa coming up, new york is also stepping up the fight against zika. what's being done to protect you from the virus. plus, a new kind of delay for new jersey commuters. 4 investigates why dozens of brand-new buses are being kept off the roads. plus, the i-team uncovered a million dollars owed to victims of crime. so why aren't they getting that money? those stories and much more when
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there was an outbreak of the mumps on long island and it appears to be a new strain of the doesn't react to the vaccine. greg cergol with more on how nassau county officials are reacting. >> reporter: nassau health officials say all the mumps cases have been here in the long beach area. four confirmed cases and 14 suspected ones. and some of them linked to a changing form of the virus. several mumps cases ended up at this long beach emergency room. doctor josh treated some of the
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i have a little swelling in my face. >> reporter: the patients were surprised to hear they had mumps, especially since most were already vaccinated for it. so why did they get sick? >> we may be seeing a strain of mumps that the vaccine doesn't cover 100% perfectly. >> reporter: mom still has concerns that her vaccinated kids could still get sick. >>oo extra work to do and figure out maybe a different type of vaccine for this new outbreak. >> reporter: the fever, headache, body fatigue, and puffy cheeks associated with mumps usually goes away on its own in a couple of days. despite questions about the vaccine, health officials say it remains the best weapon against the virus. >> my father has polio and he got it before the vaccine
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again. >> reporter: mumps is transmitted through coughing, sneezing, and the transmission of saliva. >> as long as you are not sharing cups and literally swapping spit with whoever is sitting next to you, you have nothing to worry about. >> reporter: again, health officials say if you've been exposed to the mumps, you should consider a booster shot. and if you've never had the vaccine, you should also consider getting that shot right away. we're in long beach tonight. greg cergol, news 4 new york. >> thanks for watching. stay with us as the news continues. it is now time for me to move on. >> now at 6:00, the city's top cop is out. nypd commissioner bill bratton is leaving for another job. what's next for the nation's largest police department? stopping the spread before its too late. efforts to prevent the zika
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safe. an i-team exclusive. the city is sitting on a million dollars owed to victims of crimes, so why aren't those victims being paid? news 4 new york at 6:00 starts right now. thank you so much for joining us. i'm natalie pasquarella. >> and david ushery. bill bratton has talked about leaving the department, but many didn't expect it to happen so soon. he is corporate job. the nypd has already named his successor is a 30-year veteran of the department, the chief, james o'neill. >> melissa russo begins our coverage this evening at city hall. >> reporter: natalie, bill bratton brought history, expertise, and credibility to the administration of a mayor
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accused of being soft on crime despite continued crime reductions. mayor de blasio was careful to sport a smile as he arrived to bill bratton's departure. >> i wish i had words for what this man has achieved. >> reporter: commissioner bratton broke the difficult news to his boss back on july 8th after announcing some better news about continued drops in crime. >> i took the opportunity of the mayor being in such a at that press conference. he then came into my office and i informed him that i would be leaving, that i would be retiring in mid september to pursue other opportunities. after i picked him up off the floor and got him on my couch, we had a two-hour conversation. >> it's the kind of conversation you want to say, what about the team? but i'm his friend first. >> reporter: they have worked


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