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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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what we're learning about his plans for the department. news 4 new york at 11:00 starts right now. we have to get right to that breaking scene in the bronx. good evening, everyone. i'm david ushery. >> and i'm sibila vargas. a man shot and killed in a beauty salon as customers watched in horror. news 4 checkey beckford. >> reporter: sibila, police sources telling us it started as a dispute over money and ended with that dead. you can just imagine the chaos inside that narrow beauty salon here as bullets started flying and people tried to find cover inside the business. you can see inside there. there's still evidence markers and crime scene tape inside as detectives continue to collect evidence tonight. surrounded by yellow crime tape, the believe beauty spa was the scene of a deadly shooting. a man shot multiple times inside the east tremont street salon as
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get shot, people still die, and it is something that i wish could stop. >> reporter: police sources say the victim, 29-year-old julio lebron had come to the salon earlier in the day demanding money from the owner. the two even exchanged blows. the victim left promising to return. when he did, he brought two men, again demanding money. but with the owner nowhere in sight, someone -- it's unclear who -- opened fire, striking that victim multiple times. >> it's very sad that people have to die or just because of a their life. >> reporter: a former employee at the salon told us she quit because of the fighting she says regularly broke out there. but she never imagined someone would be killed on the salon floor. no one else was hurt in this shooting, and police say no arrests have been made at this point as the investigation continues. we're live in the west farm section. checkey beckford, news 4 new york. we are also following breaking news out of queens, a
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market in white stone. that fire broke out around 9:30. crews still working to get control of the flames. the cause, unclear at this point, but so far no injuries have been reported. we've got new information on a big story we've been following all day. a change in command of the nypd. let's get you caught up. police commissioner bill bratton has resigned. his replacement, chief of department james o'neill. the transition officially takes effect next month. tonight we're learning of one carry out when he takes control. news 4's gus rosendale is in the brownsville section with new details. >> reporter: well, david, for perspective here, bill bratton was pretty much a known commodity among most new yorkers. it is a different story for his replacement, and so tonight he was rolled out across the city like a man running for high office. the mayor, along with the present and future police commissioner took advantage of the national night out against
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chief james o'neill, on the job since 1983, soon replaces bill bratton. the nypd veteran was front and center at community events tonight. >> we care about our neighborhoods. we care about our police department, and it's a shared responsibility to make a difference. and you certainly make a difference by being here tonight. >> reporter: bratton says there is no perfect time to retire, but a lucrative private sector job in the security industry awaits. bratton told us in the bronx tonight that he leaves a safer city behind with declining crime rates the force. >> a good time for the department and the city. all that we set out to do is now under way, and i've got an extraordinary team that's going to take over behind me. >> and i got to tell you, no one's ever done more to make this city safe. >> reporter: o'neill, who friends call jimmy, is expected to follow much of bratton's police strategy. that includes more neighborhood coordination officers, ncos, across the city. these officers focus on
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>> how do you think he's done? how do you think the police are doing around here? >>le with, i still think they need some work. they try. there's still a lot of killing going on. >> reporter: here at the event in brownsville, the reception was warm for the mayor and top officers. the spencer family greeting them and reflecting on their soon to be old boss. >> he did the best he could during the period that he was appointed, and i just want to say to him, all the best. >> reporter: but it still bratton was expected to stay on at least for the next election for mayor. now he's done by labor day. we're live in the brownsville section of brooklyn. i'm gus rosendale, news 4 new york. to the weather now, a temperature drop in the tri-state area. it is dipping into the 50s in some spots tonight. janice huff is tracking this. sounds like good relief for us. >> yes, it is. we're all going to appreciate tonight, that's for sure and even tomorrow night as the temperatures are much cooler than average and far from what
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we've got readings in the 60s right now, but knocking on 50s door is danbury at 61. west hampton right around 60. it's 69 in the city, so it's cooling off nicely. we'll start to see some 50s on the map by 1:00 a.m. up around monticello, into the upper 50s, and as we go into the overnight, cooler weather starts to show up in danbury. 60s for the city. mild around the coastal sections but by 9:00 a.m. we're warming up into the 60ss or near 70. in the afternoon, low humidity, temperatures in the 70s to near 80 but you know it doesn't last long. i'll let you know when the heat and humidity return in just a few minutes. back to you. >> check the weather conditions with our nbc 4 weather app. new tonight, a safety hazard in newark. you are looking at it.
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below. demolition crews have been on the scene. news 4's stefan holt there now to give us a look at what's going on at this hour. stefan. >> reporter: david, fire crews and police also here on the scene tonight. they're trying to monitor the situation, watch this building, because it's still too dangerous to get close to. they have it taped off. they're worried about the stability of the structure. the roof is sagging, and then look at the mess left behind on the street. all of those bricks and debris. those demolition crews should be here shortly, and they're around 5:30 this evening. the collapse was on the top floor. a gaping hole in the side. the roof splintered to pieces. neighbors say it was a thunderous noise before a cascade of bricks, wood, and debris fell into the street. >> it was all that noise. it was coming from the building. it was cracking. >> reporter: naim lee was parking his car when he says bricks rained down just feet away from a little girl playing in the street. >> we realized the building was
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about was that little girl, and i was just thinking that, wow, i just hope she's not under that rubble. >> reporter: turned out she was safe. the city-owned building had been boarded up for years. newark fire crews searched the debris but didn't find anyone who was inside. >> we received some reports of minor injuries early on of passer byes that possibly got hit with some debris. >> reporter: susan says firefighters told her to evacuate. >> it's an old building. it's going to go down. and that's it. >> reporter: investigators haven't determined what caused the collapse, but neighbor marie acosta thinks the rain might have played a role. >> a lot of rain this week. so much rain. probably that's what happened. >> reporter: there's the buckled roof of this building. splinters of wood, shards of metal and plastic there. and then you can also see the power lines very close to that roof where demolition crews are going to have to take this building down. no confirmations of any injuries
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people injured who were passing by here earlier tonight. that is the good news. all that's left is for those crews to finally take this building down. we're live in the city of newark tonight. i'm stefan holt, news 4 new york. police are reaching out for help tonight as they investigate what appears to be a deadly attack in a quiet queens neighborhood. the victim was found dead on her bed in her apartment on 65th avenue in flushing. we're told she had cuts on her head, face and arms. 60s, but they have not released her name. if you have any idea of what might have happened, they'd like to hear from you. and a 5-month-old baby girl is dead, and tonight police are looking into whether her death is a result of a voodoo ritual. the parents told investigators they took little alaia to a priestess. the ritual involved rolling the girl back and forth on the
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severe head trauma and heat skull fractures. the child was pronounced dead after police responded to the home. at this point, no arrests have been made. now to decision 2016. it was president obama today who made headlines in an election cycle that doesn't have his name on the ballot. lashing out at republican nominee donald trump and his supporters. the comments during a press event with the prime minister of singapore at the white house. president obama declared trump urged party leaders to withdraw their backing for trump's candidacy. >> if you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? >> a new nbc news/survey monkey online poll shows hillary clinton opening up an
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for a rally in commerce city. donald trump heads to daytona beach for a town hall. a federal judge has rejected donald trump's bid to throw out a lawsuit involving his failed trump university. the judge ruled that there was genuine issue as to whether trump knowingly participated in a scheme to cheat students and added, there was evidence the republican nominee had not personally met, interviewed, or selected the university's instructors. in a separate ruling, the judge blocked an effort to release video of trump testifying under oath to the at 11:00, fighting zika. what's being done in new york city subways for your protection. and a dog being transported through the newark airport winds up stuck in a marsh outside. how the wild scene unfolded. and admit it. are you guilty of not flossing your teeth enough? well, there's some good news for you. you may be off the hook.
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we are getting new video from a breaking scene in queens. fire burning through the strawberry farm market in white stone. as we said minutes ago, crews are still working to get control of this fire. no injuries have been reported. new at 11:00, a california man plead shooting two san diego police officers, killing one of them. we are also learning more about the attack. jesse gomez was asked if he lived in the area by one of the officers last thursday according to the department, and police say gomez answered with gunfire. officer jonathan deguzman was still in his marked patrol car. he was shot four times and killed. the other officer, wade irwin, will recover. gomez now charged with murder and attempted murder. all up and down the east
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spreading. public enemy number one, the mosquitos carrying it. the centers for disease control is concentrating its efforts on the wynwood section of miami. the growing neighborhood seems to be a hotbed for the virus. the governor of florida insisting everything is being done to protect visitors, but a travel advisory remains in effect for pregnant women and those planning to have a baby. there are at least 15 cases of zika in the wynwood area. meantime here in new york city, governor andrew cuomo and the state health commissioner battle zika underground. the mta will begin dropping larvae side in standing water in the subways. cuomo says that mosquitos carrying zika do not exist in the tri-state area, but says it is possible for them to migrate north. there has been mosquito spraying in some areas where mosquitos are prevalent to also help stop the spread of another mosquito-borne virus, which is the west nile virus of course. now in the final stretch in the countdown to the start of
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just three days to go now with most of the athletes having arrived in rio. questions remain over how prepared the city is to host this worldwide event. rio's polluted bay was supposed to be cleaned up by now, but contamination is still visible. and while concerns about the zika virus have been well documented, another issue is the olympic village. 18,000 people living in 31 buildings, and it's gotten off to a bit of a rocky start with several teams criticizing their commuters in rio will see from the 2016 games. the brand new metro line opened yesterday. it cuts a one-hour drive to the area where most events will take place down to just a quick 15-minute train ride. brand-new buses will then take visitors straight to the gates of olympic park. a volunteer from new york already putting it to use. >> i think it's wonderful. i've ridden the new transportation. it's outstanding. it's clean. it's quick.
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be able to prosper from what was done for the olympics. >> both 9 trains and the new buses are reserved for people with event tickets and credentials through the end of the paralympicss games in september. then rio computers will envoy full service by the end of the year. you can watch all of the action starting friday here on nbc 4. head to now to read up on the athletes and preparations before the games begin. well, if you don't want to wait on long lines at the motor vehicle commissio jersey, don't wait for the last minute. that is the advice from new jersey governor chris christie. the governor was asked about the recent computer problems at the mvc that left people waiting for hours last week. well, he said as a rule of thumb, people shouldn't wait until the end of the month. he also said that they should go online when possible. last week's outage was believed to be caused by a problem with the state computer communicating with the new ones at motor vehicle departments.
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meter in yonkers. the city has paired up with the app mark mobil so you can pay using your smartphone. the convenience will cost you an extra 30 cents. yonkers is also installing 33 new solar-power the pay stations. sibila, a dog named dart is now on his way to asia after giving police a bit of a run for their money at newark liberty airport. the collie ran up from united airlines pet transport service and racing they managed to catch up to him when he got stuck into a muddy marsh. they pulled him into a row boat, cleaned him up and reunited him with his owner just in time to make the flight. >> he's keeping up with his own name, dart. tanya handy and her daughters have gone through some really tough times. >> but it does look like that's changing thanks to the generosity of straphangers. brook, rain, and todd shepherd
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in houston, but handy thought she'd have to root for them from afar. a local philanthropist heard about that and paid for handy's flight. she surprised the girls in texas yesterday, right before rain won a gold medal in the 3,000 meter race. handy says she's now getting job offers as well. so we always talk about inspirational stories, but that one has to be right up there. >> ec >> yeah. >> talk about an inspiration, okay? >> well, tonight we've got, you know, some temperatures that are almost fall-like because we're expecting some 50s and 60s in the forecast tonight. enjoy it because you know the heat will come back. summer is still here. it's still august after all, and it's a beautiful night, especially if you're a mets fan. there's the empire state building in the mets colors as they win the subway series game tonight. so the yankees win one and the mets win one. skies are clearing out now
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temperatures are falling, but comfortably so. we expect 50s and 60s overnight. some of you be be able to open the windows and let the fresh air come in in the next couple of days. we don't expect the humidity to return until the end of the week. we've got lots of sunshine, very comfortable conditions. 80s for the high temperatures and we're talking low to mid-80s. very nice tomorrow and thursday. but it starts to turn muggy on friday. and it gets a bit stormy too over the weekend. looking at thunderstorms on saturday, particularly in the afternoon and evening. it's going to be hot andid but then as we go into sunday, it's a lot better. the sun's out. here a look at the current temperatures. mainly 60s out there right now. it's cooling down to near 60 in danbury and out towards the hamptons. you'll be in the 50s pretty soon. a few thunderstorms left over down over parts of maryland, and that's it. it's clear over across the northeast and most of the great lakes. it will stay that way too. this is earl, a tropical storm headed towards belize and the
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makes landfall. it's moving west at 16 and it's 350 miles east, southeast of belize city. there are also tropical storm warnings just south of cancun, mexico, so watch out if you're traveling in this general area. should become a hurricane beforehand fall on wednesday evening. a minimal hurricane but strong enough. they're expecting as much as 16 inches of rain across yucatan peninsula. the storm weakens but moves back over mexico and make az second landfall there. 50s tonight. 62 in nyack, and 63 in the city. tomorrow is a great day. upper 70s to right around 80 for the afternoon highs. if you're going to the shore, the temperatures will be in the 70s with plenty of sunshine. watch out for rip currents, though. 80 is the high tomorrow. here's your ten-day extended forecast. beautiful weather on thursday and friday too.
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little muggy, and then it gets a little hot going into saturday. near 90 with some thunderstorms. but then a dry stretch coming up starting sunday through next week. you see those 90s. they show back up thursday and friday of next week. could be the beginning of things. we'll see. >> we see them. coming up in sports, subway series. this one goes to the mets. nobody in the national league has driven in more runs than jay bruce, and tonight he m mets debut much to the delight of his new manager. you'll hear why terry collins is so excited. jacob degrom starting to resemble his old dominant self. good news awaits for mets fans
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this is no doubt been discussed in a lot of households tonight. brushing and flossing really thought to be the keys to good dental health, but now the federal government no longer recommending that you floss your teeth. it turns out, they say, there's really no actual benefits. so the recommendation was quietly dropped. not so quiet anymore. the american dental association says it's still best to floss once a day to stop plaque, gum disease and tooth decay. >> i'm really confused now. >> so am i. i'm calling my dentist tomorrow. we'll be right back with
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subway series. newly acquired jay bruce meeting the media before tonight's game. >> there's an instant kind of recharge of the battery, you know. i'm not trying to be anyone but myself, and hopefully just come in and contribute the way that, you know, i'm capable of doing. >> one of the things obviously we told jay is, look, you're not the savior. you're a big, big piece, but, you know, tomorrow night when we get ses back in there. that's going to be a unique looking lineup w >> not the savior. i love it. tonight it was the mark yi pitching match up as jacob degrom. the yankees scoreless in the third when the mets break through. de aza the only true center fielder on the roster right now touching up tanaka for a two-run shot. it was the same score in the fifth when travis d'arnaud who made it through the trade deadline connects off tanaka for his third homer of the year.
11:29 pm
for the mets tonight. degrom was cruising. the right-hander struck out eight, allowing just four hits. at one point he retired 12 straight yankee hitters. in the seventh, michael conforto doubling. that jump starts a four-run inning. the mwi >> we had that goal all year long to win the division. so add something guys that can help us is definitely a plus. so i think it's still the same mind set. we just have some more guys to help. and the scene shifts to the stadium tomorrow night for the next two nights now. yoenis cespedes, who pinch-hit tonight, expected to d.h. tomorrow. the yankees have reportedly
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a rod probably not going to get some at bats going forward. we got our first look at the retractible roof at arthur ashe stadium. the crown jewel of the billie jean king national tennis center will be fully operational for the 2016 u.s. open. it cost $150 million. it spans 270,400 square feet, and it's all worth it when grand slam tennis will be able to avoid those lengthy rain delays. philly sport fans have a spotty reputation when it comes to their comportment. tonight in the city of brotherly love, home plate umpire is tired of getting an earful. he doesn't toss the manager. he tosses a fan. yes, a fan. apparently davidson not happy at all being repeatedly told that he's not a very good umpire. davidson, by the way, once
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1989. so you have fans who would boo santa claus, and an umpire that would toss a mascot. >> what is the world coming to? >> that fan is going to get a
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that will do it for news 4 new york at 11:00. "the tonight show" is next. >> "today in new york" begins at 4:30. good night. we'll see you tomorrow. applaus] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jonah hill, jaden smith,


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