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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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deep fractures and the major fundraiser who just switched teams. today in new york starts now. good morning. it's august 3rd. i'm darlene. >> everybody is back together. >> yeah, the team is here. >> nice to see you michael. off to a really comfortable start too. temperatures ie 50s showing up. monticello 67. low 50s across the east end of long island. a very comfortable start to the day. we are sitting pretty here. pretty quiet over the next couple of days. you can find a cloud out there right now. it is pleasantly warm. by lunch tame 75.
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here is lauren. >> thank you. good morning. good morning everyone. not many problems out there on the road. the ramp is shut down to the northbound degan. while we are in the bronx let's talk about two lanes blocked out by webster avenue. two lanes shut down. it will start and a lane blocked in both directions as well. the only bronx. we'll have weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. it is 4:31. a jogger missing for hours was found dead overnight. her body was discovered near 78th street. we are there with details. >> reporter: that woman's body found right here in the marsh. you can see this very active
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whether that death was suspicious. she had gone out for a jog yesterday afternoon. her family becoming concerned when she didn't return home and they reported her missing to police. her body found in the marsh here near 78th street. neighbors around here shocked and saddened by the discovery. >> i feel bad for the parents. she went jogging. you know, inside she never, you know, returned home. >> reporter: and the woman's death still under investigation. michael and darlene, police trying to figure out how she died and whether it's a victim of foul play. >> bricks, wood and other debris came falling off the city-owned
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neighbors say a little girl was playing when pieces of the building came tumbling down. >> we realized the building was about to go. all i could think about was that little girl. i thought wow, i hope she is not under that rubble. >> unfortu authorities try to go determine what caused that collapse. coming up soon on 4:34. let's check in with chris. we are starting a nice stretch now? >> yeah. i think a good two or three-day stretch. very manageable mornings in the 50s and 60s. humidity is down. it creeps back into the picture by saturday. the rest of the workweek relatively quiet.
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we are seeing upper 50s. morristown down to 54. it was a window opener overnight. plenty of sunshine coming our way by noontime. we keep serving up the sun all day long. we'll check out the ten-day forecast in a bit. let's get back over to lauren. >> thank you. we do have fast-track maintenance on the week. they are providing free shuttle buses that will be making all of the stops in between. leave yourself extra time there. the 1, 2, a, e, d and f are effected today. >> thank you very much. happening now investigators combing the scene of a deadly shooting. a man was killed inside a salon
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we are on the scene, tracy. >> reporter: you can see crime scene detectives are still inside this salon. over the phone police tell us they are on the hunt for two people. one was inside and opened fire. officers unconscious and unresponsive inside. the 29-year-old suffered multiple gunshot wounds after he came to the salon demanding money from the owner even getting into a fight with him. they say lebron came back again demanding money later in the day.
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strike lebron multiple times. you can see them setting up to do more work here on the sidewalk surveying this area. we don't see any shell casings on the ground. lebron pronounced dead at the hospital and right now they are on the hunt with two men in connection with this. back to you. >> thank you. nypd prepaing of command. james o' neil is expected to take over next month. he is expected to add more neighborhood coordination officers. they focus on community
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neighborhoods. we care about our police department. it is a shared responsibility. >> it is underway. >> bratton says there is no perfect time to retire however he will be head today a private sector job in the security industry. a california federal judge letting one of the lawsuits against trump university go the judge rejected a move by trump's lawyers to dismiss the case. you may remember trump personally attacked that judge. the judge also refused to give trump's video taped testimony to reporters. it faces lawsuits involving students saying they were ripped off. in presidential politics one of the gop top fundraisers is throwing her support behind
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she issued a statement accused him of demagogue ri and calls him reckless. president obama called on republicans to refuse to support trump. >> if you have repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is endorsing him. >> trump fired back saying obama-clinton have destabilized the middle east, handed iraq, libya and syria to isis. and this evening hillary clinton, tim kaine, the bus tour will stop in commerce city, colorado. it has a big latino population. she is expected to talk about
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in miami the number of home grown zika cases is on the rise. last friday the first four cases are identified. they say number of zika cases cracked in florida stands at 15. they expect the number to rise because of the of difficulty they are having controlling the mosquito population. an that come from the subway system. the mayor dropped larvacide in water standing on the tracks. it will also help stop the spread of the west nile virus. we are two days away from
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some teams criticized their apartment. they practiced on the visibly contaminated bay. team u.s. a. basketball taking to the water instead of staying at the olympic village. and new york senator is pushing for legislation that would give olympic winners a tax break on their medals. it gold medal and 15,000 far silver and 10,000 far bronze. he says they should not impose a tax. they did pass a bill making olympic prizes tax exempt. he insists it is time for the house to pass the same legislation. >> years and years of unrelenting training, representing our country on a
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the greatest feats in the world our athletes deserve thanks an praise, not a bill. the opening ceremonies right here this friday. you can watch it live starting at 7:30 p.m. 4:41 right now. still to come, his death sparked protest nationwide, the ruling asking questions this morning. then the lawsuit over a star trek actor's death, find out who the family is holding responsible for the crash that happened when no one was behind the wheel. and weather and traffic ton 4s is coming up. don't forget to follow us on facebook and twitter. darlene and michael. you're watching today in new
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a we will have the very latest coming up in the next half hour. protesters will be outside prospect park at 8:00 a.m. to try to disrupt the morning routine. they say the mayor is standing in the way so they plan to be in his way after his morning workout. the lower lanes of manhattan will be closed until 9:00 so
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only the upper level city-bound lanes will be reopened. starbucks recalling nearly 3 million stainless steel straw sets. it is after report of children cutting their mouths on them. they were sold between 2012 and june of this year. all right. 4:45. we are talking about temperatures much more comfortable out there. humidity is down too. a nice middle too. skies mainly clear. 67 degrees is actually the warmer spot. it is cool. temperature down to 58 now. it is 55 monticello. we are looking at numbers low to mid-60s across long island. we have out of 54 degrees.
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just a slow climb through the 60s. by 11:00 a.m. 73. future tracker not much going on. some to the north and west and some to the south and east. we have the breeze coming out. we'll go southeast later today. this is noontime and maybe a few more clouds to the north and west. clouds will block out stuff from time to time this afternoon. bright and good start tomorrow. this is 8:00 a.m. throughout the day thursday. a couple of clouds again. most stays way to the north and west. isolated shower into friday. what you don't see while you hold on is humidity starts to climb. 80s should do it in the city. near the coast a little bit cooler. really beautiful for august. a nice afternoon to be out
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again, we should see 50s to the north and east. great night far ball game. temperature about 76 degrees. no rain to worry about. good game tonight expected. 82 and 83 for thursday and friday. humidity starts to rise by friday with sunshine by the weekend. watch a cold front come on through on saturday during t hours. hot and sticky at 88. temperatures back in the middle 80s. we knock down to humidity as well. you can see after that front passes on saturday even better weather on monday, tuesday and wednesday. lots of sunshine and low humidity heating up towards the end of next week. let's see if the commute is heating up any. >> we did just get a new subway issue in.
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street. it is because of signal problems. we have fast track that will be ramped up in about 13 minutes. there is roadwork causing delays between exits 37 and 31. heading over to the city we do have expressway construction that is eastbound. two lanes are closed. we have delays westbound b of roadwork heading into the area. smooth sailing. we'll have your next weather and traffic updates on the 4s. it is 4:48. fire crews on the scene of a smoldering super market fire. fire broke out about 9:30 last night. hundred of firefighters racing to that scene.
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at this point the cause of that fire is unknown. police investigating the death of a baby girl in queens and whether it is tied to a voodoo ritual. it was due to severe head trauma. her parents told police they took her to a her of the evil eye. it involved rolling the girl back and forth on the floor. >> an autopsy of a man killed outside a convenience store will not be made public. a judge ordering that the autopsy be sealed. his shooting was captured on cell phone video. it is under investigation by the justice department.
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the 27-year-old died in june when his jeep grand cherokee rolled down his driveway and pinned him. it was part of a recall because of gear shifters. a number of owners record the -- reported the vehicles rolling away. naval air station. the pilot noticed something was wrong and quickly ejected just before it went down. no word on what caused that crash. and a muslim woman kicked out of a family dollar store for wearing a traditional islamic veil. the manager told her the store
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have to remove that religious veil from her face. she said she won't be returning to the store but she has a message for the manager in the video. >> i just want to understand, like i wish people would do me. i wish people would understand. i want to explain to her what i believe. >> and the family dollar incident. an ump ejecting not a
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back now on this wednesday morning. >> that is grand central. dangerous flash flooding. flood waters turned intersections into lakes stranding several cars during the rush hour. the storm dumped more than 2 inch of rain in under an hour in some areas the overwhelmed storm drains and flooded streets there. is that swimming pool effect? ? yeah. it holds everything up above it. >> and out there it is rock solid. the water runs off. we had 5 to 6 inches of rain here. you can understand flooding. for us no rain, no flooding. nice and quiet. down to 66 right now.
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mid-60s in the city. a light northeast wind. it keeps temperatures down from getting too steamy today. a good deal of sunshine. with humidity down a little bit i think a nice one. it should be very pleasant. >> august can get -- >> it can get a little sticky, yeah. not too many problems out there on the roads. we do have one. the overturned vehicle. that's the spot to avoid. we'll take a live look outside. here is the brooklyn bridge where things are moving along nicely. it is getting into this area. no roadwork getting in your way. i'll have details coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. there is a new way to pay for parking. you can feet the meter using your smart phone. the city paired up with the app.
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to pay remotely. it is installing 33 new pay stations. drivers in need to renew their registration or license. don't wait until the last minute. that is because of last week's long lines outside of new jersey motor vehicle office. governor christie recommends you renew online. city bike is rolling into uppe upper manhattan. you can now borrow and return city bikes on east 88th street and west 87th street. it will add station as far north as 110th. the city bike says it plans to have more than 600 stations available by the end of the year. it has been found on long
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conservation says it has been confirmed in the town. the disease kills thousands of oak trees each year and killed in 2008 and again in 2013. crews had to remove about 100 trees. the idea is to prevent that disease from spreading. a new report just released shows the average american stands as tall as they did two decades ago but weighs a the average man weighs 195 pounds. >> don't look at me. >> that is 15 pounds more than the average man weighed in 1994. the average weight for women is from 162 to 168. the average 11-year-old boy weighs 13 pounds more, for girls it's 7 pounds. a big shift in a long-time
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they are no longer recommending that you floss your teeth. there is no scientific evidence that flossing provides any benefits. the american dental association says it is best to stop plaque, gum disease and tooth decay. it is not unusual to see a coach or player get ejected from a game but how about a fan? the home plate umpire says he sexual innuendo and had him tossed out. three homeless sisters competing at the junior olympics got a big surprise. brook, reign and ty, their mother, thought she would have to root for them from the
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when they heard about this he paid for her flight so she could go see her girls. she surprised the girls in texas right before one won a gold medal. they ran into hard times. so she has been struggling. it is really incredible that her girls are doing so well despite everything. >> what an amazing story. >> we are rooting for them too. >> we totally are. if you're heading out the >> there the app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. the violent robbery on the upper east side that was all caught on camera. and fighting zika, local leaders lay out your plans to keep your family safe. today in new york starts
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5:00 i'm michael. >> and i'm darlene rodriquez. chris is here with the forecast. >> good morning. nice to see you both. we have comfortable conditions out there. we are in the mid-60s right now. humidity is down a little bit too and skies are generally clear to partly cloudy. 55 monticello, the chillier spot here. pair of 6s in the city with a mostly clear sky. we'll see a few thunderstorms. they are staying put. we zoom in closer here not a cloud here. 75 at noontime and 79 by 5:00 forecasting a high of around 80. when will the next rain drops fall? we'll find out how the commute is rolling at 5:00 a.m. >> thanks. i was talking about changes on the subways.


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