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tv   News 4 New York at 4  NBC  August 3, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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in that weeded parkland, it was her father who found her, detectives not far behind. police are focused on finding the killer, but also trying to determine if this was a random attack or the work of someone she knew. they now have a lot of evidence to consider. >> we found her facedown in the ground. we immediately called ems who came to the scene and pronounced her body. right now there's evidence of >> vetrano worked at a nearby lounge here in howard beach. she also had a website and kept a blog. she called herself a writer and was hoping to be published one day. there are no arrests in this case just yet, and we're waiting to hear from the medical examiner for an exact cause of death. reporting live from howard beach, ida siegal. news 4 new york. >> thank you. we move now to yet another tragic story. this one on long island. a man with autism ran off from
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dead a short time later in a backyard pool. police say the man jumped a fence to get into the pool. greg cergol joins us now with more. greg? >> reporter: yeah, natalie. nassau police have yet to identify the 22-year-old drowning victim, but they do say that his death was noncriminal in nature. he was one of ten young autistic adults who were living at that group home in plan dome, a group home during time on the playground yesterday, police say the young man jumped over a six-foot fence and ended up in a swimming pool in a neighbor's yard. several group home staff members ran around the block and pulled the young man from that pool. they administered cpr, but he died a short time later. the executive director calls this incident a tragedy, and she says there were more than the required staff on hand to ensure
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yesterday. >> the staff is really trying to cope with their own grief. we have a very dedicated staff here. they do amazing work, and the young residents are look family. >> reporter: the state agency that oversees group homes tells us only that the mental health association of nassau county is a provider in good standing. some other information today from autism ea told me that about half of all autistic individuals will wander from safe environments at one time or another and many are drawn to water from unknown reasons. that makes drowning one of the leading causes of death for autistic individuals. we're live in plan dome, greg cergol. news 4 new york. >> thank you very much. now we're getting another look at the man police believe
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island. he allegedly followed a 21-year-old security guard into the lladies' room, grabbed her y the throat, pushed her to the floor, and unbuckled his pants. the woman fought him off. if you have any information about the suspect, police want to hear from you. we are turning to the race for the president now. it seems like the gop party is in some trump's comments. trump says there's great unity, but top party leaders are planning an intervention with the candidate. >> donald trump is campaigning right now in florida, but even in the sunshine state there's a political storm cloud hovering over him. >> reporter: donald trump has embarked on a campaign swing
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refusal to endorse john mccain and house speaker paul ryan. nbc news reports some of trump's fellow republicans, including rudy giuliani, newt gingrich, and reince priebus are planning an intervention. trump tweeted there is great his vice presidential nominee mike pence later did what trump wouldn't, endorsed paul ryan. campaign sources tell nbc news trump's operation is in chaos. >> the trump campaign staff is in chaos right now because of the difficulty they're having in getting donald trump to take the
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>> we are heading towards -- we may be setting up the circumstances that create a crisis in civil military relationships. >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigning tonight in colorado has picked up the support of republican meg whitman. and the trump campaign did declare one victory today, announcing they raised tens of millions of dollars for the white house just in july. live in washington, scott mcfarlane. the city's outgoing police commissioner took aim at donald trump on "morning joe." commissioner bill bratton blasted the republican nominee for accepting a purple heart from a man at one of his rallies. >> the purple heart along with the medals for bravery, highest awards you can give for the
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amazed. amazed and appalled. >> he said even though he knows trump he will not support him. are you ready? two days and counting until the opening ceremonies of the 2016 olympic games in rio de janeiro, but you don't have to wait that long to see some of the action in rio. the u.s. will begin their quest for glory fresh off their world cup win. they could become the first world champions to claim olympic gold the following year. here's a look at the numbers. the u.s. women's team has won four gold medals in five olympics, they have 23 total wins.
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qualify for rio. bruce, so much going on just today. >> reporter: stefan, welcome to rio, the marvelous city, where the opening ceremony is just two days away. the weather has been good. the build up has been extraordinary. 10,500 athletes representing 206 nations ready to roll. rio is getting ready for its close-up and tightening at some of the big tourist hot spots in the area. the olympic torch has officially arrived in rio after an epic three and a half month relay. the flame emerged at a naval school by boat and was delivered
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gold again. the most decorated olympian ever was selected by his teammates to be the flag bearer for team usa in the opening ceremony on friday night. phelps, who owns a record 22 medals including 18 golds, is the first american male swimmer to qualify for four olympic games. tremendous honor in knowing what the flag stands for and being able to kind of lead our country. it's a dream come true. >> reporter: phelps olympic resume is mind boggling. 16 gold medals, 9 more than anyone else in history, and now he leads a delegation of 555 athletes into the opening
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you're defined by the honor more so than even by the medals. >> awesome. a tremendous honor. bruce beck, thank you very much. ready to rock and roll in rio. nbc is your ticket to the summer games. you can watch the opening ceremony friday night here at 7:30. scientists have started the first human clinical trials for a vaccine. the national institutes of health spearheading this effort. the testing is now miami with 15 cases of local zika transmission. if the study proves the vaccine is safe, this could go into a phase two trial next year. still ahead for us, a bear encounter or was it something else? the investigation into how a man got hurt on his own deck. then crash landing. a plane burst into flames on the runway. how everyone made it out of there alive.
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we're in court for the stunning development and here's dave price with a check of the weather. we have great stuff ahead tonight. look at that. 66 degrees. cool outside. another open window evening ahead. how long does it last? at least a couple more days. we'll tell you what the weekend looks like all coming up in just
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a bear scare in warren county new jersey. a man claims he was scratched by a startled animal, but now investigators are not so sure. >> there's an investigation that's taken a lot of twists and this story at noon. wale aliyu joins us from the scene with the new information for us. wale? >> reporter: police got to the scene here around 9:00 a.m. after a call of a bear attack. the caller says he lost a lot of blood, but now police and investigators are some serious concerns about what really happened. chopper 4 video shows the search wednesday morning.
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that was at least 400 pounds. they were told it had attacked a man on his back porch. bears have everyone here on alert. >> we've been seeing a lot of them more recently, so, oh, man, a couple of weeks ago we saw one. they're coming around. they're a lot more daring and bold too. >> reporter: in this case, the 911 caller told police feeds cats every day was attacked by a bear. >> he has some injuries to his arm. we're trying to verify the injuries to the story that he told us, but i wouldn't call this a bear attack. >> reporter: the man was taken to the hospital, but sources tell news 4 his injuries were not consistent with a bear attack. still authorities are taking no chances, putting out bear traps and continuing to search.
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investigation is ongoing. top of the list is talking with the man who told police he was attacked. >> our police department i believe will interview him once they're able to do so. there's obviously some laws that could be violated for creating a public nuisance. >> reporter: again, police are working to verify all of these reports. they do say they believe they'll be able to trap the bear within the next 24 hours if what this between trapping that bear and interviewing there resident, they should have some answers very soon. for now, wale aliyu, news 4 new york. this is out of garfield, new jersey, where chopper 4 is live over a store. it appears there is a fire in a hover board store there.
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the store here. >> 200 block here of lanza avenue. this is just west of main street. we understand garfield fire was able to knock down this fire inside this hover board store within 10 to 15 minutes. that fire now under control. the building being vented, but the fire may have been the result of an overheated hover board inside the store. that's the good news. you can still see some fire activity out on the street here. that's lanza avenue. that is obviously closed down between ray street and prospect street. i'm dennis protsko. back to you in the studio. >> good to hear no injuries, but we do see a lot of those stories. >> the consumer product safety commission investigating those fires and recalls.
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lovely day today i thought i was listening to a bill withers' song just walking down the street. a couple of clouds out there just dotting the sky, but plenty of sunshine. we're holding onto to 77 degrees. winds out of the south at 5 miles per hour with nine miles of visibility and sunny skies for everybody. it is going to be as nice during the evening and overni a terrific too. the heat and humidity return as we head into the weekend. and we're going to spike on saturday. we have 78 in white plains. 75 in monticello. a little warmer in places like sussex and morristown, even down to trenton. very, very pleasant right across the island with 75 in westhampton. 83 in poughkeepsie. the wider picture shows we've got very, very comfortable conditions as we stretch into
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temperatures, dropping down ever so slightly into the 70s for our evening time, and it will be a very nice time to actually sit outside, take a stroll, or if you can, get outside for dinner. the live doppler radar picking up no moisture at all, just a couple of high clouds. as we look at future tracker, there's really nothing to speak of. as we head into 11:00, we are going to see just clear skies and then as we roll into tomorrow afternoon wou a little bit of a marine layer right along the jersey shore, maybe the south shore of the island into sections of brooklyn, but that's really all there is to speak of. and then right through the end of the workweek it's simply beautiful. any showers staying well to the north and west, and we're in great shape. now we head to the caribbean at this point and take a look at what is still tropical storm earl. you can see the areas of significant rainfall rolling
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friends in the caribbean or through central and south america, so we want to keep an eye on this for you. earl is maintaining 70 mile per hour winds. it is moving west at 14. it will weaken and then potentially gain some strength before it rolls into mexico. again, just worth watching, but i don't think this is going be as significant certainly for our shorelines. tonight, tomorrow, friday super duper. saturday up to 88 degrees with thundershowers. 86 on sunday. as we head into next week, seasonable weather. >> nice stretch of sun there too. >> not bad at all. well, from the sun to the moon, less than a month after the 47th anniversary of man's landing on the moon, another huge step in space exploration. today the government gave the
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this is the first time the u.s. has cleared a private space mission to fly beyond earth's orbit. the company called moon express plans to send a suitcased size lander for a two-week one-way mission next year. governor cuomo signed some legislation to protect nail salon workers from toxic fumes. many are failing to protect themselves and their by not wearing required safety gloves. a staggering number of nail salon employees are failing to wear gloves. between october and december of 2015, researchers observed 562 workers at 149 randomly selected salons across the city. they found nearly 3/4 of those workers did not wear the safety
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a flight crash lands and bursts into flames. what went so wrong? the latest on the investigation coming up next. a diploma just got a little more difficult for millions of students. the tough standards just approve approved today. this is a new tool in crime fighting. how it is affecting local
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it was a big >> some frightening moments aboard a plane that crash landed and burst into flames. smoke started filling the cabin. from looking at video of that plane engulfed in fire, it is miraculous all the people made it out alive. it was an emirates airlines flight that left in southern india and was landing in dubai when something went terribly wrong. >> reporter: an engineering
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flight. we talked to him earlier day about what was happening on the plane as this boeing 777 skidded down the runway in dubai. smoke pouring out from the fuselage it appeared. you can see an engine breaking off the plane and then flames and an explosion. this passenger we spoke to, 22-year-old, gerrin george, told us there was no announcement fr within seconds, everyone on board knew something was very wrong. george said he saw smoke outside of the plane, then inside. and he said the flight attendants deployed the emergency slides, told everyone to just jump. remarkably none of the passengers or crew were hurt on that flight. most of them were from india. six americans on board as well.
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fatality. he was killed, according to officials in dubai, battling the blaze in that intense summer heat. 120 degrees on the tarmac in dubai today. there is a lot of speculation about the landing gear because of this video we've seen and an aviation industry source is telling us tonight that the problem may have been wind shear. at this point, there's been no confirmatif taking a closer look at that theory as the official investigation is in the very early stages. back to you. >> much more coming up tonight on "nightly news" at 6:30. alabama's parole board decided not to release the one-time ku klux klan's man who killed four black girls.
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bombing birmingham street church years ago. >> i think that sends a message that the crime was a heinous crime, that it has rippling effects throughout the world, and you don't want alabama to be seen as an unjust state. >> he'll be up for parole again in five years. two other men were arrested for the bombing and died behind bars. united states paid a $4 million ransom to iran. today the white house responds. plus, he spent years behind bars convicted in a double murder. today a judge let him walk out of court. the chain of events that led to his freedom. products sold online that may claim they'll protect you from the zika virus, but that might not be true.
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right now at 4:00, a fair fight. the proposal today that would make it cheaper to get around for some riders. today the path to a high school diploma became a little more difficult for millions of students. we have an i-team update. right now a man wrongfully


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