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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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30-year-old carina vetrano. still no solid leads. >> right now, we're investigating anybody who used this park. there's a lot of digital evidence and home video. >> reporter: vetrano was an avid jogger. she was going for a run around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. her father begged her not to go alone, but she went anyway. when she didn't come home a couple hours later, her dad called the police and they went first they found her cell phone and then around 11:00 last night they found her body facedown. >> the father went into the woods and then found the body with our detectives right after him. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: police say vetrano was strangled and possibly sexually assaulted, but the who and why are
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around the time carina went jogging. >> i was outside with the dog, heard nothing, saw nothing. it was quiet. i think dog should have been barking or somebody should have heard something and we just didn't. it's heart wrenching. >> reporter: vetrano worked at the nearby lounge at howard beach. she called her father her best friend. >> she was a sweetheart. walked in. she was a beautiful girl. >> reporter: investigators at this point are still trying to figure out if this was a random attack or if this was the work of someone carina might have known. either way, folks in the area say they are going to be much more cautious before they go jogging anywhere near here. and we are still waiting for an exact cause of death from the medical examiner. reporting live from howard beach, ida siegal. news 4 new york.
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area and we found rapes and sex crimes are going up in the 106th precinct. there were seven rapes last year from january through july. there were also seven other misdemeanor sex crimes. in the same amount of time this year, there were eight rapes and 18 other sex crimes. murders in that area are also double what they were last year. rapes and other sex crimes are up roughly 10%. new at 5:00, a guilty plea prospect from yonkers. garth o'neill pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a weapon in connection to the murder of michael nolan. nolan was shot in a drive-by shooting last september. three other men were arrested in his murder. all are awaiting sentencing. new information tonight on the latest american charged with trying to help isis.
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police officer. investigators scouring the home after a washington, d.c. metro transit police officer, the first to face federal terrorism charges. jonathan dienst has been working the case all afternoon and he now joins us from the newsroom. >> david, the fbi says the officer boasted he knew how to sneak guns into a federal courthouse and that he was starting to raise money to send to isis fighters overseas. 36-year-old nicholas young appeared in federal court in charges. the metro transit police officer has been on the fbi's radar for several years. they searched his house. they were numerous guns found inside. young was raising hundreds of dollars, boasting to an fbi informant he was going to send the money to isis fighters in syria. prosecutors say young even traveled to libya and fought alongside militants there and
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radicalized year after year. he even had contact with two d.c. area men who were plotting to help terror groups, including one man who spoke of bombing the u.s. capitol. as this was a sting operation, there was no specific threat to the d.c. rail system or the surrounding area. but the fbi says when they heard him speaking of supporting isis it was time to move in and make the arrest. news 4 new york. and new at 5:00, a new jersey man is cleared of all charges stemming from a rape he allegedly committed three years ago. he spent four years in prison after being accused of raping a teenager girl in monmouth county. harold never stopped fighting to
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technology and help from the innocence project, a judge officially exonerated him. >> when you know you're right, keep going for it. we didn't do no wrong. maintain your innocence. fight, fight. >> harold was convicted on the basis of forensic testimony that was later discredited. despite several other witnesses who testified he was playing basketball at the time of the rape. now we turn to the zika concern here in the united states. the pentagon says members of our military have been infected. 33 in all. one of them pregnant. here in new york the health department tells news 4 there are 406 cases of the zika virus, most of them linked to either travel or sexual contact. 45 of the patients are pregnant women. so far 6,000 people in the city have been checked for the virus. as the virus spreads, many
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well, the state attorney general says they're a sham. what you need to know. >> reporter: that's right, david. the attorney general says the companies make bogus claims about their efficacy against zika. you are almost certain to see these products online. the attorney general says don't buy into false security against a real threat. they are vitamin b-based mosquito repellants. they claim to protect you from the zika virus by repelling mosquitos. the attorney general says don't believe them and don't buy them. >> there are some companies that are taking advantage of public concern about zika to peddle
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and some of the marketing campaigns aimed at people trying to protect their children are ridiculous. >> reporter: ultrasonic devices may actually attract mosquitos. the attorney general found them online, but you may find them in a neighborhood store. we did right here in washington heights. >> you can go to mexico, ecuador, i don't know. >> my cousin bought it for me from new jersey. she makes me wear them. >> reporter: health officials say you should instead reach for a product campaigning epa registered insect repellants with at least one of the cdc recommended active ingredients
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eucalyptus. we reached out to all of the companies. two of them have gotten back to us and here's what they had to say. wildheart outdoors says we do not imply our products act as a vaccine. such an assumption would be ludicrous, but we do stand behind our product as a mosquito repellant. another insists their product does not violate any the attorney general says those companies who choose not to cease and desist in this marketing will face further legal action. news 4 new york. tonight, we are hearing from passengers who survived an emirates flight crash at the airport in dubai. the flight from southern india crash landed today, sending black smoke billowing into the area. the plane then burst into flames. 300 people were on board. everyone survived. a firefighter died trying to put
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passengers describe hearing a loud noise after a hard landing. they were ordered to evacuate by jumping on slides. >> there were people shouting and crying. >> they helped save our life. god has mercy on us. >> the crash halted all traffic at the middle east's airport. they don't know what caused the crash landing and they are cooperating with emergency services. let's check in on the campaign trail. some top republicans are considering an intervention with presidential nominee donald trump. nbc news has learned of a high-level meeting involving
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rudy guiliani and newt gingrich and reince priebus. >> the trump campaign staff is despondent right now because of the difficulty they're having in getting trump to take the direction that typical candidates take. support of a billionaire and republican fundraiser, meg whitman. governor cuomo just signed legislation to legalize interactive fantasy sports in the state. comcast and nbc sports have invested in fan duel. we have seen it happen far too many times.
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the one simple things drivers can do to save lives. more fallout after the i-team exposed governor cuomo's job creation project -- in the tropics, earl is now a hurricane. i have all the details and the forecast coming up next. can you in the air. up next, bruce beck joins us from rio de janeiro with how some new yorkers are soaking up
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a misdiagnosis or other errors can have serious consequences. for almost 40 years jacoby & meyers has successfully represented thousands of clients. winning them the money they need to take care of themselves and their families. you fight the cancer. we'll fight for you. we have more breaking news for you here on long island where crews are knocked out a car fire, but we are hearing someone may have died inside that vehicle. dennis protsko is over the scene with the details. >> that's right. kind of an unusual story here. chopper 4 first on scene, first live video of this scene.
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saying this is southwood circle. this happened just after 4:00. unknown if this was some type of accident or crime that took place here. nassau county police arrived to find this red sports car fully engulfed with possibly a victim inside. the fire out now and it is under control. now this is being treated as a crime scene. nassau county police still scene investigating. that means we have southwood circle closed near belmont circle. i'm dennis protsko. nbc 4 new york is your home for the 2016 rio olympic games. one person who can't wait for the action is bruce beck. >> bruce is live in rio de
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caught up with some fellow new yorkers. >> reporter: you know, sibila, rio is known as a tropical paradise. it has some breathtaking sights, but it also has some hidden gems. we found one to give you a little feel for this unique culture. there are thousands of tiles from all walks of life representing all parts of the world, even president obama has a colorful tile on these hallowed stairs. es celerone steps. it is a wonderful piece of art that began in 1990 as a tribute to the people of brazil and the iconic colors of the brazilian flag. >> the artist, he was tired of it all and he made a change for the better. he was a crazy artist, but the whole world comes by here every day. >> reporter: and there's plenty of new york flavor here too,
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team in the bronx. we found some new yorkers who enjoyed the walk up and down the 250 steps and who weighed in on rio, the olympics, and the incredible kaleidoscope of colors. what do you think? >> this is absolutely amazing. >> it is an incredible piece of street art where this one man's passion was turned into something so magnificent and just how he lived here and turned the street in front of his house into this beautiful artwork. >> reporter: in rio, you've got to step up and get a feel for some remarkable street art which has become a part of the fabric of this south american city. >> any big city in america or somewhere else, but the people there are very nice. the food is great and the culture is amazing. >> reporter: the artist died in 2013, but not before the brazilian artist made his mark.
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city landmark in 2015. i looked everywhere, but there was no david ushery tile to be found. >> oh, my god. >> are you sure? did you look closely? bruce beck, you are covering your seventh olympic games and you bring as much enthusiasm as you did to your first. thank you. we look forward to your reporting. nbc 4 is your home for the 2016 olympic games. it begins friday at 7:30 with rio de janeiro. you can watch it right here and follow the games on the go. >> did you say rio de janeiro? >> did i say it right? >> janice, i think he's going to have a tile. >> i think now he will. >> i think he will. when you go back, you'll have your name out there. >> when i go back to rio. >> you won't have to go searching this time. hey, what about this day today, you guys?
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50s and 60s. we end up in the 70s to right around 80 this afternoon. 78 in bridgeport and 81 at laguardia. can't ask for better weather in august considering we just got over a heat wave and a little bit more heat is coming of course, but this evening will be fantastic. low humidity continues. sunshine will continue for this evening. tomorrow we've got a nice sunny day with temperatures in the low to mid 80s. sparta is at 82 right now. madison. 80 in sussex. 70s across long island. westhampton is at 74. and the skies are clear throughout much of the northeast. only a few patchy clouds here and there. generally clear skies across the tri-state. look farther to the south and we see some scattered showers and storms, but that's where they'll stay over the carolinas down over towards georgia and the mississippi river valley.
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intensifying, spiraling toward belize now. this is our infrared satellite. it shows us the temperature of the cloud tops. the darker the red, the higher the tops, the bigger the thunderstorms. a lot of heavy rain coming ashore with this across the yucatan peninsula. cancun is right here. it is not under a warning as of yet, but i think there's a watch in effect there. the entire coast of belize where it will tomorrow. top wind is at 75. gusts to 85. should make landfall on thursday morning around 1:00. so in a few hours with top winds at 80, category 1 storm, it will continue across into central mexico. tonight's weather more 50s and 6 60s for us. the storms are still in the forecast for saturday.
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sunday, monday, tuesday next week beautiful. dozens of nypd officers rallied outside the ymca in brooklyn where mayor de blasio works out. they're demanding higher wages. officers have been working without a contract since 2012 and they want to get paid better sala salaries. it is the second day they shadowed mayor de blasio to protest. outside gracie mansion. >> it is a time when all parties say, look, we have to start treating our police officers properly. >> the de blasio administration has said the door is open to the pba. a new study shows just how dangerous left turns are in our city. the new york city department of transportation conducted the study as part of the vision zero initiative.
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pedestrians and bicyclists were killed by left turning vehicles. that is more than twice as many deaths as right turns. >> they might be looking over here to the right. look at how the lady is crossing and home boy doesn't even -- that's what they do. there's no respect for pedestrians over here. >> the dot says that left turns are more dangerous because they can be taken at a wider and high speeds, so experts recommend taking left turns at no more than 5 miles an hour. more than a dozen human skulls disappear. where do they go? he was dressed to the nines and ready for crime. now a cross dressing bank robbery suspect is trading cash for handcuffs. how he ended up behind bars. mailbox mischief. a closer look at surveillance video police hope will help them track down the suspects terrorizing one community. a young autistic man drowns
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was anyone at fault here or was this just another tragic accident involving autistic
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a bizarre story out of connecticut where 15 human skulls and a human skeleton are missing from yukon's health center. there are among 100 items, including lab equi have mysterious vanished. health center workers who did inventory believe the skeletal remains were disposed of without the filing of proper paper work. the total value of the missing items around $36,000. tonight a man accused of wearing a dress during a bank hold-up has turned himself over to police. you may remember this video. police say this is jordan weiss wearing a hat and heels at a bank robbery last monday.
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this video got convinced weiss to turn himself in. a bizarre arrest in new jersey. what police say they found when they pulled over a drunk driving suspect. a 911 call causes a bear scare in one community and how wildlife officials are responding in one community. the i-team uncovered serious misconduct surrounding his murder case, but now he's wa but will there be a retrial? come to sesame place before little kids become big kids come to the only place, that makes little hearts race. save $10 on admission and get a free 2nd visit only at sesame place
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right now, an investigation into the tragic drowning of a man who may have wandered away from a group home. welcome back, everyone. i'm david ushery. >> and i'm sibila vargas. let's go to greg cergol. he is in long island with what we know about the investigation. >> reporter: the 22-year-old victim was autistic. nassau police have yet to release his identity, but investigators are saying tonight that his death was noncriminal. the 22-year-old victim this plan dome group home for at least a decade and his death has stunned the staff and nine other young autistic adults who call this place home. >> the young residents are like family. >> reporter: marsha spector heads the nassau county group health association. he scaled a fence and ended up in a pool in a neighbor's yard. >> the staff tried to scale the


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