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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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hoping to hurt hikers and bicyclists? i'm david ushery. >> i'm sabila vargas. >> the trail is popular with hikers and bicyclists. pat battle joins us live from wayne with more. >> reporter: the first of those objects was discovered back on the 23rd of june. the most last night by one park user who brought all those items, who took pictures of them and brought them to police. hi mountain park preserve is huge. those objects were found on a small area on a bike path behind william paterson university in wayne. just because the area is not that big, doesn't make this less disturbing. >> i didn't see anything. i'm looking at the ground the whole time trying to dodge
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it's good they got them out of there. -would be more afraid on a bike. >> reporter: eric ran seven miles today in regular running shoes. imagine had he encountered this, a board rigged with a dozen two-inch screws aimed upward intended to do harm. one of several booby traps who brought the attention to police, including a huge jagged glass bottle geostrategically placed on a and barbed wire. >> rope strewn between trees at your neck and chest level. >> reporter: this is no accident. this is not debris. >> it's clearly intentional. >> reporter: people could have been hurt. >> severely injured. >> reporter: people who hike and run in this park are upset by word someone is setting up traps intended to hurt them. tommy is not surprised.
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broken glass so you get flat tires. >> reporter: it's deliberate. >> definitely deliberate. >> reporter: why can't people share the road? >> i can't answer that. >> this biker believes it's that refusal to share the road that may have prompted this vengeful act. >> maybe by mountain trailer etiquette, walkers and hikers? >> it's disturbing. >> reporter: what precautions will you take now? >> proy really look it over and make sure it's safe for the public to let the hikers go back in there before i let my daughter go back in there. i don't want to take any risks. >> reporter: that's the shame of this. this park is under the jurisdiction of three different communities and the university here, william paterson university. no reports that anybody has been hurt stepping on to these booby
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police or those other police jurisdictions. pat battle, news 4 new york. >> thank you. back now to that breaking news in new jersey that we have been monitoring closely. a tractor trailer fire has southbound lanes on i-287 in oakland shut down. you can see the flames shooting out of the cab of the truck there. the intense flames taking over that part of the vehicle. >> the flames are out but backups continue. dennis in chopper 4 to update us. >> you can see what's left. the cab of the tractor trailer burst into flames around 4:00. it's been 1 1/2 hours and the problems continue. they have to completely remove the contents of this tractor
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oakland at route 202. we've got big delays. talking almost seven miles of bumper to bumper traffic from east 66 in mahwah. all traffic does get by, but three to four miles worth of delays moving up from exist 55. back over to 208, three, four miles of traffic and it's building on 280 route 17 getting heavy traffic. >> what a mess. thanks so much. in brooklyn, police are trying to track down a gunman who fatally shot his victim outside a school. 38-year-old gerald cummings was gunned down around 10:15 last night outside ps 6 on schneider avenue in flat bush. there is no indication the shooting had anything to do with the school.
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short time after the shooting. caught on camera, three men suspected of stealing $25,000 from a restaurant supply store in queens. police say the men cut a hole in a gate early morning hours of july 26th. they broke a window and used a rope to climb inside. caught on camera, attempted bank robbery on the upper west side. this time a woman these are from the chase bank branch near the corner 79th and broadway. this happened tuesday afternoon about 1:30. the woman slipped a note to a teller, demanded cash but did leave empty handed when the teller refused to comply. pictures out of toms river, new jersey from an explosive fire. this happened 3:30 this morning on east water street. officers and firefighters began hearing blasts inside the building.
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ammunition store there. the man in question is a competitive shooter. no word on how that fire got started. suffolk county spca is many offering a $2,000 reward. this dog was covered with fleas and attached to an oxygen tube. the dog is 14 years old, his condition critical. there is a $2,000 have any information that leads to an arrest. a lot more ahead on news 4 at 5:00. he's accused of gunning down five people at a south carolina church. while security guards are being interviewed after dylann roof was assaulted in prison. could an assault on a police officer be considered a hate crime? still on a roll with this amazing weather. things are about to change and get stormy.
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good day from rio. tonight trump tries to get back on message as a new controversy swirls around his wife. we'll tell what you we learned about the american woman killed in a london street attack. >> and what may have driven the attacker. >> a day before the opening ceremony here, a look at the athletes who could steal the
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>> in charlesson, south carolina, officials say the man accused of last year's racially motivated attack an a church has been assaulted in prison. he suffered minor injuries when dwayne stafford broke through a cell door. sheriffs facing questions about jail security. >> certainly serves as a wake-up call,ll >> roof's attorney says she will not pursue charges against the alleged attacker. >>. >> city of orlando wants to turn the pulse night club into a site of a permanent memorial. a make shift memorial continues to grow outside. gunmen walked into the club killing 49 people. the gunman was also shot and
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how much americans value their vision. surprising thing many say they would give up just to keep their eyesight. protecting those sworn to protect others. how a new bill has the goal of keeping police officers safe increasing the penalties for people that harm them. saying i-do is getting more expensive. lynda baquero is next. i had that dream again -- that i was on the icelandic game show. and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600,
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i'm allergic to wasabi. well, i feel better. it's been five minutes. talk about progress. [ chuckles ]
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as promised, we have an update on president obama's news conference which is ongoing at the pentagon. the president started with an
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isis. the president spoke about an apparent shift in tactic to isis. some of the high-profile incidents targeting tourists. he pledged to continue to dismantle the-up's leadership. he addressed a wide range of topics, including donald trump expressing fears of a rigged election. >> if mr. trump is up 10 or 15 points on election day and ends up si raise some questions. that doesn't seem to be the case at the moment. >> the president called on congress to take action and fund the fight against zika. >> tonight a new push locally to better protect those working in law enforcement. it would make it a hate crime to assault a police officer in new york state. law makers are hoping the tougher penalty will cause criminals to think twice before hurting an officer. mark santia has details from the
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island. >> reporter: police make a vow to protect and serve. elected officials want to return the promise by upping the penalty against anyone accused of attacking an officer. >> the climate in this country, in this city and this state where police officers have been targeted merely because they wear the uniform. >> reporter: attacking a police officer not just a crime, but a hate crime punished by a greater penalty in the aftermath of new york, dallas and that's what these elected officials say needs to happen. >> it sums up everything wrong about our society when we think about police officers simply being ambushed because they're wearing a badge. >> reporter: the blue lives matter bill would protect every police officer, not only in the city, but state, according to councilman joe berelli. >> this is adding a class of people who have been targeted because of their membership to a group. >> reporter: commissioner bratton has not heard about this
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been exploring ways to add police protections. >> we are attempting to track both, injuries occurred by civilians and our police officers. >> reporter: we found mixed reviews. >> punishment for assaulting a police officer should be more than assaulting just a regular civilian. >> the police are out there protecting us. we should protect them. >> reporter: while some agreed with making assault on police a hate crime, others said each case is different and needs to >> get more information before you consider it a hate crime. >> if it's automatically in a hate crime, that's wrong. that's automatically saying, oh, yeah, it's a hate crime. >> mark santia, news 4 new york. >> let's send it over to news team 4 meteorologist janice huff. >> calm, delightful, wonderful weather continues.
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we are in the same spot today and tonight. 78 right now in midtown. wind out of the southwest tomorrow. humidity will come up, temperatures go up. it will feel a little more uncomfortable. lots of sunshine to go around. this evening still fantastic. mid to low 70s by 1:00 a.m. you'll be in the 60s in the suburbs. enjoy because it does warm up a bit. at least for about 48 upper 70s valley stream. 75 in west hampton. 78 long branch. 80s inland. morristown 79. we've got a south/southeast wind. that keeps it cool. tomorrow with the southwest wind, it kicks up a bit. tonight low 68 in the city. few 50s in the suburbs.
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last couple of nights. still comfortable. 84 tomorrow. higher humidity coming up. shore areas have a great forecast. moderate risk of rip currents. swim near a lifeguard always. 70s to near 80. long beach island 80 tomorrow. great beach day. saturday is not a washout. you can go early because the storms probably won't reach the part of the afternoon after 3:00, 4:00. 88 the high on saturday. a warm, humid day. there might be 90 degree temperatures inland. there will be thunderstorms coming through during the midday to afternoon and evening. this will be a progressive line that comes through. that means it's not going to be raining all day. there is a chance depending where you live. coastal areas get it later in the evening.
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84 sunday. that's the day you want to get outside. 84 on monday. dry weather coming up. still need a lot of rain around here. we'll get stormier weather next weekend. in the meantime, there will be sunshine starting from sunday into the middle of next week. >> thank you. what ailment or health scare gives you the most anxious, losing your memory, limb, ability to speak? according to a new study at johns hopkins, most people worry about losing their sight. half of those questioned, and about 2,000 people responded, listed blindness as their number one fear. this study highlights the need for more eye health education. the cost of getting married is on the rise. couples are paying more than
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save and have a day that is a memory. >> reporter: brace yourself, the average cost of a wedding is up to nearly $27,000. although the website cost of says most couples will spend less, under $10,000, it's still a big chunk for everybody. >> financial stress doesn't just affect brides and grooms. it affects spending at least $90, family $200. it's the ceremony and celebration where the bills add up. retail experts say the biggest savings are. >> there are ways to cut costs on the reception and even the rehearsal dinner. you can plan to host and outdoor event or gathering at a friend's house in the backyard. >> reporter: retail me says stay on the lookout for bargains on wedding dresses and
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money. for the photos of the wedding reception, hire a photographer who hands over the disk at the end of the night and get guests involved. >> polaroid cameras on the tables. guests are able to take pictures. it's fun for the couple because they are able to seat wedding through their guests' ice. >> reporter: which adds up to saving "i saved" on the day you say "i do." we'll show you the device residents in one community bought to get rid of a dangerous problem, algae. natalie here with a look new tonight at 6:00. another gotti in trouble with the law. john gotti arrested. plus the i-team found a loophole in new york's revenge
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learn more at appointments available now. algae is choking an iconic pond in east hampton. fishing and swimming offlimits. we are getting a first hand look at the device hoping to put an
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>> reporter: the roar of an industrial engine seems out of place on this idyllic waterway surrounded by prime east hampton real estate. but this awkward-looking floating metal machine could hold the key to the future of water. sarah davidson is fighting algae. toxic blooms that have covered more than a dozen >> the last three years, the town trustees closed the pond during the summer to fishing, crabbing and swimming. >> reporter: enter the aquatic weed harvester. what some call a lawn mower on the water. >> i grew up on the lake and hate to see them die. >> reporter: the machine removes large algae from the pond. it's been pulling 18 yards a day five days a week since may.
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long island that need this help. >> reporter: researchers won't know until next summer if the harvester is working. residents felt it was a gamble worth taking. sarah davidson's nonprofit group raised close to $90,000 in private funds to lease the machine. >> part of it is really personal. you want to see the ponds you love you grew up with protected. >> reporter: the machine won't solve the larger problem, levels of nitrogen but the hope is it can slow down that growth before it chokes off the pond. thanks for watching. stay with us as the news continues. at 6:00, murder mystery. new clues for the hunt of a killer of a jogger in howard beach park. >> gotti got the teflon don's grandson john gotti arrested on drug charges. >> revenge porn law loopholes.
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weakness in laws meant to protect new yorkers from having their private moments posted online. news 4 at 6:00 starts now. thanks for joining us. >> we are going to begin with new details in the murder of a jogger that unsettled a queens neighborhood. >> a day after katrina's body was found next to her usual running route, she was also the victim of sexual assault. si >> reporter: right now the search in the marsh continues. look at this massive crime scene behind me. they are waiting for the fbi to bring a drone to the scene to get a better look at the area around here. her boyfriend has been ruled out as a suspect. she sent a text to a friend while she was jogging before she was killed, and police confirmed
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nypd investigators suited up for a second day in a row, prepared to enter the marsh this afternoon. they are sifting through every weed with the hope it helps them find the killer. late this afternoon, confirmation that 30-year-old karina vetrono was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted. >> she was the victim of a sexual assault. this woman put up a ferus fight right to the end. >> she was going for an early evening jog tuesday evening. she was dragged from the path on this federal parkland into the weeds. she was sexually assaulted and strangled. her hands were balled up, clutching on to the weeds. >> this is every parents' worst nightmare. this is a nightmare for this community. >> reporter: search teams are looking for one of her ear buds and one of her shoes missing at


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