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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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clinton coming up big as donald trump's already bad week gets worse. good morning, every. it's august 5. >> storm team 4's chris cimino is here with today's weather headlines as we start the weekend. >> looking good as the start of the weekend approaches, but we may have a bump in the road tomorrow. but today still in good shape. starting on the comfortable. point. towards the city, upper 60s pretty much where we were yesterday morning. across long island, 67 farming day, westhampton, you're down to 52. 63 down the shore this long branch. today we're fine. i think tonight we're okay, too. there is a cold front up toward the north and west, that front could spawn a couple showers or thunderstorms tomorrow. but today a quiet finish to the workweek and a nice one, too.
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low and mid 80s. let's get our first check of the commute. >> good morning, everyone. it is the final morning at least this week for fast track maintenance on the l, so no service in both directions between broadway junction and lorimer. and expect delays and service changes on a, e, f and d lines. new this morning, we're getting our first look at a man woman not far from union square. today in new york's tracie strahan is in greenwich village with more. >> they tell us it happened right in this busy intersection right across from an nyu dormitory. and when that 20-year-old woman was walking all alone. we want to show you a look at the man. police say he grabbed his victim in a bear hug around 4:00 a.m., not letting her go and sexually
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suspect. he's believed to be between 25 and 35, between 5'5" and 5'8" with a medium build of about 140 to 170 pounds. you see there his dark medium length hair as well as the jeans and short sleeve shirt that he was last seen in. he was also last seen wearing a backpack and we're told by police that that 20-year-old woman after initially refusing did go to a local hospital for treatment new this morning, we're learning to a second let to a police captain over police radio. the first threat against the midtown south captain was made on saturday. now police say it was a second threat made tuesday night, both cases an anonymous voice on a police radio taunting the captain saying he said, quote, put a bullet in his head. police are investigating if that man is using a lost or maybe stolen police radio or a device modified to access the police radio frequencies.
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police are searching for three men in a home invasion and robbery of an elderly couple. take a look at the security video. you can see the suspects walking toward the home early wednesday morning. police say the men forced their way into the home, then tied up the couple in their bedroom. after ransacking the place, they took off. as you can imagine, neighbors are scared. >> it worries me because i've been on this block for too many years and hear of anything like that. and to hear that that happened, it boys me. >> the elderly couple weren't seriously hurt. months of community headaches for weekend path train users. the line that rouns from hoboken to 33rd street will be shut down, service out until 5:00 a.m. monday morning.
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are necessary so workers can install federally mandated service and safety improvements. so you have to find another way to get into the city during that time. >> going to hear a lot of complaints. >> personally. >> that's right. no complaints so far from the weather last few days. i think we'll get a nice one in here again today. tomorrow we have to deal with a little bit of rain. 72 60s in oceanside. plains 66. the city at 69. we'll jump into the 70s by mid-morning and then upper 70s as we approach noon, probablying about into the low 80s it afternoon. so sunny start, bright and beautiful for the afternoon. high clouds during the mid to late afternoon. forecasting a high of about 85. then we have to watch the sky tomorrow.
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you can see mostly green on the maps, but we do have red in the same spot every day. cross-bronx expressway, road work by webster avenue. hopefully today it will be wrapped up on tile. there is also westbound construction by the bronx parkway, but that is not causing a delay. and we'll take a live look at the spans, george washington bridge. i know it's a little dark, but you can see things moving along nicely in both early so you can head that way. and alternate side of the street arcing rules are in effect today. police in queens say they have no real leads in the murder of the jogger. the body of 30-year-old katrina vatrano was found late tuesday in a marshy area. today family an friends will remember her.
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and katrina vatrano's weighing will be held tonight from 3:00 to 9:00 at romanelli funeral home as investigators continue to comb this area, sifting through all all of the weeds, searching for any clue that could lead to her killer. the 30-year-old was brutally beaten, strangled and sexually assaulted while running tuesday in spring creek park. police say that she was dragged from the path in this federal park land in to the weeds. down in the brush. police say vatrano put up a ferocious fight until the very end. at this point they believe the crime was random, but many people here in the neighborhood now on edge. search teams have been out here for several days now, still trying to find one of her ear buds and a shoe, but the tall weeds here, they have hindered the view of some of the security cameras and police are asking the community for help. >> we're asking anybody who uses
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who has seen anything, who used this this park before. >> reporter: and police have been posting this flyer here around the neighborhood, offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. and michael and darlene, police have ruled out katrina's boyfriend as a suspect. back to you. 4:37 right now. 7-year-old boy was among seven people taken to the hospital after a house explosion in connecticut. in the city of vernon just northeast of hartford. when first responders arrived, three of the injured people were already outside the home. the other four were still somewhere in the rubble. >> will this was a heroic rescue by the vernon fire department. one of the officers led a group of firefighters inside the compromised structure and that team was who rescued those four folks inside. >> doctors describe their injuries as significant but not life threatening.
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john gotti faces another court date in four weeks. this john gotti though is the grandson of the notorious teflon don and he's fighting drug charges. gotti was arraigned last night, accused of distributing oxycodone. six other people were also arrested in this case. in westchester, a several students is agreeing to a plea deal in the case. christopher nagel was accused of buing three students when he was a drama teacher. he will be on probation for three years and surrender his teaching license. the nypd is warning criminals watch out, we're going to keep getting you, this comes as the department is
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city wide shootings are down 20% for the year with 139 fewer shootings than this time last year. and homicides are down 4% with 11,000 fewer arrests. but the number of assaults, rapes and domestic violence rates were up for the month. president obama says american forces are hitting hard against isis. he went to the pentagon yesterday to get an update on anti-terror president says isis is losing territory on the ground, but he admits they have a successful online campaign to inspire attacks around the world. >> so long as their twisted ideology persists, groups like isil will keep emerging. >> and he also answered some questions raised about the u.s. possibly paying ransom for hostages with iran. he says $400 million that the u.s. shipped to iran was
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our new poll in the race for president shows hillary clinton widening her lead over donald trump. she's ahead by nine points. clinton had a five point edge in the poll just before the conventions. yesterday she once again toured a factory, this time in nevada, hammering trump for outsourcing jobs for his signature line of clothing. >> we don't want you being sold the same bill of goods that the students who signed trump university were sold. >> her e-mail scandal put our country country at risk. >> yesterday trump said clinton should not get security briefings as a candidate even though by law she is entitled to those briefings. and coming up on the "today" show, mike pence and his wife karen sit down with savannah for their first joint interview since being named donald trump's running mate. happening today, the moment
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opening ceremony of the 2016 rio games. michael phelps will carry the frag for the u.s. time. it cop cop com has 554 athletes. the show producers say it is still a tight lipped secret who will light the caldron. >> with social media, now it's impossible anymore. but we kept some secrets as coal caldron, torchbearer and other secrets. >> the u.s. archery team hopes to win its first gold later on this morning. nbc 4 is your home for the 2016 olympic games. it all begins tonight at 7:30, opening ceremony live from rio de janeiro. you can watch it right here and be sure to follow the games
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app. you might see some of my family there because half of it went to new york and half went to rio. >> will they be the loudest? >> they will be. >> perfect. 4:42. coming up next, a warning for heekers where police say booby traps are being left on popular trails in our area. and then later, more changes coming to your facebook feed. why it could helpou bogus stories. florida plus your weather and traffic on the 4s. chris will tell us how to get ready for the weekend. follow us on facebook and
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4:44. we've made to a friday. nice weather trend tips. it's been beautiful tuesday into wednesday and the same air mass still kind of in charge. more sticky as we go through the
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bit. starting out with temperatures in the upper 60s again in the city. a look from the top of the rob, you can see great visibility. so no real haze in the air to worry about. by tomorrow, we'll start to feel more humidity and eventually start to see a few more showers and thunderstorms return to the forecast. but tonight it's nice, just a little stickier. clouds will roll on in tonight, but i think your night is dry. and then showers and thunderstorms scattered around tomorrow. won't necessarily be a washout of the day, but there will be periods where you may have to get indoors a gorgeous start to next week. even sunday starts that trend and it looks like it will stretch again 3 to 5 days of nice weather. 57 at toms river. 61 red bank. mid-60s woodbridge. 61 in sussex. and 64 poughkeepsie. here is the next weather maker. you can see the line of clouds and thunderstorms just to the south of chicago.
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ahead of it, a good chunk of real estate with generally fair weather and that's where we spend our time today and tonight. so we're nice and clear and sunny to start today. you can see future tracker not much happening through noop. in the evening clouds start to gather. and could be a couple light showers that pop up again mainly north and west of the city early tomorrow morning, but the shower and thunderstorm activity looks like it will be right through the middle of the day. this is 1:00 in the afternoon. for the everybody is getting rained rain. and as the front settles through by about 3:00, i think it all is out of here by 6:00 for most of us, maybe eastern long islands, leftover shower or storm. temperatures today warmer than yesterday, 85 expected high in the city. southerly wind at 5 to 15 miles per hour. so south facing shore lines a little bit cooler with temperatures in the 70s, but inland spots in the middle 80s with humidity up, feeling more like august for sure.
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so again, tomorrow southerly wind means more humidity. cold front mean as chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. but once the front is by, looking good. 85 sunday, 84 monday, all with sunshine and lower humidity. and that trend continues on the ten day. tuesday and wednesday, it stamps to warm up again and a few clouds with sun, but no chance of rain until the following weekend. so once we get by this saturday, i think we're in good shape. how about the commute, good shape? pretty good shape. we do have road work out there causing a bit of of a slowdown. here is the bqe heading east just before the williamsburg bridge. just one lane gets by here. so a little bit of a slow ride. and then heading over to the new england thruway, similar story, just one lane moving here southbound. this is just past the new rochelle toll barrier. and so again minor delays
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early because it will be big problems later. alexander hamilton bridge, things moving along nice way. two lanes shut down by webster avenue. so delays out there. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. republican lawmaker from staten island wants assaulting a police officer to be classified as a hate crime. he's trying to increase the penalty for such attacks here in new york city as well as those in dallas and baton rouge. supporters call it the blue lives matter bill. >> this is simply heading a class of people who have been targeted because of their membership in a group. >> bill broten says he's not familiar with the bill and added that there are already a number of laws on the books that allow for additional charges when a police officer is assaulted.
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passaic river to escape police still out there somewhere. he's keith jean. he jumped into the passaic river during a traffic stop on wednesday. the 31 yl then climbed into a storm drain and hasn't been seen since. officers think he may have gotten trapped in the drain by rising water. and an apology from that store that kicked out a customer because of what she was wearing. store in indiana. the company now says they deeply regret the incident. and are taking steps to make sure no customer is treated that way again. the woman was wearing a traditional islamic veil as she shopped. even with the promise of change, the woman says she will not be shopping there again. as the temperature creeps bag up this weekend, beware of rip currents along the jersey shore. lifeguards have had a busy week plucking people from dangerous
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camera yesterday. we saw four other rescues off camera. lifeguards say northeast winds have made it a particularly challenging week in the water. always right there in the middle, just a deeper spot where the water goes and you see a lifeguard will run town there and probably got somebody down in the area. >> reminder if you get caught in a rip current, swim parallel to the shore until you swim out of it. danger in the woods jersey. police trying to figure out who has been leaving booby traps along a hiking trail. frequent visitors to high mountain park motived police saying that he's seen a number of traps for months over several walking trails. these traps range from boards with nails hidden underneath to broken bottles, ropes along the path. police say the intention is to do harm. governor cuomo is threatening to go to court to
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island sound. officials want to allow the disposal for the next 30 years but environmentalists say it would turn it into a junkyard. the battle puts them at odds with connecticut officials because dredging the sound is a matter of national security because waterways need to be kept rear. clear. machine like this one acting like a lawnmower, it scoops up and eats the algae bloom. the famous pond is off limits to crabbing and recreation and tests show that the water is too high in bacteria. look at that being scooped up. >> nasty. 4:51. coming up next, getting into the olympic games like never before. we'll show you how to get up close to the top athletes without ever leaving your couch. and later it's a new move to
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issues in new jersey. find out what one city is canning to stop water main breaks and other things, as
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welcome back. >> live look at the it is friday all right. >> yay! >> a nice morning. >> it is. comfortable again. temperature its 60s in the city, suburbs cooler, still very nice and day filled with sunshine. a little more humidity in the air, so starts to feel a little more like august should feel in the middle 80s. but no rain to worry about. same thing tonight, clouds rolling in and low temperature of 73. could be a light sprinkle north
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tomorrow morning just sprinkles. we could see some thunderstorms scattered around tomorrow afternoon and early evening. but i think by about 6:00 or 7:00, it's out of here and sunday a flawless day, it gold medal day with temperatures in the 80s. >> i see what you did there. >> a little prepreview. >> olympics coming up. i don't have anything like that for traffic, but we have our first accident garden state parkway southbound after 105, an accident blocking two lanes. then heading over to fast track, l train still no service between broadway junction and lorimer street in both directions. but there are free shuttle buses to get you away. and we've been talking about this. two new york lawmakers warning that children playing pokemon go are not adequately protected from sexual predators.
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they released a report and claim 93 poky monday characters railroad caught in front of homes of registered sex offenders. and they want the law updated to protect children. >> there will be many more of these games and we have to make sure that dangerous sexual predators are not playing these games and potentially exposing themselves to young people or even luring young people to the me have to be updated because they're not keeping up with the risks posed like this one. and hackers are showing more vulnerabilities. we saw the automotive security experts remotely stop and disable a jen at a slow speed. now they say they found a new flaw and can control the steering and brakes while it's traveling at a high he rate of speed. but to do so, they need to be
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of course that's ticket to pull off. facebook taking steps to protect users from quick batds. headlines are links that intentionally mislead readers. they leave out crucial information. like you'll never guess what happened next. facebook now designed a system that will identified articles with phrases commonly used and block them from your news feed. billions of year's olympic games in rio. >> in year fans have the opportunity to get a firsthand experience from the comfort of their home. chris pollone gives us a look. >> reporter: for countless americans, excitement has been gaining momentum on the road to rio in the months leading up to the olympics. now sports fans can get a front row seat to the games without having to leave the country. >> everything from the opening ceremony to the closing will be
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year that the sport being event can be experienced through virtual reality. the director of samsung's immersive products explains that seeing is believing. >> i think virtual reality is a really transformative technology. it allows you to teleport yourself to these incredible moments, to be there in the center of the action. >> reporter: while vr used to be a limited and expensive technology, access is wider than before. thesu events is around 100 bucks. >> and that's brought the experience of what it's like to truly be at that event to a very large audience, to experience it in a completely new and profound way. >> reporter: to see the games in rio, users will need a gear vr headset, compatible samsung device and free nbc sports app. >> plug in the headset and dive straight into the action. >> reporter: it might just feel like you're the one getting the
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chris pollone, nbc news. >> virtual reality kept will be available starting tomorrow all the way through august 22nd. and they plan to have over 100 hours of vr olympic coverage, which can be so real. >> it really can be. you put that mask on and you're in that world. all right. nbc 4 is your home for the 2016 olympic games. it all begins tonight at 7:30 with the opening ceremony live from rio de janeiro. you can watch it right here and follow the games on downloading the nbc 4 new york app. coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. download the news 4 new york app as we just said. our next hour starts right now. new this morning, the search for a sexual predator. we're getting our first look at the man wanted for an attack in greenwich village. and commuter headaches looming for path train riders.
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tonight. and the day has finally come, the world will be watching the opening ceremony tonight kicking off the 2016 summer olympic games in rio de janeiro. today in new york oig starts now. good morning, everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this friday. it's the 5th of august. >> storm team 4's chris cimino has the forecast. >> and we made to a friday. another nice day heading our way. a little more humidity in the mix, but that will be about it. and a little more warmth, still a nice one. suburbs upper 50s and low 60s most locations. city in the upper 60. westhampton is up to to 52. you can still see a big wedge of clear sky over the northeast. high pressure close enough to keep this away for one more day. that is a cold front, that will move in here tomorrow producing scattered showers and thunderstorms. so enjoy the sun today, it will be mixed with clouds through the late afternoon hours.


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