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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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every patient gets their own care manager. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy...
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place in law enforcement
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applied fairly. the lawyers admit he used a bad choice of words but his actions are not wrong. >> in the context he is talking about african-american people coming into white neighborhoods doing burglaries. white youths going into other neighborhoods and buying drugs. they noticed the prosecutor never accused him of criminal wrong doing and ask a just to overturn the decision to demote him to a patrol cop. keith jean jove off of a bridge after a traffic stop two days ago, hid in a storm drain, and has not been seen since. they think he was trapped by the rising water or somehow made his way to safety. >> this right here is the new
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pavilion. it is called the hanging meadows. it is a giant enclosed mode doe. it was chosen from over 250 ideas submitted in a contest. will cops soon be able to ticket you for drinking coffee while you drive? where a strict new law is being
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we are now joined live from rio with lester holt. >> hey, chuck.
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here in rio. the opening ceremony all here. breaking news on the campaign trail and more. we hope you will join us for knightly news at 6:30. back to you in new york. >> we will, thank you. forget about getting a ticket for talking on your cell phone while driving. cops could son give you a ticket for drinking your coffee while driving. if a new bill goes forward it would greatly e as distracted driving. we have more. >> people driving, holding their cell phones, texts behind the wheel. those are not the only dangerous things people do when they're driving. >> i saw someone shaving and on the phone at the same time. >> behind the wheel of a car, and making a left-hand turn. >> that would have earned him a
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already in place in new jersey. it is not maenlt to be a punitive law, but to get folks to stop multitasking and focusing on driving. >> i think new jersey is on the right track. >> we know the consequences, we read about them every day. >> you take your eyes off the road and it is problematic not just for you and your safety, but everybody around you. not a joke, definitely not a game. >> before your engine overheats, let me explain what is and not acceptable. put your cream and sugar in before you start driving. >> i think the craziest thing i have seen is trying to eat with a spoon, holding your yogurt, and driving with your knee.
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the first offense. >> some people need be fined. they act like they don't care about what is go on with other people. people can die. >> along the jersey turnpike, new york. breaking news right now out of whes chester county. a pedestrian struck in rye, new york. what can you tell us here? >> luckily these pedestrians, bullet here. the car jumping the curb around 6:00 here at the 1000 block of -- they have refused medical attention. you are seeing police activity down below, figuring out how this car jumped the curb and as
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intersection of maryland lane and boston post street. a lot of police activity still down below. back to you in the studio. >> dennis, thank you. strap hangers may think the subway is a little less frustrating. they are testing new count down clocks. in addition to the count down on the train, they will display the current time, temperature, and service alerts. they will stations. if you want a really accurate temperature though, you know where to go. >> yeah, it was beautiful out in keensberg today. >> the weather was fantastic. >> another great day today. the humidity started to climb a little now, but the temperatures were not that hot. low to mid 80s for the most part. tomorrow near 90.
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some of those might be severe in the afternoon. a few clouds out there, no rain from those clouds, not yet. a cold front to the west that will trigger the showers and storms. you might need a sweater if you will be out late. clouds building in. you will see more clouds building in later on tonight. the threat for rain and thunderstorms starts around noon west of the city. the isolated showers popping up. about 6:00 it will move off shore if will be on and off, better on sunday, that is the day we will have the sunshine and the delightful conditions. 79 in central park. winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour.
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cool as in the last couple nights. muggier, no rain. 74 in high point. across the hudson valley. the warm area is poughkeepsie. we see a few clouds rolling in right now. we have only seen a few sprinkles around the catskills. everything reaching is very little. severe thunderstorming popping up along that front. and just to the west of washington dc. overnight, it is mainly the clouds that we will see developing across the area. a few identity lated showers. more will pop up around 6:00 and it is between 3:00 and 6:00.
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thunderstorm or two. the city and central new jersey. if you're planning on being at the shore tomorrow, you need to be off of the beach by 2:00 or 3:00. if dark clouds are coming in, notice by 11:00, everything has cleared out of the area. summer streets starts tomorrow. that is when they block off the streets. 72nd and lafayette avenue. good thing it is ending at 1:00 in the afternoon. 88 storm. >> fantastic, thank you, janice.
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bruce beck is in rio joining us live now. >> tonight is about brazil, it's people, it's tradition, it's warmth. it is about music, dance, and the biggest garden on the planet. cue the opening ceremony. >> for the last four days it has been press con friend after press conference. practice after practice. the spirit for the opening ceremony! security is tight, and at the stadium police, military, and a myriad of fire vehicles are all on call for this spectacular that is expected to be viewed by as many as 3 billion people. this is a moment for brazil to
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it is a big event for us. this is a moment of a lifetime. >> it is unbelievable special. all of the athletes will be there for the entire team. the world will be watching. what else does that? >> michael experienced professional. i think he won't have any problem walking and carrying the flag. >> any advice? don't drop it, don't let it touch the ground, smile allot. i think he will be final. my prediction is a marathoner who in 2004 in athens was leading the race when he was
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still got the bronze, and is a two-time gold medalist. let the games begin. >> thank you, we're so excited. >> and john chapman is up next with the baseball stories in new york. >> a lot of people stunned by this one. texeria are you sure? calling it a career. more of these are a good start. jay bruce's welcome to the mets
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texeria. after this season you won't see him on the lineup card, he is retiring. he fought back heres making the announcement. he said his body can't do it any more. daily neck pain complicated by a nagging next industry. i will talk legacy for him. 404 home runs and counting, five hitters and one of the smoothest first base men. >> i got to live out my stream and i had more success than i could have imagined. it felt light the right time to step away from the gym.
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we will do everything we can to win games. >> i don't think it's a coincidence that he showed up in 2009 and we won the world series, i don't. it wasn't just from one side. he would turn around and beat you have the other said. >> he loves the game. and sincerely loves being a yankee. andrew miller is back at the stadium. a-rod is sitting noah sindegard is pitching tonight. jay bruce came out last night and hit a three-run homer. that helped propel the mets to a lead. produce now leads the national league with 83 rbi.
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through a punch at darrell re vis. are you okay with this? >> i don't condone swinging. we talk about -- we say no swinging. they are competing. it is not charm school. >> not charming, that's for sure. they welcomed to practice today. he got cleated on sunday. beckham was a full participant. mark teixeria. >> and not charm school. >>. >> not a beauty pageant. >> hillary clinton campaigning to win over voters trust after
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corrector issued her statements on the e-mail scandal to be truthful. tonight, live from rio. let the games begin. a star studded opening ceremony, wild excitement as team usa goes for and a man killed by police, suspected of stealing a car. sudden change, as his poll numbers plunge, donald trump does an apparent turn got. and a cold-blooded sniper sending a new city deep into fear. tonight a dramatic plea for help. and here in rio, a


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