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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 6, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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sending a message of hope to all the many millions of refugees around the globe. you had to flee from your homes because of violence, hunger or just because you were different. now, with your greatest talent and human spirit, you are making a great contribution t in this olympic world, we do not just tolerate diversity. in this olympic world, we welcome you as an enrichment to our unity in diversity.
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there are millions of people around the world who contribute in different ways to make our world a better place through sport. to honor such outstanding personalities who put sport at the service of humanity, the international olympic committee has created a unique d time now. ladies and gentlemen, in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the fields of education, culture, development, and peace through sport, in the true olympic spirit, the olympic laurel is awarded to the great
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olympic philanthropist. i am an olympian gold medalist and olympic it is a home of athletes. when i was young, 8 years old, i used to run all way from my home to school. so i was really training without knowing.
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my dad is the only one who would take care of me. so after my running, what i did, i started the children home with my wife. taking care of orphan kids to give them shelter and education. having a children's home, started a school. high school. and also the training center. and through sports, we can produce peaceful life in this world. ?? ?? >> hello. good afternoon. >> education is a weapon.
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destruction, instead it can create peace. ?? ?? we came into the world with nothing, we will leave this world with nothing. all we need is peace, love and unity. ?? ?? >> ladies and gentlemen, kip
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[ applause ] ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] ?? ??
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>> now, let us celebrate altogether. olympic games, a la brazil. [ speaking portuguese ]
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sky. the opening ceremony now, more formal protocol section. we are waiting for the arrival of the olympic flag, the olympic flame. >> lighting of the caldron. >> ladies and gentlemen, the olympic flag. always a beautiful moment at any olympic opening ceremony. eight prominent people from the host country having a chance to carry the olympic flag into the
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this is emanuel rego, beach volleyball, three medals including gold. in five straight olympics starting in 1996. rosa celia pimentel. doctor and activist. offering no cost kids with health disease. >> sandra pires. beach volleyball player. won gold in olympic beach volleyball competition in 1996. also won the bronze medal in 2000. sandra pires.
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five medals. golds in 1996. and in 2004. joaquim cruz, next, track star. won 800 meter gold in l.a. 800 meter silver in seoul. the brazil flagbearer in the 1996 atlanta games. next is marta soccer. pele once called her "pele with a skirt." player of the year. an olympic silver medalist. all time leading scorer in
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first woman that went to the brazil supreme court. first female president of the brazil's supreme court. that rousing round of applause is for the basketball player, all-time leading scorer in olympic basketball history. let's listen. oscar schmidt. he was induc ladies and gentlemen, please
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?? ?? ?? ?? ? olympic flag immortal spirit ?? ??
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? >> local choir singing the olympic anthem. we are back with a samba party
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back in rio, who is ready for a party? >> i am. >> i am. >> if you have never been to
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get a very good sample of what the energy is like. ?? ?? [ speaking portuguese ] percussionist, 80 years old. >> dejuan lucas, dancing samba since he could walk, he was "born in samba" the expression that brazilians use.
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
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?? ?? >> all of these people you see marching in, samba dancing, they're from samba school. meredith is busy googling where she can buy the outfit. they actually compete every carnival. but tonight they're not competing with each other. they j ?? ?? >> this is anitta, 23-year-old
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?? ?? ?? ??
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?? ?? ?? ?? >> like people that are bold enough to give it a go. ?? ?? >> we have to tell you a couple nights ago, meredith told hoda and me she actually went to youtube and looked up samba videos so she could learn the samba. to be honest, nothing she showed us resembles what is going on on the floor right now. >> that is so unfair. i just couldn't go as fast as they can.
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all in the mind. in my mind i am just doing really well. >> anitta, caetano veloso, and gilberto gil, with the samba here in rio. olympic flame. here comes the olympic flame now into this stadium. after a relay that has lasted for a very long time. it would seem for the brazilian
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visited 500 towns. all state capitals of brazil. 12,000 torch bearers have brought it to this final point. the man carrying the torch, gustavo kuerten, tennis star, three time french open champ, ranked number one. he is entering the stadium right now. >> the olympic flame is being
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gustavo kuerten, two time champion, former number one in the world. gustavo kuerten! [ cheers and applause ] >> now, he passes the torch to one of the greatest female brazilian basketball players of
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?? ?? and she hands the flame to this man, vanderlei de lima, former ra remember athens in 2004, he was leading the olympic marathon when a spectator attacked him. he went from first to third. he received an incredible sportsmanship award. but tonight, he gets something better. tonight, he gets to light the olympic caldron in his home
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[ cheers and applause ]
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?? ? ?? ?? >> there must be 20,000 portable phone cameras capturing this inside this stadium right now.
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beautifully in the mirrored chandelier almost behind it. ?
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so the caldron has been lit. the first full day of competition tomorrow. want to tell you to stay tuned for the emmy nominated tonight show with jimmy fall on, jerry seinfeld, seth rogan. for meredith vieira and hoda kotb, i'm matt lauer. we have had a blast in rio, the games are under way after an opening ceremony to remember. good night, everybody.
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severe weather could disrupt your weekend plans. storm team 4 will tell you exactly when and where this is going to hit. the solid clue police now have in the search for the killer of a queens jogger. and a child falls two stories from an apartment window in new jersey. hear from neighbors who saw it all. ne first the event the whole world is watching. good evening, everyone. i'm sibila vargas. >> and i'm chuck scarborough. for months we've been counting down to this moment, and now it's here. the rio olympics have officially begun, kicking off with an elaborate display of history and culture in rio de janeiro. >> that's where news 4's bruce beck is live tonight. bruce, here we go. >> reporter: i'll tell you, sibila, the rio olympics are off and running. it didn't have the same amount
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was still spectacular, and it featured brazilian culture, customs, and a kaleidoscope of colors. before the opening ceremony, we talked to some of the fans, including one new yorker who loves the games. >> i get to fulfill a dream. you have no idea how much i love the olympics. >> usa! >> reporter: the fans had reason to be excited as rio did what it does best. brazil is known to have the biggest garden on the planet. that message was conveyed throughout the show. of course, mrs. tom brady made an appearance. brazilian supermodel gisele bundchen played the part of the famous girl from ipanema. ?? >> i want to see michael phelps. that's like the highlight of my thing is seeing him. >> reporter: 206 countries took part in the parade of nations with the united states
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athletes, including flag bearer michael phelps, the most decorated olympian in history. >> having the opportunity to help lead the best country in the world into the 2016 olympics, it's an honor and really a dream come true. >> reporter: after fanfare fit for a king, it was time for a little protocol, including the taking of the olympic oath. with the great pele ill and unable to attend, the biggest honor went to marathoner bronze medal in athens in 2004 despite being attacked by a spectator. ?? >> i love it here. the energy is amazing. >> all the rules are out the window here in brazil. it's a great time. everybody comes out. they've done a great job for the olympics. they really put this on well. >> reporter: it was an explosive celebration of brazilian culture, and it set the stage
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five different sports, eight different medals on the line. live in rio, i'm bruce beck, news 4 new york. chuck and sibila, in seven hours, we get down to business. >> all right. can't wait, bruce. thank you very much. and you can get the complete schedule of the 2016 rio olympic games on you can also follow 4 to watch. this is the four things to look for every day at the olympics. and of course bruce will be live from rio throughout our coverage of the olympics. here at home, storm team disrupt your weekend plans, especially if you're thinking of a saturday beach day. janice is here with the severe weather that's headed our way. >> if you plan to go to the beach tomorrow, you may want to get off the beach and off the shore by 2:00 or 3:00 because the storms will be pressing in then. we're already tracking that cold front that's moving through the eastern great lakes now. just south of buffalo they're seeing some storms. also over towards binghamton. they're getting closer, but we're not expecting any big rain in the area tonight. that will really start to pop up
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might see an isolated shower in the morning, most of us will stay dry. this is 9:00 a.m. on future tracker. you can see a few showers and thunderstorms up around liberty and parts of allster county but the real action starts around 1:00 in the afternoon as the front gets closer and the heat from the day sparks those storms around beacon and parts of the hudson valley around 1:00, then sliding toward the lower hudson valley around 3:00. the city between 3:00 and 5:00 will get the storms. after offshore. and the heat tomorrow, 80s to near 90 with high humidity. we'll discuss the rest of the weekend forecast, especially sunday, when it's a lot better, coming up in just a few minutes. >> track the storms this weekend with our nbc 4 new york app. click the weather tab for interactive radar. now information on the murder of a woman. police say they have dna evidence that may help them find the killer.
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tonight a crowd gathered for the victim's wake. news 4's andrew sif is in ozone park tonight. >> reporter: chuck, what a heart breaking evening, not just in this neighborhood but across queens and really across the city. as you indicated, the new information coming in just as hundreds came here to the funeral home to pay their respects to the family. for more than six hours, friends and family of karina vetrano held on to each other, coming to grips with the sudden loss that hit ever family. a terrible, terrible crime. >> reporter: three days after someone dragged the 30-year-old off her grassy jogging path in the remote spring creek park, then sexually assaulted and killed her, the community remains in shock. >> i think it's horrible. my heart goes out to, you know, the family. >> reporter: neighbors pinned white ribbons to telephone poles. next to the $10,000 reward


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