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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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under arrest, a west chester woman under arrest for the death of her 15-month-old daughter. and day one a team from the u.s. claiming the first gold medal. we're live in rio. news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm david usher. >> and i'm natalie. the olympics has been under way and you've been watching it here on news 4. it started with a bang for the u.s. let's look at the olympic torch
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a teenager earning the first gold medal for team usa. >> 12 gold medals on the line today. here's a look at the medal count. two for the u.s., both gold. >> let's go to bruce. >> reporter: david and natalie, from the opening ceremonies to day one of olympic competition, things have been fast and furious here in rio. we have eight different sports. and, shoot, we've got our first gold medalist as she hails from the united states. meet jenny thrasher, who is just 19. she'll be a sophomore this fall at the university of west virginia. her first class would be in physics. well, today she was right on target taking the gold in the women's 10-meter air rifle. >> i'm just completely overwhelmed. i'm very grateful to be able to
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the usa's "national anthem." >> reporter: and how about the preliminary heat of the 100-meter free style relay. she's hoping to earn a second olympic medal in >> we walked out and people were cheering for us. we are ready to go. we are all ready to race. >> reporter: meanwhile, things were bustling in olympic park where it truly was an international melting pot. the zone is home to numerous venues and a meeting place for athletes and fans alike. >> the games and the whole experience has been amazing and the mood is very, very positive, not only from brazilians but from people all over.
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we're being treated well. it's fantastic. >> reporter: back to jenny thrasher for a moment. five years ago she shot a gun for the first time. in her first attempt of shooting a deer, she hit it and now she's as good as gold. bruce beck, news 4, david and natalie, back to you. >> thank you, bruce. remember tonight for the "olympic zone." you can get a look at what is happening. it airs tonight at 11:30. there's been some rough weather out there for some of us on this saturday. >> yes. let's check in with our meteorologist. chris? >> so severe outbreaks but
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portions of middlesex county. rainfall rate of two inches per hour. up in connecticut, all of these moving towards the east-northeast at 30 miles an hour. notice in and around the city, though, things are cleared out. should likely stay that when do we get rid of the muggies out there? i'll be back with the ten-day forecast. >> chris, thank you. we're getting our first look at a westchester county mother. she's waiting to face the judge. city officials released new gruesome details in this investigation today. news 4's michael george is live in mt. vernon. good morning, michael. >> reporter: i want to show you behind me, a memorial for the
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have been coming by to remember her life. semia's mother is behind bars. some say she's innocent but others say she's responsible for her death. 15-month-old semia yousef never got a chance. a mother, 26-year-old asia bartey has been charged with manslaughter. neighbors say they believe she's innocent. >> as far as i know, she's a good moth here. she never let them go astray. >> reporter: when police found her, she had been dead for hours and her body was so unusually cold that it was so cold it is
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a freezer. >> i've never known my sister to hurt any of her kids. she loves them dearly, rain, sleet or snow. >> reporter: neighbors are now contributing to a growing memorial for the baby girl found dead outside of the apartment. the mayor says this tragedy defies explanation. >> the loss of a toddler 15 months old is heinous and mt. vernon is heartbroken. our deepest condolences to the charged with first-degree manslaughter. she has two other children in the custody of family services. >> michael, thank you. four tense hours in newark as a man was holding five hostages. he was ultimately taken into custody just before 7:00 this morning but around 3:00, police
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s.w.a.t. officers eventually entered the home. bullets were found at the scene. one of the women was roger's girlfriend in the home. a next door neighbor says officers woke her up in the middle of the night. >> they said he has a gun, they don't know what he's got, they are not taking no chances. they tried to talk him out, him down. they tried. they tried. >>. new information on a home explosion. the cause was a propane dryer that caused the blast. there was a like in the propane line to the dryer but no word on
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railing collapse at a snoop dogg concert in new jersey. a cell phone captured that video there. the scene in camden last night. the concert was canceled after that happened. in all, 42 people went to the hospital, most taken to cooper medical center, while one person was listed in critical injuries. many of the injuries range from bumps and bruises toro the nypd wants your help tracking down an mta worker who stepped out of her booth just before 3:00 in the afternoon, taking the stairs to the l train when a man struck her in the back of the head with a wooden stick and then ran off. the victim was treated at the hospital and then released. still ahead, a child injured while riding on a subway with
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say good-bye to a teenager. and a statue that many have been waiting for. what the new lucille ball statue
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tonight, belgium is on high alert after a man yelled the phrase "god is great" in arabic
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he later died. belgian's prime minister condemned that attack on twitter. we're waiting for more information about that attacker. well, a very unnerving experience on the subway for a young man who watched a man throw a lit cigarette at her 4-year-old girl. this picture is of the suspects. police want to find him. it happened on july 13th on the utica avenue 3 and 4 train line. he threw a lit cigarette and hit she had to go to the hospital for observation. the man just took off. from ugly duckling to a beautiful swan, the new statue was unveiled in her hometown. critics were horrified but after nine months of much needed tlc,
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her 105th birthday. >> now, that's a makeover. pretty good. up next, family and friends say good-bye to a jogger who was killed in queens while the hunt for her killer continues tonight. >> why family and friends weren't the only ones at that funeral. and tonight, we're shoal you
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a funeral held todayor woman who was found dead. police are still combing the scene of the crime for clues. right now, mark has -- marc has the latest. >> reporter: i want to show you where there is a heavy police presence. friends and family gather a mile
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an emotional gathering and unexpected good-bye. friends and loved ones remember karina vetrano. >> i can't believe this happened. just crazy. >> reporter: just moments after leaving the funeral, ana said she refuses to think of her friend's last moments. instead, focusing on the impact the 30-year-old made in the lives of so many. >> i'll remember her as, person that she was and not the way she went. >> reporter: her life and death has gripped the howard beach community. >> you know, as a parent myself, i can't even imagine. i have two daughters that age. and my heart goes out to them. >> i live there and i never saw that. >> reporter: dozens of strangers gathered outside church just to
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>> it just reaches everybody's heart. that's why we came today and paid our respects. >> reporter: karina was attacked on a secluded path on the edge of a bay. today at church, the focus, not on the tragedy but instead celebrating the life of a young woman who loved rainbows, fitness and family. right now, there is a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to an if you have any information, you're asked to call the nypd immediately. we're live in howard beach, marc santia. natalie, back to you. >> marc, thank you. i want to tell you about a party on the streets for the citi summer streets festival. many grabbed their bikes because there were no cars on park avenue from the brooklyn bridge past grand central.
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wnbc is a proud sponsor of the summer fun. let's head back to rio and check in with lester holt. what are you working on? >> coming up tonight, team usa wins gold on the first full day of the summer games in rio. plus, chaos at an outdoor concert in new jersey. dozens hurt as a railing collapses sending fans tumbling. also, richard engel on the intense fighting and air strikes in syria as break a government siege which has trapped hundreds of thousands. and the american woman who battled back from the biggest challenge of her life and made it here to rio when we see you in a few minutes for "nbc nightly news." for now, back to you in new york. >> thank you, lester. we're going to go over to chris cimino for the weather. >> it's calming down but it was
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something had to give and as a cold front pushed in, a sunny sunday is heading oh you are way. the big difference about tomorrow, much less humid and more comfortable. it gets stormy again by the end of next week. temperatures back in the low and middle 80s. rain-cooled 79. a lot of 80s, lower 80s through northwest new jersey and showers as in the park and the temperature can go up a few degrees in t n hours and then start to slide back down later tonight. a couple of thunderstorms. nothing severe. you notice behind this, a wedge of clearer skies. drier air that gradually filters in. you're not going to get that sudden drop in humidity this evening. if you're heading out, it's going to be muggy. once you get past 11:00 midnight, the showers are long
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low humidity. temperatures in the 80s. north and west, could pop a sprinkle. the city stays dry. a few clouds mixed in and then we head into monday with a clean slate again. lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. meantime, for lows tonight, 71 in the city. the burbs will eventually get there. back into the low and mid-60s. the wind kicks to the west and we have a drier feel to the start of the day tomorrow. of sunshine, we're back at 87 degrees. same temperature as today for the most part but with lower humidity it will feel a lot different. next week starts out nice. generally low and middle 80s. dry with sunshine. it doesn't last. by wednesday and thursday, a southerly flow of air, increasing thunderstorms by the end of the week. we get to a day that touches upon the 90-degree mark. summer is not done for a while,
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less humid conditions for monday and tuesday. as we go through the week, the shower chances start to increase along with the temperatures and next weekend it's not looking all that fantastic but that's seven, eight days. i heard the weather does change sometimes. >> not when you call it, pal. you nail it. >> good to see you. a little bit of rio here. >> yes. and we still have baseball to keep our eyes on. the yankees have their this wasn't the kind of reunion the yanks wanted to see. powering the u.s. women's national team to victory, yes, that means carli lloyd is at it
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>> a lot of star power. starting with the men's basketball team against china. an early 9-0 run put the u.s. up and they are not looking back. they are leading 30-10. melo out of the gates here. and soccer, u.s. women, team usa facing france and oh, off the post and lloyd is there to send the rebound home. a lot of jersey proud as it's lloyd's second olympic games. up next, colombia on tuesday. field hockey, despite the true blue field there, argentina and
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third. that's a princeton alum. she gets it between the legs of the keeper. the penalty corner for the u.s., deflected home for a 2-0 lead. that was a big goal and proved to be the big winner for the u.s. up against the tigers, your daily standings check, nine games out of first place in the east. as for the yankee tough and in the second inning, garret sanchez gets comfortable and scoring from first, sanchez doubles in three straight games. that's it for the yankees. and then in the seventh, anthony looks like he wants this pitch
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5-2, indians. naturally, the first day with cleveland comes in the bronx. six days after the yankees traded him. the tribes take this one five to the final. >> it's strange to see him in a different uniform. i know i've done it before. i've seen him in a red sox uniform and baltimore uniform. but he was just here and it was kind of strange to see him come out. i think the fans appreciation for him in the time that we had him, which i thought was nice. >> moving to football, big night at the pro football hall of fame. 16 in green bay. giants camp, jason practices under a microscope this year. he was asked if the right hand is limiting his play so far
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>> i'm good. >> do you have to do anything to take care of it? >> no. >> he's getting it done so far in training camp. very important player for the giants this year. they need a big season from jpt. >> he's handled it so well. >> yep. see what he says on the field. >> yes. >> thanks, john.
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call 866-news-244. go to don't forget the "olympic zone" tonight at 7:30. we'll hear from the u.s. rugby team back after a 92-year hiatus. and happening tonight, men's gymnastics, men's and womens 400-meter medley, women's 100-meter butterfly and women's volleyball. >> he was doing the moves as he was talking. >> good form.
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"nightly news" is next. >> here's a live look from rio. on this saturday night -- game on. an early gold medal for team usa as the rio olympics get under way. america's best competing in the water, on the beach and on the field after last night's spectacular opening ceremony. concert chaos. scary moments after a dozens. state of siege. richard engel on the new intense battles in syria as insurgents try to liberate hundreds of thousands in a city cut off by government forces. fearing zika. couples in florida now putting off plans to have children. the comeback. the american athlete who made it to rio after winning the biggest


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