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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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shoved into a moving car. >> outside police headquarters, family members as young as 13 declined to talk. >> no comment. >> the other adult, jorge, talked with me exclusively to proclaim his innocence. >> we saw a group of kids which we knew. what are you doing? i'm not trying to get locked up. >> police didn't buy that argument charging both men with using the teens to pull off the thefts. the bikes will be returned to the owners. police said to store them inside. >> this is just the start of us getting them. >> reporter: a second officer
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his hands. this is all a very frustrating situation for police. one is the rash of bicycle thefts because people are not securing them. the adults are getting summons. even though they face felony charges, they're on the streets again. live in hoboken. news4 new york. >> thank you. police in brooklyn are for the man who smashed a bobble on a street. he passed two men in a fight. witnesses tell us one of those men threw a gas bottle that hit the 3-year-old. cutting him above his eye. the suspect ran away before the police arrived. neighbors say they've seen him here before. >> i know the guy. he is all the time here. he is every day. >> i'm seeing this had to
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to hear that, it's sad. >> boy was taken to the hospital to get checked out. aside from the cut he is okay. >> the reward for information leading to the arrest in the murder of carina, the community where she lives wants the the high brush where she was taken down makes i had hard for criminals to hide. >> you can see the weeds that post such a challenge. some neighbors say that is too little too late. >> as police choppers continue to search for clues and the suspect from above, eyes are taking a closer look at the tall weeds that likely hit the killer of katrina vetrano.
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weed-free. >> there was not one tree over there. all this is all, it brings the seeds over. >> neighbors are calling for the weeds to go at spring creek park. an enormous task given the size of the area. traditional methods of burning and mowing are costly and ineffective. the paths are quickly reclaimed by growth. >> it a serious problem. we are not taking a stand to protect the weeds by any means. is in the works to eradicate the weeds but a timetable is still to be determined. to give you some perspective, we're just down the road. i'm six feet tall. you can see these weeds loom over me, at least ten feet in the air. and promising security cameras. >> the money is there. it is in the budget. i wish hit been there
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remain and so do cautious neighbors. >> i wouldn't want my wife to walk out there, my daughters. >> reporter: and federal officials are expected here next month to start to work on that eradication plan. and we should mention the award leading to new information, to an arrest in this case, is now up to $20,000. i'm gus rosendale. lawyers defending two former christie officials are giving they've issued warrants. last month the judge requested a pretrial scene that. a a trial subpoena has to meet a lower standard. they face trial next month for allegedly creating massive traffic jams near the george washington bridge to punish the mayor. the long delayed mega mall
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reality and it comes with an astounding price tag. >> and how are homes being rented out in one of the richest towns? the heat and humidity are on the rise. i'll let you know how hot it will feel as well as talk about thunderstorms in the forecast for several days. that's coming up next. at citi, our business isn't gymnastics.
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12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. it looks like the american dream in the meadow lands will have a mega price tag on it. when all is said and done, $5 billion. another $800 million in state approved financing. the developer says the construction costs are expected
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billion. the state has invested $1 billion ask $500 million was invested before bailing. land and highway improvements and tax breaks and it is expected to add to $5 billion by the time the mall opens. >> i hope it is a prettier mall after that. a major light conversion project. yonk letters replace more than 20,000 florescent lights. this project is part of power authority's five c reduce energy consumption. led lights can reduce energy use by more than 80%. and emergency water efforts. they are not allowed to wash their cars or use sprinklers. at the pumping station. they forced this restriction. so far there was no word on when the pumps would be repaired and the water ban lifted.
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and stickier forecast for an area. >> overcrowded, unsafe. >> the i-team investigates, how
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and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. an innocent man left dead. a man was fatally shot by a suspectho officer's gun and opened fire at a bronx deli this morning. the man who was killed was trying to then deli owners when it spunl out of hand. mark? >> reporter: when a guy known for causing trouble in the neighborhood stepped into that bodega and all the trouble started, he was kicked out and walked into the bodega across the street there. a good samaritan went in to warn everyone.
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>> a pair of officerser in a dispute. here it is in another angle. everybody side, customers holding down ephraim guzman as police he is dort 30-year-old out. he grabs the gun and fires 15 shots. >> i just heard, bang, bang, bang. then i heard pang, bang. >> mr. guzman move and grabbed a gun out of one of the officer's holsters. one of them hit wally, he worked across the street. he thu guzman out of the store and went to warn others. >> he was always working, always doing his thing. >> he was the sweetest guy you've ever known. if you're short some money, he would take it out to help you. >> he worked to send money
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sometimes clocking 20 hours a day at the bodega. >> trying to do the right thing. trying to help his family, trying to then neighborhood. that was wally. and one selfless act cost him everything. >> he is a good, good, good man. he did not deserve to die today. >> as for guzman, police shot him twice. times before for violent crimes. he is expected to survive to face a judge in the next couple days. news4 new york. >> all right. thank you. lester holt joins us now live from rio with a look ahead to "nbc nightly news." >> reporter: they begrudgingly got me off the beach.
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comments from donald trump about second amendment. was it a joke? we have details on the potentially deadly health threat that has forced a hospital to move babies out of the neonatal unit. and we'll see you live from olympic park in rio. for now back to you. >> all right. a news4 investigation. foreclosed home, some with multiple safety violations are being rented out to unsuspecting talents. >> away from the sandy beaches. and swanky downtowns of the hamptons. a parallel world that isn't
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>> outwards of four or five people in it. >> you see how they have departmenters. >> town investigators inspect hundreds of rental homes in the town of south hampton. looking for potential hazards. like nonworking smoke or carbon monoxide tectors. this woman who only wants to be referred to as gladdis south hampton with her extended family. her own family of four lives in one bedroom. >> her and her husband and two children. >> none of this is allowed. >> then there are the illegal basement apartments which could prove to be deadly. >> a fire in one of the rooms. we are trapped and probably not going to make it out. >> and it was during routine home inspections that they
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question. so many of the rental homes saddled with vial haitians no apparently owner. >> take this one. the town has been in court several fwims the violations inside. but it is a vicious cycle. >> we would write a violation. >> reporter: the owner of record is donald mac fear son who was convicted in his involvement in but jose robles and his family say they have been rentaling this home for the past three years. so who did they rent the home from? robles said he found rental through this office. the man he paid his rent to every month in the form of a check made out to cash. a guy named bob. >> he is bobby? >> yeah. >> and you pay him the rent. >> and does he say he is the
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when they called the office, a man named bobby texted us back and told us briefly that he used to rent the homes a few years ago but not right now and that he doesn't know who owns the homes. the i-team has learned that 1768 majors path is in foreclosure. it began nearly seven years ago. wells fargo who is says they have no say. we have no say to anything going on at that property as long as it is occupied. back at glad yis' home, she doesn't know what to do when things go wrong. >> there is no real owner. so they tell the person that they pay the money to and they do nothing. >> they receive noticed that the home is in forechoesh you are and they are about to be evicted. she is nervous about what's to
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out 2,000 to 3,000 a month. some homes have had tenants since they went into foreclosure. we tried to reach out but we did not receive a response. heading outside. it is supposed to get hotter and stickier. that's in the forecast. >> it is going to feel like the tropics the next several days. you may have noticed it is a little warmer today and it into the weekend the heat. not much relief is in store. we might see a shower or a thunderstorm. those had pop up at random. then the heat comes right back. it will be a steamy heat the next several days. we did warm up to 87. it turns more humid. we'll start to feel it.
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storms and isolated down pours. it remains very muggy through the next several days. massapequa. poughkeepsie is near 90 today. generally in the 40% range. but once it starts to rise, especially over the inland few days, we'll feel it. the sheet on. this is what it feels like now from memphis on dulce new orleans. all above 100. and we'll start to tap in as the winds turn more southwesterly. they'll bring in the tropical moisture over the south eastern states. dumping very heavy rain and that's why it will feel like
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it turns muggy. temperatures in the 70s. a few clouds pop up and there could be an isolated shower or storm. may notally during the afternoon. 70s for the overnight lows. a few 60s north and. we 80s to near 90s in spots. low 80s, 5 to 15 miles an hour. these temperatures will feel much warmer. a heat advisory goes into effect tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 and continues into thursday evening. index across the area. that's what it will feel like. you may be able to cool off at the shore. there could be some lightning strikes with thunderstorms when they pop up. you'll want to be indoors when that happens. we're at 85 tomorrow. not so bad but very muggy. here come the 90s starting on thursday. continuing all the way to sunday. that's when it will feel even
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the united states continues to lead in the medal count. and trying to bring home another medal in u.s. field hockey. >> reporter: they may be under the radar but right now they're hot. they've nokd out two of the best three teams in the world. i'm talking about the u.s. field hockey team. one of the stars is from mohegan lake, where i'm from. >> she is taking it all in for good reason. four years ago, she was on the u.s. olympic field hockey team finished last in london.
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storm. a team that has upset powerhouses, australia and argentina, in back to back games. >> you're on the world stage right now. seeing this team really come together. how satisfying is that? >> it is absolutely satisfying. when we're in the thick of it, working and training hard. special when i the heart break of 2012. it is a constant reminder. there is no other place i would rather be. >> gonzalez is not only a team leader. she is them of the squad. she lives a cluttered lifestyle and her teammates love poking her about it. >> i think she called it, what did she call it? >> organized chaos. >> she can be a little messy. her clothes kind of creep out of her suitcase quite often. she is definitely the team goof ball. we can look to her for a good laugh. >> there is a serious side to gonzalez.
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to her late faert felix who died of a heart attack when he was 17 in 2006. the tattoo says love. that's for her dad. her wrist band has the initials fg on it. that's the memory of her dad, too. >> just a constant reminder. especially on the days when i don't want to give it my all. just a constant reminder to look down and see him there. he is with me every step of the way. >> you have to love her humor, live in rio. i'm bruce beck. news4, new york. chuck and natalie. back to you. >> a wonderful story, bruce. thanks. join us tonight for the olympic zone. your inside look at everything happening at the games in rio. we'll be talking to a boxer going for gold. >> and then the 2016 olympic games starting at 8:00 p.m.
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>> it seems poet pick haex rodriguez will make a stop in boston on single. if alex wants to may in every game, i'll find a way. 48 hours later that has changed. he said he wants to play every day but the reality is he won't. he's not in the lineup document. likely won't be on wednesday. he will hi got caught up in the emotions. >> i'm disappointed. when i heard him say that i can may in all four games, i was really excited to get to my bat. i don't know what happened. >> i'm not saying he won't play the next two days. he won't be in there. but i'm managing to win games. that's what i have to do. this is a very important series for us. >> a tough spot for joe no,
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beginning a game and a half out of the second wild card spot currently shared by the marlins and the cardinals. last night in miami, brandon crawford was the first big leaguer in 41 years to have six hits in a game of his final hit proved to be the game irn with. the giants beat the fish. the jets activated mohammed wilkerson from the physically unable to perform list. he is now playing this practice. he says he will be whether or not victor cruz is ready for the pre season opener, that is still a question mark. the giants receiver sat out with a tight groin. his status for friday night still undecided. >> a little tightness. i didn't want to push and it make it worse. >> i want to keep going forward. obviously, with the game on friday, the practice tomorrow. i'll see how i feel come
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that's sports. >> "nbc nightly news" is straight ahead. breaking news tonight. what did donald trump just say? controversy erupting as we come on the air after we hear what he said about hillary and babies i critical care being urgently moved after a potentially deadly bacteria is discovered. ferris wheel accident, children being hospitalized after a terrible fall raising questions about safety. who's regulating all those rides? and golden statement. an american champion caught in a cold war against a russian rival, showing who's really number one.


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