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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 10, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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>> the gauntlet has been thrown down. bob costas, michael phelps and company winning the 800 free relay. >> yet again. quick look at tonight's medal count. the united states continues to hold a commanding lead with 26 overall medals and they have pulled ahead in golds, as well, one more than china. the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's supporting athletes on michael phelps' own personal medal count is 25, 21 gold, two silver, two bronze, historic tally highlighted by his remarkable run of eight golds in beijing in 2008. if you consider the full arc of phelps' olympic career his performance tonight in the 200 butterfly has to be way up there among the long list of victories because while there were a lot of personal reasons that drew
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competitively coming back in 200 fly and reclaiming the title he owned in '04 and '08 was a big deal to him. tonight he became the oldest swimmer male or female to win individual gold medal in olympic history. we take one more look at michael phelps latest remarkable showing. so long from rio. >> take your mark. >> kenderesi in lane four. cseh in lane three. >> everybody on the planet has
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leclos. the other two swimmers have a great chance to win. kenderesi probably because he is so young might not be able to do it. phelps had a great turn in the middle of the pool. >> cseh had the lead at the turn. michael phelps in lane five looks like the lead here at the half way point. >> phelps in lane five looking really good early on. that is a little long on that turn. not too bad. but out very quickly. he was 53 flat when he went 164. >> had half second lead on leclos. now they are inching up a little
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cseh two lanes above him. leclos looks like he is running a clear second. michael phelps has the lead with 50 meters left. he tracks that turn. leclos had a big turn. >> gaining on michael phelps a little bit. he is running second right now. michael phelps hanging on. 15 meters left for michael phelps is going to do it again. and leclos didn't even know.
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back on top in the 200 fly. next on news 4 new york. >> firefighters down. >> what sparked this ip fer know that nearly killed several of new york's bravest. >> heat and humid on the rise. then stumbling and passing out. the scare tonight. snoop dogg concert on long
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?? this is my time to be remembered. my whole life, i feel like i've been training for this moment. the hard days are the days that build champions. you really can't measure heart. it's about the journey. it's about overcoming obstacles that we don't expect. my name is jordan burroughs. haley anderson. connor fields. i'm ryan lochte.
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firefighters down. a fierce inferno nearly takes the lives of three of new york's bravest, and now we know what sparked it. then stumbling, vomiting, passing out. the emergency that had paramedics racing to a snoop dogg concert on long island tonight. but first. >> dominating the games. team usa jumps, spins, and swims to gold. and one of the athletes is now a
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news 4 new york starts now. i'm sibila vargas. >> and i'm chuck scarborough. it was a filled with anticipated events, and team usa came through. >> tonight celebrating with gold. >> news 4's bruce beck is live in rio with the history-making moments. bruce. >> reporter: chuck and sibila, it was a little bit of ledecky and a lot of phelps. a little bit of hernandez and a t and night in rio both in the pool and in the gym. it was a coronation for the final five. a gold medal in the team competition. simone biles was simply spectacular. the 19-year-old phenom proving why she is the best gymnast in the world. and 16-year-old laurie hernandez of old bridge, new jersey, had her moment in the sun. she dazzled the crowd with her
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exercise and turned in a fantastic performance on the balance beam. yes, laurie is bringing back the gold to the garden state. >> oh, my gosh, i'm just overwhelmed with emotions. i thought we were going to cry, and then we didn't because we were so excited. >> tonight doesn't feel real. even i know it was the olympics but it didn't feel like it because we've been training so hard for this. we thought of it as one more routine, but it's very unreal right now. >> reporter: in the pool, michael phelps did it ag he captured gold in his signature event, the 200 meter butterfly. he won by just 0.04. >> no way anybody is going to catch michael phelps tonight. >> reporter: but he wasn't done yet. as phelps teamed with ryan lochte and anchored the final leg of team usa's gold medal performance in the 4x200 meter freestyle relay. as for the women, it was a
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the 200 meter freestyle. ledecky hit the wall first to win her second individual gold medal of the games. and a stunner on the tennis court. the number one player on the planet, serena williams, was shocked by alina sfit lien na of the ukraine in the third round. you need a calculator to keep track of michael phelps. he now has 21 gold medals, 25 overall. laurie hernandez has it's oh so sweet and oh so well deserved. live in rio, i'm bruce beck. news 4 new york. chuck and sibila, back to you. >> bruce, thank you very much. here's a look at the updated medal count for you. right now the united states remains on top with 26 medals, including nine gold. china is second with 17 overall medals, followed by japan with 14 and russia with 12. and we are your home for all olympic coverage. go to and click on 4 to watch. read up on the athletes, the
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the fight is not over tonight for firefighters who battled a massive inferno in the bronx today. it nearly cost three of them their lives. news 4's checkey beckford is at the hospital in morris park with how they're doing and what sparked the fire. >> reporter: it's been a tough day for the fdny is an understatement. all throughout the day, fdny personnel have been stopping by jacobi medical center to support their injured colleagues. condition tonight, and doctors are still working to save the arm of one of those firefighters. >> the conditions these firefighters work under are extremely difficult and extremely life-threatening, but they do a good job. but today it caught up with us. >> reporter: when one of their own is seriously hurt, the ripple is felt throughout the fdny. but tonight it's more like a wave after three firefighters remain in critical but stable condition after this massive four-alarm inferno ripped
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wakefield section of the bronx. cell phone video near east 235th and carpenter avenue shows one of those firefighters being wheeled away on a stretcher. officials say 34-year-old patrick morello stationed on the roof collapsed from severe heatstroke after trying to stop the spread of the flames. >> the doctors first of all had to bring the body temperature down, the man's temperature was extremely high. >> reporter: 51-year-old firefighter joseph brady suffered what was later determined to be a h save sean o'rourke's arm. it was nearly severed when the fire truck he was driving crashed while en route to provide backup support. >> i just gave everything to god. i feel like when a door is closed or a building is burnt down, he's going to put us in something better. >> reporter: the fire marshal says the blaze that displaced two families started with kids playing with fire on a stovetop. no one inside the buildings at the time was hurt. the fdny hoping people will say a prayer for the firefighters who were.
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those members. >> reporter: a firefighter lieutenant was treated and released for serious burns earlier in the day. meanwhile we're told the red cross is helping those families who have been displaced by the fire. at jacobi medical center, checkey beckford, news 4 new york. another scare at a snoop dogg concert had police and paramedics scrambling tonight, this time on long island after getting calls about fans passing out there. news 4's ray villeda is live at jones beach. >> reporter: that concert wrapped up about an hour ago, and it was law enforcement sources tell us 13 fans, teenagers, were rushed to the hospital via ambulance. you can see thousands of folks have left jones beach after the theater tonight for snoop dogg. it was during that concert 13 people believed to be teenagers were rushed to the hospital because of alcohol intoxication. other concert-goers were treated here at jones beach, we're told. one of the folks transported was a 15-year-old girl. she was unresponsive. i did speak to a fan who was here in line to the bathroom and
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sick. >> one of them said that they were throwing up, and she went to knock on the door, and they said, hold on one second. i'm sorry. and when i was done going to the bathroom, i didn't see them come out. >> reporter: again, law enforcement sources tell us 13 concert-goers believed to be teenagers were rushed to the hospital. among them, a 15-year-old girl. we're live at jones beach tonight. i'm ray villeda, news 4 new york. >> ray, thank you. police on staten island are investigating a series of muggings inside a popular park. theid park in the sunny side section. there was a noticeable police presence at the park today after most recent attack on monday evening. in that incident, a mother was walking around the lake when two suspects approached her from behind, held a sharp object to her back, and demanded her belongings. it comes just days after fourteens were attacked while running with their school track team. two of them were punched several times. >> you know, we live two blocks
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with two kids in a stroller, you know, it could have been me. like that's what he said. he was reading. so it hiss very close to home. >> police are searching for the suspects tonight and investigating whether the muggings are related. 9 brutal murders of two young women from morning city are shaking the jogging community. while authorities don't believe their deaths are related it's too early to rule anything out. vanessa marcotte was killed near r went out for a run. it's not clear if the attack was random or targeted. in queens, the reward has doubled now to $20,000 in the murder of 30-year-old karina vetrano. her body was discovered last tuesday hours after she went out for a run near her howard beach home. an autopsy shows she died from strangulation. if a complete stranger walks up to you and tells you are cursed and only they can fix it, would you believe them? most people would shrug it off,
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for it and it costs them hundreds of thousands of dollars. here's news 4's michael george. >> reporter: police say these five women are robbing victims across new york, promising they can reverse a curse. >> one person would say, oh, you have a dark cloud over your head or something. another lady will run over and say, oh, she's good. yeah, yeah, she helped me. >> reporter: community video carlin has seen this scheme before. this time they're targeting immigrants in asian communities, especially the religious. >> it's sad to people fall for this, and it was a lot of money. >> reporter: application say they walk up to a victim and tell them they're cursed and the only way to stop it is to put all their valuables in a bag and let them bless them. so the victim goes home and checks the bag, and the cash and jewelry are gone, replaced with newspapers and bottled water. you may think nobody falls for that, but so far police say at least five victims have. a 55-year-old woman took
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>> they're very cruel. they don't know other people need the money for that. >> reporter: investigators say this gang has run this scheme in manhattan, queens, and brooklyn. but now police say they've caught four of five suspects. they believe there may be even more victims out there. >> it's repulsive for them to be doing that kind of stuff. >> reporter: the suspects have been charged with felony larceny and fraud. their bail has been set at half a million dollars, the same amount they're accused of stealing. coming up as we continue on news 4 new york, firing back. donald trump defends his latest controversial remark. the humidity and the heat will be rising as well as a chance for thunderstorms over the next several days. i've got the details in your storm team 4 forecast coming up next. and an i-team follow-up. we told you about some x rated play time on a public golf course. it was supposed to be for
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your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. it was primary day in connecticut, and all the incumbents in our coverage area survived challenges. in stamford, house member terry adams beat challenger attorney dan due place. in bridgeport, marilyn moore and ed gomes won their respective primaries as did house members andre baker jr. voter turn out was very light with only a dozen lelthive and a
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donald trump is trying to quell the controversy over his latest comments about his democratic opponent. in north carolina today, the republican presidential nominee once again accused hillary clinton of planning to abolish the second amendment, but this time he took it a step further. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> some groups, idi democrats and gun control advocates, interpreted that as a call for violence against clinton. the trump campaign denies that, and he later tried to clarify what he meant in an interview with fox news. >> obviously you're saying that there's a strong political movement within the second amendment, and if people mobilize and vote, they can stop hillary from having this impact on the court. but that's not how the media is spinning it. what's your reaction to it? >> well, i just heard about
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nobody in that room thought anything other than what you just said. >> clinton has not responded publicly to trump's remarks, but her campaign calls them dangerous. >> nobody who is seeking a leadership position, especially the presidency, the leadership of the country, should do anything to countenance violence. and that's what he was saying. >> the national rifle association is defending trump tonight and urging voters to defeat clinton in novemb chuck. follow up to a story we first told you about last night. that strip club sponsoring a raunchy golf event at a public course in passaic county. officials say they were misled about what was billed as a charity fund-raising event, and law enforcement groups that were supposed to be among the event's beneficiaries say they haven't seen a dime. investigative reporter sarah wallace has more on this controversy. >> reporter: it was quite a striptease on this passaic county public golf course in
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groping, and golf ball games, all captured by our i-team undercover cameras. the sunrise gentleman's club of patterson had publicized this event as a day of golf and girls that charged $195 a head, a discount for law enforcement. >> welcome everybody to sunrise. the girls who are here today, give them a hand, that they made it. >> reporter: the action definitely heated up as the drinks flowed. the parks department raked in $45 per golfer from sunrise, which has sponsored a tournament here for several years, promising it was all for a good cause. neighbors who later saw our video were furious. >> i think money talks and anybody can do whatever they want. everybody just turns a blind eye. that's pretty bad. that's actually really shocking. >> reporter: this is the confirmation letter sent to the county from the organizer. it says, our past four years
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has benefited a number of charity organizations as well as donations each year to the passaic county sheriff's department and patterson pba local 1. >> they requested a tournament. they're willing to pay. the letter that i saw was it was a charitable event, and they make donations to police forces, the patterson pba. >> reporter: in this publicity ad, sunrise specifically stated there would be a special donation to pba local 1. but t contacted by sunrise and never authorized the club to collect any money. he called it false advertising and went further in a detailed statement. the president labeled the club's claim an act designed to either perpetrate a fraud upon those who attended the event, to give the golf outing a legitimacy that it did not warrant, or to falsely besmirch the reputation of the members of the patterson police department. the union added it disavows and
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falsely intimating that pba local 1 had anything whatsoever to do with its outing. the passaic county sheriff's department echoed that sentiment, and both law enforcement organizations said they won't take donations from the strip club even if they're offered. a spokesman for sunrise told us on the phone they just haven't yet handed out the money collected from the event. by the way, right before the tournament started, the organizers said there were other groups that would benefit too. >> we're check to the dallas police department. their website is -- [ applause ] also to the unfortunate situation that happened in orlando. that mass shooting that occurred. >> reporter: but the spokesman could not give us the names of any specific organizations in those cities. the county administrator says one thing is clear. there will not be a repeat
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from wayne, sarah wallace, news 4 new york. let's check in with janice. she says this weather is about to take a turn. >> yes, a very hot and humid and stormy turn too, sibila and chuck, because we're expecting all of that to start to come into play later on today. we're going to feel the difference in the heat and humidity, even overnight we'll start to feel it. it's very muggy out there right now. showers and storms over the next several days. they'll be on and off. they'll be isolated. and intense heat as well, especially when we add in the humidity tt higher. heat advisory in effect for the five boroughs starting tomorrow afternoon. and those storms will continue into the weekend as well, and they'll be downpours of the tropical nature with heat above 90 starting thursday into friday. smothering, steamy heat like we're in florida. a few breaks here and there over the weekend, but it's still hot and humid and hazy and stormy at times. not everyone will get the storms at the same time.
12:26 am
they'll be random, and they'll dump a lot of rain in a short period of time. 76 right now in chelsea. dyker heights is at 78 degrees. most locations are in the low to mid-70s at this hour. the city is at 77 with a humidity of 74%. the humidity is up to 87% in white plains. it's usually highest at night anyway, but some of these numbers could come true even during the day over the next couple of days. it will be oppressive starting on thursday, especially going into the weekend. andh we really won't get much relief. this big low has been spinning over the gulf coast for several days now, and we're now starting to see some of that moisture training into the northeast. thunderstorms north of pittsburgh, towards buffalo tonight, and we'll start to see them increase here tomorrow as well. here's 10:00 a.m. a few pop up random showers will occur. they'll become more prevalent by 1:00, and once you get the heat
12:27 am
will bring heavier downpours. here we go at 5:00 in the evening. random, spotty downpours across the area. that will continue into thursday and even friday too. and temperature-wise, this is what it will feel like tomorrow at 3:00, 100 in south brunswick, 90 in the city. then we get to thursday with a bit more sun. it feels like it's above 100. 103 heat index in the city on thursday afternoon. here's the heat advisory. it goes into effect at 2:00 on wednesday, continuing if you're going to the shore later today or even the rest of this week, just watch out for moderate rip currents and thundershowers that will pop up. you'll want to move indoors when that happens. 84 is the high temperature for today, and then we're back up into the 90s with a little heat wave thursday, friday, into saturday. remember that 90, 92 will feel like 100, 102. no relief until tuesday. >> all right. thank you.
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we know the color scheme of the rio games is a shade of green, but it's not supposed to be the color of one of the olympic venues. >> let's take a look at the diving pool right now. more specifically, look at the color of the pool on the right.
12:31 am
murky green overnight, and nobody seems to know why. olympic officials say the water quality is fine and poses no risk to the divers. the racing pool, as you can see, was not affected. >> strange. we'll be right back with john chandler and sports. the ram heavy duty is the most capable full-sized pickup on the road today. and, the ram 1500 is the most fuel-efficient, full-sized pickup. ever. it means ram trucks give you the best of both worlds. so go big. and go far.
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>> announcer: the fios sports desk is sponsored by fios by verizon. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. controversy follows alex rodriguez like that dusty cloud around charlie brown's buddy pig pen. on sunday, girardi said he'd find a way for al e to play every day this week if that's what he wants. of course that's what a-rod wants, but he'll sit the first two games in boston. >> i'm disappointed. when i heard him say i could actually play in all four games, i was my bat, and i don't know what happened. i guess i play on thursday. >> how do you think the fenway fans are going to receive you? >> i mean it's a great chance to give me one great, loud boo on the way out and send me to miami. >> yes, he knows the faithful in boston. a-rod endearing himself to those fans, signing some autographs before the game. maybe we see him pinch-hit. louie severino back in the rotation. that didn't go so well, giving up five runs on seven hits in
12:35 am
he drove in three. and the fenway faithful chanting we want a-rod in the ninth. no pinch-hits. skip? no, he's not getting in. yanks had a chance to win this one. bases loaded in the ninth but teixeira can't pull the trigger on the 2-2 pitch. maybe the mets were having a better night at citi field. then again, maybe not. steven matz not happy. he pitched relatively well in six innings, striking out nine for his 21st homer. hansel robe less imploded in the seventh. two-run triple here by michael bourn. the mets lose a game they needed to have, 5-3. they fall two and a half games back of the victorious marlins in the wild card. well, we watched greatness on day four at the rio olympics. katie ledecky and michael phelps won gold in the pool. that's 21 gold all time for phelps. incredible. and the americans dominate


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