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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. this morning, what we're learning about the suction cup climber who scaled trump tower to send a message to the presidential candidate. and the search for the man who police say threatened a 12-year-old girl. and the the two tornadoes that tore through the tri-state. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. it's thursday morning, august 11th, i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo, storm team 4's chris cimino is here with today's weather headlines. what do we call this? weather you can wear? >> pretty much. we're stuck in this high humidity and high temperature
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showers out to the west of us. no big problems from the rain through the morning hours. a quick look at one of those storm reports, this is out at mattituck, officially an ef-0 tornado in mattituck. today, nothing severe. but any one particular storm could get nasty. 87 by what are we watching on the morning commute? >> not much out there just some road work. route 17, all lanes are shut down between midland avenue an century road. that's something to keep in mind. on the cross bronx expressway, road work in both directions. eastbound two lanes are shut down by webster avenue. westbound out by the bronx river
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more weather and traffic on the 4s. right now the man who scaled 21 flights of trump tower is in the hospital. we're learning more about who he is and the message he had for donald trump. "today in new york's" katherine creag has the latest on the high rise drama that lasted for hours. >> once you arrive at trump tower, the first thing you notice are police officers and security personnel. as for the undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. this was something that really brought onlookers to this area. made a lot of people angry but also mesmerized people. it began around 3:40 in the afternoon when investigators say a young man in his 20st named stephen rogata began scaling the side of trump tower using suction cups.
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him through a window on the 21st floor. he was brought in. he said he didn't want to hurt anyone but he had the training request that he wanted to meet donald trump. what we know of that young man, he's from virginia. people around here gathered on 5th avenue, 56th street. traffic was shut down around the area. a lot of people watched it all unfold. >> it's something out of a movie. a little too surreal to think that someone is climbing trump tower. >> i would l wants to say. >> reporter: there really was wr some tense moments when he was brought in. police say rogata was not injured when he was pulled inside. in his backpack police found gatorade, climbing gear, no weapons. it's still being investigated, how he got on to the wall, on to the side of trump tower in the first place. you will hear from that man who yanked him in the window coming
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people are waking up to a mess of trees and debris after two weak tornadoes touched down. one on long island, the other in connecticut. the f-0 twister struck down in mattitutck. severe storms across eastern suffolk county brought a lightning show, that lightning struck several houses causing them go up in almost blew everything off the kitchen table. so i closed the window, i text my mom, and i went inside the staircase because there's no windows or anything. >> the thunderstorms left some local roads flooded. >> tornado ripping through north haven. that is the ef-0 tornado that ripped through north haven in connecticut. people were running for cover.
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island sound. we call them weak tornadoes, but quite serious still. >> i was thinking that. we're saying zero, when we hear of these 4s and 5s. >> can you imagine? you look at that look at some damage, considerable damage from 70-mile-per-hour winds. you can only imagine when you talk about 240 miles per hour when you talk about the ef4s and 5s. we'll have to watch later on this afternoon for thunderstorms, the heat stays in effect for the five boroughs not only for today but the next several days, into mercer county, new jersey, an actual heat warning. it's all about the temperatures. already starting out warm, mid to upper 70s. kingston, 74. same thing for veils gate. we're holding to 0 degrees right
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plan for a clammy, sweaty day. we get some breaks at noontime, 7. a light shower in a couple of spots. 90 by 3:00. we're going higher yet. those temperatures in the ten-day forecast, we'll get to that in a bit. let's get over to lauren and find out about the commute. >> we still have delays on downtown five trains. there are signal problems causing this. in addition to that, overnight track work on the a, e, also have fastrack maintenance on the "l," and alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. more weather and traffic on the 4s. new this morning, the hunt for the man who threatened a 12-year-old girl in the bronx. tracie strahan is in the mount hope section with a sketch of the suspect that police are looking for. >> reporter: michael, over the phone police are crediting the 12-year-old girl with being one smart young lady. through her fear she was able to
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neighborhood and threatened to call her. early this morning the nypd released a sketch of the suspect. he's in his 20s with a thin build, last seen wearing dark shirt and pants. now, authorities say he is the man who followed a 12-year-old victim on to an elevator inside of an apartment building on east 175th street and walton avenue saying if she didn't get off and follow him in a stairway he would follow her. that young lady through her fear was able to get doors. someone opened the door and brought her inside. that suspect fled the scene. anyone with any information as to who the man in the sketch could be is asked to contact police immediately. that sketch is on our website, back to you. >> quick think big that 12-year-old girl. >> absolutely. >> thanks so much. happening now, firefighters are still putting out hot spots in an apartment building fire
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in maryland. firefighters were called to the four story building. natural gas fed the fire and part of the bidding collapsed. police want your help to fiend two men who may be involved in the shooting of two bystanders in the bronx. video shows the men walking on the sidewalk. they're wanted for a shooting on tuesday. two people on the ground on grand con core near east 179th street. both wounded in the leg. people were rushing to their aid. those folks are now recovering. >> in presidential politics, donald trump sparking another firestorm with what he said about his opponent, and president obama. >> he founded isis. and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary
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because the orlando shooter's father was seated behind her in florida. trump had his own problem with a guest, mark foley was in one of his rallies. clinton spoke about the controversy that trump sparked on tuesday. he said second amendment people might be able to do something to prevent clinton from selecting supreme court clinton said trump casually insights violence. today clinton will talk about her plan to create jobs and invest in the nation's infrastructure. team usa commanding lead when it comes to the medal count in rio. 32 medals so far. 11 gold. china next with 23, followed by japan and russia. the knicks carmelo anthony made history in rio. >> he became the all-time leading scorer, surpassing lebron james.
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the olympics. the australians also packed with nba players. melo scored 31 points including nine three-pointers. the u.s. wins it 98-88. afterwards, coach k. called it the first real international game they had. >> the bronx's own daryl homer made history in fencing. he won the silver in the men's individual sabre. he's the first american to medal in that event since back in one-sided loss in the gold medal match to hungary. >> you lost the last match but you won the silver. how do you reconcile that? >> it's -- you know, it's -- one of the coaches came to me if they told you at the beginning of the day you had a silver, would be pretty darn happy. >> inthe pool, katie ladecky
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team. when she hit the water, she was trailing by a body length and quickly caught up. on the turn she left everyone behind. nathan adrian's time in the men's 100 freestyle was fast enough for a spot on the podium. he won the bronze. tonight, michael phelps and ryan lochte will face off for the last time in the 200 meter individual medley. the two are also roommates in the villag here are my medals. >> katie ledecky started racking up her medals, she was a fan of the sport and met one of her heroes. she was just 9 years old who is she getting an autograph from? michael phelps. now she's 19 and she's the one signing autographs for her young fans and possible olympians. check out for the four to watch today.
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biles going for gold in her first olympic all-around competition. you can also read up on the athletes, watch highlights, get details on the must-see match-ups ahead. >> i'm getting a kick out of the ryan lochte and michael phelps roommate thing. still to come, a shocking discovery inside an suv in the bronx. more than 20 dogs living there. we have the rescue and who police say is respole inside a kentucky courtroom. it's going viral. and weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. >> follow us on facebook, twitter and on instagram, darlene4ny and michaelg4ny. you're watching "today in new
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here's four things to know this morning. police say this man threatened a 12-year-old girl in the bronx. approached by the man in an elevator on 175th street, she
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the man who scaled trump tower yesterday is in the hospital under evaluation. investigators say he got up to the 21st floor before he was forced inside. charges are pending. tonight the annual perseid meteor shower will put on a show. nasa estimates between 160 and 200 meteors will light the sky every hour overnight tonight. and cooling centers are open again in call 311 to find the nearest location. 4:45. we will be needing those cooling centers today and tomorrow and into the weekend. we will turn up the heat and the humidity a bit more as we go through the next couple of days. if it was rough on you yesterday, it gets rougher today, tomorrow and saturday where it peaks. right now at 80 degrees in the city. partly cloudy sky out there. tropical air is in place. that's the problem. that's causing this awful
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the heat feel worse, the actual temperatures close to 90 or better. it will feel more like 95 to 100. dew points is an indication of the discomfort level. the dew points, low 70s from the city down to the jersey shore and northwest new jersey close to 70. when you're at 70 or better, it's tropical like. 65 to 70 is sticky enough. today, staying in the 70 degree ra that's getting to the awful feeling. tonight you there tomorrow, seeing the dew points stay in the 70s in the city. that combined with afternoon temperatures that climb into the low 90s will make it feel close to 100 if not better than that. 80 in middle village. northwest new jersey, low 70s. mid 70s hudson valley. out on the east end, 77 this
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mixed with hazy sunshine. through the early morning hours, no rain of consequence. this is 1:00, nothing nearby showing up in terms of thunderstorms. then we will pop a couple of air mass thunderstorms. the best chance into the evening hours are north and west of the city. could be a random one here and there. this is tropical air, doesn't cause much to get a shower. we'll see showers and evening and saturday as well. upper 80s, low 90s for the hudson valley. here's the ten-day forecast, it stays uncomfortable and oppressive. 91 on saturday. no particular day will be a washout. more numerous showers sunday into monday. finally a break on tuesday with temperatures into the middle 80s. 4:47. let's see how the commute is
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nicely. we have fastrack maintenance on the "l," no service between broadway junction and lorimer street until 5:00 a.m. you can take shuttle buses. on the roads, construction on route 17 southbound. all lanes shut down between midland avenue and century road. you will be detoured off the roadway and be able to get back on further south of here. a live look outside at the alexander hamilton bridge, things are moving along just fine here. by webster avenue causing delays. over on the grand central parkway, smooth sailing here out by laguardia. queens is in good shape. if you're headed out the door, you should be in for a nice ride. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> 4:4 8 now. the reward to catch the killer
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$165,000. >> somebody knows something. somebody has to say something. with this amount of money maybe they will. >> vetrano's body was found last week near her howard beach home. she was sexually assaulted and strangled. that go fund me page set up tuesday initially had a goal of $100,000. they upped it to 200,000. police on long island are releasing the sketch of a boater wanted in a hit and run seriously injured. this man was operating a speeding vessel that slammed into the smaller boat. he put his boat in reverse before pulling away. a 50-year-old woman on the smaller boat was hit by the boat's hull. 22 dogs living in deplorable conditions in an suv in the bronx are looking for new homes. the rescue group said the dogs were found living in the
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lived in the car. she is a veteran and may be mentally ill. most of the dogs are puppies, except for a 4-year-old german shepherd named bruno. bruno watched over the pups. >> bruno is awesome. he cried for every one that we were handling. he was like the papa bear to all of them. >> the dogs are adjusting to life outside that car. the rescue is applications for anyone who would like to adopt these dogs. a man shot and killed a sheriff's deputy in arkansas before he was supposed to appear in court. officers responded to reports of a disturbance near a home. when they arrived, billy monroe jones opened fire killing a sheriff's deputy and injuring other officers. before the shooting jones was supposed to have a hearing to determine if he would return to jail. a judge in kentucky made a
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courtroom in tears. james rotor and his wife ashley in court on burglary charges. the judge had previously issued a no contact order between the two, but made an exception when she learned james had not yet met his son who was born while he was in custody. so the judge allowed him to hold his son for the first time. much appreciated, no doubt, by everyone in the courtroom. >> for sure. right now, still to come, new information this morning on one persistent problem that'
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a live look at the verrazano bridge. 4:53 on this thursday morning. now pitching for the mets, our
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a chance to throw out the first pitch at city field on tuesday night. he did not disappoint. just like his forecast, that pitch -- let's watch. >> oh, my. >> that's all right. >> right on target. >> i'm so happy for you. >> thank you. that was one of the most nerve-racking things i've done. fantastic what an experience. i don't want to talk about some of the details, i will probably get too emotional. at that moment i was back in my >> oh. >> made it so small and made it much more comfortable. jeremy gave me some great advice. my kids were with me, future daughter-in-law was with me. keep it small, dad. don't go into a big, fancy windup. keep it small. >> chris, did they have the speed gun on that pitch? >> 12 1/2 miles per hour. >> looked like 92 to me. >> i want to thank howard kauffman from the mets.
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the whole family. enjoyed it. back to business, we have weather that is really uncomfortable now. it's going to stay that way. we have a heat advisory in effect for the five boroughs not only today but tomorrow and saturday. it could be worse by saturday. heat warning down in mercer county and southwest sections of new jersey. watch the sky later this afternoon. we have to be careful for a pop-up isolated shower or thunderstorm. most of us probably will not see rain today. a high of 90 makes it that's not very low. again, just a slight chance of an eve new england shower or storm. rinse and repeat tomorrow. that's how we will play this out into the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> rinse off immediately. >> you need to. >> chris immediately went on the dl after that. >> typical met no offense. >> that's true. we have typical traffic for this hour.
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things moving along nicely on the span as well as the bqe, heading over to the long island expressway, things looking good now. road work getting into this area. westbound some delays out by college point boulevard. otherwise long island expressway moving along nicely. new this morning, trash and debris on the roads causes more accidents than you may think. aaa is out with new data that shows more than 200,000 car crashes over the last five that includes crashes caused by drivers swerving to avoid hitting something. you see that there? those accidents led to 500 deaths between 2011 and 2014. aaa says drivers so make sure items are secured on the vehicle and continually look ahead for debris while you are driving. a much anticipated nypd body camera pilot program being delayed for six months. according to court papers, a federally appointed monitor and
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once they do it will take time to get them and distribute them. a federal judge ordered the department to take part in the pilot program to cut back on stop and frisks. some day firefighters could be studied to see what kind of cancer risks they face. the study would take place through a national registry. information would be gathered as firefighters become ill. chuck schumer introduced legislation yesterday to create happening today, we'll get an update from federal health officials on the fight against the zika virus. the update will come from the director of the national institute of allergy and infection diseases, dr. anthony fauci. the state department of health, the florida state department of health is posting updates on their website. 22 non-travel related cases now in florida. for the second time this year, mosquitos carrying the west nile virus have been found
4:58 am
the latest infected mosquito pool was found in beardsley zoo. the zoo's director says they're trying to do what they can to get rid of standing water. earlier this year mosquitos carrying the west nile virus were found in stanford. there have been no human cases reported. students at uconn and stanford will get their first on campus housing. an apartment building is being built on washington boulevard. there will be about 300 students living there. uconn says it is the popularity of its media and design courses that make it necessary to provide dorm rooms now. a new york superhero is greeting fans in brooklyn. >> it's a 13-foot tall bronze statue of captain america. organizers unveiled it yesterday. the avenger known as steve rogers called himself just a kid from brooklyn in the popular marvel movies. many say the fictional heroes
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>> i think he represents the best that america can offer. that he represents an ideal. >> he just does the right thing. doesn't matter who you are. he does the right thing. that's a lesson everybody should learn at this point. >> 2016 marks captain america's 75th anniversary. came about as the u.s. was getting involved in world war ii. the statue will stay in prospect park for two weeks and then it will move to the barclays the makers of pokemon go. bar where shaffer said her home has become the site of a pokemon gym where players can duel it out. the monsters, the digital ones appear on the smartphone screen. shaffer says people have been trying to crawl over her fence into the grounds of her home.
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colling up on 5:00 p.m. if you're heading out the door, take us with you. >> download the new 4 new york app on your mobile device. our next hour starts now. this morning what we're learning about the man behind the three-hour stunt that stopped traffic and made headlines nationwide. plus the investigation underway in maryland after a possible explosion. and team usa solidifies its standing atop the leaderboard. "today in new york" starts now. 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, august 11th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. storm team 4's chris cimino has the forecast. good morning. >> it's here. the heat and humidity, that is. it will stick around for the next several days. you felt it yesterday afternoon. you'll feel it again today. it may get worse before it gets better. already 82 in elmhurst.


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