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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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right now, the search for a man who attacked a woman in the park. what she did to fight him off. and triple-digit temperatures. a-rod's final day on the field. "today in new york" starts right now. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> we're turning up the heat and hume mit tea. we have in the city the five burrows, nassau county as well,
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temperature could reach as high as close to 108, 109. upper 70s and rain cooled. the rain washed the city out a little bit. that was nice. lower 70s north and west, even 60s. 68 in monticello. didn't see that yesterday morning. live right now, we've got showers working over delaware to warren. there's a indicating pretty decent downpours but they have been deepening as we move east. that's good news. they will die out as they go throughed it morning. as the afternoon heats up, temperatures work into the 90s. if you're getting on the l
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while. no service between the broadway junction but you can take the free shuttle buses instead. a, e, d, f and 6 train are having overnight track work. >> thanks to much, lauren. police are looking for someone who attacked a woman in a park as she walked her dog. luckily, she fought back. how that may lead to the suspect. kat? >> reporter: it was a fierce fight. she bit her attacker, kicked him below the belt. it happened right here in riverside park. police released a photo of the suspect. this happened last friday on 107th street in riverside park. the suspect came up to the
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what time was it. all of a sudden, though, he put her in a head lock, he tried kissing her. the woman broke free from the suspect, kicked him in the groin and bit him. people who spend time in this park are appalled by what happened. >> it's disgusting and >> reporter: the most recent nypd reports riverside park in the top five of parks that have the most violent crimes. 13 incidents in nine months. at this point, darlene, police are still looking for the
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information. >> kat creag, thank you. you can see these cars were destroyed when they ran into each other in yonkers. police in williamsburg are looking for a man who tried to rob a woman in her home near taylor street. the man allegedly threatened the from the kitchen sink. the victim escaped when the suspect dropped that knife on the floor. new concerns about the possible spread of hepatitis a in long island. a worker at a restaurant may have exposed customers to the virus. health officials have said july
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are the dates. fever, nausea and yellowing of the skin are the symptoms. we're always telling people they need to be careful. >> exactly. we're talking about some of the hottest combinations of humidity and temperatures combined that we've seen all summer with feels-like temperatures reaching 110. down to 73 as you step outside. upper 70s down the shore and mid- and upper 70s along the shore. we'll heat up rapidly. a few showers work their way into western and northwestern sections of new jersey. notice the reds, oranges and yellows have transferred over to plain, old green. that means lighter rain.
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73, however, by the afternoon. we jump to 87 by noon. 93 by 3:00. humidity building again. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. and here's an early look at the commute. >> roadways causing delays. midland avenue and century road, you will be diverted on to farview to 17. it's not causing a delay right now but later on in the day it will. eastbound, ongoing overnight work at webster avenue. two lanes are closed. it's a bit of a slow right. we have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you. we're hearing exclusively from a young bronx girl who escaped an attacker in her own building.
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he tried to lure a 12-year-old girl from the elevator to a stairwell in a building in mt. hope. the man said that he would hurt her if she didn't do what he said. news 4's ray spoke with her. >> he asked her and we told her called the cops. >> police are going through surveillance video in the hopes of looking for the man. inspectors are looking at another crane accident. the cable section swung widely from the crane and crashed into a window in 3 world trade center. it's still under construction. nobody was inside and no one was hurt.
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weather. >> it caught a gust of wind on the 12th floor and hit a window. >> it sounded like a boom and i looked up and the crane hit that window. >> workers are trying to secure that crane when the accident happened. no glass fell to the ground, they say. that window and panel, of course, will have to be replaced. the man from virginia who scaled a trump tower is charged with reckless endangerment and trespassing. 19-year-old steve rogata is being evaluated. he ran away in 2014 after arguing with his parents about his obsession with the political blog. 4:38. today is the day alex rodriguez is getting ready for his big good-bye in the bronx. tracy, the end of an era. let's put it this way, one of
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recent times. >> reporter: you think? i would certainly agree with that. i think alex rodriguez would agree with that as well. it's the end of an era. it starts with a tribute. now rodriguez is the designated hitter as they faced off in fenway last night and will likely assume the same role tonight despite asking third base one last time. gerardi refused. this ends a controversial role on the field. he was asked about going into this finale. >> i'm so grateful for the fans of new york who have been so good to me and i'm finally graduating and it's kind of a
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>> reporter: tonight's game will actually start at 7:35, a half hour later to accommodate the pregame ceremony. we'll talk about the particular pressure he has going into this game as a yankee, pressure that he's familiar with throughout his career. back to you. >> once again, the spotlight will be on him. tracie, thank you so much. it's 4:40 right now. at the as the final showdown between michael phelps and ryan lochte. >> however, it was all michael phelps. he felt the fattest in the pool as he won by two seconds. ryan lochte finished fifth and didn't make it to the podium. for michael phelps, that's his 22nd gold medal.
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the first african-american woman to ever medal in an individual swimming event. >> yeah, it means a lot. this medal is not just for me but for a bunch of people who have come before me and have inspiration from me and for all of the people after me who believe they can't do it, i just want to be inspiration that you can do it. >> and in women's gymnastics, simone biles proved that she she pulled off a dominant performance. she was absolutely stunning in the floor exercise. she made the balance beams look effortless. she won with the largest margin of victory. it was larger than the last nine all-around gold medalists combined. team usa captain aly raisman made it to the silver. the men's volleyball team
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advanced to the quarterfinals. here's a look at the medal counts. team usa with 38 in total. china second with 30 medals total and followed by japan and russia. and be sure to check out for highlights including michael phelps and katie ledecky vying for gold, this time in their signature races. you can watch the athletes in the must- ahead. great stories. simone manuel, a great story there. she is from texas. incredible. 4:42. still to come, the angry reaction over plans to turn a local hotel into a homeless shelter. and then three college students missing for more than 30 hours but they were found safe, we'll have their story coming up next. and your weather and traffic on the 4s.
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welcome back. 4:45 on a friday morning. we've made it. it's a steamy friday morning. some areas have cooled down a little bit but the humidity is way up there. it's quiet. partly to mostly cloudy y. back in a hurry. we have all sorts of heat advisories in effect. the areas in orange indicating a heat advisory. the areas in pink, excessive heat warning, nearby suburbs, we could see the feels-like temperatures reach 105 to 110 before the day is through today. yesterday's actual high temperatures, 91 at the park. newark, 96. laguardia at 97 yesterday. islip, 91.
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were over 105 in the areas in the mid-90s yesterday. 76 in middle village. valley stream as well. 74 in staten island. hudson valley seeing a couple of 60s way to the north and west. thunderstorm activity really dying out. you see lightning frames coming out of the eastern p.a. but it subsides. county, northern half of new jersey and even the city could see a sprinkle early on this morning. look at these feels-like temperatures. by 5:00, it will feel like 104 in the city with the heat and humidity. temperatures, 105 in south brunswick. does it get any better on saturday? we're looking at 107 in the city by 3:00 saturday afternoon,
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poughkeepsie, 103. in terms of showers and thunderstorm threat today, for the early afternoon, kind of quiet. showers and storms during the afternoon and evening hours. it looks like from the city on north and west, the greatest chance of that activity and tomorrow the same thing again plays out and seeing a few more showers and storms towards the south and southwest of the city later on tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. the bottom line is, we stay in the heat. it's oppressive. take it slow. limit your time outside and stay hydr. on friday, saturday and sunday. upper 80s on monday and tuesday. hopefully finally drying out by the end of next week with temperatures in the mid-80s. it's 4:47-ish. lauren? >> you can at least celebrate a nice ride as you see colors changing a little bit. we have construction here on the bqe out by the bridge. one of the lanes is blocked
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manhattan avenue. you can see a very slow ride through here. we'll take a live look outside at the george washington bridge where things are moving along nicely. the lower level was supposed to be shut down until 5:00 a.m. but it has reopened a few minutes early. keep in mind, you need your easy pass until 6:00 a.m. if you're headed out to the subways, we have fasttrack maintenance on the l train. no service betwe they are providing free shuttle buses instead. >> lauren, thanks very much. an auditorium of people vented their anger as they don't want a homeless shelter in their queens community. they shouted down a city representative it would open in maspeth on october 1st.
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inn. >> this shelter will be built over my dead body. >> a maspeth city council member is fighting that as well. a new york city woman who was killed while jogging likely struggled with her attackers. e bruises. she was killed between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. on sunday. police are investigating whether the 27-year-old was sexually assaulted. police are investigating possible hate crimes in rockland against rabbis on tuesday night. a neighbor says she witnessed several young men running near one of the homes when one of them threw a device that exploded next to a tree and started a fire.
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are dealing with bombings at a popular tourist spot. 30 people are dead and 40 more injured. the highest number of casualties in this town. explosions went off in a popular resort of phuket and elsewhere. police are ruling out terrorism. today is a national holiday in thailand. several people are unaccountable still in an apartmentlo authorities don't know how many are missing but they have so far found two bodies in the rubble. the cause is not known. officials say it's too early to see if it's connected it to someone smelling gas in the area last month. three students from arkansas state university spent 30 hours lost in caves as they went to explore and got lost.
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their efforts were fruitless until they finally heard a faint voice call back. >> i heard, help. and finally heard a tiny voice off in the distance. >> we found these guys, and they were a very, very good ways in there. >> my gosh. two of the explorers said they would never go back but kasey sherwood says he won't let it beat him. his wife might say >> i know. they must have been far deep in the cave. 4:51. still to come, sobering information about how unhealthy our kids are nationwide. you're watching "today in new york." have a tip for the biggest i-team? call 866-news-244.
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4:53, 70 degrees right now on this friday morning. in new jersey, route 94 in hardyston is closed when a bolt of lightning caused a power line to fall to the ground. it burned into a 12-inch gas line but there's no danger to residents, we're told. people will see the temperatures and s bad, low 80s in the morning. it was cooled by the morning overnight but we'll be right back at it. we have the mind set that we are living in southern florida for the next few days. we have thunderstorms that pop up late afternoon and evening. 93 is the expected high. the feels-like temperature easily between 100 and 105. tonight, muggy, upper 70s. leftover showers and storms. even overnight, a rumble comes on through.
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feels-like temperatures are close to 110. you want to really stay indoors if you can and then watch the sky for a high of 94. >> wow. >> public pools are open, a good place to be. as soon as you hear thunder -- >> wow. >> if you hear thunder, there is lightning around. be aware of that. >> thanks so much, chris. lauren, good morning. good morning. we have problems on the long island this is in queens. just a few moments ago, all lanes were shut down by 108th straight before you get to the grand central parkway. two lanes are closed right now. certainly delays. in better news, it's still quiet at the gowanus expressway. things are moving along
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the summer streets program is called the shared streets program. this will run from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and wnbc is a proud sponsor of this event. the drug enforcement has left marijuana on a list of no accepted medical use. the decision does not affect the york and new jersey and in other states. the dea says like lsd and heroin, marijuana has a hypo tension for abuse. but the agency did announce it will allow more research into the possible medical benefits. mayor de blasio making the city a more welcoming place for working moms.
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mothers to feed their babies. lactation rooms cannot be a restroom and they have to have access to electricity, a chair and running water. mayor de blasio says the goal is to make it easier for nursing moms. >> as a mother, i've never done this before and i worried i couldn't feed him and hearing that there is a room here makes me feel relieved because that's where we will be after this press conference. i just really appreciate the behind it. >> cute little babies right there. >> cute. >> the new law goes into effect next july. governor cuomo wants you to eat food that is safe. fruits and vegetables that come from upstate farms will get special labels but first they have to meet food and safety
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in news 4, your health, the university of minnesota study found most children don't meet the american heart association standards for cardiovascular health. studies suggest that 91% of children had poor diets filled with high calorie and sugary foods. only half of the boys and one-third of the girls met the exercise standard that happens to be 60 minutes a day. >> a big problem. >> yep. >> food that is most available and well. >> and the most expensive. all right. 4:58 right now. deep-fried twinkies will be taking the leap from the fair to your freezer. >> hostess is bringing it to your home. you keep these frozen and then you bake them before you eat them. the deep-fried twinkies will be available exclusively at walmart
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>> yes. and then get on the treadmill. it's coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> download the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. a woman attack on the upper west side putting her in a head lock and how she got away. plus, sweltering heat. the weather that will make it feel like it's more than 100 degrees. and michael phelps dominates in the pool. nobody even close there. the olympic moments live from rio. "today in new york" starts right now. >> michael phelps, thank you. >> he's a friend. >> how fabulous. good morning.
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>> and i'm darlene. >> we're watching a few showers starting out looking oppressive but weakening now and running with more stable air overhead. this batch showing a brief shower or two in the next hour or so and then it moves on through and things will quiet down for a while and then heat on up. what we han orange, these are heat advisories. excessive heat warning in the city and nassau county up through the hudson valley as well. right now, it's not bad. 74 degrees. upper 80s by noon. humidity is back. >> queens is a problem right now


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