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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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now at 5:00, 105 degrees. this is how hot it feels in parts of our areas. tonight, the warnings, the power problems, and where you can find some relief. the case of a patient claims one visit to an oral surgeon landed him in the hospital. a-rod is about to play his last game. the events planned at yankees stadium tonight. well, forget uncomfortable. this heat we're all feeling is serious. good evening, everyone. i'm sibila vargas. >> and i'm david ushery. warnings are in effect as the tri-state sizzles. tonight it feels as hot as 105 degrees in parts of our area. an excessive heat warning is in
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happened in three years and call are out to limit electricity usage. >> we have crews covering every angle of this story so you can stay safe. we start with janice huff. >> we're going to start with the temperatures because that's where we start and then we add in the humidity. lots of 90-degree temperatures on the map. right around 90 in poughkeepsie, newburgh, morristown. it's 91 i however, the dew points are in tropical to an awful range. all these numbers are in the 70s. this is a measure of how much moisture is in the atmosphere. the closer this number is to the actual temperature, the worse it feels. in most cases it is above 75 degrees. almost 80 in newburgh. it feels just absolutely terrible. you have a heat index of 105 there. feels like 106 in sussex. 100 in the city and farmingdale.
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long branch, 102. this is dangerous heat out there. we have an excessive heat warning for just about the entire tri-state area. where you're not under the warning, you're under an advisory. the heat index will remain above 80s by 10:00. tomorrow we're at 105, 107, and 110 in some spots. then saturday. we'll track these and more coming up on the heat back to you. >> this is arguably one of the worst places to be in the heat. the subway is an inferno. many of you are tweeting about the cars without ac calling it brutal and gross. some even referring to it as hell. andrew siff in midtown with that and the safety concerns. >> reporter: first of all, we should mention as you guys indicated at the outset the most dangerous heat wave in three
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the day. no cool off expected until at least late sunday night, so that's a lot of hours exposed to this discomfort. health risks for the elderly. when that train rumbles in, usually it means you can stop fanning yourself on board. but about ten times a day during the past week on the older r-62 subway cars along the 1, 3, and 6 lines commuters have found no air-conditioning. >> it's brutal, especially when you're standing on the platform sweating. then your train gets here and you think finally. then you can't breathe. >> reporter: riders are vented on twitter.
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without ac. >> pretty bad. i can't really imagine anything much worse than this. >> it is like a sauna that you don't want to be in. >> reporter: aboveground those required to work outside today might face the toughest challenge. while kids with access to sprinklers or pools might be the luckiest. >> as much as we can be in the sprinklers. we go to the brooklyn bridge park. sometimes we just stay inside. >> it's been three years since we've had this kind of heat emergency. >> reporter: mayor de blasio urged new yorkers not to take the season's most dangerous heat wave lightly. >> if you don't need to be outdoors in this heat, don't do it. >> reporter: in fairness to the mta, they point out those ten cars without air-conditioning,
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in operation each day. we have some power outages at this hour on staten island. con edison is asking residents to conserve power and avoid a wider spread power outage. andrew siff, news 4 new york. an apartment building for seniors in queens left without power for over 24 hours. power roseanne colletti is in rockaway. >> reporter: right now, some of the residents are sitting outside, enjoying the rather brisk breeze, but they're also looking forward to cooling off inside their own apartments once again tonight. the portable generators have been hooked up and are pumping in cold air, but it has been a
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something in my microwave. at that point, the power went off. >> reporter: the tenants are seniors, many with health issues, thankful for a bottle of water after sweating it out inside overnight or trying to sleep outdoors. >> i spent the night in a very damp apartment. there's no way to cool off. everything in our freezer, our refrigerator, our food, everything is gone. >> i suffer with bronchitis. the humidity didn't allow me to breathe comfortable. i eventually ended up sleeping in my car with the ac on all night. >> reporter: they've been working to connect new generators. a transformer failed in yesterday's extreme heat. fortunately a backup system enabled the elevators to run and some emergency lights to be on, but that's provided little
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>> i took around three showers because it was -- especially the top floor is very hot. >> reporter: residents have been coming and going into this bus, which was brought in for cooling. >> it's better here. yes. at home it's impossible. >> reporter: tenants also complained the building management left them in the dark in more ways than one during the crisis. >> tenants should be knocked on their doors told are you okay, do you need to go to t >> reporter: hot temperatures, hot tempers. now a nonprofit which runs and owns this complex tells us that it feels it acted appropriately, that this is a senior apartment building, not a nursing home. nonetheless, it is still some of the criticism we have heard out here. manhole fires caused power problems for some restaurants in midtown.
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was probably rethinking that decision. you can see thick black smoke pouring from the manhole. firefighters roped off another manhole in the same area because of steam. you're going to want to have that nbc 4 new york app this weekend. we'll be posting the latest temperatures, storm threats, information on cooling centers. it takes just seconds to download. we've got an i-team update to the controversy we've been telling you about in rockland county over estate solicitors. today elected officials called for their department of state to call for a public hearing on the problem. sarah wallace is in the newsroom with details. >> several areas of rockland county have passed local no knock laws, which ban door to door solicitations, but many homeowners complain those laws are blatantly being ignored. now there is pressure for the
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rockland residents joined lawmakers to vent about this, heavy handed real estate solicitors. she recently started using her cell phone to document exchanges. >> i've had it. i've had it. in my messages if you want to live with people, as you say that you do, then you need to respect others. >> reporter: her frustration is echoed in many neighborhoods in la homeowners have posted these signs on their lawns. >> some of these complaints include realtors coming to their door promising cash for their homes and telling them if you don't consider selling now, in a short while this community will change and the value of your home will diminish. >> homeowners have reported it is not just occurred with agents going door to door, but often complete strangers knock on their doors. they open the door and they walk
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they've collected a whole packet of complaints now in the hands of the department of state. the question whether or not laws are being broken, including a federal law against block busting. >> we believe that right now is the perfect time to make sure that we're drilling down and exposing what is going on. we need transparency. we need to make sure that we know exactly, hey, is this block busting. >> reporter: block busting is the illegal practice of induing ho raising the fear of people of another race or class moving into the neighborhood. officials at today's news conference are vowing they will keep the pressure on the secretary of state to respond. that's the latest from the newsroom. sarah wallace, news 4 new york. we have some breaking news in duchess county. five people struck by lightning. their conditions not known at this hour. we'll have more on this story as
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from mvp awards and the focus of a steroids scandal, a-rod's 13 years as a yankee has seen some ups and downs. >> tonight he is playing his last game in pinstripes. john chandler is at yankees stadium with a preview for us. >> reporter: fans calling out his name. he would take a moment to l he is signing autographs for fans. he have nostalgic on the drive in to the ballpark. fans are pretty sentimental too. babe ruth slugged three homers in one of his final games. it's the babe that a-rod would like to join in the 700 club.
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tap you on the shoulder when you least expect it and tell you when it needs to end. >> reporter: the last game as a yankee will be david floatie's first. >> i expect him to play just a little bit. let's get in him. >> so you're realistic? >> yes, very realistic. >> reporter: there are some fans who still want to see a-rod out of here. he also brought controversy. >> he made all the time. you can always say that. >> my feelings with him is i'm a love/hate relationship with him. >> reporter: for all of alex's admitted mistakes, his home runs are the most behind ruth. >> he is one of history's greatest ballplayers. >> i remember him as one of the best baseball players of all time. >> reporter: a-rod will be
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>> there it goes! see ya! >> with all my screw ups and how badly i've acted, the fact i'm walking out the door and they want me as part of the family, that's hitting 800 home runs for me. that's something i'll be able to share with my daughters for a long time. >> reporter: he had a real request for joe girardi. he wanted to play third base tonight. joe said no. the yankees are creeping up on a playoff will bat third. i'm john chandler. news 4 new york. >> a lot of people will be watching. still ahead, a health warning issued to anyone who has recently dined at one long island restaurant. the virus you may have been exposed to. run the toll and these guys will run you down. we're taking you inside the dangerous game of catching toll
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a big upset for a u.s. women's soccer team. >> yeah, bruce beck is in rio.
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>> reporter: that's a great point. on day seven of the rio olympics, a huge shocker here in rio because the u.s. women's soccer team is out. the three-time defending olympic champions, the world cup defending champions, knocked off by sweden in the first quarter match of the entire tournament. it's a huge disappointment for carli lloyd and her teammates. the u.s. trailed 1-0 77th minute when they get a fortunate bounce off a swedish defender and alex morgan scores the equalizer. but for the first time, the game went to penalty kicks. it was tied at three late in the shootout when press fires one over the crossbar and that opened the door for team sweden. team usa was knocked out of the
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gold medal game. now they won't medal at all. what a stunner. >> just doesn't feel real right now. it's going to hurt. it's unfortunate to lose, but you best believe that in 2019 and 2020 we're going to be back for the gold. >> reporter: there was no such letdown for our women's basketball team. they improved to 4-0 with another convincing victory. this one over canada. the americans wrap up group play on sunday against china. showdown between ryan lochte and michael phelps never picked up steam. phelps left lochte in his wake. while phelps took gold, lochte settled for fifth. today i caught up with lochte who still owns 12 olympic medals, including 6 gold. are you enjoyed the rivalry in terms of making each other better and driving each other
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since we first started back in 2004. it's been amazing, this whole journey, racing against him. i couldn't ask for anything better. >> reporter: rivalries often define greatness. phelps made lochte better. lochte made phelps better. who knows how many medals would have won in he swam in a different era. david and sibila, i would like just one. happy with just one. >> we'll give you a medal when you get back. >> you've earned it. >> it is going to be chocolate though. let's take a look at the medal count right now. the u.s. still on top with 43 medals. the most gold and silver medals of any country. china in second place followed by japan and great britain
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>> we are your home for all the olympic coverage. go to read up on the athletes, the game highlights, and the must-see matchups ahead. let's check in with janice huff. how is our weather, besides hot? >> i heard david say he had been on the subway platform earlier. it is better to walk in the sun than stand on that platform. >> true. >> it is just horrible. with temperatures in the 90s today, laguardia came close to 100. the actual temperature was 98. newark, 97. 94 in bridgeport. 87 in jfk is not bad for a temperature, but it feels hotter. 91 in the park right now. city island is at 95. there are some 80s on the map. montauk is at 81. that's the on cool spot today.
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poughkeepsie. in most cases it feels like between 95 and 105 right now. we expect the heat index to go up tomorrow to 110. that's what it is in brownsville right now. the bermuda high pressure system, which is usually here this time of year, the air underneath it is dry, but wind circulating around it is pumping in plenty of moisture. we get an unsettled pattern in it is steamy. we get thunderstorms. the temperatures feel just incredibly awful. that does not change through the weekend. the heat warning stays in effect through sunday. you have to do everything you can to stay cool. more storms have popped up again. right now over new jersey this one is headed towards midwood, leesville, jackson. another line moving and crossing over the delaware into new jersey right now. franklin and edison, you'll see some downpours too. this will continue on and off
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then we start to see things clear out a bit. new york summer streets is tomorrow. keep an eye on the sky for a possible storm. the heat index between 95 and 103 if you're walking the streets tomorrow. 96 is the high. the heat index may go as high as 110. >> like that description. still ahead, some trouble midair. bad turbulence on a flight sent dozens to the hospital. hear how passengers describe frightening moments. screaming and shouting for residents of one local community furious with a plan to put a casino right in their backyard, but could gambling be a good thing. one woman got a voucher for a flight after she cancelled a trip, but then she ran into even more problems. better get baquero so it doesn't
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oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone.
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new at 5:00, if you grab drinks at one long island restaurant, you may have been exposed to hepatitis a. >> suffolk county health officials are offering free vaccines to anyone who visited trento in farmingdale. the worker is now off the job until she fully recovers. the restaurant owner insists they have scrubbed down the eatery and everything is safe. >> our place is clean. we've gonehr we do this all the time. the health department didn't find anything wrong, so the place is safe. >> anyone who visited the restaurant on july 19th, 23rd, or 26th may have also been exposed to the virus. best advice, call your doctor. a plane headed to california hit such bad turbulence passengers say they were tossed around like rag dolls. that jetblue plane hit that
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it was so forceful night attendants were knocked off the feet and passengers say their heads hit the ceiling. 24 people were taken to the hospital. >> i felt like i was on the tower of terror. we just dropped like that. >> stuff flew. i got a bag of chips on my lap and my shoe went backwards and the computers were up. >> physically, everyone is okay. they're going to remember this one for a long time. jetblue brought in a replacement plane which trip to california. we know what may have caused the toxic contamination of a local city's drinking water. >> up next, who is being accused. plus this. 4 investigates a new jersey's man's claim that an oral surgeon's dirty practices could have killed him and other patients. pools of stagnant water, hot zones for mosquitos. now with zika fears rising, we
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grounds and we have the city's
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right now on news 4 new york, a patient says getting his wisdom teeth removed landed him in the hospital. he blames a north jersey oral surgeon. >> the doctor legally agreed to follow best sanitation practices, but for one infection victim it is just not enough. brian thompson has the 4 investigates exclusive.


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