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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  August 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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another day of extreme heat. we have team 4 forecast and tips to help keep you cool. caught on camera. a man wanted for robbing a 4-year-old. what he took from girl at an astoria laundromat. >> the end of an era. a packed stadium bids farewell to a-rod. welcome to "today in new york," i'm pat battle. >> i'm gus rosendale. just don't go outside today. that's the bottom line. we get up early here and the wall of humidity smacked you. >> yes, it did. >> i don't know about any relief but let's go through hour by
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raf miranda in the weather 4 storm team. >> it's better to stay indoors, stay in the ac. if you go outside, that's when you need to be concerned about staying hydrated and out of the sun. it's very hot out. a quiet start to your weekend. this is the problem. excessive heat warnings in effect. all of these counties shaded in pink. look where they the heartland. dutchess county, westchester, rockland, the five boroughs, under excessive heat warnings. this is in effect through sunday afternoon. basically all weekend long the heat will stay dangerous. we didn't cool off last night so now we're down at 81.
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winds out of the southwest at 8 miles per hour. plan your day. 90 degrees, fools like 99. that's because of the high humidity 37 as you head towards 2:00, tracking a few showers and storms. the big story is 9 5 feels like 107 degrees. even through 5:00 p.m., 92 degrees feels like 105. this is going to be the most dangerous time where you definitely need to stay indoors and stay hydrated. there is some relief on the way in the ten-day a few minutes. >> thanks. happening now, as raffy is talking about and everybody else, we're under excessive heat warnings and city leaders are urging everyone to play it safe. good morning, greg. >> reporter: good morning, gus. hey, pat. i knew what kind of morning it was going to be when i got in my car at 4:30 and the thermometer read 81 degrees. all downhill from there.
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our area through tomorrow. the real-feel temperatures will be in triple digits. not only uncomfortable, but very dangerous. that's why the is he will be keeping cooling centers in all five boroughs through the weekend. mayor de blasio urging new yorkers to use their air conditioning if they have it, but the mayor is at 78 degrees. the main reason for, that he doesn't want to overload our power grid. >> this, again, is a heat emergency. use air conditioning. set it to 78 degrees. why? because 78 degrees will keep you cool enough in terms of health, you'll be fine. but if will also help us protect against power outages and, worse, a blackout. we have the biggest population
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history, huge demands on our power grid. the last thing any of us want to go through is a blackout. >> reporter: some in our area did see power outages yesterday. right now the number of outages are minimal. tomorrow marks, ironically, the anniversary of the great blackout of 2003. the mayor is urging people to check on their neighbors, the elderly and chronically ill, the folks who really suffer in this kind of rear live in bryant park, greg cergol, "today in new york." >> we do not want a repeat. heat is not the only concern. raffy mentioned we're going to get loss of thunderstorms. >> a fast-moving system took some parkgoers by surprise. a lightning bolt struck as people were under a tree in poughkeepsie's mansion square
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got worried because i know he does come here once in a while. >> reporter: pattie white hoped her brother was not involved, not the reason for the tape. >> then i saw his bookbag on an officer's car. i asked them, look in it. sure enough, it was her brother's book bag. >> reporter: he's 46-year-old franklin mckeel. he was sitting on this park bench when lightning struck. one of three >> supposedly his heart stopped. they got him back. he's stable. now they have to do some kind of procedure. >> reporter: another two were hurt but not as seriously. he says he saw signs of small fires, remnants of the strike. >> the woman's handbag, which had obviously been on fire, was on fire when the first officers got here. >> there was actually smoke
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he was alive, but he was smoking, his pants, his clothes were smoking, whatnot. >> reporter: according to the national weather service, there have been 25 lightning-related deaths across the country. two in upstate new york. both of those victims killed earlier this week. now his sister just hopes his brother doesn't add to that number and survives this strike. >> but they don't know and they won't know if he's going to make it. it's never safe to be out in thunder. if you hear thunder, lightning is close. crews tell us you should stay away from objects that conduct electricity. >> as always, you can track storms with the latest nbc4 app. you can download it for free at the app store. new this morning, this is a story that really stunned us.
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snatched a gold chain from the neck of a toddler in queens. it happened yesterday at the laundromat in astoria. that is the suspect, 22-year-old pablo escobar. yeah. people say he hangs around ravenswood and queens park. if you have any information, police contact police. and happening now, police need your help to find a family in brooklyn. detectives tell us janet smith hasn't been seen since thursday when she left the human administration building on dekalb avenue. if you see them, please call crime stoppers. alex rodriguez is officially a former yankee. he retired from baseball last night after playing his final
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yankee stadium. >> number 13, alex rodriguez. >> fans gave a-rod a standing ovation before the first pitch. he braved some shaky weather. look at the clouds, which did hold up for the game. during his 12 seasons as a yankee, he developed a love/hate relationship. the fans we spoke to last night had nothing but praise for th slugger. >> he's been the athlete of the decade. >> we came here to say good-bye to a-rod. >> if you're listening, front office, you're hurting me. you're not hurting him. >> we'll let you know how a-rod and the yankees did in their final game coming up a bit in sports. well, from the pool to the pitch. another day of inspirational wins and unbelievable upsets. news 4's bruce beck was at the
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joins us from rio. >> reporter: dave seven on rio there was a stun other soccer field. a stunning performance in the pool by the finest female swimmer in the world. and a stunned crowd with the most decorated olympian of all-time came up short. katie ledecky won her fourth and final gold medal in rio, demolishing the field in the 800-meter freestyle and setting a new world record in the process. the 19-year-old is officially superstar. >> i have to wait another four years to have this moment again. >> reporter: in his final event of the games, michael phelps had to settle for silver in the 100-meter butterfly and it was an incredible three-way tie for silver. >> that's what i could do today. you know, it's -- it's okay. i have another race tomorrow. and we'll get ready for that. >> reporter: and of it a banner night for some other americans.
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the 100-meter freestyle. he xap toured that event in sydney as a 19-year-old. may yeah dirado claimed the 100-meter backstroke. what a shocker in soccer where the u.s. women's team is out. they were knocked off in the quarterfinals by sweden after losing on penalty kicks. it's the first time ever that the u.s. women have failed to reach the gold medal now they won't medal at all. >> just doesn't feel real. it's going to hurt. it's unfortunate to lose but you best believe in 019 and 2020 we'll be back for the golds. >> reporter: the men's basketball team survived over serbia, and the women's team crushed canada 81-51.
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silver. i'm bruce beck for "today in new york." >> the u.s. medal count remains way ahead. the u.s. with 50 medals, 0 gold. china in second with 37, japan, 24, and great britain 22 in total. please stay with news 4 on air and online. logon to and 4 to watch today. still to come on "today in new york" on this saturday morning, what scientists are studying off the long island coast that may make you squirm. we'll have an update from the gulf coast where torrential rains in the south have left some communities under water. look at that video. up to the eaves. dangerous heat and humidity continue again today.
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we'll take a look at the storm's ten-day forecast. there's the gwb looking very hazy on this saturday morning. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet
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line. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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new york, new york, with a traffic jam. that's the alexander hamilton bridge. >> what's up with that? >> i know. traffic on the way up, so are temperatures. in a moment, raf numbers. >> look at this. the heavy downpours. that's a house. get to the roof line. this is in the south. louisiana you should a state of emergency. in some areas more than a foot of rain fell in less than 24 hours. crews have pulled dozens of people out of their homes, when are obviously full of water. at least two people have died. river records are to overflow. my goodness, look at that.
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there all week. it will continue down on the gulf. we saw storms yesterday. >> the haze and humidity already forming. >> it's the summer setup, the heat and humidity, storms will pop again. the big story is the heat and the dangerous combination of heat and humidity. it will feel like 110 degrees. there's the brooklyn bridge. lots of haze there. it's a stick morning and only gets worse from here. take a look at the satellite picture. bermuda high pressure in control. not much going on around the immediate tri-state. we'll see those popping at we head throughout the evening hours. it's dangerous to stay outside for too long. the heat wave becomes official. this is the third day in a row above 90 degrees. our second heat wave in the park. another round of showers and
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humidity continue, unfortunately, on full blast for tomorrow. planning your day today, dry through the morning, hazy, hot and humid. that 95 feels more like 110 around 2:00 p.m. and that's around the tri-state. scattered storms especially later on this afternoon and evening. we do have temperatures in the 70s now but it's very muggy. even though you see 75 in shelton, doesn't feel 79 in bridgeport. 81 in central park. 66, enjoy that in monticello. won't last long. summer streets today, it's a hot one. 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., temperatures on the rise from central park to brooklyn bridge. it's a tough one as you go. eventually it's going to feel as hot as 106 degrees. that's more towards 1:00 p.m.
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we could see one or two pop-up storms as well. this is your map. this is what it feels like around 1:00. around 105 in central park. 106 during the engineer shi shore. when you see this 84, that's the potential for a pop-up thunderstorm. that may briefly cool you down. that's what we had yesterday. tomorrow, more of the same. sunday, not much better. maybe 1 or 2 degrees cooler in the feels-like temperatures. the humidity backs off a little bit tomorrow. monday, a little bit better. here's a look at future tracker tracking that storm potential. your shower cooling in asbury park. lots of clouds there, 2:00, 3:00 p.m. the storms could happen anywhere at any time. especially during the afternoon. you have to be outside, keep that in mind. when it rains, it could pool. overnight, dinner time, 8:00,
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high humidity. storms popping after 3:00, 4:00, 5:00. dinner time, scattered storms. it will cool you off a bit. storms could be strong to is he rear. there's your ten-day forecast. mid-90s throughout the weekend. feels like over 100 degrees. monday, still in the low 90s, still humid with scattered storms there. it's not until tuesday and wednesday, looking at 88, 89 degrees, it's still very muggy. doesn't feel good, just d feel quite as intense as it will over the weekend. want to stay up-to-date with this dangerous heat with the news 4 app, tap in the corner, scroll down and select the weather tab. see the latest forecast, interactive radar. it's available in the istore
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been reported in puerto rico, more than 1,000 involve pregnant women. the health secretary says 30 people also suffer from a condition called gillian-barre. experts predict 25% of that island's population could contract zika by the end of the year. also happening today, wildlife experts plan to it take a closer look at waters made famous by researchers from new york aquarium will kick off a two-week expedition off the montauk coast, hoping to learn more about sharks living in the atlantic ocean. they hope waters off long island may be a nursery area for sharks. >> oh, great. >> yeah. they hope to study sharks and
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the city is modeling the idea on summer streets, which is happening today. shared streets allows pedestrians and bicyclists to share a 60-square blocked area with a controlled amount of traffic. that area stretches from the brooklyn bridge down to battery park. shared streets runs from 11:00 this morning to 4:00 this afternoon. mother nature brought a little drama to the sold out crowd at yankee stadium as alex rodriguez played his final game. >> john chandler sports. >> reporter: it's over. alex rodriguez wrapped up his 12-season saga with the yankees and 22 years as one of baseball's all-time great. his last night in the bronx faded much like his career has. at first there was a glimpse of the old alex but by the end of the night, clearly, he was done. before the game, the yankees paid tribute. a-rod gathered with families.
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it was over. maybe appropriate for baseball's only lightning rod. alex himself called it biblical. 30 minutes later, a-rod looked like a-rod. alex delivers off chris archer taking the 2-2 pitch into the gap off center. gardner comes around from first to score. the rbi double for a-rod ties the game 1-1. starling castro provides some offense. castro taking archer deep the yankees go up by three. they add a sixth run and that was big because it allowed joe girardi to take alex out to third base. alex hadn't played the field all season told joe he only wanted to face one batter. girardi pulled him after just one out. what a moment. hugging his teammates, soaking in the stadium ovation and that was it. the yankees win 6-3. they won the last two games this week that alex started.
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through and for them to show up on a night like tonight and show me that type of love is something i'll never forget. it was overwhelming. >> this is the last time he plays, shg i wanted it to be something he never forgot. >> to have an ending like tonight, i don't know a man can ask for. >> reporter: what a moment at third base for alex rodriguez in the ninth inning. he did effectively side-step a question if he thoit this was his last big league baseball game. he just smiled and said, i don't know how you top a moment like this. the mets were topped by padres at city field 8-6. they have dipped below .500 and giants fall in their preseason opener 27-10. that's a wrap from yankee stadium. for today in new york, john
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york," we'll have an update from the campaign trail. first we have your fandango ticket. flying into theaters is "pete's dragon," a fantastic family adventure about a boy and his fire-breathing best friend. for a dose of inspiration, check out "florence foster jenkins," the true story of an heiresss who wasn't afraid to chase her dreams. the "sausage party" serves up a twisted tail of one hot dog's search for the truth. it's definitely not for the kids. finally, let's find out what's hot in theaters this weekend
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avorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy.
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i'm cat greenleaf. this is tyler oakley. your internet -- you're famous for being you. >> hello, everyone. i'm tyler oakley. it's time for another -- >> did you set out to be a media professional? >> no. when i graduated, i went and got a real nine to five job at a desk. i was working on social media for other companies. it was the most frustrating thing because i would do that all day, have to jump through so many hoops, and t had free reign. i could do it my own way. >> let the freak flag fly. >> that was really working. >> hi, tyler. thanks for having me. >> thanks for hanging out with me today. >> the thing you garnered allowed you to do amazing things. you met michelle obama, you sang with one direction on jerry springer. >> this guy is very famous. >> yeah, those things that happened never could have
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they're like, wait, what do you do? >> a lot of people in my life don't get what i do. i'm 26 years old and i'm wearing a onesie on stage. >> this documentary of years called snervous. >> it follows the year of a life of a youtuber. i think it's a really good representation of youtube life. for people that have never heard of me it's a great peek into the world because it's something that's happening. >> finally, where is it going? >> i would like to be a dad. >> yeah? >> who knows. i would like to take a nap. that would be great. last year was a lot of travel. can we just -- this is where it's going to be. >> thank you. >> of course. thank you. >> up next at 6:30 today on new york. >> concerns about the heat and
6:28 am
eve of a very forgettable anniversary. i'm greg cergol in bryant park. how to stay cool and keep the electricity on when we come back. and, of course, one way to stay cool today will be to head to the beach. we'll have your shore cast coming up in a minute. there's the gowanus slow moving. maybe it's the heat taking its
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early detection is critical in fighting cancer a misdiagnosis or other errors can have serious consequences. for almost 40 years jacoby & meyers e care of themselves and their families. you fight the cancer.
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> three hs there. truly, no one can like this. >> i met a woman yesterday. >> who digs this? >> i was in asbury park. wonderful day. my birth place. had a great day down there. met some great folks. don, jim, good morning. i know you're loving it. this woman was from england and she said, i love this hot weather. i absolutely lieu it. >> with her cockney accent, no less. >> you know what i said to her?
6:31 am
>> it's good for beach businesses. raf miranda, what are we looking at? >> it will be busy at the shores but there may be a chance of storms. nice and quiet, lots of sunshine to start your day. off to a great start in fire island as we take a look at your shore cast. temperatures will be silzing back into the 90s. low 80s. a sea bre k fire island, 81, that's your high. winds out of the southwest so off the water, that's good news for the south shore. water temperatures are back to warmer. other spots in the upper 70s to low 80s. wave heights 2 to 4 feet. we have to talk about rip currents because there's a high risk for rip currents for the south-facing shores 37 nassau
6:32 am
york city. basically perpendicular to the coasts. make sure a life guard can see you if you go near the water and moderate risk for rip currents. watching out for lightning, storms are popping and uv index is 9. it's very high. bring the sunscreen as you're making your way down the shore. that's one way to cool off. we'll have a look at your ten-day forecast and tell you when we'll all cool off coming up in a few. city officials urging people to use caution this weekend as our area remains under this excessive heat warning. >> today's greg cergol is at bryant park to let you know what you need to try to be cool this weekend. >> reporter: raffy talking about the beach helps us feel cooler right away. as you guys know, this heat just sticks to you like a wet shirt. it's not only trying our patience, the mayor says it's also a threat to the city's power grid. that's why the mayor is urging
6:33 am
thermostats at 78 degrees. he says, that's cool enough to stay comfortable but also a temperature that will lessen power use and the chances of blackout this is weekend. if you don't have ac, though, the mayor is saying you should get yourself to air city cooling center. they'll be open all weekend in all five boroughs. a safe way to escape the heat. >> anyone who does not have air conditioning and needs a cool place, we have over 500 cooling centers all over the city. they're fr, you can walk in. it's recreation centers, senior centers, can you get a drink of water, spend some time there and cool off. anyone who does not feel that their home can be made cool enough, come to one of our cooling centers. all you have to do is call 311 to find the closest one. >> believe it or not, tomorrow marks the 13th anniversary of the great blackout of 2003.
6:34 am
repeat of that misery. the city is urging folks to check on the elderly and chronically ill who suffer in this heat. some more good advice. don't leave your kids or pets in a vehicle for any amount of time, it gets dangerous inside those vehicles in this hot weather. live in bryant park, greg cergol, "today in new york." >> good to see you here in the city. in the bronx, police are searching for a suspect who attacked an elderly man inside an apartment building. in is surveillance inside that building. you can see the suspect push geronimo down a flight of stairs. he holds on backwards, still holding onto his cane. police say he searched the 74-year-old's pockets but ran off empty-handed when the victim yelled out for help. >> he yelled super, super,
6:35 am
other way. >> doctors at st. barnabus and say he's okay. "making a murderer" documentary, authorities may soon release brendan dassey from prison. he said he helped his uncle in 2005 but his attorney says police coerced that confession. two men have reportedly been detained for questioning in bombings in thailand. four were killed and dozens more injured. authorities have ruled out terrorism, though, and they say the attacks were aimed at
6:36 am
decision 23006. gop presidential nominee donald trump bringing his campaign to fairfield coming after he backtracked on his latest controversial comment. trump says he was sarcastic when he called president obama the founder of isis. >> so, i said the founder of isis. obviously, i'm being sarcastic. then, but not that sarcastic, to be honest with you. >> trump president is honored by isis as their founder and he called hillary clinton the co-founder. his poll numbers continue to slide. a new poll shows clinton is gaining support in colorado, north carolina and virginia. she still leads trump by 5% in florida. meantime, the clinton campaign released last year's income tax returns, hillary clinton and his running mate tim mccain. also blasting trump for not doing the same.
6:37 am
candidate in decades has done and released his tax returns. >> the return shows that hillary and former president bill clinton earned more than $10.5 million last year. nearly 10% of their income bent to charity. they paid $3.6 million in taxes. team usa was swimming in medals after a jaw-dropping night in the track and field as the fastest man in the world. we have the highlights from rio. >> into the semifinals. >> reporter: in a shocking upset, the heavily favored u.s. women were kicked out of the olympic soccer tournament, losing 4-3 in a shootout with sweden. that heartache on the pitch to heroes in the pool in her final
6:38 am
fourth gold medal. >> it was pretty cool. i'm just honored to be on this team. >> reporter: a team that continued its tom unanimous with 35-year-old anthony ervin winning gold in the 50 0 free and a stunned maya dirado touching first in the 200 backstroke. >> i can't believe that just happened. >> reporter: also hard to believe no gold for michael phelps in the 100 fly. he finished in a tie for silver. thins were golden for team usa on 9 first day of track and field competition. michelle jennifer bjorkland, nbc4. log on for your 4 to watch, with history-making for new jersey native in the fencing competition. still to come, storm team 4 meteorologist raf miranda will
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6:40 on a saturday morning. people congress gagt at the crossroads of the world. can you imagine what midtown is going to be like today. >> sweltering. >> yeah. suffocating, scintillating for some. >> scintillating, what? >> not many. >> a lot of >> and smelly. >> it smells when it's hot. >> a special smell. >> stay inside today. click on the ac, watch us, hang out. stay cool. if you have to go outside, bring the water and stay hydrated and avoid the sunshine, if you can. already seeing some hazy sunshine. lincoln inbound looks like it's moving smoothly. you can see the humidity, the haze, the air looks thick.
6:42 am
the heat in the 90s is dangerous because when you add the humidity is feels over 100 degrees throughout much of the day. the body can't take that for any extended period of time. on satellite and radar, high. bermuda high pressure high. we'll see storms popping up once we get daytime heating into the afternoon. 79 staten island. still in the 80s in 81 in floral park. it's cooler as you head north and west. back to monticello, 86 degrees. 76 right now in white plains let's take a look at what 2 will feel like. after 11:00, into the afternoon. that's when we have these feels-like temperatures which are a combination of the heat and humidity well over 10 0 degrees. even up to 110 in some of hottest spots during the hottest times of the day.
6:43 am
long. some relief overnight. not much. you can see we're in the 90s and 80s and tomorrow we do it again. the numbers are a bit lower tomorrow because the humidity is a bit lower. it's still dangerous and that heat warning remains in effect through sunday afternoon and evening. monday we start to see some improvement. it will be hot and humid just not quite as bad. on future tracker, this is the afternoon. one or two storms popping. when it rains, we could have strong to severe thunderstorms. ev t stay dry. if you get a storm, you need to seat shelter. maybe even some wind damage. heading into dinner time, we should be quieting down by then. a quite start to your day tomorrow. more of the same. showers and storms popping through the afternoon and evening. and the same threat for strong to severe storms as they move through. baseball, absolutely brutal for the yankees taking on rays at 1:05.
6:44 am
degrees. 93, that's the actual temperature. you're adding in that humidity and there may be a few storms as well. the 95 is your high in central park. the heat wave, third day it a row above the 90 degrees in central park. overnight, no relief from the heat. it's a steamy night ahead with a low of 86 degrees. we can't cool off. the ten-day forecast, you can see gradual improvement. le 8 on tuesday. the humidity continues but temperatures back down a through the middle of next week. you want to stay up to date with the news 4 app, tap on the app, scroll down. you can use our interactive radar, you may need that this afternoon. you can submit your own weather video. it's available in the app store right now. coming up after the break, inside the dominican day parade.
6:45 am
plus, we'll introduce you it adorable animals looking for
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6:47 am
foam the streets of midtown manhattan will be transforled with the sights and sound of the dominican republic. marching along that route is a familiar face. we have actress who will be marching. >> thank you for opening your doors and my initiatives. >> thank you for being here. tomorrow is exciting. we have the grand marshal and you marched in the parade before. tell us what you were expecting. >> last year was close to 400,000 people. this year more than a million. it's a new organization and
6:48 am
feel of new york city's latin community. we're expecting 1 million people cheering, our flags waving. >> beautiful sight. you'll be marching with 100 young women. who are they and what are they displaying? >> they are hispanic women that my organization, latin in communication and arts, have been training in civic duties, he can quet and protocol, how to combat bullying, social and emotional awar agreed to participate as a voice. they'll be holding signs with affirmations. bold, shine, empower, healthy, happy, joy. >> that plays into the theme. we have videos of last year's parade. it plays into the theme this year. what is that? >> it's supporting dominican women. their effort, unity and power in our u.s. community. as dominican women, we're hard workers.
6:49 am
family and ourselves. >> it's never easy. >> but more now than ever we're united and empower ourselves. >> these are women who work with your nonprofit group. >> we have a 51-c-3. this year we started the program camera, shine, lights. which means you can be camera-ready, shine inside, the beauty, the real beauty comes from within. we have the final say to invite us as an extra curricular course to bring to your school educators things that are not taught in schools. >> very important to make them feel important. >> we give them career training.
6:50 am
and we've had a successful spring. five schools team up. >> the website is >> and tomorrow, the dominican day parade kicks off at noon starting at 38th street and marching up sixth avenue. >> please join me. i'm going to be with my 100 girls. we're going to wave our flag and celebrate our culture. join us tomorrow.
6:51 am
the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ.
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? ? ? award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. this morning we're going all the way to rio to see what's happening. look at that. hey, craig. it's natalie and al. good morning, folks. >> hi, pat. missing you, pat. >> back at you. >> coming up here on another beautiful morning from rio, we'll talk live to katie
6:53 am
fresh off the incredibly dominant win in the pool. taking home the gold medal in the 800-meter freestyle. we'll see how she's feeling this morning. >> i'm thinking pretty darn good. two more gold medal swimmers, maya dirado and anthony ervin. they managed to come out on top after close calls. you think you have what it takes to train just like an olympian? our takes to be put to the test. >> he's in good shape. >> those stories and a whole heck of a hot more when we got started on a saturday morning here on "today." >> every time i see keir, i think james bond. i'm worried about him this morning. >> it's the accent. >> that's right. >> make sure he knows you said that. he'll love you for that. >> thank you, guys. appreciate it. 6:53. time for this morning's clear the shelter pet profile.
6:54 am
of adopting older pets. you might here one over my microphone who's way. good morning, nancy. >> good morning. older pets, we talk about how puppies and kittens go so quickly from the shelters but older pets can take time. >> there are so many benefit to adopting an older cat or dog. it's amazing. you know what you're getting, what their size will be, their temperament. theye the old saying, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. that actually is not true. you can teach an old dog new tricks. older dogs have better attention spans and they pay more attention to their owner or trainer. >> i know. it's okay. >> we have so many older pets. anybody that's adopted a pet that's a few years old, it's a wonderful experience. that animal knows it's getting a second chance.
6:55 am
they're wonderful animals. >> like a puppy with house training, a guy this year knows where to do his business, right? >> that's a good point. puppies and kittens require a lot of work. a lot of attention. especially a puppy has to go out every couple of hours. they need training. you know, it's an intensive tum-consuming experience. when you adopt a dog a couple years old, typically they've been refresher, and then they're able to be at home for a few more hours and don't neat to go out as frequently. >> i'm fascinated by this doing. tell us about him. >> this is jenks, an 8-year-old who came to us recently. a bit of a neglect case because he has a lot of matting, as you can see. >> you need to shave him down. >> a sweet soul, very caring,
6:56 am
3:00 p.m. >> what location? >> sutton place. >> i want to tell you, i know he's a bit of a sad case but we've been playing with him. this would make a great pet. >> he's lovely. >> our floor director, when he came in -- you're a bit of a mess but we're going to fix that. immediately, he affection -- >> he's happiest when he's on someone's lap. >> he'll make someone -- >> he will require some grooling. this dog 7, 8 years old, in perfect health. we have a lot of them right now. a lot of cats and dogs that are a few years old. already trained. they usually already have their shots. it's a great way to go if you're looking at adopting. >> look beyond the obvious. >> that's right. >> thank you very much.
6:57 am
there is some relief heatwise coming up in a matter of days. you're watching nbc4 xps. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet.
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it gets worse from here. an excessive heat warning not just for today but through tomorrow night for all of those counties shaded in pink, including, of course, the five boroughs down the jersey shore. really everyone except for sullivan county, western ulster county. you have to go deep into the hudson valley to escape this dangerous heat and humidity. it's going to feel like 105 to 110 today through the hottest part of theda inside. stay in the ac if you can. if you have to be outside, avoid that sunshine and drink lots of water. 95 is your actual high temperature. the heat wave continues tomorrow. made the humidity eases up but dangerously hot and humid. monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday we watch as temperatures gradually slide back down. as far as storms, they'll be isolated, scattered around. not everyone is going to see them. when it does rain, it will pour
7:00 am
thank you for joining us. we'll be back at 9:00. good morning. she rules in the pool. katie ledecky proves once again she is unstoppable. >> another gold medal in the 800 and the world record. >> leaving the competition i while michael phelps misses out on another gold. >> a three-way tie for silver. >> grabbing silver. and today swimming in what is likely his last olympic race ever. and maya dirado pulling a stunning come from behind victory. >> to get the gold. unbelievable. >> plus, a soccer shocker.


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