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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 13, 2016 9:00am-9:29am EDT

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nassau county as well and western suffolk. the only places not under warning are sullivan and western ulster county, you're under excessive heat warning. off to a good start. temperaturewise, 84 degrees. we have lots of sunshine. now, this is what we can expect for today. temperatures back into the 90s just after noon. feels like 107. scattered storms possible throughout the afternoon. a big story is how bad and how hot it will feel. we'll tell you when we see relief coming up. from extended pool hours to cooling centers, city officials want to you stay safe in this extreme heat. >> greg cergol joining us from bryant park.
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out before the worst of the heat arrives. everywhere you look, you see people dabbing their brows or with shirts literally sticking to their bodies. more than uncomfortable, this heat can actually be dangerous. that's why the city says it will keep more than 500 cooling centers in all five boroughs open all weekend long. you can call 311 or go to our website,, to if you have air condition, mayor de blasio says keep it on but at 78 degrees. that way we can reduce power use and lower the risk of blackouts. even with all the precautions, getting this through this day will be a challenge as we found when we ran into a lady who was drinking some hot tea and regretting it. >> i really wasn't thinking.
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croissant. it was hoo hot. i'm from wisconsin. this is horrible. i've been to vegas when it was 115 and it was nothing like this. nothing. >> reporter: it's a dry heat. >> that's no joke. no, this is -- i mean, new york's great, but the heat is a little overwhelming this weekend. >> reporter: back to the potential for power outages, the mayor warning us to be aware of that potential. we saw some power outages, now. tomorrow, though, the 13th anniversary of the great blackout of 2003. hopefully we won't see a replay of that this weekend. we're live if bryant park, greg cergol, news 4 new york. >> thank you very much. we do have to be careful a fast huf moving summer storm in dutchess county has turned deadly. >> a lightning bolt struck people in poughkeepsie's mansion
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he was laid off but you can see he was smoking. his pants and clothes were smoking and whatnot. >> five people in total were hit by that lightning strike. we have just learned that one of those victims has died. two others remain in critical condition this morning. police tell us they were sitting on benches beneath a tree in that park when that powerful lightning bolt struck. we talked to a woman who said her brother is one of the injured. >> supposedly his heart stopped and they sable. now they have to do some kind of procedure. >> the national weather service says there have been 25 lightning-related deaths across the country this year. two were in upstate new york earlier this week. >> you can track any storms in the area with the nbc4 news app. download it at the app store. new this morning, police are looking for a 22-year-old man
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this happened yesterday at the laundromat in astoria. the suspect is 22-year-old pablo escobar. they say he hangs around ravens wood, queens park. if you see hi please give police a call. the official reward $25,000. someone strangled the 25-year-old while she was out jogging. her family has already raised more than $213,000 for rewards and leads in the case. police need your help this morning to find a missing family in brooklyn. detectives tell us janet smith hasn't been seen since noon thursday when they left human resource administration building
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daughters, 3-year-old and 6-year-old. if you see them, you are asked to call crimestoppers. in the bronx, a man allegedly pushed an elderly man down a flight of stairs and tried to rob him. now police looking for that suspect. here's the surveillance video from inside the building. you can see the suspect shove him right there and the elderly man falls down the stairs, still holding onto his cane. police say the suspect searched the off empty-handed when the victim screamed for help. >> he cried super, super, super, so the super came. same guy who did the attack pointed, the old man calling him super. you know, diversion. so, the super came here. he went the other way. >> he was treated for bruising on his face but otherwise he's okay. we're told he took the stairs because the elevator in that
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the owner a long island restaurant where bartender contracted hepatitis a insists that eatery is safe. suffolk county officials are offering free vaccines to anyone who visited trento in farmington the last week in july. the bartender is off the job until she's fully recovered. they have scrubbed the place down and they say it's clean. >> it's clean. we go through the we do this all the time. the place is safe. >> if you visited that restaurant, it's called trento on july 19th, 23rd or the 26th, you may want to call your doctor just to be safe. alex rodriguez is now officially a former yankee. he played his final game in front of hometown fans who packed yankee stadium to say good-bye.
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>> fans gave a-rodding a standing ovation before the first pitch. they braved some shaky weather. it did hold up for the game. during his 12 seasons as a yankee, a-rod had, well,' love/hate relationship with fans. fans last night had nothing but praise for the hometown hero. >> we came to say good-bye a-rod, thank you for all the memories. >> my parents bought tickets. i'm interested. >> if you listen, front office, you're hurting me, not him. >> we'll hear what he had to say after the game. that's coming up later in sports. now to decision 2016. gop presidential nominee donald trump is bringing his campaign to fairfield, connecticut, today. this coming after he backtracked on his latest controversial comment.
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sarcastic when he called president obama the founder of isis. >> so i said the founder of isis. obviously i'm being sarcastic. but not that sarcastic, to be honest with you. >> trump previously claimed the president is honored by isis as their founder. he called hillary clinton the co-founder. his poll numbers continue to slide, meanwhile. a new nbc gaining support in colorado, florida and north carolina and still leads trump by 5% in florida. the clinton released last year's income tax returns for both hillary clinton and her running maim, tim mccain. she blasted trump for not doing the same. >> he refuses to do what every other presidential candidate in decades has done and release his tax returns. >> the returns show that hillary
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clinton earned more than $10.5 million last year. 10% of their income went to charity. they also paid $3.6 million in taxes. kaine and his wife made $300,000 last year. the unusual way one man handled flooding in his neighborhood. plus, we're live in rio as day eight of olympic competition gets under way following a big night in the water for team usa. and 4 students are being asked to take supplements. the dangers uncovered. we're in the olympic spirit as we cheer on team usa. this week's questions are inspired by the rich history of
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upsets. >> jay gray joins us live from rio with some highlights and what we're looking forward to today. hey, jay. >> reporter: good morning, pat. good morning, gus. another strong showing for team usa and the olympic pool, but not everything golden here for the americans. now dealing with the reality that for the first time ever in olympic history, the women's soccer team will go home without a medal. >> and she upset, the heavily favored u.s. women were kicked out of the soccer tournament losing 4-3 in a shootout with sweden. from that heart ache to the pitch to heros in the pools. in her final race and rio, katie ledecky shattered the world record in the 800 free for her fourth gold medal here. >> it's pretty cool. i'm just honored to be on this team. >> reporter: a team that continued its dominance with
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maya dirado touching first in the backstroke. >> i can't believe that just happened. >> reporter: also hard to believe, no gold medal for michael phelps in the 100, tying for silver. things were golden for team usa on first day of track and field. michelle carter with the winning throw in the shot put. jay gray, nbc news, rio. >> reporter: carter takes home a new american record as well as the gold medal. michael phelps in the last day last time in his international career. he's part of the 4x100 relay team here. we've also got usain bolt on the track for the first time at these games. the fastest man in the world world coming in. right here in copacabana, the american men taking on austria trying to get to quarterfinal play in beach volleyball. that's latest live here in rio. back to you. >> thank you, jay.
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dominating the competition at the summer games in rio. so far the u.s. has 50 medals, 20 are gold. china coming in second with 37 medals. japan, 24. great britain, by the way, 22 medals in total. we're going to check in on the heat wave. >> it's brutal out there already. temperatures approaching 100 degrees already. in terms of what it feels like at 9:14. it's hot and humid. like yesterday, there's a look at the sunshine. very hazy. traffic is moving well. hopefully the ac is working. it's so sweltering. satellite and radar picture, it's bermuda high so out of the southwest around that area. it's pumping in the high humidity. this is just about as humid as
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effect for the weekend. 95 in harrison. feels like 96 degrees again. it's only 9:00 a.m. aer to, yeah feels like 94. these feels-like temperatures down the shore, 98 in long branch. monticello, that's the only relatively cool spot, 79 degrees. the temperature will jump rapidly over the next few hours. your weather headlines, it's dangerous. you may have to limited that the heat wave becomes official today. this will be the third day in a row of temperatures above the 0 degrees in central park. it's the second heat wave of the year in central park. heat and humidity continue, unfortunately, for tomorrow. for today, looking good. looking very hot. 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., feels like 100 to 106.
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in central park. down the shore, 108. that's why those heat warnings are in effect because if will feel like 105 to 110 through the afternoon. the only time we're going to cool it down, if we get a thunderstorm. that's going to be a brief cooldown before they jump back up in terms of temperature and the humidity. tomorrow, not much better there. feels like 104 in central park. that's why the heat warnings remain in effect. monday, maybe a little relief as both heat and a couple notches. couple showers trying to form when you see these green blobs. that shows potential for storms forming. that's mainly after 3:00. definitely don't need to cancel your plans because of rain. keep in mind, if it does rain, we could have a strong to even severe thunderstorm later on tonight looking quiet. tomorrow, more of the same. once we get the daytime heating, showers and storms a possibility, mainly late in the day. any storms that form do have the potential for very heavy
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taking on the rays, 1:05. feels like 103 to 108 during the dame. get ready if you're heading out there to sweat is out and drink lots of water. there's your ten-day forecast. mid-90s throughout the weekend. 92 on monday. we notch it down a little bit as we head back to work there. still humid. a little unsettled every day. showers and storms, tuesday through thursday, and temperatures are in the upper 80s. you want to stay up to date with the news 4 app, scroll downnd you can see the latest forecast, use our interactive radar and learn how to submit your own weather video. it's available on the istore. you can chalk it up to the olympics. this triathlete in louisiana doing his best michael phelps imitation in a downpour. that's no pool. joe giddry dove into a flooded
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>> and he posted it on social media to amuse his friends. despite the good-natured humor, we want to point out swimming in floodwaters is never a good idea. it's dangerous up. never know what's in there, joe. >> you never know what's in a drainage ditch. poor joe. mother nature brought drama to yankee stadium as alex rodriguez played >> reporter: it's over. alex rodriguez wrapped up his 12-season saga with the yankees and 22 yirz as one of baseball's all-time great. his last night in the bronx faded much like his career has. at first, there was a glimpse of the old alex. by the end of the night, clearly he was done. before the game, they paid tribute. a-rod paid tribute to families as storm clouds gathered.
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thunder and it was over. alex himself called it biblical. the skies cleared. bottom of the first, alex delivers off rays' starter chris archer taking the 2-2 pitch into the gap in right center. gardner komg comes around from first to score. the rbi double for a-rod ties the game 1-1. alex says, i can still play. tied 3-3 in the sixth when castro provides offense, taking archer deep to center. his 13th home run this season. and the they add a sixth run. that was big because it allowed joe girardi to take alex out to third base. alex hadn't played the field all season. told joe, he only wanted to face one batter. girardi pulled him after just one out. what a moment. hugging his teammates, soaking in the stadium ovation and that was it. the yankees win 6-3. they won the last two games this week that alex started.
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through and for them to show up tonight and show me that type of love is something i'll never forget. it was overwhelming. >> if this is the last time he plays -- i wanted it to be something he never forgot. >> with all the things i've been through, joe, and to have an ending like tonight, i don't know what else a man can ask for. >> what m rodriguez in the ninth inning. he did effectively sidestep a question if he thought this was his last big league baseball game. he just smiled and said, i don't know how you top a moment like this. now, the mets were topped by the padres at citi field 8-6. the giants fall in their preseason opener to dolphins 27-10. that's a wrap from yankee stadium. for "today in new york," i'm john chandler. still ahead on "today in new
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>> hey, good morning. well, its great to be back with my second family. you know, i've been away for a couple of weeks. i did a couple of tapes, but today i brought my favorite, my absolute favorite. this is what we call -- oh, isn't this beautiful? sweet, baby grapes. absolutely terrific. here comes our own sweet baby coming in here. you want to taste this? >> yeah. >> let me ask you a question, did you get taller? did you get taller? >> yeah, i did. >> since i've been away. take a taste. coming up next, all you want to know about baby grapes. >> you feed me. feed me. ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious
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america runs on dunkin'.
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pete, we missed you. a couple weeks you've been awith way. glad to have you back. >> thank you very much. it's time to talk to pete about sweet baby grapes today. they're so tiny. t >> no. a unique thing happens in the fall or the start of fall. we shouldn't be talking about fall now with 100-degree weather outside. fall will be here before you know it this unique thing happens. when they let grapes grow naturally and they don't thin them out, this is basically what you get. when i was a kid, this is what we had. this is what seedless great britains were, very, very small.
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the grapes smaller. people buy with their eyes, especially american people. they think bigger is better. bigger isn't always better. these grapes were actually -- what they used these grapes for by not thinning them out, they use them for the raisin market. what happened is they let them grow naturally. they get a lot of sugar, high sugar in them, and they turn this yellowish color and make very good, sweet raisins. my buddy out in started to bring some of these grapes home for the neighbors. when he was in the field, he would see these natural grapes. he really liked them. so, he would bring them home. all of a sudden, people said, can you get me some more of these? all of a sudden it became a little bit of an industry for him. >> jimmy found the market. >> so what happened is they started as i understanding them to the marketplace loose. what they did was now they put
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containers. because they're sweet, because they're ripe, because they yellow, because they're grape, what happens is these grapes tend to what we call shatter. when you pick them up, they start to come off. that's why they put them in these little containers like this. they are in the super markets. they'll go in for the next two or three weeks. you'll see them in all the super markets. listen, folks, you'll see these grapes and you'll say, well, they're so small, don't know. my grandson -- my grandson said to me, they're too smal container of grapes. why? because they're good. they come in the green variety like this now you have the flame variety, red variety, like this. the red is a little -- to me, a little crunchier, but to tell you the truth, most people like red grapes -- the flame grapes rather than the green grapes. >> really? >> outstanding. look at this amber color.
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what i want you to do is bring them home. because these grapes are ripe, because they have a lot of sugar in them, they won't last as long as regular grapes. you don't want to score them. you want to use them. bring them home, put them in the refrigerator. what are you laughing at? >> freeze them. >> oh, yeah. that's another thing i like to do. i like to take the grapes off and put them on a thing, put them in the freeze instant popsicles. they're out there. they're available. they're really, really good. i'm telling you, you're going to love them. believe me, this is one item that already will call me and say, pete, you were really right. these are absolutely terrific. >> don't they always say that anyway, pete? >> oh, by the way, i'm going to be in ramsey, new jersey, tomorrow. 10:00 to 2:00 at the farmers market. come by, say hello. >> he's available. >> i would like to say hi. >> i'm out there and available.
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questions to pete or ask him tomorrow on ramsey and he's also on facebook and twitter. gus, over to you. >> thank you very much. the time is 9:28. we'll have a check of your top stories, including this. >> reporter: suffocating, stifling, adjectives don't capture this heat wave. coming up, we'll have more on the mayor's request for your


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