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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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now at 5:00, chaos at jfk. screams, running, and terminals evacuated amidst fears of a gunman. disaster floodwaters tear through parts of louisiana. the new video coming in as crews search for survivors. new information coming in the cold-blooded killing of a queen's imam and his associate. "news 4 new york at 5:00" starts right now. police are scheduled to hold a news conference just one hour from now. good evening, everyone. i'm david ushery. >> and i'm sibila vargas. this was the crowd of nearly 1,000 people who gathered in brooklyn to pay respect to the imam and his associate.
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new york with details new at 5:00. >> reporter: as you indicated, we expect to get an update on the investigation, including an individual in custody. we expect to hear that update at 6:00 from the mayor and top police officials. behind me is a big city parking lot, and they needed every inch of it to hold the outpouring this afternoon. we're only a west of the murder scene. they lined up to pray and share some words about the imam and his assistant just two days after a killer shot them from behind. an imam and his assistant had been walking not far from their mosque. surveillance video shows the gunman walking up to the men in broad daylight and shooting them from behind. today community leaders here
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>> the muslim community has lost a respected religious leader and his innocent associate. we, the muslim community, firmly believe that america is better than this. >> reporter: all this as we indicated. as police question a suspect, law enforcement sources tell news 4 they arrested a man who matches the initial sketch and description of the gunman. car which witnesses had seen at the site. they found one. when the owner got into his car, he tried to resist arrest and according to law enforcement sources hit a police car as they tried to take him into custody. we expect to get some kind of an update with some kind of indication about the motive coming up at 6:00. news 4 new york. if you're not focused on the screen right now, stop what
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[ screaming ] this is no drill. this it really happened at kennedy airport. the terminals were evacuated. wale aliyu is at the airport with more on this video and an olympic victory caused all this? >> reporter: yeah, that's what one law enforcement official is saying, but things are back to regular here at jfk. between yesterday, it was chaos. thousands of people spilling out of this airport running for their lives. by the time albert started recording on his cell phone, passengers in jfk's terminal one were already on the ground. then we hear something some mistook for a gunshot. >> you can hear like two shots. so they opened fire. i don't know where the hell they
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says there's no evidence that anyone fired shots. police made their way to the terminal just to be sure. >> when we were on the floor, the cops, they were passing next to us saying, have you seen the shooter. >> reporter: what led to the panic at jfk? one law enforcement official says it may have been people cheering for usain bolt during his historic olympic win. my mother, i looked at her, but we had to leave her. that was devastating. the crowd started to push everyone. my father got stuck into two doors and a guy just took him and literally threw him on the floor. >> reporter: once people were allowed back in the airport, many had to stay the night, but not everyone could fall asleep. >> my father took a nap. my cousin as well, but my mother and i were so shocked.
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the staff that i saw last night, they still there working. these people didn't sleep at all. >> reporter: he was able to catch his flight to london late this afternoon. i asked police how in the world does this happen. they said, look, no one was shot and there's nothing that they can do about a perceived threat except for respond to it. wale aliyu, news 4 new york. live video feeds inside the terminals were first responders, but could police see every camera? coming up at 6:00, the i-team investigates what some are calling a dangerous security glitch. to the weather now. okay, the good news. today could be the last day of this brutal heat wave. the bad news -- tomorrow might feel unbearable again. janice huff is here to explain. >> what does that all that mean, right? first of all, yesterday we had a weak cold front come through the area with some showers and
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the winds today were not out of the south. they were generally out of the west to northwest to north. the air dried out a lot and you probably felt the difference. the temperatures right now are pretty comfortable considering it is 90 in trenton. it is close to that in the city at 89, but the relative humidity, big difference today. between 45% and 55%. much drier air is over us right now. coastal areas a little bit more because of the on shore fl. what we have seen. below 100 today. 91 in the city. 95 in trenton. pretty close to the actual temperatures. tomorrow is a different story. the winds turn around to the south again, brings in more moisture and more heat, and we go back to that 100-degree what it feels like. back to you. we're posting the latest temperatures, weather alerts, and you can check out the
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temperatures, emergency officials down at the jersey shore want everyone to hear this. do not go into the water if lifeguards are off duty. some have been going in any way in an effort to beat this heat and the results can be deadly. brian thompson is in asbury park with more. brian? >> reporter: yeah, dave. we had an after hours rescue here that was successful, but satu n bradley beach another after hours swimmer not as lucky. he drowned, and his body has yet to be found according to the police chief in bradley. lifeguards can't stress enough these can be very dangerous waters. >> i got a report of two people at the beach in the water past the jetty waving for help. the caller's going to be at the water's edge. >> reporter: the scene saturday
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turned into desperation from one swimmer in distress to four who attempted a rescue. >> someone's trying to swim out there. they're both still above the water. >> he just kind of looked exhausted. >> reporter: firefighters rushed to the beach and into these waters. it was just ten minutes after the last lifeguard closed up shop for the day. ironically, these firefighters had a premonition just a couple hours earlier. >> we get three or four days of weather like this and people get tired of being in the heat. >> reporter: firefighters pulled the 33-year-old man and his three would-be rescuers to safety. >> if the swell is too big or the current is too strong, you have to be careful and vigilant. >> sometimes you need to decide
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much. >> reporter: joe has been lifeguarding 48 years. he's frustrated when beachgoers ignore lifeguard warnings at the end of the day. >> within minutes, people are back in the water. the people are right back in the water. >> reporter: the rescue here involved more than just firefighters. it also included a police officer from asbury park and some good samaritans all trying to help, but certainly without the lifeguards on duty it was a deadly different outcome down in bradley beach. live in asbury park, i'm brian thompson. news 4 new york. one person has been killed after an industrial accident in new jersey. it happened about 3:15 this afternoon at the norfolk southern facility in jersey city. as you can see there, a shipping container was being removed from a railroad car collapsed onto a
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pronounced dead. a heartbroken family forced to say good-bye to a 13-year-old boy who took his own life. in a letter left behind, the staten island boy claims bullying at school forced him to do it. tonight his parents are demanding answers as friends and family gather to pay their final respects. roseanne colletti reports. >> reporter: today marked the good flowers and tears for 13-year-old fitzpatrick. his parents and teachers inconsolable. his distraught father talking to facebook earlier in tears. >> no parent should have to bury their child. no child should have to go through what my son went through. >> reporter: daniel fitzpatrick describes his son as a gentle
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last week the seventh grader hanged himself. he left behind a handwritten note saying he had given up. the family blames the school for doing too little about their complaints. >> all he got is you'll be fine. is he in counseling? you have to try harder, danny. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the brooklyn diocese says danny's plight did not fall on deaf ears. >> at one point, every single student in his class was interviewed and dealt with on a one-on-one basis. >> reporter: donations have poured into the fitzpatrick's go fund me page for his funeral. a cousin expresses the family's gratitude and grief. >> beautiful, kind, compassionate young man, and we need to grieve. we don't want any other families to have to go through this. >> reporter: and the family's attorney told me he is investigating whether the couple should bring a wrongful death
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but no legal action will bring danny back. his funeral is wednesday. in staten island, i'm roseanne colletti. news 4 new york. on the campaign trail, republican presidential candidate donald trump proposing what he calling extreme vetting of immigrants coming into the u.s. in ohio today, he said he would temporarily suspend immigration from nations exporting terrorism. >> those who do not believe in our constitution or support hatred will not be permitted for immigration into our country. >> reporter: a report is linking trump's campaign chief to almost $13 million in off the books payments from a pro-russian political group. meanwhile, vice president joe biden joined hillary clinton on the trial for the first time. both attacking trump for being unfit and unprepared to lead.
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plan, quote, secret. then it turns out the secret is he has no plan. >> he is not qualified to know the code. he can't be trusted. >> reporter: a new poll puts clinton in a 30-point lead over trump here in their home state of new york. toxic mess along the hudson. we dig into a plan to clean up a one that has many residents worried. we have new video coming from flood ravaged louisiana. the looming threat tonight. we're taking you live to rio de janeiro. bruce beck has all of tonight's
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>> set. well, everyone is still buzzing over usain bolt last night. the jamaican sprinter won his third gold, staking his claim as the fastest man in the world. he nearly edged out brooklyn's
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us the action since day one and still so much to discuss. >> reporter: absolutely, david. today it was women's gymnastics. it was the beam final and laurie hernandez and simone biles competed. if you want to watch it tonight in primetime, let's lower your volume at this point and i will wave you lower your volume. i'm going to give you the results right now. simone biles took the bronze. laurie hernandez won the silver. and the netherlands won gold. come on back, everyone. we don't want to lose you as viewers. right now, it's time for a tale of two local runners.
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late bolt of speed to catch justin gatlin in the men's 100-meter dash. bolt celebrad afterwards while gatlin was left to wonder if he'll ever catch the world's fastest man. you've been chasing bolt for six years now. is it getting tougher and tougher? >> at the end of the day, i the podium. >> reporter: tonight a young woman half the age of gatlin makes her olympics debut. 17-year-old sydney mcloughlin is a rising senior at union catholic high school in scotch plains, new jersey. today i caught up with her dad, willy, he started manhattan college and competed in the 1986
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she's always been kind of a cut above. we realized that from the first time we started running with her. we kind of backed off in what we were doing because we realized all of our kids are talented, but this one had just a little bit extra. we're going to save it for the money round, which is now, and it paid off. >> reporter: sydney is the youngest member of the u.s. track and field team and the youngest since 1980 when new jersey product carol lewis made the squad. her coaches here, her parents are here. she's been annihilating high school records. her coach and her dad tell me she could become the best ever at her event. that's a bold statement. it all starts tonight, david and sibila. >> all right. thanks so much. the u.s. dominating right now with 72 medals overall. the most gold, silver, and bronze out of any other country.
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medals followed by great britain with 40 and russia with 33. >> go to for the four to watch tonight. we're posting all the olympic updates tonight. we have that and much more all posted now. we made it through this weekend's heat wave. barely though. >> yes. >> it was above 90 today, so technically this is day five, but this should be the last day where it's above 90, at least tomorrow, but the big difference today was the humidity dropped considerably. the 92 felt like pretty much 92. islip set a record at 90 this afternoon. the humidity does make a comeback tomorrow. it is back tomorrow. with that will come the threat of severe thunderstorms too. by later in the week, it all calms down. 89 in farmingville.
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you have a sea breeze coming on shore. you have cooled off a little bit in some of the coastal areas for this evening. temperatures across the area are pretty much in the 80s to the mid 90s right now. 89 in the city and bridgewater. 90 in trenton. 79 right now in monticello. when you factor in the humidity, it's not that bad. it feels like the 80s and 90s. we don't have these heat indices over today. a break from the rain and thunderstorms too. we are tracking them coming in from the west. right now some severe storms moving in on washington, d.c. that line will move to the east tomorrow, and, yes, there is a slight risk of severe thunderstorms from the north and west. we expect the heat index to go above 100 again tomorrow. there is a heat advisory in effect for the city and coastal areas.
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weekend. still ahead, did you hear the singer adele say she turned down an offer to perform at the next super bowl? we'll tell you what the nfl is saying about this tonight. this memorial showing support for veterans is stirring up a big controversy in one local community. still ahead, who thinks it is offensive. what went so wrong during a
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the heavy rain has eased up in louisiana, but the threat from these rising floodwaters is far from over. since friday, at least two feet of rain has fallen in parts of louisiana around baton rouge. seven people have died. 20,000 people have been helped out of their homes. half those people are staying in shelters with no idea when they'll be able to return.
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just really don't understand. water is probably one of the worst mother nature beasts there is. >> the damage is so bad several towns have already been declared federal disaster areas. the river should start to recede tonight. any rain right now is a cause for concern. adele won't be singing "hello" or anything else at the 2017 super bowl halftime show after sponsors say the offer was never on the table. adele told her audience she turned down an offer to perform at the show, saying the show is not about music. in a statement, super bowl officials say they have talked to several artists about possibly performing, but have not formally invited anyone. more than a dozen cars and homes spray painted and vandalized. a toxic mess along the
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4 investigates why the government isn't removing the
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right now on news 4 new york, the toxic waste next door. 4 investigates the chemicals hidden deep below the earth. >> it's raising some big
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land is sitting right on the banks of the hudson and bergen county is considered to be one of the most contaminated land in the country. here's natalie pasquarella. >> reporter: on bustling river road in edgewater, new jersey, amid the towers and new development, it's the fence that first catches your eye. behind it an empty swath of land with a for years. the quanta super site, land poisoned by companies back to the late 1800s. it's an underground stew that stretches from under river road to the hudson. >> now you have people passing through. we have so many cars that go through here. >> reporter: what's most concerning to many residents is


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