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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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where surveillance video shows the gunman casually walking up to and executing imam akonjee and uddin. >> who shoots two innocent men from behind? >> reporter: those here demanded action from police after what appeared to friends and family as a hate crime. police have yet to determine a motive. the imam's son-in-law -- >> what we want is justice. that's it. thank you very much. >> we >> it pulls at all our hearts and souls. we want justice too with you and we will get justice for this community. >> reporter: as the mayor spoke, police continued to question a suspect inside the 107th precinct station house. law enforcement sources say the man in custody matches a sketch and description of the gunman and that police found him after running a plate on his car.
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tried to drive off, hitting a police car. meanwhile at the prayer service, questions about the shooter's motive mixed with the pain of losing a respected religious teacher. >> he was our leader. he was a really nice person. he was a holy man. >> we're all americans. we have to live together. >> reporter: muslim leaders here in east new york say they plan another morning after learning the new information tonight. >> we will be monitoring and waiting for that press conference there to begin. right now, we're getting a look at the chaos inside kennedy airport after reports of an active shooter just last night. >> get down on the ground! >> you can hear the terrified passengers screaming and running. officers evacuated the terminal,
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evidence that officers or anyone else fired shots. one passenger described the panic. >> the crowd started to push everyone, and my father got stuck into two doors. and the guy just took him and literally threw him on the floor. >> one law enforcement official told us that people cheering for usain bolt during his historic olympic run might have led to that panic. we'll take you right now to one police plaza. way right now. let's listen. >> -- all over this city. the killer will be brought to justice, and as you're about to hear, nypd is well on its way to fulfilling that mandate, bringing this case to fruition and bringing justice to a
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fear in the community. it's a very rare thing to see a cleric killed and members of the muslim community have been on edge because of the atmosphere already that existed in this country, particularly over the last few months in our national debate. so i assured the members of the community the nypd community would be out in force protecting community that will be all members of the nypd, but as is so important to remind everyone, that includes the 900 members of the nypd who are muslim americans and serve us all. it is a painful time, but it's a time where we will reaffirm that in this city we believe an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us, and we will work together to encourage the kind
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new yorkers believe in, and we'll work against these divisive voices that have become so strong in our country. and the best way for us to put that into action is to show the muslim community we'll keep them safe, even during this difficult time. with that, i'll turn to commissioner bratton. >> thank you, mr. mayor. what i'd an update to you on where we are with our investigation. over the past 48 hours, detectives have worked tirelessly on this case of the murders of the imam and his associate on saturday afternoon in queens. through extraordinarily diligent investigative efforts -- and i want to compliment our boys and detectives on their work -- detectives were able to develop a strong lead into a suspect
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unrelated incident that occurred in brooklyn approximately ten minutes after the shooting in queens three miles away. the shooting occurred in brooklyn and about three miles away in queens we had -- a shooting in queens. about three miles away we had an accident that occurred in brooklyn that detectives were able to determine was linked to the shooting. we'll brief you on how this case came together so where we are with the investigation at this time some 48 hours after the occurrence on saturday afternoon. bob? >> good evening, everyone. at the crime scene, the double homicide, on liberty and 79th street at about 3:50 in the afternoon, detectives immediately responded and were able to do a video canvas of that area. during that video canvas, we were able to identify a vehicle,
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fashion. we also identified a person running into that car and taking off directly after the homicide. now, i think we put out the video of him, of this individual, running down the street. we were able to trace him video-wise into the car and he took off. he then went up to liberty avenue and made a right and then disappeared into traffic. he went eastbound. detectives immediately took that car, trailblazer, put into our data systems and came up with a car accident, a hit-and-run, th pine at around 2:00 in the afternoon. this is about three miles away. we immediately responded to that location and pulled video from that corner, and we looked at the two cars and they were identical. we looked at stickers and decals on each of the windshields and they seemed identical. again, we had no plate at that time. you can't determine the alphanumeric on the tag.
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grid search. we thought we had our person at this point fleeing the scene of the crime. we have a witness from that hit-and-run who identified -- who said he could identify an individual. we then sat on a car that we found a couple hours later in the vicinity of that hit-and-run and waited for that person to emerge from that block. that person emerged about 10:00 last night and got into the vehicle. detectives from the task force approached the car and then he rammed the detective's car several times in an effort to get away. he was placed under arrest without any further incident and brought back to the precinct for more debriefing. we found the witness, and the witness picked that individual out of a photo array for doing the hit-and-run. we're back. we're looking at him for both crimes, the homicide and that. he is described as a male hispanic 36 years old.
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we still have a long way to go in this investigation, and there is no point to it now. we'll have lineups later on tonight with individuals who observed the homicide. that's where we stand right now in the investigation. >> questions? >> the detective chief detailing some rather remarkable police work, the police clearly think they have their suspect through a remarkable series of things that the police did in the on saturday. >> yeah, it started with that homicide, but then tracking the vehicle that the suspect appeared to take off in to a hit-and-run about three miles away. now they are questioning that suspect right now. the mayor saying, quote, that the killer will be brought to justice. >> they're well on their way to finding him. did last night's scare at jfk expose a security issue?
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problems accessing the video cameras which create a dangerous situation for everybody. the i-team's pei-sze cheng is here with details for us. >> the i-team first reported last month about the lack of cameras at newark and laguardia. at jfk's terminal 8 where police responded to reports of shots fired there were security cameras, lots of them, but the police could not access them while the situation was unfolding. the video panicked people ducking for cover as armed officers clear the halls. >> get down on the ground! >> reporter: port authority police and the nypd swarm terminal 8 searching for victims after a report of an active shooter. the port authority police union does not believe officers had all the tools necessary to respond. >> the feeds in most cases are there. they're just not accessible to us. the officers on that police desk who are dispatching responding units to go into a possible
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cameras to be able to fall back on. >> reporter: officers at kennedy airport only have access to two live cameras at terminal 8. neither of them are located in the areas that needed to be searched last night. >> so far there's nothing on the camera. >> reporter: there are a few police supervisors who can access all live camera feeds, but those officers were not working last night, meaning police could not use the cameras to help them with the response. the i-team exposed a similar problem last month that newark and laguardia airports. in response to our reports, senator charles schumer asked the department of homeland security to investigate, including the lack of a unified security camera system at any of our airports. >> we have all seen this in apartment buildings and other places. we need that at our airports. it is very simple. >> we asked the port authority
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instead we got this statement. quote, video from last night's incident about jfk is being reviewed by port authority police detectives. otherwise the port authority does not discuss specifics of its multilayered security approach. senator schumer has asked for a report on how last night's response unfolded and he is expecting a report. coming up, bruce beck one on one interview with olympic
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we have a commuter alert for on the long island railroad. there are major delays after the
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the tracks. the lirr is recommending riders find alternate branches for eastbound service. lester holt joins us from rio with a look ahead. we have a lot tonight, chuck. ahead, we're covering two major disasters at home. the death toll and misery rise in louisiana and eight wildfires on the march and destroying homes in california. we go to the amazon and show why trying to save it has become a dangerous and from here at the olympics, usain bolt's remarkable dash into history. hundreds of crime victims might have been exposed to an identity thief and the breach happened at the very place they went to for help. chris glorioso investigates how
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the hands of thieves from a nonprofit. nearly 600 safe horizon clients were exposed to an id thief and she was operating on the inside of the agency. >> it's shocking. i was in shock. >> reporter: this former client, we'll call her jewel, was stunned to get the phone call from safe horizon. she was told horizon supervisor gained access to her sensitive information, things like her social security number and her date of birth. but jewel never met foster and she says she never gave permission for foster to view your case file. did they promise you there could be restricted access to your file? >> yes. >> reporter: what does it say when somebody you never met was able to access it? >> it's horrible.
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person i was working with. >> reporter: how could a nonprofit that prides itself on trust allow case files to get in the wrong hands? >> the idea that any employee of ours would violate that trust is pauling to us. >> reporter: the ceo said supervisors must have access to case files, but they are in the middle of a comprehensive review of its information she said foster did undergo a background check. >> there was nothing that emerged in that background check that would have prevented her from being employed her. >> reporter: had she ever been arrested for anything? >> she had some history and it was not significant. it was not the same kind of history. >> reporter: richard is the commanding officer of the nassau county police crimes against property squad.
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was uncovered when she tried to buy a vehicle last autumn using the identity of an elderly safe horizon client. >> the value of the car was $43,000. her credit score was not good enough to secure that loan at which time she used the victim's information as the co-signer on that loan. >> reporter: that elderly woman is the only safe horizon client known to be a victim so far, but nine months of learning of the crime safe horizon has not been able to notif that's partly because the agency has to be discreet. >> we know many of our clients are in abusive relationships, so we didn't want people to get a letter from safe horizon out of the blue with this kind of troubling information. >> reporter: jewel told us she hopes this story alerts other safe horizon clients who may still be unaware they were exposed. she still believes in the important work safe horizon does
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>> what they're doing and the people that they're serving, it's important. >> earlier this month, foster pleaded guilty to impersonating that elderly victim. she was sentenced to five years probation. our attempts to reach her have been unsuccessful. she is dismissed for unrelated reasons before they became aware of that id theft. if you were a safe horizon client and you want to contact them to see if your information was exposed, you can at resource it's going to get better, but janice, you told us earlier there is a catch. >> there is a catch to all this. it felt better today because it was drier today. tomorrow the humidity is back. we suffer through another of those miserable days before it gradually gets better again.
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it did make it up to 92 in the city, but right now it is 89 degrees. lots of 90s on the map, but not the insufferable heat and humidity of the past few days. 90 in poughkeepsie. toms river at 94. one of the hot spots still. right now temperatures are generally in the mid to upper 80s to right around 90. we saw a big change in the humidity because of the wind direction coming in out of the west northwest, except right along the immediate shore. you got a bit of a sea breeze this afternoon. between 45% and 55%. much improved thanks to a weak cold front that came through the area yesterday. it feels like it is around 90, 92 in some of the inland areas. tomorrow the change is the winds come out of the south again. that brings up the humidity and the temperatures and the chance for storms.
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index around 100 around 4:00 in the afternoon. the heat advisory is back in effect starting at noon tomorrow until 10:00. it's not the worst like we have seen over the past several days, but it is uncomfortable. then thunderstorms will be on the move. we're tracking big storms near washington, d.c. some severe weather. we may have a shot at severe weather tomorrow as well. overnight there could be a west of the city through the morning hours. most areas are dry overnight. it's really after 12:00 when we start to see them popping up again tomorrow. future tracker shows noon and they're showing up in the catskills and the poconos. then that moves east around 6:00 tomorrow. here is our exclusive ten-day extended forecast for you. 88. we drop below 90 tomorrow, but
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then it starts to dry out. by saturday, mid 80s. beautiful weather. lower humidity. next week it is even cooler. low to mid 80s, so that's great. >> thanks. it is day ten now of olympic competition in the rio olympics, and the united states continues to dominate the overall medal count. 72 so far. >> michael phelps is the most decorated olympianal interview with phelps. we've been waiting for this one all day. >> reporter: these olympics have been dominated by stars -- si -- simone biles, katie ledecky, and michael phelps. phelps was in a festive mood this morning at the "today"
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i caught up with the five-time olympian who seems happier than he's ever been. how important was it to you to go out in style? >> there's no better way to go out. this is how i wanted to finish my career. after london taking a couple years off, i realized that i wasn't happy with how i finished and how i ended there. here i can say something completely different. i'm this was the cherry on top of the cake that i wanted. i'm ready to start the next chapter of my life. >> reporter: much more of my interview with michael phelps coming up on "the olympic zone" at 7:30. i made friends with his son boomer today. i gave him a pen. his mom said he loved it. call it bubba bonding with boomer. i'm bruce beck, news 4 new york.
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>> that is great, bruce. boomer is so cute. adorable. join david ushery and me tonight for the big "olympic zone," your inside look at everything happening at the games in rio. it airs tonight at 7:30. stay tuned for nbc's coverage of the 2016 olympic games starting tonight at 8:00
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet.
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jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. alex rodriguez said his good-byes to the yankees last week, but it wasn't hard to read his mind and his heart. he still thinks he can play ball. file this under you knew this was coming. the miami marlins are interested in a-rod.
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league. a-rod today officially a free agent. the yankees have said alex is free to sign elsewhere, but today his spokesman says alex won't play again this year. quote, i want to put all this talk to rest about alex playing for any team this season. it's not happening. like he said friday night, he is happy and he is going to take some time to relax and hang with his family and friends. yankees host the b wild card. mets are two and a half back in the wild card. the 43-year-old has beaten every team in major league baseball except the diamondbacks. steven mats took a no-hitter into the eighth inning. manager terry collins wasn't
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no-hit bid driving up mats count. everyone loves an underdog story at the olympics. the women's field hockey team had consecutive upsets, but their olympic dreams are over. germany adds to the lead. 2-1 victory to advance to the semifi four years ago in london, the future looks bright for the u.s. in tokyo come 2020 with field hockey. they've been fun to watch so far this year. >> john, thanks. coming up next on ""nightly news," two major disasters unfolding. and residents fleeing as fast-moving fires destroy homes
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tonight, relentless disaster. 20,000 rescues as floodwaters carve a deadly path of destruction. emergency shelters packed as we see the mammoth scale of devastation. residents running for their lives as homes burn t firefighters unleash a massive attack. extreme vetting. donald trump's new ideological test for immigrants, what he said today about allowing only people who support our values to enter the u.s. trapped by war. richard engel with a report inside aleppo, treating syria's children who fill bed after bed.


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