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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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new this morning, huge flames tear through a home in new jersey. we're live. campaign shakeup. donald trump announcing a major personnel change overnight. plus a fierce battle on the beach leads to an olympic upset. hear what team usa is saying this morning about the match. "today in new york" starts now. it was something else. >> it was something else. >> wow. good morning, everybody p. it's wednesday, august 17. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> and i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here with the wed headlines. i guess everybody is up last night. >> apparently. yeah, everybody shared in the
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much behind it, however eventually humidity will be dropping. closer to the city, once again right around 80. 79 in the park, still 80 at islip, still fairly humid. what we do have is a bit of a breeze, so it's taking away some of the feel of the mugginess. coming up leftover light showers northwest new jersey early this morning, this will press on through shortly and then eventually drier air toward the north and west will win out for at least tomorrow. so again look for the clouds giving way to sunshine. a bit breezy. around 85. forecasting a high in the upper 80s, but no more thunderstorms to worry about for a little while. good morning. let's talk about some of the road work taking place in new jersey right now overnight. route 17 is shut down northbound today, normally we've been seeing a southbound closure with construction, so that is between century road and midland avenue.
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paramus road. and turnpike shut down for quite a stretch. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. new this morning, a raging fire forced people into the street in bergen county. the flame broke out at a home on washington avenue in little ferry. jen maxfield is there. >> reporter: this was a very in fact six people were injured, including two young children after the fire broke out here at 109 washington avenue. flames were shooting from cars. it's believed that the fire started on the garage level of it home just after midnight. the flames quickly spread further up in the home. and a 5 and 6-year-old child were injured and in addition to four adults. we understand that they may have been injured with second or
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here. emergency responders described desperate efforts to get children out of the burning home and taken to get medical attention. again, this was a two-alarm fire and several neighboring departments helped here in little ferry. back here live at the scene, we can show you that investigators are up on the second floor of the home. we saw them up there with some flashlights. officials at the scene trying to figure out what sparked the serious blaze that sent six people to the hospital. that's the latest live here from the scene. back to you. >> jen maxfield, thank you. police are searching for the thieves who attacked a bronx man in his building. investigators say these two men put the teenager in a chokehold and then robbed him. the video shows them following the 19-year-old victim into his apartment building on fox street last wednesday. one of the suspects put the teen in the choke hold, the other
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his debit card, phone and $10. parents of a jogger found strangled in the park is making an unusual offer to the killer. more than 1,000 people turned out for a memorial work for katrina vatrano yesterday. it took place in the same park where the 30-year-old was found dead two weeks ago. her parents are offering the killer the reward money to turn himself in. they say the money can go to the person of his choice. they also said anyon who killed katrina is just as guilty. >> don't protect him. he is of no use to anyone. he's a weak, evil piece of [ bleep ]. >> so far the family raised more than $245,000 in reward money for information leading to an arrest. this morning power is being restored to homes across our area because of the wild weather we've been talking about.
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neighborhood. no power went no ac. and light thing struck a home in new rochelle catching it on fire. fortunately nobody was hurt, but people were without lights, at the they fired up their generators if they could, but they also had to figure out exactly what to power up when they did that. >> i prioritize. ac, refrigerator and network for the kids because they have the ipads and everything. >> this was over manhattan, bolts appearing to hit buildings. and you could just peel it in feel it in the air. >> you really could. we've had rain over a couple day, but there was a lot of lightning yesterday. >> and that always -- you have to emphasize that is the most dangerous element of any thunderstorm, it's the lightning. and there were quite a few cloud to ground strikes as they came through. it's calming down for the time being. no big thunderstorms to worry about for today.
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there, city island same thing, lower 70s north and west, mid and upper 70s all the way up to poughkeepsie, 80 islip. showers are moving away. really weakening considerably. these sprinkles will be dying out shortly. bigger picture is it show there is trier air to the north and west that will slide in here bit of a break. the wind stirring up somewhat. but we've seen gusts in parts of the area so feels a little better because of that. we'll look for temperatures back to the mid and upper 80s. more refreshing as the humidity comes down. let's talk early commute with lauren. let's talk about fast track maintenance. until 5:00 a.m., still no service between broadway junction and lorimer street, but
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e, d, f and s shuttles, expect service changes on all of these. and alternate side of the street parking rules are back in effect today. new this morning, donald trump shaking up his campaign's leadership. this as the republican is dealing with slumping poll numbers. and today in new york's tracie strahan is in lower manhattan. a lot going on. >> rte it seemed like trump receiving the first of his classified security briefing was going to be the headline today. instead it comes as a second shakeup has hit his campaign and once again at the top. nbc news has confirmed changes with that the trump campaign just showers ago. he has a new campaign manager, kellyanne conway, already a senior adviser to his campaign. steven manninging co-founder of breitbart news, will become the campaign ceo.
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weeks of polling that show trump trailing hillary clinton in key battleground states. now, when he was asked about these changes by the "wall street journal," trump simply said i want to win. trump talked about law and order ahead of today's security briefing. this comes day after unrest in milwaukee following the fatal officer-involved shooting of a black man. >> i'm asking for the vote of struggling in our country today who wants a different and much better future. it's time for our society to address some honest and very, very difficult truths. >> reporter: senior intelligence officials say that the security briefing that will take place here today will be fairly light with deeper information received closer to election day.
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point out of course hillary clinton will receive the same sort of briefings closer to election day, as well. back to you. >> and these are standard procedures for candidates at this stage in their campaigns? >> reporter: absolutely. and hillary clinton is facing a new uproar. yesterday congress received notes from her fbi interview regarding those e-mails. also some of clinton he's classified e-mails were given to lawmakers. the fbi also sent a l was not prosecuted because there was no finding of gross negligence. clinton's running mate says the fbi notes should be made public. >> let the public see what the fbi decides to let congress see. >> meanwhile clinton campaigned yesterday in philadelphia where she said donald trump absolutely bewilders her when he talks about national security. prosecutors insist that the
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of killing the imam and his friend was the murder weapon. oscar had hid the gun behind a wall. they're calling saturday's shooting deaths of the imam and his friend a cold blooded assassination. his lawyer says the client denies pulling the trigger. american airlines is expected to resume near normal operations after a partial power few hours. escalators stopped running, air conditioners shut down, the outage knocked the system that screens checked bags off line. this comes just days after unfounded reports of gunfire caused a panic in that very same terminal. 4:40 now. he at the olympics in rio, it was an upset in the sands of copacabana beach for the u.s. and women's beach volleyball. the team from brazil beat the u.s. team of kerri walsh jennings and april ross in
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olympic loss ever about in the sport. she had won three gold medals with misty may-treanor. >> today sucks, but we'll go to the video and clean it up and leave here hear. >> tonight they play the other team from brazil and they will be playing for the bronze medal match. in gymnastics, another 1-2 win for simone biles and raisman. biles' performance was electric. she nailed her significant move that they're calling the biles. she won her fourth gold medal tying an olympic record. and aly raisman also put on a stunning performance to wipt silver. the team of the final five won the most medals by the u.s. at any olympics. in men's gymnastics, leyva is
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bars. and on the horizontal bar. he knew it, he put on the u.s. podium despite having seven competitors behind him. he knew he had it locked. >> that's great. and then a teenage boxer from newark will be bringing home a medal. right now we don't know which one. but with floyd mayweather watching, no pressure straight fight by unanimous decision. the win means he will bring home at least the bronze. tomorrow he weights in the banter weight semifinals. usa 84 medals overall, china with 51. they're followed by great britain and then russia. be sure to check out for the 4 to watch. highlights include the men's basketball team taking on argentina in the quarter finals.
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highlights, get details on the must see match-ups ahead. usa/brazil was fantastic. >> it's pretty incredible. to see the upset like that. two great teams. 4:43. coming up next, a state of emergency in california as an out of control wildfire burns dozens of buildings and forces tens of thousands of people from their homes. plus guard your yard. we will tell you where least two dozen times. >> and your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. and follow us on facebook, twitter and instragram, @michaelg4ny, @ darlene4ny. from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships,
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viral! call now. get 50 megs for $39.99 a month. call now. good news is we have a bit
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at least for a 24 hour period, the humidity will be coming down and it will be more bearable to be out there. so the showers have cleared on you the air a little bit, but a temporary state. slightly more unsettled again tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms back in the picture. and then it will get muggy towards the weekend, but plenty of sunshine heading our way for friday. even the weekend isn't look all that bad. 75 howell, cooler in toms river where it's 72, but most folks still in the 70s throughout all of new jersey and distant suburbs. still a fair amount of cloud cover out there. we're at 79 in the park. wind direction and wind speeds generally from the west and southwest, but notice we're seeing them a little more refreshing at 17 miles per hour, westhampton 13 miles per hour. in the city about 7, but again, that is mixing up the air and
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not the here yet, though. still see the cloud cover, a couple leftover sprinkles in passaic, but again that is dying out that last shower and then drier air behind it will win out. you can see on future tracker, clouds, yes, but also thin spots. this is 1:00 in the afternoon, but no thunderstorms popping up. in fact it tends to get cleeer as we go towards the late afternoon and evening hours. but look how quickly the clouds return with scattered showers and thunderstorms again by tomorrow morning. day tomorrow, we'll be pep perred by widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. no continuous rain necessarily, but i think tomorrow becomes more unsettled and then by friday it dries out one more time. high temperatures this afternoon, still quite warm. just more bearable with lower humidity. in the upper 80s to near 90 at belmar, as well. we'll be breezy at times making it more comfortable.
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hot on friday, close to 90 on saturday with afternoon or evening shower or thunderstorm and then a better chance sunday into monday. finally a little cooler by the middle of next week. let's see if there are any early issues for the commute so far. >> there are service changes for sea streak. no direct service from hoboken and jersey city, but they chartered a new york waterway ferry to provide free service that takes off at 6:45 and 8: get around. but i'll keep you updated, we'll hopefully be back in service for tomorrow. road work is crossing problems. cross-bronx expressway east by webster avenue, two lanes closed. usual delays. and fdr drive, all lanes shuts down in both directions between 96th and 61st. hopefully that will get wrapped up early. and traffic hold at the got als
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parking rules are in effect.als bridge. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. firefighters are battling a raging wildfire. it's forced the governor to declare a state of emergency in san bernardino county. 82,000 people have been ordered to leave their homes. the interstate that runs between los angeles and las vegas, the i-12, is now closed. two firefighters were reported to be slightly injured, as well. at least 11 deaths are being blamed on and historic flooding in southern louisiana. another eight parishes are now on the federal disaster declaration list. brings the total to 20. floodwaters have started to recede in some places. help is on the way from taylor swift, donating $1 million to flood relief. now to a news 4 exclusive, we're hearing from a long island family who woke up to intruders in their home. home security videos shows the
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plon. watch them testing a lock on the front door before throwing a brick through a basement window. you see the suspects in hood sweat shirts inside the house in the kitchen. that's when the homeowner woke up to strange noises and called out to her daughter. >> i thought she was just being a kid. they could have went into her room. anything could have happened. thank god it didn't. >> suspects were scared away by her voice and ran handed. the family is installing a new security system and warning neighbors to be vigilant. police are on the lookout for these suspects. new york city's mayor is urging congress to pass zika funding. >> there is a lot of fear, a lot of concern. and we all know that we need that federal help to be able to do all that we can do to fight zika. >> mayor de blasio and other local leerds pressing law make toers approve $1.9 billion in emergency funding to fight the
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49 pregnant women have tested positive for the virus since the city launched its zika action plan. that was back in april. and connecticut investigators are trying to figure out what caused the electric shock that injured six people at an amusement park. it happened yesterday at ocean beach park. all six were rushed to the hospital with injury, but they are expected to be okay. a young boy touched a met hands. paterson dealing with a budget crisis and residents are outraged. they demanded paterson mayor joey torez leave office. council was expected to act on a massive layoff of municipal workers and furlough of nonessential employees. also residents fears about words of a planned ticket blitz to bring in extra money. police are looking for the thief who has been stealing
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investigators are trying to determine if it's the work of this man. this picture was taken outside a home where a wicker patio set was stolen monday night. police tell us there have been 24 things stolen in front porches and yards in nuttily in the past year. they include nine religious statues, four u.p.s. packages and gas grill. still to come, local testifies in the middle of a fight and it's all over the american flag. why they had to remove the fgs and then later, an olympic moment gone viral when a u.s. runner shows the true menning of sportsmanship. now she may get another shot at a medal. you're watching "today in new
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it is wednesday morning. still talking about that beach volleyball from yesterday. >> unbelievable. >> big upset. >> they had won 26 straight in the olympics. >> yes, it was crushing. >> it was tough, but the best team won. there you go. meantime, we are winners for about the next 24 hours before we revert back to the muggy weather again, but at least today it's a little drier, still quite warm. clouds this morning to sunshine, but no thunderstorms to worry about. tonight clouds roll back in and we could see some thunderstorms probably toward morning anytime after really 3:00, 4:00 a.m. in the morning. but your evening is fine and a low temperature of 75. weekend outlook, saturday not too bad. a couple showers or thunderstorms later in the afternoon. upper 80s. better chance of storms on sunday. neither day a washout, but muggy. feels like temperatures won't be
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>> it's all relative. lauren, how is it going? >> a lot of road work this morning. sunrise highway eastbound shut down between deer park avenue and brent wood road. you can see a little bit of a delay. and then a live look at the long eye a land expressway in queens, you can see road work on the outer roadway in both directions. a bit of a slow go, but still pretty quiet out there. there is a flag controversy in duchess the back of fire district trucks are gone. some members of the board of fire commissioners thought the flags were a distraction to drivers. they ordered the flags to be removed. the board also says they weren't consulted before those flags were mounted. but the arlington firefighters union says it purchased the flags because, quote, the love for our country and called it a disappointing day for firefighter this is close to 9/11. park rangers will be combatting crime in one long island community.
4:57 am
bringing in six armed park rangers. we're told the peace officers will patrol all town parks and beaches, but will focus on huntington station. residents have complained about increasing violence near the parks in recent years. the rangers will work with suffolk county police and they will be able to make arrests apcarry weapons. the rangers are expected to be on the job by labor day. one group of hospitals scrambling to provide identity protection after a compute information of more than 650,000 people. a company they work with accidentally posted the information online. social security numbers but no medical records. patients could be affected. and the old and small white plains mall is being slated for a total overall. white plains city council wants to tear it down an replace it
4:58 am
the city since 1976. it does have a number of long time tenants. however some fear they may be priced out of the new mall because of an increase in represent. >> mom about and pop shops will be gone one by one. bar, restaurants and banks will replace. starting monday, cats and small dogs will be allowed on empire, adirondack, maple leaf and ethan allen express. but pets are not allowed on trains that travel to and from canada. the cost is $25. you do need a reservation and the pet must fit into a tote or portable kennel.
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cards from a 13-year-old mesa boy. jacob has a rare disease that weakens his body and causes organ failure. with his 14th birthday approaching, jacob asked to birthday cards to make him feel better, setting a goal of $10,000. officers saw his story on line and they shipped boxes filled with cards to jacob and they wished him a happy birthday over skype. good job. >> north. if you're about to head out the door, keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. and new this morning, two children injured as fierce flames destroy a home in new jersey. >> hundreds walked the path of a jogger murdered in queens as the victim's father makes a surprising offer to her killer. and there are major campaign
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"today in new york" starts now. good morning. it is 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday, august 17. >> and chris has the forecast. good morning. >> good morning, guys. things have quieted down considerably. thunderstorms are gone and in its wake, some drier air trying to move in. breezes bringing in less humid air, but still starting out pretty muggy. greenwich at 76. poughkeepsie, 79, down the shore 77, and in in the city we're holding at 77 degrees. showers are dissipating. drier air will win out temporarily from the west before this next area of showers starts to slide back in here later tonight into tomorrow. so the temperature trend, we go from the upper 70s to near 80 by


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