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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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according to the officers, inside the suspect's suv a double barrel shotgun and an ak-47. investigators want to know what was the person doing with all that fire power. >> the driver from south carolina is under arrest. marc santia has video of that bus you'll see on just one station. >> reporter: keep your eyes on the red dodge durango. exclusive video obtained by news 4 shows the suv pulling into a washington heights gas station. the durango followed closely by nypd anti-crime officers. li weaving in and out of traffic here at 173 and broadway without using a turn signal. inside the suv, cortez from south carolina. he gets out at the gas pump and is immediately ordered back into the suv. officers smell marijuana, patting down the driver, something in the backseat catches their eye. this tourist didn't have luggage in the backseat but a rifle case. inside police found an ak-47
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barrelled shotgun with 325 rounds. the question now that law enforcement sources say they want answered -- what was cortez from south carolina doing here in washington heights? cortez once lived here in new york city and is no stranger to the law. arrested 30 times by the nypd. nypd last arrested him here in the city in 1999. right now detectives are trying to figure out if these weapons were used in a gun running operation, and if cortez is a wanted man. news 4 new york. updating that breaking news in queens where parts of an intersection is flooded in astoria because of a water main break. chopper 4 over the scene on 30th avenue. not clear what caused the break. we are keeping an eye on it and
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tonight an nypd officer is off the streets after his gun was used in a shooting in brooklyn. a police officer has been stripped out of his gun and badge. investigators say he was off duty early yesterday morning when he and his cousin were robbed outside a bar in park slope. one grabbed the service weapon and shot one of the suspects. the officer will be on modified duty during an internal investigation. police say they now have 70 tips about the killingf jogger in howard beach. they say they are running down every single one of them. carina vetrano was found dead two weeks ago. they're checking surveillance video from the park in hopes of identifying a killer, but right now no word of any suspects. tonight, we have a good look at the two suspects wanted for choking and robbing a 19-year-old in the bronx. this happened one week ago inside the building on longwood.
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elevator. one allegedly put the victim in a chokehold. the other went through his pockets. they took off with his phone, debit card, and $10. new video of a suspected bank robber in rockland county. police released this surveillance video showing the man they say held up a chase bank on route 9. the robbery happened monday around 5:45, just 15 minutes before the bank was scheduled to close. no one was hurt. chopper nabisco factory after a fire broke out in one of the ovens. it started around 1:00 this afternoon. no word on any injuries. operations have since resumed. when school starts this fall, certain middle schoolers in lacy township new jersey will be tested for drugs and alcohol. the board of education approved a random drug testing program. it's voluntary and only applies
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students who test positive can be suspended from sports or extracirricular activactivities. it's owned by the long island railroad. today local officials and homeowners lashed out saying it is disgusting and needs to be cleaned up. prisoner in her own home. >> there's no reason why they can't come in and clean it up. we can't enjoy our backyard. my daughter gets bit. there are so many rodents. we have to constantly hire an exterminator. something should be done about it. >> the long island railroad has ignored requests to clear the area. we've reached out to the long island railroad for comment, but
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routine testing revealed high levels of bacteria in two parks. more testing will take place tomorrow, but for now the state says no swimming there. six people injured from an electric shock on a carnival ride in connecticut. >> we have new information on how it happened. plus this. the sinkhole that's been frustrating a brooklyn neighborhood for more than a year. 4 investigates what's taking so long to fix it. weather is doing fine around storm in the atlantic. i'll show you fiona and the ten-day forecast coming up. lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. >> ahead, we're going to show you the videotape that has caused a brazilian judge to question the account of two american swimmers about being robbed at gunpoint. plus, coverage of the wildfire that has exploded in california. a shakeup at the top of the
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celebrate something really special this summer at blinds to go's annual storewide sale going on now. buy one, get one at half price. hundreds of styles and colors. every item through the store. buy one get one at half price. that's something to celebrate! blinds to go. blinds for life. sinkhole stress in one brooklyn neighborhood more than a year after the gaping hole opened up in the street. >> and now the hole is even bigger than before. back on august 4th, 2015, the street sunk in sunset park leaving a sprawling 64-foot
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here's andrew siff. >> reporter: getting to the bottom of why a stubborn sinkhole still isn't fixed demands digging. >> they're dragging their feet. this is taking too long. >> we're disgusted with it. >> reporter: 4 investigates pushed for answers more than one year after this 220 a community advocate now gets weekly updates. she's been taking pictures of the construction. how surprised are you that a year later this thing is still a mess? >> not very. >> reporter: why are you not surprised? >> i've lived in new york city all my life. >> reporter: inspectors from the city's department of environmental protection walked away from us. a city spokesman later e-mailed
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roadway will be resurfaced. anticipated, that roadway will be reopened within the next few weeks. the reason it took so long? excavation, inspection, removing and replacing the 48-inch water main, and cleaning and reinforcing the 15-foot sewer line. a 100-year-old sewer line. all that work required good weather and lots of careful construction. >> i went on vacation for six months. here. >> reporter: other sinkhole headaches include the bus commute from gate ridge. >> a pain in the behind. >> reporter: residents have seen streets like 64th become dead ends where cars and trucks blocked by the sinkhole are forced to make u-turns all day, which makes some worry. >> one of the reasons we have
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streets. >> reporter: in other words, the next calamity could be on your block. andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> more investigations mean more answers. call us at 866-639-7244. a new jersey woman hit with an extra $100 charge on her rental car. it could happen to you too. better get baquero for what you need to know. up in flames. fire jumps from boat to boat at a long island investigators are saying about a possible cause. sunny skies and lower humidity made for a beautiful day across the tristate, but will the sweltering heat make a comeback? janice huff has our exclusive
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new information tonight about what caused several injuries at a connecticut amusement park. multiple electrical issues might have caused electric shock. sources tell nbc connecticut a lose wire came into contact with the frame of a ride called the scrambler. six people were injured by scramble in new london. the rider's operator said he felt a tingling sensation while pressing the button to bring the ride to a stop. >> they found wiring problems. apparently that brought the electrical charge down through the ride and out through the metal platform onto the aluminum rails. >> four children and two adults said they felt tingling as well while on the ride. they were taken to the hospital
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in the spring before the season started. going to check in with janice huff. you see a tropical storm taking shape? >> yes, we have the sixth named storm of the season. this is fiona. it's been upgraded to a tropical storm, so it strengthened just a bit, but it is way out in the middle of the atlantic. it's what meteorologists reference as to a fish storm. it is not a harm to any land masses or people. it stays out in the a while. now the computer forecasts show that it mainly stays out to sea for several more days. doesn't appear to be moving towards the united states. may cause problems for bermuda. that's possible. we'll let you know as the storm progresses, but for now not causing any harm. neither is the weather today. 85 degrees in central park. boy, it is refreshing. 88 the high in newark.
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the humidity was up a bit too. breezy, less sticky. by friday and into the weekend, it is hot and muggy all over again. look at the temperatures now. feels like 90 in long branch. still have some 90s on the map. d.c. is at 93. 71 detroit. 80s in chicago and minneapolis. there is a cold front back here near detroit. at are in the 70s. that is moving east. then we have tropical moisture coming up from the gulf of mexico still. that train is still there. we start to feel muggy all over again, and we'll have a chance for a few storms later into the overnight on thursday morning. you'll start to see them approach. early thursday morning could be one or two heavy showers or thunderstorms on the map. maybe around the city, staten island, maybe north and west as well. that one or two may pop up in
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day, but a little muggier tomorrow. keep that in mind. if you're going to the shore, make sure you move in if you hear thunder. 70s to near 80 at the shore. 87 in the city tomorrow. back to 90 on friday. 88 saturday with the humidity. some storms sunday night. then fantastic weather next week. back to you. new information about that proposed metro north fare hike. we now know just how much commuters will be paying. if by about 6% in december. that's 5% on top of an already planned 1% increase. bus fares in connecticut would go up 25 cents. several public hearings will be held next month before the fare hikes are approved. in the south bronx, silver cup studios has opened its first production company.
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square foot warehouse to accommodate four studios. the $35 million facility expected to create some 400 film and television industry jobs. well, if you've ever missed a toll, you know how expensive those fines can be. when a new jersey woman got hit with big penalties after renting a car on vacation, she said better get baquero for advice. here's lynda baquero. >> youul area easy pass is compatible with some toll systems. but the transponders don't work out west, which is where deborah planned to visit. the natural beauty of new mexico, that's what these three ladies planned to enjoy seeing during a summer road trip. >> she mapped out albuquerque for two days, santa fe for two
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day. >> reporter: she rented a car. she was surprised when she got her final bill. about $100 more than she expected. >> we finally got the bill. it came out to be $770. >> reporter: why? partly because of the fees and penalties on local toll roads. deborah admits she crossed several electronic tolls where there is no option to pay with cash. >> i have never heard of roads that had tolls you couldn't >> reporter: deborah saw a list of five tolls she crossed, most for $3 each. there's an administrative fee. >> i spoke to a supervisor who told me that i would be charged a $15 administrative fee. i said, okay. $15, that's fine. what no one told me was it was per toll. >> reporter: they have a program called plate pass.
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that covers tolls. they'll be charged $15 per toll if they don't participate in the program. plate pass terms are clearly stated in the rental agreement, which deborah is showing us here. >> she didn't mention one word about tolls in colorado. nothing. she didn't give me the option of buying anything. >> reporteo >> i would just like people to be aware. car companies should bring that to her attention. >> there are no toll roads in new mexico. the ones she encountered were in colorado. thrifty gave deborah the plate pass discount retroactively.
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you'll get paid with fees too. >> do other rental car companies use plate pass? >> yes. they work with hertz. hertz charges $4.95 a day. this is important information here. there is a federal requirement eventually to make all of those toll collection systems on federally funded interstates compatible with one another. that's a tough challenge. right now, if you have yousy there. you'll still get hit with fees. >> to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, log on to or call us at 866-639-7244. boats go up in flames at a long island marina. new information on what investigators think may have sparked the intense fire. chuck is here with a look at what's coming up new tonight at 6:00. >> the body of a new jersey
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that's angering parents, students, and property owners on the upper west side. what's behind this controversial city proposal. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. ??? across new york state,
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eight boats burned in a long island marina. >> plumes of potentially toxic smoke billowed into the air as crews fought the fire. it rekindled early this morning.
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tonight. >> reporter: one boat owner calls the losses devastating. eight power boats burned beyond recognition in a fire that spread from boat to boat at this east patch hog marina tuesday night. >> the fire, i don't know. i'm just sorry about the whole thing. >> reporter: he owns the boat where the fire began. he had been working on the 40-foot craft just hours before it was destroyed. >> when i got here, all the boats were up. then these boats over here, they started. >> reporter: firefighters saved his family's marina which was just rebuilt after being damaged by sandy. four of those firefighters suffered minor injuries. the heat was so intense it actually melted the siding on the marina office. an amateur photographer using a drone captured images of both the inferno and the smoke that one neighbor says darkened the
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mushroom. >> reporter: suffolk police arson squad investigators have yet to determine the exact cause of the fire, but they do believe it was noncriminal in nature. folks here at the marina believe it was an electrical fire. diesel and boat remnants are still left to be removed from the water around the marina. the coast guard is monitoring that. as for michael allen, his wife can't bring herself to see what's left of the boat her family enjoyed for 17 years. >> whenou for 17 years and then you go down to see it now where it is just a shell, it is hard to see. >> reporter: greg cergol, news 4 new york. that does it for us. thank you for watching. >> stay with us as the news continues. now at 6:00, a missing mother found dead. the emotional reaction as her family sees the accused killers in court for the first time.
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i want to say we all can grieve and all can get along. >> 25 years after they both lost family after the crown heights riots, two men show how it is possible to heal the racial divide. there is a battle brewing on the upper west side pitting parents and property owners against the department of education. >> 4 investigates a controversy draft proposal to redraw the school district zones around one very popular, public school and why that is dividing the entire neighborhood. melissa russo has the story. >> reporter: on the upper west side, tensions are rising. >> the whole area is up in arms. >> we're furious. >> reporter: property owners and parents are fuming about a city proposal to redraw their school zones and send future students to a poorer performing school farther away. >> they'll take thousands, maybe
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apartment. >> reporter: they live in one of two lincoln towers co-ops, which after decades might be zoned out of ps 199, their highly sought after award-winning and overcrowded local school. >> i'm very upset. we moved here basically for that school. it is kind of like our right that that school should be ours. >> reporter: and in this neighborhood, not all schools are created equal. if the kindergartners would be moved to ps 191 in the zone next door, which includes the amsterdam housing projects. at ps 199 87% of students are meeting state math standards. the most recent safety data shows ps 199 had two assaults with injuries compared with ps


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