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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  August 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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now on today in new york, the search for a stepmother of a 9-year-old girl found dead inside a home in queens. plus surveillance video that could help police track down the gunman in a deadly drive-by shooting. and more olympians by brazilian police. why the australian athletes are now under fire. today in new york starts now. and good morning. welcome to today in new york. it is saturday the 20th of august already. the kids do not want to hear that. i'm pat battle. >> and i'm gus rosendale. warm weather continuing but changes on the way. raphael miranda with the latest
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behind you. very hazy on this saturday morning. unfortunately it's a tropical feel throughout the day today. the stickiness is back. you can see in the satellite picture, no rain this morning. that's staying off shore. we do have a weak front that's going to stay off shore. it's mild with the mugginess. 68 degrees high point. 67 madison. looking at a pair of 6's in ramsey. mild morning in central park. 68 in white winds are pretty light right now out of the southeast. visibility is good though. 8 miles. winds out of the northeast. they're going to shift to the southeast during the day. warming up by 11:00. we're back into the low 80s. between 2:00 and 5:00, we may see a few pop-up showers and storms but most of us will stay dry this morning.
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weekend, but we have chances of rain coming our way. we'll look at that in your ten-day forecast in just a few. happening now, investigators trying to figure out what led to the death of a 9-year-old girl in queens. >> relatives say that child was locked inside a bathroom for hours. when someone broke down the door, they found her unconscious. >> rana novini joins us with who police want to question. >> reporter: yeah, the girl's body was found at a home behind me. law enforcement officers tell news 4 they want to speak to the girl's stepmother as a person of interest in this case. the girl has been identified as a 9-year-old. outside the home last night, relatives tell us they're in complete shock. they found her dead in a locked bathroom and there were no
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the cousin family told us she didn't want to go home. they feared something like this was going to happen. >> i know that she going to do it. she always beat her up. i see her scratches on the arms. yeah. because when she beat her, you know? >> reporter: and back live here at the scene where you can see investigators here still gathering more information looking for that girl's stepmother. not named a person of interest in this case. rana novini, today in new york. >> thank you. also new this morning, we're getting our first look at surveillance video of a deadly shooting in the bronx. there you can see a car drive by a crowd of people. someone inside the car opens fire and the crowd dodging for cover. two people were hit. one of them died from injuries. if you have any information in this case, call crime stoppers.
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us -- confess to a killing. 32-year-old marcus bellamy was taken in for questioning. police say bellamy has been charged now with murder. we're told they're continuing their investigation. the name of the victim, 27 years old, has not yet been released. happening today. if you see a large amount of first responders near port newark, do not be me noon. expect road closures during that time. and also in new jersey this morning, investigators still probing a crash that mangled two commuter buses, claimed lives, and left passengers fighting for their lives. two people died. 17 were hurt when a bus t-boned another bus at a busy intersection. ray villeda has the latest from newark. >> reporter: outside the home of
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family and friend. now dead after his bus crashed into a fellow new jersey transit bus early friday morning. smartphone video show this chaos inside one of those buses. chopper 4 video shows the rapid response outside as paramedics rush to the scene to help the drivers and passengers. ambulances rush the 17 bus riders to hospitals all over the area. >> people screaming, crying, getting up off the bus. paramedics >> reporter: along with him, another passenger was also killed. >> you see the bus come in the middle like this. when i saw that, i don't know what happened. so i just saw myself in the back. >> reporter: now nj transit is working with police to figure out how this crash happened. was it a mechanical issue? did he driver have a medical issue? he was driving westbound. witnesses claim he ran the red
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much evidence to be looked at. so at this moment we will not speculate as to the cause. >> now the newark intersection back open. but an investigation far from being closed. >> whenever a tragedy occurs such as this, it's our top priority of safety. >> reporter: those two drivers were in good standing with nj transit. as far as the victims in the hospital, they range from good to critical condition. i'm ray villedod that ripped through several homes on staten island. investigators now saying that children playing with matches ignited the blaze. the inferno threatened to burn down the entire block and gutted at least two buildings at the end. fire injured more than 20 people including firefighters, left ten families homeless. we're told the red cross is giving aid to that family.
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classes. police are hoping this video will lead them to the men wanted at a burglary. they broke into slow food usa last week. they then took off with $26,000 in computer equipment. they said no one was injured but if you recognize these men, give police a call. all right. over to rio. you're looking at some of the nine australian they've been released now. according to a spokesperson, the athletes were taken into custody after they altered their olympic credentials to get into the men's semifinal basketball game. the team apologized and paid a fine and a good behavior bond for each athlete who was involved. officials for the international olympic committee and rio 2016 organizing committee were not available for comment. the athletes are expected to speak at a press conference this
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rio olympic officials put the ryan lochte controversy to rest. they say they accept the swimmer's apology. he admitted that he gave a misleading account that he had been held at gunpoint. he says he regrets how he described what happens but insists that the security guard did point a gun at him. police say security footage proves that lochte and three other swimmers vandalized a gas station after a night out drinking. >> they could have avoided all this problem. what they need to do is going over a precinct and tell the truth. >> well, rio's civil police haven't ruled out charges against the swimmers. gunnar bentz and jack conger are back in the u.s. jimmy feigen, meanwhile, reached a deal to pay 1 $1,000 in order to get his passport back so he could fly home.
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we continue this morning whether the u.s. men's will claim bronze after disqualification. the team finished third behind jamaica and japan but were cited for improper baton exchange. a decision on the disqualification expected later today. and that same race was a history-making one for the fastest man in the world. as usain bolt crossed the finish line for yet another gold. fans in jamaica erupted with the amazing finish. >> reporter: the final race for track's greatest sprinter of all time with the men's 100-meter relay. usain bolt did his part to make sure jamaica ruled the roost. it was the third consecutive gold for jamaica in this event. he finished the race with authority. and with the flair that makes him one of the great showmen on
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and i want to help get it back. that's what i did. in that process i became one of the greatest. >> the united states has not won this race since 2000. what a coronation for bolt. nine gold medals in nine events. three in each of the three olympics. records that may never be broken. the united states men's basketball team will be chasing gold on sunday. and coach mike farewell. 82-76. nine points, 16 rebounds, and 4 blocks from deandre jordan. carmelo anthony is one win away from his third career gold medal. >> relax and have fun playing the game. you know? it's a great stage. the highest stanl of basketball. to get a gold medal would be amazing. let's get one. >> in boxing, stevenson fights in the gold medal bout. the newark native is oh so close
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you're one bout away, one win away from a gold medal. tell me how you're thinking right now. >> exciting and waiting to fight the cuban. 2012 gold medalist. i'm hyped up. i can't wait. i'm excited. competition. let's get it. >> reporter: later today the u.s. women's basketball team guns for the gold medal against spain. they've won 48 consecutive games and are searching for their sixth consecutive gold medal. in rio covering the xxxi olympiad, i'm bruce beck for today in new york. >> stay with news 4 on here and online for all your olympic coverage. log onto for the four to watch today including new jersey boxer shakur stevenson's gold medal fight. i was in newark yesterday and they were passing out these fliers. they're actually going to put up big screens on the corner of broad and market and watch the fight live. so you can go and join them in
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new york, a travel alert for the sunshine state. what you need to know if your plans include a trip down south. plus long-term effects the record breaking temperatures this year. and we've got a hot weekend ahead. temperatures back to the 80s today. let's take a look outside right now. the hamilton bridge. nice and dry. will it stay dry throughout the weekend? well, maybe not. we'll take a look at your storm team 4 forecast and explain
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t takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. health officials are issuing a new travel warning for south florida now that zika has spread to another neighborhood in miami. mosquitoes in the city's south beach neighborhood have reportedly infected five people with the virus. one of them a tourist from new york. state health officials are now telling pregnant women to stay away from the popular tourist destination. the cdc says it is possible that zika may be in another miami-dade communities.
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>> pregnant women are at the greatest risk because of the risk of microcephaly and other serious birth defects. >> the cdc is warning anyone who has visited this new zika zone on south beach which of course is a very popular area there in florida to avoid getting pregnant for at least eight weeks. president obama heads to louisiana on tuesday to see the devastation caused by widespread flooding there. the floods have killed at least 13 people and forced thousands from their the president has been criticized for continuing his vacation on martha's vineyard waiting until now to visit the state. republican presidential nominee donald trump met with people in baton rouge just yesterday. we're going to check in with raphael miranda. keeping an eye on the temperatures. but there is a bit of relief in sight. >> in the ten-day forecast, there's great news. pat, you look so small. move up a little bit.
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us. >> i'm back. >> the humidity's back as well, pat, this morning. it is muggy out there. let's look outside. you can see the hazy conditions but dry around the region. let's head out to the tappan zee bridge. wow. getting bigger. almost ready to launch, i think. but you can see that it is dry. there's no rain right now as the bridge grows there. but you can see that hazy sunshine over the hudson. that's what we're dealing with right now. mostly sunny skies, but all that haziness you're feeling as weak front off to the east. it's going to mainly stay to our east. we're going to see energy from that front spark off some showers and storms as the days goes on. we'll look at that on future tracker. not everyone will see rain today, but something to keep in mind if you have outdoor plans. quiet right down the jersey shore. but it's all about the mugginess today and tomorrow. showers and storms possible both
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then we've got some beautiful weather finally heading our way next week. summer streets today, 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. central park to brooklyn bridge along park avenue. 84 degrees by 1:00. but the humidity, that's going to be the real factor you're feeling out there. should stay dry up to about 1:00. temperatures starting out in the 60s in many suburbs. it's 67 in madison. so it is a warm and muggy start out there. we've got 70s across l we talk about the dew points, shows you how muggy it is. right now i want you to notice that most of us are between sticky and tropical. but we're not in the awful category. the humidity is not as bad as it was through the last couple weeks. here's a look at future tracker. there's our front maybe sparking off a few sea breeze storms around 12:00. but the coverage not too widespread.
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downpour from 12:00 to 5:00. you want to keep in mind you may need to seek shelter. we could have thunderstorms in the mix as well. lots of clouds with an onshore flow. scattered showers and storms on and off throughout the day. again, not a washout. but here comes the cold front. that's going to bring a chance for heavier showers and storms more widespread into tomorrow afternoon. and especially tomorrow evening and tomorrow night into monday. hazy, warm, and you can see tomorrow more of the same. we will see a better chance for rain on sunday afternoon and evening. that's going to be the wettest time throughout the weekend. and monday we should be drying out after a quick shower in the morning. high temperature of 81 degrees. and then it is a beautiful stretch, low humidity and comfortable temperatures through the middle of next week. take a look at that in the ten-day. you want to stay up-to-date with the app, tap the logo and scroll
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which you may need this weekend and learn to submit your own weather video. available in the app store right now. it's not your imagination. this is one of the hottest years on record and it's taking a dangerous toll on the arctic. >> yeah. experts say the arctic is warming twice as fast as other parts of the planet. and the region's ice cover is melting away. literally. over the past three decades, the arctic has lost about a third of the ice that used to be there. nasa says the melting sea ice contributes to rising sea levels, changes in ecosystems, and coastal erosion. let's do some sports here. it was another tough night for the mets in san francisco against the giants. curtis granderson put the mets on the board in the second inning. a long home run that sailed into the bay to put the mets up 1-0. it was all down hill from there. denard span rips one to make it
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the giants beat the mets big 8-1. yankees also in california this weekend taking on the los angeles angels. jacoby ellsbury put the yanks on the board early. put the bombers up 1-0. crushes one to left field. another solo shot to put the yanks up 3-0. the yanks hit four homers on the night. pitched nine strikeouts over seven-plus innings. a different story for yankees versus the the yankees beat the angels and did they. 7-0. happening today, you can see imagination come to life during the 24th annual sand sculpting contest on coney island. the artists are going to try to create a masterpiece on the beach from a mound of sapd. some past include the wonder wheel and the cyclone roller coaster. today's fun in the sun starts at
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and the bronx zoo has a couple -- is that a sheep? it does sound like it, right? there's very cute new residents of the zoo. they are sea lion pups that made their debut yesterday. they charmed visitors who stopped by to say hello. the pup wrs born in june. they haven't gotten names yet. of course they are known for their playful behavior and they're pretty smart too. >> and they sound like sheep. little did we know. still ahead on today in new york, back to school stress is causing parents more worry than the irs. first here's your fandango weekend ticket. >> here's what's going on. the comedy "war dogs" tells the true story of two friends who become big time arms dealers. >> you work for homeland security? relax, bro. >> do it now. >> a boy must battle gods and
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"kubo and the two strings." >> i won't let -- >> and "ben hur." >> you lose, you die. >> and finally let's find out what's hot in theaters this weekend with this week's fan-ticipation. that's what's happening in theaters this weekend. this is fandang
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driving your kids to and from their school and afterschool activities could create problems at your job. a new survey from hop skip drive found that 40% of parents say their work schedule is affected at least once a week due to driving their kids around. 27% say they put their jobs at risk to do that. 35% of parents even said that managing their child's transportation is more stressful
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>> i'm sure you can't relate to that at all. curtis stone dishes about his australian training and his new west coast restaurant. >> cat greenleaf got the scoop in this week's "talk stoop." >> where where i sit, the world of chef glamour and chef branding and food excitement has only grown. people just used to make food and loved to make food. now it's a whole industry. >> my next guest is a professional chef and author -- >> one of people magazine's sexiest men alive. >> welcome one of the biggest chefs in the business. >> curtis stone! >> that's funny. i guess i've worked in michelin star restaurants all my life. when i was 30 i moved to america. i did a television show and wrote a book. but more recently the last few years started working in kitchens again.
6:26 am
and i feel like last time you were here you were on a vegetable kick. >> that's right. >> so is this now -- is this restaurant anti-vegan? is this a movement against the vegans? >> i don't think we'll have a lot of vegans coming in. the idea is it's a butcher shop. there's a restaurant off the back of the butcher shop. and you know what? ill people that understand that an animal should be respected. we care so much about our product that we obviously source it from places that treat it with el. >> what's a good fast food -- no brands -- that people could take on a ride. >> i think making sandwiches is the right way to go. you can make fantastic sandwiches that will hold for a couple of hours. if you take someone that will not eat well -- it can eat well. but it has to eat well in two
6:27 am
and delicious bread. three good ingredients. >> cured, beautiful, and delicious. >> just like you. >> oh, go on. no really, go on. more. >> and you can watch a half hour of "talk stoop" with cat greenleaf every sunday at 9:00 p.m. on cozi tv. coming up next at 6:30 on today in new york, we'll have this. >> reporter: a little girl found dead inside her home. i'm rana novini with the breaking development in the case an was an accident. and we're heading into the home stretch of august. maybe one of your last chances to go to the beach. but will it be a beach weekend? there's a look outside right now. looking good at the lincoln tunnel inbound. will it stay dry? we'll have your shore cast
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the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. waking up with you on a saturday morning. 75 degrees as you head out the door. the heat and humidity back in a big way today. but there is -- well, there's a change in the forecast.
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>> i think you'll like it. i'm gus rosendale. >> and i'm pat battle. going to be a nice day today if you like it hot. but if you don't, raphael's got good news on the horizon. >> finally a cooldown on the horizon. we haven't seen anything like this in a few weeks, really, temperatures going to be trending below average for a few days. but not today. right now it's warm and muggy outside. would be a nice day to head to the shore. you can see on the satellite and radar picture into the hudson front. and that's going to give you extra cloudiness. it may spark off a few spotty showers and storms throughout the day. these are the numbers of the shore cast. 81 for your high. low to mid-80s down the jersey shore. a mix of sunshine and clouds throughout the day. again, you see that chance for a storm in there as well. now the water temperatures, let's talk about those. they've been warming up. 72 up to 82 in some places like sandy hook where the water temperature is in the low 80s. very comfortable.
6:31 am
water. there's a low to moderate risk for rip current. still make sure you stay close. it's very high. you need the sun screen and a slight chance of lightning as these storms may pop throughout the day. we'll have look at the forecast in a few. >> thank you, raphael. well, happening now, investigators are looking for answers in the tragic death of a 9-year-old girl. >> today in new york's rana no with what the child's family believes happened. >> reporter: we just confirmed with police that the girl's stepmother has been taken into custody for questioning. she does not face charges at this time, but she is considered a person of interest in the little girl's death. we take a look behind me. this is the home where the little girl's body was found last night. investigators are still here on scene gathering evidence. the girl's father was overcome with emotion and collapsed outside the home yesterday.
6:32 am
as 9-year-old ashdeep kaur. she was found dead inside a locked bathroom after family members called police saying she had been in there for hours. police say there were no obvious signs of trauma to her body and her death has not been ruled a homicide at this point. they're questioning the girl's stepmother right now to try to shed like light on what happened. investigators have been on scene for hours. they have not said yet how the little girl died. that will be determined in an >> thank you. also out of queens this morning, police looking for two robbers using a stun gun on victims. police say he and his accomplice are wanted for two robberies. the spree began last month. each time the robbers walk up behind their victims and hold a stun gun to their necks. they steal cell phones and wall lets. they've used the stun guns on two of the victims. a new jersey woman is suing a catholic high school that
6:33 am
coach. in court filings, attorneys say she was not fired because she was a lesbian. instead she was fired because she married another woman which is against the catholic faith. because of that distinction, the school did not violate state discrimination laws, they say. and they want the suit tossed out. the new owner says he's ready to walk away from plans -- several road blocks. it opened and then closed just two years later. it is time for your weekly commuter alert. some jersey city path riders now need to get dropped off at a different location. the so-called kiss and drop is now closed for construction. it's expected to remain closed through the end of the year.
6:34 am
dropoffs. it's adjacent to the current station. and if you take the george washington bridge to the city during the overnight hours, use the upper level. all the inbound lower lanes will be shut down next week. that's every weeknight. there's ongoing repair and repaving work there. gus? pat, now to decision 2016. recent trailed by double digits in virginia. he's going to try to make up some ground tonight at a rally in fredricksburg. this comes as his campaign in another shakeup. paul manafort resigned. campaign forces tell nbc news they did not get along. trump wanted more aggressive leadership. they also say manafort did not want to be a distraction. he has been under scrutiny for
6:35 am
ukraine. >> i'm dubious because trump doesn't seem to listen to anybody. >> meanwhile, a federal judge ruled hillary clinton must respond to a conservative group that filed a lawsuit over her private e-mail server. but she does not have to do it under oath or in person. 30 days for written questions about why she used the private server. well, the americans continue, gus, to add to an insurmountable lead in medals. >> yes, tell me more about it. gus. in the summer games, they're looking for more later today in the final full day of competition in rio. i'm glad because it's been keeping me up at night. my gosh. we are learning more this morning about four u.s. swimmers who apparently lied about a late night robbery. here are the details from rio. >> reporter: the international olympic committee has set up a commission and they are
6:36 am
gas station restroom then lied to authorities telling them they were robbed by gunmen. a written statement by one of the men gunnar bentz provides details to what actually happened that night. bentz says security guards did pull their guns but only after teammate ryan lochte vandalized a sign and argued with them. now to the games where the women's 4 x 100 relay team ran away with the go history as part of jamaica's 4 x 100 relay team. the american team finished third but was disqualified for an illegal baton change. they're appealing that. the american women netted gold in water polo. and connor field to the top of men's bmx. >> is this real right now? i can't believe it. >> later today, more chances for medals in track and field and
6:37 am
nbc news, rio. and still to come on a saturday morning, storm team 4's raphael miranda returning with a check of the forecast. you're watching today in new
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6:39 am
live look at the belt parkway. a little bit of traffic building. temperatures on the first we want to update you about what's doing on in california where nearly a hundred families have been left homeless by a destructive fire in the southern part of that state. for the first time officials have been able to go into some of the neighborhoods there. see some of the devastation. getting a dloes up look at what the blue cut fire has done. evacuees are essentially returning to piles of ash and rubble. 96 homes, more than 200 outbuildings were destroyed.
6:40 am
the wildfire is now 40% contained. the conditions are getting a little better out there for them fighting the fires as well. so that's some good news. >> for us, heat and humidity. >> the mugginess is bad. you'll feel it as soon as you step outside today. little tropical out there. it'll stay that way through the weekend. but a big change coming next week. there's another shot of sunshine on the tappan zee bridge. we have some sunshine -- bridges, yes. be two separate tracks of blue there. now it's like double the old bridge. anyway, it's expanding and the humidity is on the rise in the hudson vallvalley. let's look at the satellite and radar picture. looking good across much of the northeast. we have a weak front draped to our east. that may spark off a few showers and storms into the afternoon. but most of us will stay dry today. and we love to hear that as
6:41 am
it's all about the muggy weather this weekend. higher humidity, much higher than the last couple of days. showers and storms at times. but the best chance of seeing rain late sunday into sunday night. and then a beautiful stretch of weather develops as we head into next week. right now temperatures are in the 60s. it's muggy in fairfield county. 64 in shelton. 67 degrees in west port. temperatures are in the 70s down the jersey shore. it's mild all around t this morning. and we're watching the dew point temperatures. again, this shows me how muggy it is, how it feels outside. right now notice most of us between 65 and 70 in that sticky category. so that's what we're dealing with the next couple of days. it's very spotty at best. scattered showers around 12:00. most of us are dry. around 4:00 p.m., more of the same continues. a better chance for showers and storms.
6:42 am
best chance of rain as a cold front approaches. that's going to be late in the day sunday into sunday night. tomorrow it's a little clammy, a little cloudy. and it turns stormy throughout the evening. now, that's the cold front that's going to spark those showers. once that front moves through into early next week, a different air mass moves in. it's a dry, comfortable air mass, low humidity. lots of sunshine and exquisite stretch of days early next week. take a look at that on your ten-day forecast. yeah, below average. 82 for your high on tuesday. and then it goes on and on right into the weekend. although the heat looks to bump up again as we're back to the upper 80s with sunshine by next weekend. you want to stay up-to-date with the news 4 new york app, just tap the logo in the corner and scroll down and select the weather tab. use our interactive radar and learn to submit our own weather video. the app for iphone is available in the app store right now. >> thanks, raphael.
6:43 am
how some of his greatest hits are getting a new sound. and later, how to support your local animal shelters. plus we'll introduce you to some adorable animals including cats happy to sit on your shoulder. all looking for a home today.
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6:45 am
this summer is your chance to hear michael jackson in a whole new way seven years after his passing. >> lynda baquero explains in thisee ? billie jean is not my lover ? ? she's just a girl who thinks that i am the one ? ? but the kid is not my son ? >> that's fantastic, isn't it? sean rodriguez along with john
6:46 am
tribute to the king of pop. the music producer is here to explain. it's fantastic. it's a latin version of michael jackson songs, latin arrangement. how did the idea come about? >> well, this actually came about about five years ago a year after michael jackson passed away. i was always a michael jackson fan. i got the opportunity -- i lived in miami -- i still live in miami but they called me to do this show and they wanted to celebrate michael jackson's life and have me play the song why do you want me to play it? they were like, figure it out. i thought since i love michael jackson so much, why don't i create an arrangement that could be with the essence of michael jackson but with my roots, with the salsa flavor. the people loved it. that sparked the idea. i thought maybe i should do a whole album. then five years later, like, you know, through recording and more than a hundred musicians recording and all these artists
6:47 am
licensing and everything, the whole project came about. >> it's fantastic. it reminds me of coldplay. what was the reaction when you approached them? >> they were shocked. first i had no name in the industry. i was just out of college and hadn't really produced a record before. so john sicada and all these great artists like sheila e and everybody when they first heard about it, sushi and ice cream or something. but the great thing is every time -- and it worked every time. every time they listened to an arrangement or song, it was like, wow. once you hear it, you tend to believe it. >> let's hear a little bit. let's listen to john sicada singing his favorite song. "human nature." ? see that girl ? ? she knows i'm watching ?
6:48 am
? baby ? ? it's human nature ? ? oh baby give me one more chance ? ? won't you please let me ? >> i love it. and one of the performers, you got a star studded list here. one includes judith hill. she was rehearsing wit jackson for his tour right before his passing. whap did she bring to this performance? because this was also recorded as a pbs special. >> judith hill was the icing on the cake for me. not only is she amazing but she was so connected to michael because she spent all that time with him especially in his latest days of when he was doing this is it. so she came with, like, this energy and it was, like, the feeling of the song she sang
6:49 am
the message so strong. it was one of my favorite songs michael wrote. when she sang it live, i think the whole theater froze for a second because she brought this energy and this connection to michael jackson's music that was above what anybody else had. as fans we love him, but she actually was with him during his last days. so she had it all held in and she let it all out. >> people can get it on dvd. and it's also available, i >> yes. amazon, itunes, to my website, and you can order the physical cd, dvd, everything. >> what's it call snd. >> unity the latin tribute to michael jackson. >> and i know you're also performing around the world, a concert. no plans yet for new york. where can people keep posted? >> if you follow me on instagram or facebook, i'm always posting dates we're doing. i also do live videos from our shows. you can watch that.
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>> tony
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone.
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it is closing in on 7:00. let's go across the street and check in to find out what's coming up next on weekend "today." good morning. >> good morning. good to see you. >> coming up here on "today," usain bolt keeps his winning streak alive. picking up a triple after helping jamaica get the gold. the u.s. women also bringing home gold in the 4 x 100. we'll talk to english gardner about how the team is feeling. also the latest on the incident involving ryan lochte and three other swimmers at a brazilian gas station. what one of the fellow swimmers is now saying about precisely what happened that night. and a former accountant turned triathlete is hoping to bring home the first gold for
6:53 am
we'll talk to her about why she made the switch from crunching numbers to swimming, biking, and running. >> those stories and much more here on "today." >> we'll see you then. it's time for this morning's clear the shelters pet profile. this morning we're talking about the different ways you can support your local shelters. david is from animal care centers of new york city to explain. tell us how people help. >> adopt, foster, volunteer, and donate. adoption is obvious. foster we've discussed in the past. in the volunteer and donate categories, it's limited by your imagination. i mean, there is just so many different opportunities, you would be amazed. volunteer your time. you can come to the shelter. you can walk dogs at the shelter, you can do outreach in the community, you can come to
6:54 am
social media is so big. i can't tell you how many pets we get adopted just by promoting. >> i know you do. what sort of screen process? if someone wants to get involved, how would they reach out? what information would you need from them? >> come to the shelter or our website. you do a short orientation and you do a shelter visit to the shelter you're going to likely visit. but you can do mobile and fund raisers and events. then you're free to come and go as your time permits. >> if someone want bs to donate supplies or food, things like that? what do you need? >> donation is another one. obviously you can donate money or you can help raise money doing local fund raisers. but just stuff. people throw away old towels and old beds, blankets, towels, sheets, that really even t-shirts can be used. we had one person went -- lived near tennis courts and would go get all the tennis balls and
6:55 am
>> as creative as you can be, there's plenty of stuff we can use whether it's dogs, cats. just keep them comfortable, keep them playing. >> no matter your budget, you can help out. >> everyone can help. like i said, it's -- budget because you can donate time, money, objects, stuff, just spread the word, communication. it's unlimited. >> normally you bring a dog. today you brought a fox. are you sure this was a dog? >> well, it was too early for us to test him out. but he's -- t a pomeranian, chihuahua, fox hound. maybe we'll bring him to the zoo. >> good energy, good for kids? >> t los of energy. likes to play. but look how o beat yent and calm. >> likes to be held as well. >> bonds wonderfully. just loves people. if i put him down, he's going to run in circles. >> we have a cat that reminds me of a pirate's parrot.
6:56 am
3-month-old shine. purrs like an engine. climbs, sits on your shoulder. >> and it's a 12-week-old little girl there. >> she'll be at the shelter today. the doggy will be at the event in union square storm. we've got a lot of events going on. >> always appreciate it. find more information about these pets on the animal care center's website. final check of your forecast coming up next on today in new
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> yes. >> the haze, humidity. >> i don't want to turn around. >> better weather is around the corner. just not this weekend, guys. very humid. and a little unsettled as well. we may see rain any time during the weekend, but it's not going to be a washout. >> okay. >> carry the umbrella to be on the safe side. have a dry place to go to in case the storms pop. >> but it's going to cool down. >> it will next week. look at the ten-day forecast. it's looking very fine as we
6:59 am
temperatures in the mid-80s. that's still above average. we should only be in the low 80s this time of year. scattered showers and storms especially in the afternoon. tonight it's a muggy night with temperatures in the mid-70s. tomorrow back to 85. better chance for rain tomorrow late in the day if you have barbecue plans for tomorrow night. that may deal with some heavy rain. then once that cold front clears the region, we are literally in the clear. monday through thursday, loads of su low temperatures in the 60s, that means the humidity is low, it's comfy. we should see some 50s north and west of town. crack open the windows. then the heat wants to build again, though, by friday and saturday near 90 with higher humidity. so summer is not done with us yet. we're going to get a little preview of a pre-fall action on monday. but it will feel good. >> yes, it will. looking forward to it. thank you, sir. and thank you for joining us for
7:00 am
produce pete is going to be here. >> with tomatoes. see you at 9:00. weekend "today" is next. good morning. going out on top. >> here is usain bolt! three times three the triple triple! jamaica's usain bolt wins his ninth olympics gold. crossing the finish becoming the first man to win medals in the 100, 200, and 4 x 100. after u.s. men were heartbreakingly disqualified over a bad baton pass. the u.s. women cruise to victory. >> the u.s. and jamaica second. with the second fastest time


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