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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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popping up. not a washout. and we're seeing this hazy mugginess throughout the day today. when will that cooler change come? we'll look at the ten-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. over to you. >> all right. thank you, raphael. happening now, police are questioning the stepmother of a 9-year-old girl who was found dead in a queens apartment. >> today in new york's rana novini joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: investigators have been here overnight all morning here inside the home behind me. relatives called 911 after they say she didn't come out of a locked bathroom for hours. investigators are now questioning a person of interest in her death. relatives tell us the girl is 9-year-old ashdeep kaur. investigators say there were no obvious signs of trauma and her cause of death has not been released yesterday. the girl's father collapsed outside last night after ashdeep was found dead. he was taken away by ambulance for observation.
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she is considered a person of interest. relatives say she didn't want to go home. they feared something like this would happen. >> i know that she's going to do it. because she always beat her up. i see her scratches on the arms. yeah. because when she hold her hard and she beat her, you know. >> reporter: the stepmother does not face charges at this point. she is being questioned as a person ashdeep's death has not been ruled a homicide. we have to wait on the autopsy report to figure out exactly how she died. live in richmond hill, rana novini. we are seeing video of a shooting that left a teenager dead. the shooter inside a lincoln town car opened fire on the crowd you can see running for their lives there. this happened wednesday morning. a 21-year-old man was hit but
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if you have any information in this case, please call crime stoppers. police in the bronx say they have arrested a man who allegedly confessed to a killing. marcus bellamy was taken in for questioning after reportedly telling police that he killed a man. that dead man was found in a fifth floor apartment in morris heights. bellamy has now been charged with murder and they're continuing their investigation. the name of the 27-year-old victim hasn't been released. if you see a large number of first responders near port just a drill. they will hold an emergency response exercise at the red hope terminal pier. the drill just got underway. it's going to last through noon. expect road closures during this time. >> the family of a new jersey transit worker on the job for 27 years is mourning his death. joseph bartelus was driving the bus. investigators are trying to
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happened. barthelus was alone in his bus when it happened. witnesses say the scene was just terrifying. zblo people were screaming, crying, getting up off the bus. paramedics were coming. >> the second bus come just in the middle like this. when i saw that, i don't know what happened. so i saw myself in the back. >> new jersey transit officials say both bus investigators will determine whether there was a mechanical, perhaps a medical issue played a role in that accident. fire investigators saying two kids playing with matches started a massive fire that destroyed homes on staten island. at one point the inferno threatened to burn down the entire block. in the end it gutted two buildings and injured more than 20 people including two firefighters. providing aid to ten families that are now homeless. the 6 and 8-year-old who is were
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and safety classes. new this morning, police are hoping new surveillance video will help lead them to two men wanted for a burglary in brooklyn. the men broke into slow food in crown heights last week and quickly took off with $26,000 worth of computer equipment. police say nobody was injured. if you recognize those men, please give police a call. a group of investors say they paid money to put on a broadway show but instead got duped. we know that sounds familiar. it's the plot to "the producers." but this time it is a real life court drama. authorities indicted the producer for stolen dollars. they were told lupita nyong'o signed on. skahill used the money to pay
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he's therefore entitled to a presumption of innocence. he should receive that. health experts issuing a warning for traveling to south beach. reportedly infected five people there with zika. one of them is tourist from new york. the area is a popular tourist destination as we know. but they're telling pregnant women to stay away from there. it is possible that in other miami-dade communities, just hasn't been detected yet. >> pregnant women are at the greatest risk because of the risk of microcephaly and other serious birth defects. >> the centers for disease control is warning anyone who has visited this new zone to avoid getting pregnant for at least eight weeks. and on tuesday, president obama will travel to louisiana to o see the flooding devastation there first hand. floods have killed 13 people and
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homes. the president has been criticized for continuing his vacation on martha's vineyard waiting until now to visit the state. but he said he didn't want to be a distraction from those rescue efforts. donald trump has already met with people of baton rouge. that happened yesterday. while he was there, he criticized president obama for continuing his vacation instead of visiting the region. all this coming as the campaign is in the middle of another shakeup. chairman paul manafort resigned two days after trump essentially management team. campaign sources tell nbc trump and manafort did not get along. they say manafort did not want to be a distraction. he had been under scrutiny with dealings with russia and ukraine. >> maybe the new team can get something done. though i'm dubious because trump doesn't seem to listen to anybody. >> meanwhile a federal judge ruled hillary clinton must respond to a conservative group that filed a lawsuit over her private e-mail server.
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under oath or in person. she has 30 days to answer written questions about why she used a private server. still to come this saturday morning on today in new york, record wins and disappointing disqualifications. we have live in rio with the highlights from yesterday's competition. plus what you'll want to watch today. also, how a music icon was honored in a city close to his heart. and raphy joins us with trivia. >> that's right. and the questions are following this year's
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back with you on a saturday morning. and one of our last live looks
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strong but not for too much longer. they have flown by. this is the last full day of competition in brazil as the olympic games do indeed wind down. >> sad to see them go but at least we'll get some sleep. >> we've been staying up late watching. >> we all have. i was talking to jim at the "today" show, he was up until 2:30 in the morning watching badminton. it's been riveting. jay gray joins us live from rio. he's got highlights. you had a lot of long nights too. >> reporter: yeah, pat and gus. great to talk to you this morning. it's hard to believe that it's actually coming to an end here. it has been some long days and nights. but yeah. just a couple more here. things golden for team usa as they have been in the competition but there's still this controversy surrounding the four u.s. swimmers. they're back in the u.s. while the investigation continues here. the international olympic committee has set up a disciplinary commission and
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swimmers who vandalized a gas station restroom then lied to authorities telling them they were robbed at gunpoint by men posing as police. surveillance video and a written statement by gunnar bentz provide some details to what actually happened that night. bentz said security guards did pull their guns but only after lochte vandalized a sign and argued with them. now to the games where the women's then usain bolt three gold medals in three consecutive games. the u.s. men were disqualified because of an illegal baton exchange. the women netted a gold in water polo. and connor field went to the top of the podium in bmx. >> pinch me. is this real right now? >> reporter: later today, more
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for men and women's basketball. you know, boxer clarissa shields also swinging for gold today on what is the final full day of competition here. a little bit to wrap up on sunday and then we go to the closing ceremonies. pat and gus, all the work here especially late at night at the beach, all strictly work. i can guarantee. back to you. >> all right. we'll take your word for it. we're not telling. before you about bolt's performance which was remarkable. is this really his last games or is there a chance he returns in a couple years? >> reporter: you talk to him and he says yeah i'm done. but he's also quick to point out if i trained, i could come back in four years. i feel like i could run with these guys. but this is a guy who has a very diverse life. and he says he wants to open a clinic for kids in jamaica. still wants to be tied to the sport. wants to be an ambassador maybe
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things i want to accomplish. i think no matter what he does, he's so charismatic, so outgoing. people love him so much. we're going to hear from this guy no matter what. >> absolutely. >> thanks, jay. and stay with news 4 for all the olympic coverage. look for the four to watch today and that includes shakur stevens' move for gold. >> they have set up big screen televisions on broad and market. they're going to watch the fight live at 1:30. what kind of weather? >> it should be dry. there's about a 20% chance of shower during the afternoon in newark, i think. odds are on our side for that. >> good. >> that's good news. should be a great, fun spect kal out there in newark. >> i'm sure. >> i can't believe they're ending. i can't believe it. i've been watching so many hours of it every day. anyway, taking a look outside right now, it's very muggy and warm. there's pat's bridge.
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tappan zee bridge, i think. there's a plaque. it is pat's favorite bridge, of course. it's still sunny out there. the good news is when you look at that, notice the hazy sunshine. it's completely dry and it will stay dry over the next few hours. but again, as we get into the afternoon, that's when we may see showers popping up. you can see light rain now just east of the hamptons. we have a cold front, stationary cold front draped across ern sections. that may cause a little bit of rain as the day goes on. your weather headlines, mugginess. it's back in full effect today feeling a little sticky out there. shower and storms throughout the weekend possible any time now through tomorrow night. the worst weather late sunday into sunday night. and then we have some beautiful weather coming next week. we're finally getting a nice reward as we head back to work. summer streets today, last day. the weather's good. 74 to 84 degrees.
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avenue. sunshine and clouds. bring your shades and also lots of water because it's going to be hot and you're feeling that humidity. temperatures already on the rise. up to 83 now diker heights. factor in the humidity, it feels higher than those temperatures. north and west of town, temperatures already back to the 70s. i want to show you this dew points map. it tells me if it's muggy or not. we are back in the 70s now. 70 to 75, that's tropical. we're back in that tropical air mass. not awful. that's over 75 degrees. we're not seeing that just yet. but everyone is somewhere between sticky and tropical on this saturday morning. get used to it. we have two more days of this higher humidity to deal with. now, future tracker moving ahead now through the afternoon. you can see light showers, sort of a sea breeze shower developing. pushing inland.
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onshore flow, maybe a few showers. not raining all day. but look what's coming our way especially to the west tomorrow. a cold front moving through around 5:00, 6:00. that could bring some heavy, strong, maybe even severe showers and thunderstorms to close out your sunday. the good news is that's going to knock down the humidity. by monday feeling much, much better. low humidity and cooler with temperatures back down to the low 80s. it's a beautiful stretch of weather throughout much of next week. you want to stay the news 4 new york app. tap the logo in the corner and select the weather tab. see the latest forecast and radar and learn to submit your own weather video. available in the app store right now. over to you. >> we know it's been hot. how hot? nasa now saying that record-breaking temperatures in the first half of this year are now melting ice in the arctic sea. >> yeah. experts say the arctic is warming twice as fast as other parts of the planet and that the
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melting away. over the past three decades the arctic has lost about a third of the ice that used to cover that region. nasa warns that we're going to see rising sea levels, changes in ecosystems, and coastal erosion. to sports now and it was another tough night for the mets in san francisco against the giants. curtis granderson put the mets on the board first in the second inning. a long home run that sailed over the wall and into the bay. put the mets up 1-0. it was all downhill from there. the to right field. the tying run scores. makes it 1-1. then span did it again in the seventh. the giants beat the mets big 8-1. the yankees also in california take on the angels. ellsbury put the bombers up 1-0. another solo shot to put the yanks up 3-0 there. the yanks hit four homers on the
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tanaka pitched a gem. nine strikeouts over seven-plus innings. the yanks beat the angels 7-0. nicely done. happening today, it is the last day this year to enjoy the annual outdoor celebration known atz summer streets. you can zipline, practice some yoga, or cool off on a water slide. you can also run, walk, or ride your bike along seven miles of streets closed to traffic from the brooklyn bridge up to 72nd street. wnbc is a sponsor of this event that runs until 1:00 this afternoon. also happening today, the new york city parks department hosting the 24th annual sand sculpting contest on coney island. artists will try to create a masterpiece from mounds of sand along the boardwalk. some past works include a sculpture of the wonder wheel and the cyclone roller coaster. cool. today's fun in the sun starts at noon and goes until 4:00.
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look at these two sea lion pups. they charmed visitors who stopped by to see them play together. they were born in june, still haven't been named. sea lions, they are known for being playful and smart. welcome to the zoo. well, tony bennett received a memorable birthday surprise in san francisco. >> officials unveiled an eight foot bronze statue of the singer yesterday. the crowd then sang happy birthday to bennett who turned 90 years old back on august 3rd. heha support and said the statue will live in his heart forever. he then sang to them. i've seen him. 90 years old, still amazing performer. >> still got it. a man tried to fool police with an old man disguise. >> shawn miller, take a look at the screen there. it's worth a gander. he's been on the run since being
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thursday and told him to come out. he walked out disguised as an elderly man. it did not work. officers pulled off his disguise and placed him under arrest. no senior discount included. still ahead on today in new york, it's time to ask produce pete. >> hey good morning. well, this jersey boy or maybe i should say jersey old man waits all year for these beauties to come out. fresh jy they're out, they're available. and here comes a beauty of our own. here she comes. i'm telling you. you're really getting tall. i don't know what it is. either i'm shrinking or you're getting tall. coming up next all you want to know about jersey tomatoes. we've got these and heirlooms. absolutely terrific. it's the celebration of the year!
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it's that time we've got to ask produce pete. today we're talking one of our favorites. we're talking tomatoes. pete's going to show you the perfect tomato. >> good morning. before i start, i have to thank my friends at flame farms in -- out in vineland, new jersey. and donaldson's farm in hacketts town. this is the heirloom tomatoes. there's me. >> how cute you are. >> i have to thank our photographer miss betty napolitano for taking these beautiful pictures of me. >> that's gorgeous. that's so pretty. >> unbelievable.
9:24 am
interesting fact. when they grow these heirloom tomatoes, they leave the roots in the ground and they graft the new plants on top. that helps to create no disease in the plants. >> neat. >> which is really good. it's something really unique. usually they pull the roots and everything out. they craft it and get these beautiful beauties. so we're going to talk about the rounds first. >> oh, my goodness. >> what you want to do with these tomatoes is please, please, please -- people who move away from come back or if they come back for a visit they don't worry about missing their relatives. they miss the jersey tomatoes is what they miss. so these like i said come from south jersey. listen, the best thing to do with these tomatoes is bring them home and leave them on the counter. please don't refrigerator tomatoes. what they did years ago was we like everything pretty. we think pretty looks good. excuse me. i want to reach in front of you. >> of course. >> but we think everything looks
9:25 am
the tomato and they wanted to make it red. wanted to make it hard. folks, tomatoes aren't supposed to be hard. tomatoes aren't supposed to be pretty looking. they're supposed to be good. what happened was they took the taste out of the tomato. this is what we call the heirloom tomato. >> why do they call it that? >> well, because this is the original seed before they started fooling around with the tomato. different colors, you got yellow, brandy wine. i mean look at this. >> that's gorgeous. >> this is green ripe. that's what they do. now, here's green heirloom tomatoes which are cherry tomatoes which are tear drop -- >> that's a tear drop? >> yeah. there's a lot of them. when you get these tomatoes home, the reason jerseys are so good is because they have maturity in them when they grow them. they pick them when they're riper. if you stick this in the
9:26 am
them in the garbage first. you want to leaf these on the counter. that's what they're going to do. people say beefsteak is this. beefsteak could be this too. what beefsteak is is no core. you see that tomato there? has no core in the center. all tomato. >> okay. >> that's what you want to look for. if you see the heirlooms in the stores, pick up the heirlooms. we had a question before about organic or not. >> heirlooms especially please. if you make a mistake and put the red rounds in the refrigerator, you'll be okay because if you take them out they won't be as bad. if you take these heirlooms and put them in the refrigerator, what you're going to do is you're going to wreck the tomato completely. they're out there, they're available. what i did was in honor of my father, i made my sandwich which is beautiful. and this ask better than eating a steak or lobster.
9:27 am
thanks again. support your local farmers. and remember that they're out there, they're available, and it's only a couple more months you're going to see them. they're terrific. >> and do not refrigerator. >> never, never, never, never. >> never ever ever. we've been waiting all summer for these. >> you make a totem pole? >> i did. e-mail your questions to also find him on facebook and the twitter. gus, to you. isn't that pretty? >> ver york, a check of your top stories.
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live look at where the l.i.e. meets the g.c.p. alphabet junction. as we move along on this saturday morning, a hot and humid one. good morning. i'm gus rosendale. >> and i'm pat battle. that hot and humid weather is going to be making an exit. >> short lived. >> finally we're able to say that. weem when you walk out the door. >> yeah. but we can say refreshing instead of sticky, steamy. that's not happening until monday. we have the entire weekend with the humidity continuing out there. it will hit you in the face right now. it is tropical out there. you will feel it. there's a look at the picture, on shore flow today. that's going to keep that moisture stream constant throughout the day today. it's also going to give us a couple showers and storms. some showers just off shore.
9:31 am
west. you see those little lines trying to form there. that may track inland. so your shore cast does include a chance for a few showers and storms throughout the day. not a washout though. you'll have plenty of good beechtime as well. and temperatures in the low 80s. beautiful day down the jersey shore. sunshine and clouds. a low to moderate risk for rip currents today. still make sure if you're going in the water, a life guard can see you and you'll stay safe that way. water temperatures getting up there. up to 79 your high temperature fire island. uv index is up there. it's an 8 so you need lots of sunscreen. there's a chance for lightning. so you have to have a safe place to go to. take a look at your ten-day forecast and show you the refreshing weather coming in in a few. >> okay. thank you. story that we've been tracking developments on all morning now, police questioning a person of interest in the death of a 9-year-old girl. >> and there are new developments.
9:32 am
details. >> reporter: yeah, pat and gus. that 9-year-old was found dead here in a home on 113th street in richmond hill. neighbor just came up in front of the home and left a bouquet of flowers here in front of the home. police say they found that girl, there were no obvious signs of trauma to her body. they're now working to figure out how she died. family members tell us they're devastated. some say they were afraid that she was being abused at home. 9-year-old ashdeep kaur was found dead yesterday. someone called 911 saying she was inside that locked room for hours. now, this morning, investigators are questioning her stepmother. she doesn't face any charges at this time, but she is considered a person of interest in the case. back out live here where the street has been blocked off for hours as police are gathering evidence. trying to get more information to figure out how she died. her death has not been ruled a homicide officially. we're waiting on the autopsy
9:33 am
also out of queens this morning, police are looking for two suspects behind a string of stun gun robberies. one of the suspects were caught on camera. we're told they used a stun gun to steal cell phones and wallets. that robbery spree began last month. a new jersey woman is suing a catholic high school that fired her. kate drumbule was the dean of guidance and basketball ac attorneys for the church -- for the school, rather, say that she was not fired because she was a lesbian. instead they say she was fired for getting married to another woman which is against the catholic faith. and they say because of that distinction, the school did not violate state discrimination laws. they want that suit tossed out. the new owner says he's ready to walk away from plans to reopen the ka sea knee. glen strout is blaming red tape
9:34 am
and running by mid-july but it's still closed. teenagers in new york can now make the decision to become an organ donor. parents and legal guardians can still block a donation if that minor dies before the age of 18. more than 10,000 new yorkers are in need of an organ transplant. governor cuomo also signed a build to protect workers who keep the assaulting any of those workers could land you in jail for up to seven years. governor cuomo say they have increasingly become targets of aggression. oh, it's time for your weekly commuter alert. some jersey city path riders will now need to get dropped off at another spot. the so-called kiss and ride dropoff zone in jersey city is now closed for construction. it's expected to remain closed through the end of the year.
9:35 am
going to be available for those pickups and dropoffs. and if you take the george washington bridge in the city in the overnight hours, you'll have to use the upper level. all the lower levels will be shut down every weeknight beginning at 9:00 p.m. until 5:00 the next morning. there are ongoing repairs and some repaving work as well. 25 years ago this week, one of new york city's uglier moments heights, brooklyn. three days of riots fueled by racial tensions. black residents and orthodox jews turning against each other. andrew siff shows us how things have changed. >> reporter: an african-american crossing guard helping orthodox jews cross the street. a simple moment that takes on added meaning.
9:36 am
ago today. still painful for his brother. >> sense of helplessness. a sense of loss, real loss. >> reporter: and for relatives of gavin kato, the 7-year-old crushed by a hasidic driver just before the stabbing. those deaths led to riots in what some saw as new york's low point in the crime riddled summer of '91. this week healing took time. >> as a father i wanted to see things better. >> reporter: and to get a better understanding of how 25 years has impacted crown heights, we got the perspective of two mayors. the man who's in office now and the man he worked for back then. david dinkens. >> the community does much, much better today than it did 25 years ago. >> reporter: dinkens faced
9:37 am
ordered the nypd to toughen tactics. something news 4 captured in the wake of the 1991 riots. >> some 2,000 cops concentrated in crown heights prepared once again to use their massive numbers. >> it was so unfair for me to be accused of holding back the police and permitting blacks to attack jews given my record with the jewish community and the state of israel. >> the crown heights community achieved a miracle. >> reporter: back at the intersection, neighbors say what's truly changed is communication. >> we get together and thank god have dealt with the things very different than we dealt with 25 years ago. >> black and white come together as one. >> reporter: a unified message from a part of the city that once seemed hopelessly divided. in brooklyn, andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> city overall changing so much
9:38 am
york, we'll get a check of the weather. we'll find out when all this
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morning. where you going, folks? i don't know. they were wondering the same thing. a family whose dog went missing, they got quite the tale to tell. their beloved pooch now home safe after a harrowing deal. here's more from michael george in coney island. >> reporter: if it looks like chase the german shepherd is happy to be back with his family, it's because he knows he almost didn't make it home. where do you think he went? great adventure. >> reporter: chase's owners were worried sick about him. the 1-year-old dog somehow snuck out of his family's back yard on coney island. he got past two gates to do it. >> he squeezed through the back gate and somehow someone lef it open. >> reporter: so where did chase go? no one knows. but he traveled for several miles. a full 24 hours after he
9:42 am
a half mile away from land and struggling to stay afloat. >> he's exhausted because he's usually way more playful, but he's -- i don't know how many hours he was on the water. >> reporter: the nypd scuba team went after chase. he was tired and scared, but they were able to grab him and bring him to safety. what would have happened if they weren't there? >> he would have died. >> i don't want to think about it. >> reporter: officers found chase's owners on facebook and now he's back and relieved to be with his family. francisco and miguel say they're grateful to the team members who put their own safety at risk to reunite an adventurous dog with his family. >> to me they're my heroes. they brought my dog home safe. >> reporter: chase seems to be in great health but his adventures may be over. they plan that make sure both gates are locked in the future. michael george, news 4 new york. >> that dog is never going to want to take a bath again. >> that's one tired dog.
9:43 am
unit from the nypd. they're out on the water every day helping people out. they don't always get all the well deserved attention. nicely done, gentlemen. >> thank you. all right. >> we've got changes coming our way. >> it's hot and muggy like we've been seeing. but change is coming next week. we're ready for lower humidity. but we have to wait a little bit. we're not going to get that today or tomorrow. there's the hamilton also busy. what's going on? everything is congest t the beach? i get it. temperatures on the rise hour by hour. up to 78 in central park. let's look at your satellite picture and show you that we're dealing with one area of rain across eastern suffolk county. this is our trouble spot this morning. lots of clouds there for you. and a few spotty showers. otherwise looking fantastic across interior sections like northeast new jersey, northwest
9:44 am
shore. lots of sunshine for you in new york city. we may see storms and showers popping up today. it's about your muggy weather this weekend. the worst weather, late tomorrow. even though rain is in the forecast throughout the weekend at times, most of us will see rain, the heaviest tomorrow night even into e the overnight hours. then we have a beautiful stretch of weather coming into next week. right now tracking those temperatures back to the low to mid-80s. it's 83 already. that's with the mugginess. up to the low 80s jersey shore. 75 for you in white plains. dew point temperatures show me how muggy it is. that's what i'm sharing with you right now. this is how it feels. so right now you can see we're in the low 70s. that's the tropical air mass that's in place. so it does feel tropical and you're feeling that heavy humidity as you're stepping outside today. it's going to stay that way throughout the weekend. here's a look at future tracker. this is lunchtime today. you'll notice one or two spotty showers showing up.
9:45 am
through the afternoon some of those showers may pop across interior sections. most of us will stay dry throughout the day today. that's great news. tomorrow's a different story. a few spotty showers. we're going to be tracking this. this is a stronger front advancing into this warm humid air mass. that's going to provide lift, the instability is there. we may see strong to severe thunderstorms after 5:00, 6:00 p.m. moving from west to east. they should be in and around the city probably after d linger into the overnight. hopefully drying out by monday morning. 85 tomorrow. it's a little clammy out there. the humidity continues. and then again this cold front sweeps all of that humidity away. we've got a beautiful stretch of days coming early next week. you can see that in your exclusive ten-day forecast. it feels great. 81, low humidity, breezy and picture perfect out there. still comfy and dry.
9:46 am
tap the news 4 logo in the corner. you can see the latest forecasts, use our interactive radar, and learn to submit your own weather video. available in the app store right now. and of course while online you want to play our interactive trivia game. how well do you know this year's olympic athletes?
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we are back and it's time to play trivia. >> but first we want to give congratulations to last week's winner. mike watches trivia every week with his family but this is the first time he's played. he loves our morning team. i'm glad that check got to you, mike. raphy, take it away. >> how does a first-time winner
9:49 am
good job. this week's trivia is about the olympians you've been watching here on nbc 4. you log onto play on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. your web browser must be up to date. once we begin the questions will pop up on your tv screen and you'll have 12 seconds, plenty of time to choose an answer an your browser. chat with others let's get that countdown clock started. now, this week we're going to see how much you know about the champions that you've been seeing on nbc competing in rio. the closing ceremony is tomorrow. i can't believe it. and team usa is leading the medal count by double digits. it's the last olympic games for legends like michael phelps supposedly and usain bolt. while newcomers like simone biles and laurie hernandez are sure to make it to tokyo in 2020. it's the speed ji correct
9:50 am
log onto we've got over 2,000 players. good luck, everyone. question one. michael phelps has won how many medals in his olympic career? 28, 50, or 23? he just announced his retirement again for good he says on the "today" show. he's considered to be the greatest olympic swimmer of all time. 28 medals. he ends his record-setting career with 28 mold who is the first african-american woman to win an individual gold medal in swimming? it took more than 80 years for the first person of african descent to win in swimming. number two, simone manuel. she is the first black woman to win an individual olympic gold medal in the sport. she says she wants to inspire more diversity in swimming. question three. where was olympic gold medalist
9:51 am
biles has earned four gold medals at the rio olympics including for the individual all around program. she's from number one columbus, ohio. the 19-year-old biles tied a record held by three other gymnasts. they are the only women to win four gold medals during one olympic meet. question four. who's the youngest person on the 2016 u.s. gymnastics women's team? here's a hint. she began taking gymnastic lessons at the age of 5. she regioned eligibility in 16 when she turned 16. it's laurie hernandez. she says she watched gymnastics on tv and wanted to do, quote, what the big girls did. now she's doing it. question five. who is the considered the fastest man in the world? he has nine career olympic gold
9:52 am
usain bolt won the third consecutive in the race. question six. which olympic rowing team has become a viral sensation with their post race interview? this team of two brothers won silver for rowing at the olympics but it was their post-race interview that was pure gold on social media. it's the they were discussing doping, tests, podium pants, and food in the olympic village. question seven. what was the first u.s. gold medal won at the rio olympics? the first american to win a gold medal at the olympics was ginny thrasher. she's already back at school and back to class.
9:53 am
the u.s. has won the most medals at which sport in rio? this team has won 16 gold, 8 silver, and 9 bronze. here's a hint. the most decorated olympian helped earn a few of those. yeah, it's swimming. michael phelps is one of 16 captains, one of 3 for the men's team. together the team usa swimmers have earned a total of 33 medals in rio. question nine. how far did christian triple jump in rio? he has won back-to-back gold medals in the triple jump. first in london. now rio games. the distance this time 17.86 meters. to give you an idea, that's more than 58 feet long. teammate will clay took silver. then jumped into the stands to propose to his girlfriend. kayla harrison won a gold medal
9:54 am
kayla became the first to win a gold in this sport in london. she defended it this year. it's judo number three. judo was added for the first time in 1964 in tokyo. women's judo became an olympic sport in 1992. great game, everyone. yes, we want to congratulate our winner. it's web i.d. 1476. look at these scores. fantastic showing y. top ten, congratulations. don't forget to fill out that form at the end of the game. we'll see you right back after the break. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing.
9:55 am
so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone.
9:56 am
>> for makers of a seasonal delight. this year bad weather has caused a shortage of pumpkins. now brewers of pumpkin beer are scrambling to find the key ingredient. the sharp decline in pumpkin patches delayed what can typically be a four-week process. >> uh-oh. >> we need to get produce pete in on that. >> and john hall the beer guy. >> they can fix it. >> squash beer maybe. >> it's going to be that time of
9:57 am
>> everything tastes like beer? >> pumpkin. >> and it's going to be cooler. >> next week we get into the fall feel. and much less muggy. temperatures in the mid-80s today and tomorrow. you'll see thunderstorms on both saturday and sunday. that's not a washout. that's not all day. best chance for rain today will be in the afternoon. mainly to the east earlier. then to the west later on. most of us will stay dry spotty showers. we have a cold front moving through late in the day. those showers and storms. those can be strong to severe. you want limit those tomorrow late in the day, we could have some nasty storms with that front. but that front, it's going to drop the humidity in a big way. so montana is refreshing and breezy and amazing and we keep it that way. >> aren't we all looking forward to monday now? all right. appreciate it.
9:58 am
with us. >> nbc's coverage of the 2016 olympics is next. thank you for having us in for news. good is in every blue diamond almond. good is a catalyst, good is contagious. and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. get your good going. blue diamond almonds. proud sponsor of the us swim team fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee,
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welcome. good saturday morning. here we are right next to one of brazil's most famous strands of sand, that beautiful atmosphere along copacabana beach. welcome again. eight hours of daytime coverage. i'm mike tirico. we'll get you trite to the


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