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tv   WNCN Today at 530AM  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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chilly start but it's going to be a nice day? >> etc. going to be a nice afternoon. i'm tracking temperatures in the 50s for later today but this morning 20s and 30s as you get ready to head out the door. 29 in raleigh, at freezing in durham, also 32 lewisburg. henderson 27, roxboro, very cold 25 degrees. then around the sand hills, 31 fayetteville while littlingtop is in the upper 20s. factor in the little breeze out there and it makes it feel colder. that is a noticeable difference in raleigh, feels more like 22 degrees. feels more like 21 sanford. 19 is what it feels like in roxboro. so not having as big of an impact all across central north carolina you'll still want to bundle up. 27 at 8:00 a.m. even colder than where we were yesterday. that sunshine is still around at lunchtime today. 48. 55 for an afternoon high. it's going to be a nice afternoon for mid-january.
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we'll fall back to near 50 by 6:00 p.m., where we should be for afternoon highs this time of year. above normal heading into the afternoon today. i'll have a close look at the forecast and when rain arrives in the coming days coming up. right now a live picture of i- 40 and reedy creek road, similar to what you showed you earlier. cars in both directions moving fine. if you're heading in this direction this morning just make it a safe ride for you. let's take a picture of our live drive conditions, you can see everything is in green all along 440 and 40 this morning. so if you're heading outside, no delays to pass along. back to you. 5:32. breaking news at this time. at least three explosions have rocked downtown jakarta, indonesia killing at least seven people. police say four of the dead are the attackers. more than two hours of gun battles followed this blast. today's deadly attacks though were not a complete surprise to authorities. last month they gave a warning about a credible threat. no one has taken responsibility
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breaking news also overseas in northern japan. a strong earthquake struck just off the coast of okeido. it had a preliminary magnitude of .6.7. police made an arrest in a stabbing, officers responded to a house on garner road around 11:15 last night. ems crews evaluated the victim, the victim is expected to be investigators say the crime though was not random. the victims and suspects' name have not been revealed. perhaps the biggest breaking news of the morning, the country's newest millionaires were crowned last night. there are three jackpot winning tickets for the historic $1.6 billion prize this. was the scene at the convenience store over in chino hills, california. where one of the winning tickets was sold. many came out to celebrate the excites news. two other jackpot winning tickets were bawtd in florida
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and new this morning we know a $2 million ticket was sold here in the state of north carolina so hey, go ahead, check your tickets, you may be that winner. and here is the winning numbers once again. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the power ball was 10. good luck. were you part of the late- night rush to get a chance at that big jackpot eagles express in knightdale sold more than 16,000 tickets in 12 hours. the vast majority was powerball obviously. historic jackpot enticed some people who never even played before. >> pay off my daughter's student loans and buy an island so trump wins or hillary wins i can live somewhere all alone. >> i think i would bless a lot of people and just -- i have no idea right now to be honest with you. >> in the fiscal year 2015 about $521 million from the north carolina lottery went to schools.
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in revenue that the state lottery made. turning to other local news -- friends and family will come together tonight to remember a chapel hill teen who died in a plane crash. 17-year-old mckenzie rustin was a senior at east chapel hill high school, one of two people on a plane when it went down earlier this month just two miles from the runway of the alpine wyoming airport. she was active with the competitive jump roping team called the bouncing bulldogs. loved ones are holding an overnight vigil for her now. funeral scheduled for later this morning. today new information is coming out about clean-up efforts underway at the dan river coal ash site. >> "wncn investigates" will tour with the duke energy coal activations operation. emma wright with a preview of what we can expect. >> reporter: the story is happening a day after the environmental review commission got an update about clean-up efforts at the site. people who live nearby say they are still concerned about their
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they want the whole thing to be cleaned up. nearly two years after tens of thousands of tons of coal ash spilled into the dan river clean-up continues. recently some people living near the ash ponds received letters from the state health department. warning them of elevated levels of pollutants in the well water. the state says the water is safe but environmental groups say they want to see it cleaned up. >> we would like to see this agency do its job, follow science, recognize common sense, stop playing politics and get the coal ash cleaned up. >> reporter: "wncn investigates" will be getting more answers during a tour of the spill site. last year we visited a coal ash containment site at a mine in chatham county. where residents tell us they are worried about the health effects. >> i'm so afraid, both of them have asthma, that some of this coal ash will drift over here.
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there when the state and dan river riverkeeper took water samples near the spill site. >> this stuff is dangerous. >> reporter: the state says they have not determined if any contamination is actually coming from the coal ash ponds. that tour is happening this afternoon. "wncn investigates" will have updates on the news at 6:00 and 7:00 and environmental groups say they are also planning a protest outside of the governor's mansion this morning. a hearing continues today at the north carolina state bar for a lawyer who spent years defending the wrongly accused. yesterday christine muma, director of the north carolina drear on actual innocence took the stand in her own defense. accused of violating rules of professional conduct, about a year ago she helped free joseph sledge, who served nearly 40 years in prison for a double murder he didn't commit. she's accused of taking a water bottle from the home of a family member of another suspect in that same case and testing it for dna.
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>> the district attorney was stressing the importance of identifying the true perpetrators. >> if she's not allowed to continue her work the world is going to be a worse place. >> in terms of punishment she could be disbarred but attorneys who testified yesterday say what she did was reasonable. the case is expected to last through tomorrow. time now 5:37. thank you for joining us. coming up, republican presidential hopefuls will go toe to to in in their first debate of 2016. who made the list? who is planning to boycott. >> the mexican government intercepts a series of text
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welcome back to wncn. we're in the weather center with meteorologist alyssa corfont. i was a little under the weather yesterday. i went outside to clean the car, it was chilly. i'm glad to hear we have nicer temperatures today's. >> the mid-50s coming later today have put a smile on my face. yesterday it was just too cold. let's look live outside. it's pretty cold outside this morning. you can't really tell that from this picture but, this picture is looking pretty nice. nice skyline of downtown raleigh lit up on this thursday morning. let's get to our satellite and radar composite and look at this, for another morning in a row, really not tracking a cloud in sight. that is why these temperatures are very cold for this time of year. we're about 29 in raleigh, also 29 lillington. sanford 23 degrees. pinehurst 30 and fayetteville
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here's your drive time forecast, sun doesn't rise until 7:25. until then the temperatures can continue to drop. so around 27 at 7:00 a.m. 29 at 8:00 a.m. and back to 34 by 9:00. as we head into the afternoon sunshine still around and we've been talking about, a high of 55. rain showers tomorrow, i'll let you know when they arrive coming up in the complete forecast. coming up -- 20 raleigh city leaders are in charlotte this morning for a two-day retreat. still to come, the price tag taxpayers are responsible for and later where authorities
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drugs disguised as carrots what if the sweet stevia leaf was discovered... ...before the sugarcane. and everything had fewer calories. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet. welcome back. 5:44. our top stories -- breaking news, three explosions killed at least seven people in downtown jakarta, indonesia. >> police say four of the dead
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two hours of begun battles followed the blast. no one has taken responsibility so far for them. today's deadly attacks not a complete surprise to authorities. last month they received credible threats. locally, raleigh police made an arrest in a stabbing, it was garner road, 11:15 last night. the victim is expected to be ok. investigators say the crime wasn't random. >> breaking overnight, three powerball tickets are going to be splitting the record $1.6 billion powerball jackpot. the tickets were sold in tennessee, florida, california. here are the winning numbers because there's also a $2 million winner in north carolina. tonight the republican presidential candidates face off in the first debate of 2016. being hosted by fox business network and will focus on economic, domestic and international policy issue.
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donald trump, senator ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, governor chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich. carly fiorina, mike huckabee and rick santorum will be in the so-called undercard debate which takes place earlier in the evening. senator rand paul who also did not qualify for that main debate has vowed to boycott. the debate will be held in north charleston, south carolina. war of words played out after president obama's final state of the union address, mostly from republican frontrunner donald trump. trump lashed out at the president and the south carolina governor nikki haley. she was chosen to do the gop rebuttal after tuesday night's speech. she confirmed the comments included trump who she actually calls a friend. >> during anxious times it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. >> i'm leading in south carolina by a lot. in all the polls. people agree with me. i'm very strong on illegal immigration, she's weak on it.
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president's comments about the country's decline saying the median income is much less than it was when the president took office. right now raleigh city leaders are on a two-day retreat in charlotte. the mayor says he'll focus on building relationships and developing both long and shortterm goals. she also says being away allows for fewer distractions, the price tag for the prescript is $31 -- trip is 31,000 of your tax dollars which the mayor is now weighing in on. >> someone will look at that price tag and say it's too much. >> you have to understand it's an investment. i own my own business -- well, did i own my own business and certainly in business this is something you do a lot. and it really does make a difference in the engagement. >> all eight city council members and 12 staffers are currently on the trip. they are expected to return tomorrow night. great story here -- a robinson county high schooler
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saving a school bus full of students last month. he was honored at the school board meeting. incident happened after a car ran a stop sign and hit the bus knocking the driver unconscious, 14-year-old cory lewis stepped in, noticed the bus was heading towards a ditch and jumped in and hit the brakes and thanks to his quick thinking no one was hurt. right now a woman in montana is in jail after police chase, after she got into a police chase with authorities outside of our nbc affiliate keci. and the studios there. look at the video. officers tried to pull the woman over for reckless driving. that is when she took off, ended up stopping on the sidewalk next to the station. the driver bailed out of her car, attempted to get into the building through the side door, that is when that studio went on lockdown, officers finally arrested her, no one was hurt. right now more than 2,000 pounds of marijuana are off the streets thanks to officers in texas. the drugs were hidden in a
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supposed to look like that at least. when officers inspected a trailer sunday they discovered packages of drugs hidden inside the vegetables. the fake ones. the carrot-shaped packages of marijuana carried an estimated street value of more than $500,000. in grady county, oklahoma, crews battled an oil well fire, large plumes of smoke could be seen from several miles away. authorities say smoke was crossing the road and troopers were forced to shut down all lanes of traffic nearby. right t w he we don't know what started the fire. back in the weather center with meteorologist alyssa corfont. we are off to a chilly start for the kids at the bus stop but it's shaping up to be a great day. >> it will be a great day to dress in layers. at the bus stop it's going to be very cold. but later this afternoon, highs
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currently the temperature is 29 degrees. the reason we're so cold, we're dealing with another morning of clear skies, that means about 7:25, when the sun rises we're going to have to deal with sun glare but in the meantime clear skies allowing temperatures to continue to drop. so 25 in roxboro. 26 south hill and henderson. you're at freezing in lewisburg and durham. raleigh 29. sanford, the cold spot hands down at 23 degrees. so here's your hour by hour forecast, 29 at 8:00 a.m. we climb 10 degrees by 10:00 a.m. to 39. about another 10 degrees by lunchtime. lunchtime we'll already be warmer than where we were yesterday with a temperature of 48. good news though, it continues to see warmer temperatures in the afternoon, 53 at 2:00. 55 our high, we're back to near 50 by 6:00 p.m. this evening. so from start t finish today clear skies. enjoy it because changes are going to start to develop as soon as tomorrow.
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in control of our weather. sunshine, warmer temperatures. there's one area of low pressure back to our west. another one is going to develop across the gulf states. that will bring a good chance of rain. as we head towards tomorrow that cold front could come into play over the weekend. here's what i'm thinking, as far as the changes are concerned. pretty sunny skies at 8:00 a.m. sunshine continues, heading through the afternoon. 6:00 you're heading home, clear skies still. as we head into the overnight, clouds from time to time and you'll notice that, as we see the sun rise tomorrow morning we'll wake up to, say, partly cloudy skies. we're quickly going to turn cloudy though, at lunchtime we'll see more clouds than anything. this is on your friday. after lunchtime look at this, yellows, oranges, starting to move into central north carolina and indicator that your evening drive tomorrow tomorrow could easily take you longer because i'm thinking heavy downpours could be moving right overhead. in the meantime enjoy today's sunshine. 55 the high in raleigh. 54 durham.
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overnight tonight a few clouds, nowhere near as cold, i don't think many of us will be in the 20s tomorrow. 35 here around the triangle. 50 or high friday. remember that good chance of rain in the afternoon. most of us should be dry all day long now. on saturday partly cloudy skies, high of 56. really nice to see that kind of weather over the weekend. over sunday, while look at another system coming through and that could bring us cloudier skies, chance for a few showers, most should move out by early next week. mlk day monday, may you have the day off, good news is, sunshine but cold, 38 our high monday. it's now just about 5:52 on this thursday. time to get a look at traffic. i-440 and capital boulevard in both directions, cruising fine. so no slowdowns if you're heading out in this direction. i have speeds keyed up for you. on i-40 heading through the fortified project, i-40 westbound moving about 63 miles per hour. and you're cruising eastbound at about 65 this morning.
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weather, at about 6:00. take a look at our pet of the morning. this is "pazo "requests. i was doing a little research, hill. this cat lives there. connection. apairnlg it's italian. hazo loves cuddling on the adorable. we want to feature your furry friend as well. if you have your pictures ready, it's when you send them in include their name, age, your name and where you live. good morning, i'm jeff rossen. coming up -- an all new rossen report safety alert. you can see this fire behind me. we're in a lab outside of chicago. we're burning an older-style home and then we're going to burn a more modern home. experts say the older homes burn a lot slower, up to five times slower, giving you more
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welcome back. fort bragg and other military installations are no longer accepting some forms of identification from five states for visitors passes. the department of homeland security say the states include illinois, new mexico, missouri and washington state. they never updated driver's licenses and state id cards to meet federal standards. the standards that went into law in 2005. at least three dead, three others seriously hurt after an avalanche in the french alps. police say it slammed into a group of high schoolers on a class trip. two of those killed were students. police say a sheet of snow broke right above a slope that
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days because of all the heavy snow. we're learning more about the interactions between drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman and mexican actress kate del castillo. more than a month of text messages between the two were just published, showing that guzman's main concern was not for the reported movie deal but for getting face-to-face get together with kate del castillo and didn't even know who sean penn was. penn acknowledged he tagged along for the october 2nds meetup at a mountain hideout originally set up by kate del castillo. guzman called kate del castillo beautiful and "i want you with all my heart." guzman is married though to a former beauty queen, has 18 children, by more than just the beauty queen. "the today show" has more on the story, at 7:00. this morning the oscar nominations will be announced in hollywood, the announcements
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guillermo dell toreo and ang lee, unactor and cheryl booth iceacs. it will be broadcast live january 28th. and the cast of "friends" is reuniting for a special. part of the special tribute to the show's director, james burrows. it had a 10-year run. >> you're excited. our producer amber is clapping her hands. can't wait for this. >> i want to see how everybody's aged. that is always fun. >> of course. 5:58. bad news for people waking up this morning. hoping to win the $1.6 billion powerball jackpot. chances are didn't happen. >> we have one number. in the next half-hour, where
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as we head it's going to be hard to get anybody interested in a $40
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