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tv   WNCN News at 7  CBS  January 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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but during the ambulance ride to the hospital, he passed away. we had video taken earlier of the scene. and you can see it was very active at the time. at least a half dozen or so durham police officers on the scene trying to piece this thing together. and i can also tell you that this is at least the third homicide so far in the first two weeks of this year. and also, shooting number 14 in the first two weeks of this year. i talked to a neighbor who heard the shots unfolding. listen at how he described it. >> pow, pow, pow, just constantly going. i know it had to be 15 or 20 rounds the way it was sounding. >> and back live hear on the scene, you can see the mobile police command center has been set up there as detectives continue to try to figure out exactly what happened here. now, i spoke to a police spokesman not long ago. we're told that no one is in custody yet. and the victim's identity has not been released.
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work this story through the night. and as soon as we learn more. we'll post it first on live in durham tonight, mario boone, wncn news now. our other top story tonight, rain showers making its way across the area but dryer conditions are on the way for saturday. >> we had the clouds roll in this morning. it was dry. this afternoon we picked up a half inch. heavier amounts east of 95. but generally 1/3 and less in spots. in raleigh, 49 degrees now. we're hanging out in the upper 40s. 43 in roxboro. 43 in southville virginia. 53 in fayetteville. let me remove the temperatures there. and you can kind of see just -- this area of rain over sanford and pinehurst, it's moving to the northeast. even though it's not raining per se in raleigh and durham, give it a half hour and you'll have to contend with that. you're going to get wet as we
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that's going to be the tail end of it. dryer air is going to move in. that's some good news. let's take a quick look at the forecast this evening. 49 now. widespread rain showers for the next couple hours. but look at 11:00 at night. a 30% chance. and this is how the future cast might look. most of the rain moves away. and then over night tonight, we are going to stay dry, as a matter of fact, we're beginning to have temperatures in the 40- degree range. -- we're going to have temperatures in the 40-degree range. we'll talk about your sunday and next week, it's going to get much colder. stick around for that. >> a former fayetteville basketball star charged with shooting his mother in the face appeared in court today. 24-year-old kevin powell shot his mother yesterday afternoon at a salon and spa on ireland drive. wncn has more from fayetteville. >> reporter: this spa is owned by kevin powell's mother. it's been closed since the shooting. black curtains across the doors
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now a judge says that kevin powell, accused of shooting his mother could be back on the streets if he posts bond. . charged with trying to kill his mother, the attention given to kevin powell in his course appearance was far different from the attention he received on the basketball court. back in the 2008-2009 season, he was a big star at 71st high school in fayetteville where he was named the mid southeastern conference player of the year. today, in court, a judge said if her to make bond, his freedom will be restricted. >> you would have a curfew where you have to be in by 7:00 p.m., in the house. and you couldn't leave until 7:00 a.m. and you'd be subject to electronic monitoring by the police department. >> reporter: police say powell walked into his mother's spa yesterday and shot her.
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logic. it defies explanation. a son shooting his mother, i don't even -- i can't understand that. >> to try to find out more about him, we went to the place where the warrants say he lived with his mother, but nobody answered the door when we were there. though powell's mother was rushed to cape fear medical center, she was transferred later to unc hospitals in chapel hill where she's reported in stable condition. i'm steve, wncn news now. also in fayetteville, two people charged with starving a dog to death made their first court appearance, 30-year-old franky barker and 27-year-old danielle, each are charged with felony cruelty to animals. animal control tells wncn officers found one dead dog and another still alive but locked in a metal crate with no food or water. that dog is recovering. a man is behind bars after police found a meth lab inside a raleigh home.
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animals living inside. maggie newland is live in downtown raleigh with the latest. >> sean, we're in the brentwood neighborhood in raleigh. people tell us it's very family-friendly. there's even a community watch here. and most neighbors tell us they had no idea anything strange was going on. investigators gathered evidence from a home on huntly drive after they found a meth lab inside. >> i all of a sudden start hearing, you know, police giving orders to people in this house. and you know, basically, they had, i don't know, ten police lined up, with guns drawn. and they all just, you know, they were asking people to come out. >> reporter: police arrested melissa and robert. charged with manufacturing meth amphetamine and child abuse and animal cruelty charges. there were kids and dogs in the house. they could have been exposed to dangerous chemicals after one
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the week. >> the two children were still in the home. a two-year-old and a seven- year-old. they had two dogs in the home. >> police say the children and their mom were living in a separate part of the house and had no connection to the meth lab. but prosecutors say they could have been put in danger. >> they found 26 to 27 one pot method cooks going at the time when they went into the home. that's 26 to 27 opportunities for something to blow up in that home. >> in court, he seemed to admit some role, mentioning personal consumption to the judge all while insisting the charges weren't justified. police tell us the mom and her 2 kids were taken to the hospital to be checked out and prosecutors said in court, the two-year-old did have some respiratory issues. not clear whether or not those were related to living in the home. police also said the two dogs
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and handed over to animal control, live in the brentwood neighborhood, maggie newland, wncn news now. authorities arrested five people with running a meth lab in willow spring. in hillsborough, a van drove through the front of a store this morning. it happened at the postal connections at the boone square shopping center. police say the 87-year-old driver mistook the gas medal for the brake. one employee suffered minor injuries. no charges are expected to be filed. the garner police department opened its brand new headquarters today. the facility houses a wellness center, training rooms, and advanced technology, this marks the first time in 40 years the entire department will be under the same roof. >> if this building gives us the space that we need to do our job the way we need to do it, we're going from three different facilities with less than 9,000 square feet to this facility with more than 20,000 square feet. it gives our folks the room to
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>> the garner police department also unveiled its new mural today. it features a police car, north carolina flag, and pictures of garner officers with children. back in october, someone vandalized the original mural. the artist called the defacing hurtful but vowed to redo it. >> it's not just an accomplishment for me. it's an accomplishment for the town. because the town was the one that rallied around this mural that said we want this mural. we're going to fix this mural. and the town, the people are the reason why this is an accomplishment. >> garner police will hold a community open house tomorrow from 11:00 to 2:00. that will include building tours, k9 demonstrations and other activities. a bomb shell announcement from walalart. the world's largest retailer announced it'll close 269 stores at the end of the month. 154 of those are in the u.s., including a couple in our area, closings will impact four oaks, benson, and carthage to name a
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the super center on mlk parkway will soon shut its doors mario boone explains how it could effect the booming area. >> reporter: shocking to hear multimillion dollar wal-mart will shut down a store right here in southwest durham. it's last day is january 28th. >> i hate to see this one close. it's convenient to our home. >> queen dodging rain drops and making a quick grocery run. she told me she continue believe this particular wal- mart in such a booming area was surprising. >> reporter: new development is sprouting up in front of the soon to be shuttered store and several nearby residential areas. it's hard to see, but over there is the wal-mart. about three football fields away. and on this side is the empty store front where one man planned to open a business that was until i told him the wal-
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>> i will most likely not open a store. >> that's because he's concerned there won't be enough customers left when wal-mart leaves. >> i'm afraid that some of the traffic is going to be lost. >> wal-mart issued a statement saying the decision to close stores is difficult. the company also said effected workers will have the option to transfer to other stores. some will get 60 days pay. possible severance and resume training. >> i just wish that it would stay. >> in southwest durham, mario boone, wncn, news now. the first winners of the powerball jackpot are coming forward. still ahead, who they are, and how six coworkers from our area struck it rich. plus a historic partnership between habitat for humanity and a local university. how this venture will benefit people in wake county. but first, a look at i-40 and harrison avenue for this wet commute home this friday night. nothing to report.
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we'll be right back. checking out rain amounts. 1/3 of an inch or less. we'll dry things out.
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you when the rain will end. on air, online, wherever you
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six coworkers in morrisville may not stay coworkers for long. we're talking $2 million in an office pool for wednesday's record breaking powerball drawing. they bought the ticket on fayetteville road in raleigh. the six work at a pharmaceutical company and say they pool their money together every time the jackpot reaches $100 million or more. the winners have come forward to claim their prize, john and lisa robinson from mumford tennessee say they purchased the ticket at their neighborhood grocery store. they were on the today show when they spoke about their life changing experience. >> i looked again, they were the same. i looked again. and the third time i went running down the hallway. john, john, you have to check these numbers. >> i checked them actually four times. and i said well, i'll believe it when the news comes on in the morning and they say hey there's a winner been in mumford. >> the numbers weren't lying. they presented the ticket to
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today groups around the nation are honoring the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. [ music ] this afternoon in raleigh, state employees honored dr. king at the first baptist church on north salisbury street. as part of the event, they highlighted the economic contributions african americans have made to the state's economy, dozens gathered at the senior center in hillsborough to honor the legacy of dr. king. retired educator and author rosetta moore gave the keynote address. >> he needs an opportunity to teach my children what it really means to be successful. to be proud of your people. to be proud of your heritage. >> dr. king would have turned 87 today. the official mlk holiday is monday. thanks to the incredible generosity of folks in the
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will soon be able to call themselves homeowners. today a busy day for habitat wake volunteers at the group's new build location off capitol boulevard in north raleigh in partnership with nc state the group will build walls there rain or shine that they'll bring to plots on lake wheeler road in raleigh. its for their latest build a block project. i spoke with ceo jonathan who is here to celebrate what will be the largest collaboration between a campus chapter and a habitat affiliate. the previous report, his alma mater, unc, whose students helped build ten homes in the area. >> now nc state, i have to give them full credit. they'll build 1 houses in one year. that's a great competitions. we have the campus chapter partnering with the university to help eleven families get a new home next year. >> construction starts in august. the build a block campaign
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fundraising is going on now. go to to learn how. now your wnyn weather forecast. >> good deal there. good deal once we get rid of the rain. right now it's 49 degrees. the skies are still over cast. what about for tomorrow. the rays of sunshine on your saturday. six. that's an improvement over today's basic zero. we'll do that. we have temperatures in the mid 40s to upper 40s in the triangle. and lower 50s. let's remove the temperatures. and you can get a feel. there's a little hole in the rain from durham raleigh lewisburg. you might be thinking hey i can run outside. but you're going to see rain move in. it's moving toward carey. let's take a closer look at that. you can see rain moving toward carey. getting ready to move into chapel hill and carrboro and into durham in the next half hour or so.
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by 10:00 though, notice this, things should start to be dry in the triangle. by 10:00, everything should be up to the northeast. so we're going to take that batch of rain came through this afternoon, brought 1/3 of an inch. this last batch coming through now. things dry out on a westerly breeze that comes in here for tomorrow. so we'll be dry tomorrow. the hourly forecast has rain likely at 9:00. even if it's not raining now, that second batch has to come through. by midnight, most of the rain will be to the northeast of us. we should be dry over night in the low 40s. and tomorrow in the mid 50s. i have a high of 56. sunday is interesting. it's something to talk about. you might see a flake of snow if you don't sleep through it. from 4:00 a.m. to noon, there's an offshore low leaving georgia, and most of the moisture will be well to the south. there's an upper level disturbance that's going to jump down over our state and join that surface low. as it does, any time that happens the atmosphere especially with cold air coming in, that's what's going to happen. any moisture aloft could be
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few snow flakes. there might be a few snow flakes on sunday morning. mainly between 4:00 and noon. surface temperatures above 32. it's little or no impact. and most of my models aren't showing any precipitation. including the future cast. there goes that low. that low came right over us. this is the front that comes through. and then it'll stall and low pressure will develop along it and we'll pause this here. here's sunday morning. we're going to be mostly cloudy. most of the rain will be with this low going out to sea. but as that upper level disturbance comes through, you see a little bit of white in the mountains. i can't rule out a snow flurry or snow shower brief as it will be sunday morning but as we head into the afternoon, the skies clear out. and temperatures will stay in the 40s. but on monday, none of these snow showers are coming our way. but this secondary cold front will make it cold here. partly sunny and dry tomorrow. west winds 5 to 10. upper 50s in fayetteville. 59 fort bragg.
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56 in roanoke rapids. 57 clayton. 56 raleigh. 52 in roxboro. so for tomorrow, what we've got for you, 56 degrees after a low of 40, it'll be dry at 8:00 a.m. dry all day. and you'll see some of those low 50s at noon and 5:00. and in between in the mid 50s. and once again highlighting sunday. there could be that rain or snow shower maybe squeezed out of the atmosphere. but 35 degrees at 8:00 a.m. and try by lunch time in the afternoon. it'll be bright and dry but getting colder. monday now, 36 degrees. when you head out, it'll be frozen and those windchills will make it feel like it's in the 20s. but it'll be sunny. and it'll be colder kind of on tuesday. because the low will be 19. then we'll moderate but still stay below the normal high of 51. maybe a sprinkle on friday. but i'm not too impressed with that yet. i'm impressed with the cold air that's here. but it's not matching up with a big storm system to give us a big snow storm. but hey. >> we thought it was spring for a bit. now winter is finally here. >> it usually evens itself out.
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big changes coming to wncn. it'll be the new home for cbs programming. we're taking the leap on leap day. beginning february 29th. you'll see hit shows such as the big bang theory, the ncis franchise and the good wife to name a few. wncn is your new home for march madness. the ncaa men's basketball championship will be here on wncn. check out for complete details. it's shaping up to be a hard hitting game when the carolina panthers take on the seahawks this weekend.
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tonight in sports, the panthers will get a taste of playoff football sunday when they host the seattle seahawks at bank of america stadium. the game will pit two of the leagues best young quarterbacks against each other. cam newton and russell wilson. cam newton beat the seahawks back in october. but seattle made some big improvements since then. the team upset minnesota last weekend in a bitterly cold game. john ryan had to abort his punt. he ran down the field and face planted on the terf. ryan came away with a broken nose. today we spoke about the play with his fiance. >> the vikings were at him. he didn't have time to punt it. he had to run. he did. yeah. and then he broke his nose.
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i was really proud of him for his instincts to do that. because they had to improvise in that situation. >> she knows about improvising. she's a comedian and she'll perform tonight at good night comedy club in raleigh. the show starts at 7:30. watch this sunday's playoff game with former nfl star torrey holt and his brother terrence. it's part of the third annual holt brothers playoff party at pnc arena. from 12:30 to 4:30. including game, music, and prizes. i'll be there as mc.
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$150,000 for ki if you're heading to charlotte. 42 alt kick off. skies will clear after morning clouds. we could have maybe a brief rain or snow shower sunday. otherwise a dry weekend. 56 on saturday. sun by sunday afternoon and colder next week. >> 30s next week. even teens at night.
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