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tv   WNCN News at 7  CBS  January 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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a skydiving accident kills an experienced jumper, where it happened and who died. plus a funeral for a firefighter killed on his way to a call. how his family is remembering the 24-year-old volunteer. plus nc state and unc faced off in chapel hill. highlights and reaction from the game. good evening i'm maggie newland. thanks for joining us. we begin with breaking news out of franklin county where a man was killed in a skydiving accident. we're learning more about how it happened and the young man. it happened at triangle skydiving in in louisburg. wncn's amy cutler joins us live from the scene with more. amy? >> reporter: well, there are heavy hearts here at the center tonight. the owner identifying the victim as james. they tell us he was a regular. he would come almost every weekend. this is a photo of him taken bust before the accident.
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skydiving center says he had nearly 2,000 jumps, that he knew what he was doing. but something this afternoon went terribly wrong. he spoke with him 20 minutes before he died. that his parachute worked. but somehow, somehow he had a hard landing. we still don't know the why or how of that. first responders quickly arrived but it was just too late. the owner explaining he was a former marine, originally from texas, he moved to raleigh just a couple years ago. >> he's done 1800 plus jumps. he's very experienced. that's why it's devastating. we don't know what happened. we just don't know what happened. >> now, the franklin count sheriff's office and the faa are both investigating, i'm told the faa though will determine the final cause of that crash. live in louisburg, amy cutler, wncn news now. we'll continue to stay on top of that story. turning to weather, a beautiful
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but some folks could actually see snow tomorrow. is this true? bill ray is here with a first look at the forecast. bill? >> would i lie to you? no, i wouldn't. there's a chance. we'll talk about that and tell you who might see some snow and who might not. it was a beautiful day today. it's still 51 degrees. even if we see snow tomorrow morning in spots, the ground is so warm. don't get the sleds out or anything like that. we're not concerned about any kind of impact. this is a fun thing to talk about that you might see tomorrow morning. right now you're not going to see anything on the radar. 48 in roxboro. 48 in dunn. 51 in fayetteville. a few clouds. we'll see those clouds roll in tonight. and then out to the west of us, we're doing to see a little bit of rain shower activity. so what we've got for you, let me go back again. we're going to have partly cloudy skies this evening. temperatures 51 currently. and then we'll drop into the 40s.
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41 degrees at midnight. over night tonight, we'll be cloudy. and you see these temperatures staying above freezing. maybe an exception of roxboro bottoming out at 32. but 35 or so in the triangle. 41 in fayetteville. if we see snow tomorrow, it's areas north and west of the triangle. we'll show you a map on that and tell you what to expect for your sunday and the more important news, it's going to be really cold for martin luther king day and back to school on tuesday. we'll talk about that too in ten minutes. a sylar city firefighter is now in his final resting place. he died tuesday morning while responding to an emergency. investigators say woods was headed south on silco road when he over corrected and struck two trees. lauren was in chatham county where hundreds gathered to pay their respects. >> >> caring, he was all about family on top of that. family and friends. he'd do anything for anyone. >> reporter: the family of 24-
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would do anything for not only his family but the community while he was on duty as a sylar city volunteer firefighter. he volunteered for nearly three years but on early tuesday morning, investigators say woods died while responding to a call. >> that's a big loss to the community. >> reporter: saturday family and friends came to say their final goodbyes. >> a good guy. i really can't say nothing bad about him. >> reporter: hundreds attended the funeral at first missionary baptist church. many of them couldn't fit inside the church. including all of these firefighters and law enforcement officers from across mid north carolina. most did not get the chance to meet woods. >> when something like this happens, we try to come together and support one another. >> reporter: as woods was carried out of the church, a sea of blue, each man and woman in uniform gave a final salute to a fallen firefighter. >> it symbolizes that we're
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arms and the family as well. >> reporter: he was then placed in a sylar city fire truck and taken to his final resting place. followed by fire trucks and family and friends. >> our hearts go out to them. we hope this brings them some level of comfort knowing they have support in the community within the fire service community. >> but for many, losing a life at 24 years young, still does not make sense. >> you know, god knows best. that's the only thing i can get out of it. jesus knows. >> woods leaves behind his wife and two young sons. they were expecting another child in april. lauren, wncn news now. tragic loss for so many. two people are dead and a third is recovering after a crash in fayetteville. troopers say 27-year-old michael brett of spring lake lost control of his car and slam into a tree along
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he and a passenger died in the crash. 21-year-old louis rios was also injured. troopers tell wncn both alcohol and speed were factors in the crash. also in fayetteville, police are investigating the death of a man at the new life mission. police are not releasing the man's name at this point or how he died. they do say he was about 60 years old. anyone with information is urged to call police. right now, four americans detained by iran are getting set to be flown from iran to switzerland to be freed. including a washington post journalist. the announcement comes on the same day the u.s. officially lifted nuclear sanctions against iran. nbc reports from taran. >> world powers implement landmark nuclear deal in vienna. here in taran five prisoners have been released. the timing probably not coincidental. the prosecutor's office put out a statement saying the four inmates were freed within the
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without elaborating and they didn't mention the names of any of the prisoners released. the iranian media has been ripe with speculation. and now the state department has confirmed that amongst the released prisoners is washington post correspondent jason, former marine, emir, and pastor syed. >> we're so happy, i can't wait to see him. i hope he's in good health. >> the release is an indication of how much back channeling has been going on between america and iran since the nuclear deal and the two sides have been able to talk to one another to solve diplomatic disputes before they've spiraled out of control. nbc new, taran. the fbi investigation into the san bernardino terror attack is revealing new details about the case. the head of the investigation says no direct links to foreign terror groups have been found. but investigators are still looking into whether anyone else has helped plan the attack.
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determine whether the couple planned more attacks. >> as far as who actually influenced it. we do know -- we believe they were both inspired. and i think it's very possible that farook and tashfeen were influenced in some form or fashion by isil. now, they very well could have been influenced by other don't know. >> investigators are still trying to fill an 18 minute gap in the time line after the attack. they've received a number of leads but don't know exactly what the shooters were doing during that time frame. the militia in oregon occupied the national wildlife refuge there pulled down cameras they believed were installed by the federal government. the group took down five of the so called surveillance cameras. they say locals alerted them to the cameras which were about 15 miles from the refuge. some friends and family of the marines missing after yesterday's helicopter crash in
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hope for their loved ones. relatives say corporal matthew drown and crew chief tye heart were among 12 crew members an board the helicopters that collided. >> of course the family's still hopeful. we're talking about marines. so you know, there's a lot of hope there. >> rough seas have hampered the search efforts. although ab exact cause of the crash hasn't been released. marine core pilots says nighttime weather maneuvers are the most dangerous flight operations. the second round of the nfl playoffs are now under way, and they continue tonight here on wncn. still to come tonight, we'll preview the packers and cardinals and hear from the panthers head coach ron rivera ahead of tomorrow's big game. plus a big day in college basketball around the triangle as u.n.c wins but nc state and duke both lose. we have highlights and reaction coming up next. we have a pretty nice evening on track in the capitol city. but we might see a little
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>> a tough afternoon in durham as duke lost its second straight game. he scored a career high 31 points and grabbed 11 rebounds as notre dame upset the ninth ranked blue devils. matt jones missed a three pointer that would have tied it with without 20 seconds left.
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duke hosts syracuse on monday before heading to nc state next saturday. speaking of state, the wolf pack traveled to chapel hill to take on the tar heels the tar heels were able to put them away and stay unbeaten in the acc. todd gibson has highlights. >> north carolina to no one's surprise was able to wear down the wolf pack. the tar heels go ten deep while state plays with seven. the home team did a good job in container cat barber. holding the acc's leading scorer to nine points. >> we stress a lot. trying to contain cat. >> cat's one of our best players. i feel like he's the catalyst for our team. he controls everything. he had a tough game. but somebody has to step up. >> abu did. scoring 12 points. while gaining 14 rebounds. it wasn't enough. north carolina wasn't exactly tearing it up. bryce johnson, marcus page combined for nine points. the difference is north carolina is stacked.
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room that it's a good thing for our team. because marcus 1 for 9, bryce 3 for 6. 0 for 5. you have guys that can't throw in the ocean from the beach but you can squeeze out a win. >> thanks to the play of kennedy meeks. two days back from injury he had a game high of 23 points. >> it was a confidence thing for me. i got back in the second half and really tried to play as big as i could. >> meek's big day helping the tar heels stave off another gutty performance by the wolf pack. unc too deep and talented for state. >> you're looking at a team that's got every ingredient they need right there. they're good. our guys did a nice job. just not enough. the pack fordhams to 0 and 5. the tar heels are a perfect 5 and 0. in chapel hill, tye gibson, wncn sports. law enforcement teams from across the country battled it out in fayetteville in honor of roy jr. the battle of the badge
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yesterday. it's the tournament's sixth consecutive year in north carolina. but its first drop in fayetteville. >> we had the fayetteville guard present the colors, the family was elated. i told them we could never forget as long as we play basketball for a sport we love. for a great cause. we're always going to honor him. officer turner was shot and killed in 2001 during a traffic stop. he was honored during yesterday's ceremony. a portion of the admission goes towards scholarships and underprivileged areas. this afternoon we tagged along with volunteers in raleigh as they went door to door to give away and install smoke alarms. several people die in fires across the country. volunteers hit the streets to cut the number. they went over emergency plans with the people they met. part of the campaign to reduce home fire deaths and injuries
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>> it's important to me because it's such a small fix to the amount of people that are dying. we just need to go in and put the smoke alarm and help people out. >> the red cross recommends people have two ways to escape their home in two minutes. they recommend two meeting places outside the home. one close to the house and one farther away. the good work they do, especially during the winter months when people have the heat on, maybe using heaters. it's important. but today you didn't need the heat on. >> fayetteville, the high was 64. 64 degrees in january. chapel hill, 61. the raleigh durham international airport, official high of 61. you still have 55. davis drive elementary in kerri, 59. nothing to shake a stick at. very mild temperatures today. right now we're dropping to about the 51-degree mark to upper 40s. 51 in raleigh. 48 durham and roxboro. 50 in goldsboro. 51 in fayetteville. 47 in rocky mount.
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but i'm watching this area of this moisture should hold together as it moves towards us over night. and will be here tomorrow morning with a pool aloft of cold air. sometimes that's what we refer to as an upper level disturbance coming through. the surface low is moving out to sea. jacksonville. we'll keep an eye on this moisture as it moves towards us and will give us a decent shot of rain and or snow tomorrow morning. so i've increased the precipitation chances up to at least a 50%. you can talk a little higher than that. it looks like the moisture is coming our way. we'll see the moisture. 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., will be the chance to get rain and or snow. it's an upper level disturbance as we talked about. a pocket of cool air. it'll be cold enough aloft to produce some snow. and then the snow might make it to the ground in some areas. let's show this to you as we take a look at the hourly forecast for you. that precipitation will be
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around 9:00 and midnight in the morning hours. so what we've got is that upper level disturbance. here it is on the future cast. you see rain. there we go, durham, henderson, there he is north and west of raleigh, briefly we'll see some snow and you know, when it's 61 degrees, 55 degrees in roxboro, don't expect any accumulation. this is more kind of an event to talk about with the neighbors and say did you see the snow? did you see all the snow? and then folks watching us from raleigh south and eastward aren't going to see anything. clouds. then the sun will come out and the rain will move east. so some snow is possible. north and west of raleigh. you can kind of see picking up a little snow in the mountains. there could be snow in charlotte. i doubt they'll see an inch. if they saw that it would melt most of it on the way down. for the panthers tomorrow, there could be a few flakes of snow in the morning and dry in the afternoon. not looking for measurable snow for us. but you can see that line from the areas north and west of raleigh.
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little bit of the flakes in the morning. but once again, surface temperatures above 32. so little or no accumulation. and once again, we will stay dry in the evening hours. and the precipitation in the morning. the other thing to note is by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, we'll be dry, and the sun will come up. but look at the temperatures, they're only going to be in the low 40s. future cast once again, 7:00 a.m. a little bit of rain. then we'll get that band of snow possible. north and west of raleigh. that's 10:00 a.m. snapshot. and then by 1:00, once again, everything's off to the east. the sun will be out as it goes down at 6:00 tomorrow afternoon in the evening. and then the secondary front comes through. and that's got a punch of arctic air but it's going to be dry. so morning rain in the sand hills tomorrow. 44 fort bragg. 44 fayetteville. morning and early afternoon rain along the coastal plain, 42 wilson. 42 smithfield. north and west of raleigh, you can see some snow. north winds 3 to 5. but once
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accumulation. 42 tomorrow. we dissected the day for you. let's jump into martin luther king day. 36 degrees. a low of 26. and how about tuesday when you head back to work or school. look at those windchills. maybe around 11:00 in the morning. 20 at noon. windchills that is. but the daytime temperature stays below freezing. i'm telling you the big news is the punch of arctic air coming our way. later in the week into the 40s. we could see a system on friday. too early to cam it. i'll say there could be rain and maybe and or snow starting out friday. we'll have to keep an eye on that, 42 degrees. >> i guess it's good we enjoyed the weather today. we won't have any more of it. thanks bill. it's a good night to stay inside and watch some football right here on wncn as the nfl playoffs continue. still to come, we'll preview the cardinals and packers ahead of their nfc divisional round game.
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the carolina panthers are getting set to take on the seattle seahawks in the nfc playoffs tomorrow. the panthers beat the seahawks in week six of the regular season. >> part of what matters is what happens now. why don't you focus in on that. that is more important. what we did, nobody can take away. as far as i'm concerned, we're moving from the regular season to the now. every game you're 0 and 0. you win, you keep going you lose, now you're staying home. >> it should be a good game. kick off is set for 1:00. the winner between the panthers and seahawks will face tonight's winner the greenbay packers are in arizona taking on the cardinals. we sat down with bob kostas to talk about the singular focus this season. >> earlier this season carson palmer told me i'm not thinking about a window. i'm thinking about only this year. our mind set is this year or nothing. >> that's everybody's mind set. coach aarons talks about it all the time.
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we have to capitalize on opportunities that we've earned to this point. getting the first round bi. hosting the divisional round game. we have to play to the best of our ability. >> coverage begins at 7:30:00 p.m. with football night in america right here on wncn. stay with us, bill will be right my constipation and belly pain have my stomach feeling all knotted up. i've tried laxatives... but my symptoms keep returning. my constipation feels like a pile of bricks... that keeps coming back. linzess can help. once-daily linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves and accelerate bowel movements. linzess helps you proactively manage your symptoms. do not give linzess to children under 6 and it should not be given to children 6 to 17. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain especially with bloody or black stools.
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if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include, gas, stomach-area pain and swelling.
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bill's back with another look at your forecast and the beautiful weather we saw today, just gone. >> 61 degrees. that was nice. so the ground is warm. so when we talk about the chance of snow tomorrow morning, not looking for any accumulation. we went through that in detail. north and west you might see a little bit of snow. but if you're traveling to charlotte, they could see a little snow in the morning too. but by game time, clearing and chilly.
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it'll be really nice football weather. for seattle, they were 0 degrees last week. for them, it'll be like a heat wave in the 40s. let's hope the panthers do well and the weather cooperates. we have precipitation in the morning, rain, and snow, we clear out in the afternoon, very cold, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, maybe snow
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