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tv   WNCN Today at 430AM  CBS  January 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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tuesday. bat. good morning. clear skies this morning and is that one reason that we're dealing with the cold temperatures. yesterday we thought was a cold morning yesterday. so 19 right now in raleigh, 15 in sanford, 18 in durham and in the mean teens in henderson. and in the sand hills, you're talking with the temperatures in 20s. so here's what i'm thinkings, we'll be in the upper teens at 8:00 a.m. but with a the breeze out there
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you head out the -- 10 degrees as you head out the door this morning. barely above freezing at lunchtime and 33 the high and then in the mid-20s and the temperatures falling quickly at 6:00 p.m. you'll see beautiful, blue skies from start to finish. and some of you could see snowflakes falling son. and we have a traffic alert to tell you about. and we'll get to that in one moment. and this is south sanders street. this is this tuesday morning, south of the city. and we're looking the empty roadways this morning and now to the traffic alert is here in raleigh near downtown.
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reware going on. it is below freezing temperatures are making for a chilly start this morning. and emma wright joins us with raleigh with what you can expect when you walk out the door. >> reporter: so i'm in the car in the heat right now. it is bitterly coal this morning. 22 degrees here in raleigh right now. and that is actually a little generous. it is probably a little colder. you want to make sure that you have your warm clothes on, boots, hats and gloves. and you want to keep an eye on your car. the cars are the first thing to go when it gets really cold like this and you want to keep an eye on the battery in the
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i don't know too much about cars. we did talk to an expert yesterday. and you want to keep an eye on keep and on the pressure. >> vehicle will not handle as well if the tires are not inflated. and it will not carry the weight of the vehicle if they were no inflated. >> reporter: and if you're like me, the mechanic says, if you don't know a lot of cars, bring your car into the shop this week before we start to see some of snowy an icy weather later this week. you can find on update and the conditions on our wncn app. emma wright, wncn news.
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including the car check. eight people died when a suicide bomber riding a motorcycle struck a crowded checkpoint in pakistan. 21 others were wounded. and the dead include four police officers and two children. so far no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. right now, the cary police are searching for a suspect after a man was shot and robbed at a apartment complex on winston drive off highway 55. the person is expected to survive. the orange county deputies need your help to find the suspect in a deadly shooting. the police responded to the parking lot yesterday around and found a man on the ground next to a car dead from multiple gunshot wounds. they do not have a suspect at
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identified the man shot. >> folks are at home time off from work with their families. and we hope that someone heard the gunshots that were fired. >> the shooting scene is near larry schools but no way connected. but there will be deputies at that school today as a precaution. the police found an elderly man and woman shot inside their home on chelsea drive on sunday. they found the man dead inside and the woman was taken to wake med where she died yesterday morning. the police in garner are warning people to keep their vehicles locked. people are stealing from unlocked cars overnight. in some cases firearms were stolen. if you know anything, please
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problems for people in chatum county after a sinkhole shut down parts of lynchberg road and jeremiah drive. rain and floods inundated the area. and the sheriff's office said that the road will remain closed till the repairs can be made. fishermen will meet with representatives over the possible closing of a busy river along our coast t stretches eight miles and near camp lejeune where old bombs may be sitting on the river bottom. the fishermen use it for clamming, out the oyster and fishing. the school board will look
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year-round school. the work session begins at 4:30 at the headquarters in cary. a kidnapping and rape trial begins in europe of a woman that is said to have kidnapped and raped a woman.
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is welcome back. we're talking about cold temperatures this morning. this is 19 in quentin. the car will need extra time to warm up and you'll need to break out the ice scrapers. teen across the board now and
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so 21 in clayton, 20 in rocky mount and goldsboro but 17 in roanoke rapids. and siler city 17. watch the number in roxboro. but once you factor in the wind, it feels like 7 degrees. and the winds not having a big impact in henderson. but enough will knock the temperatures down and it feels like 17 in sanford and littleton this morning. in the mean time, the temperatures will continue to drop. so 19 right now, 17 by 7:00 this morning and 17 at 8:00 a.m. and we'll start to slowly climb back to 20 by 9:00 this morning. and there will be plenty of sunshine. so don't forget the sunglasses and you'll need the scarves and the heavy winter jacket. and the high of only 33. and i'm watching for the chance for a few flurries late in the day and thursday, we're back into the upper 40s. there's another round of possibly winter weather late
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bit. some big changes are coming to us. february 29th, we'll be your home for cbs programming. you can watch all of your favorite shows and our new home masters. time is 4:41. here's what is coming up. a mountain of tears right now. i hope the guy will be found alive. >> and another search for a 2- year-old boy what disappeared in tennessee. why sympathy say that the
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police searching for the suspect of a deadly shooting. they found a man dead. the sheriff said that they have not named a suspect and have not identified the man that was shot. board of education will consider a proposal to move nine traditional calendar schools in wake county to a year-round schedule. it is meant to help improve performing well academically. and it starts at 4:30 at the
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the man accused d of shooting and killing his stepson is due in court. the police said that he shot and killed his stepson earlier this month. a friend of the victim tells us that shannon was a member of the u.s. army reserves and home visiting the family and friends for the holidays. today and nc state football player is expected in court to face a dwi charge. they arrested williams richardson on hillsborough street in november. the freshman was a right tackle for the wolfpack and started all eight games this season. after his arrest he was suspended indefinitely. a hearing take place in texas will take place if the teen known in the affluenza
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he is was convicted killing wreck. couch and his mom fled to mexico as the prosecutors tried to figure out if the iran to views the lad the -- if he violated his probation. she is back in the u.s. and he is still in mexico. aaron hernandez is accused of killing two people after an encounter at a boston nightclub. he was sentenced to life in prize after being convicted for killing his friend oden lloyd. a trial is about to start in sweden for a doctor accused of kidnapping and raping a patient. he then drove her 300 miles to her home and giving her drugs
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kept to keep her to a bunk bunker for years but then he took her to a police station so show officers that she was okay. 2-year-old noah disappeared while walk in the woods with his grandmother and sister. volunteer police officers are still holding out hope that the little boy would be found alive. >> in this weather and the conditions, i don't have hope. but you have to hang in there. you never know. miracle dozen happen. >> we're hoping for a miracle as well. some say that the boy may have found a warmer spot to hide like a hole or under a tree stump. dramatic rescue was caught
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a mother and infant was trapped in this apartment fire. you see the firefighter climbing a ladder and getting the baby and then rescued the mother. they believe someone intentionally started the fire in a stairwell. nor rain is expected in an already drenched california. forecasters said that people saw two to four inches. some braved to drive through the high water and wait it out. jack frost is nipping at people in minnesota. one man froze a pair of his pants and put them on the lawn. it took off on facebook and people were displaying frozen
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they are so frozen, they can stand on their own two feet. >> i would have done the same thing. you might as well enjoy it. but we're looking for the reason to stay warm as well today. look at this. 19 degrees at the raleigh- durham international airport. the reason being we're dealing with clear skies this morning and we will not see that till about 7:23 when we see the sunshine this morning. hine hurst 14 and raleigh we're at 19, 18 in durham and 17 in roxboro and 17 in siler city and 21 in clayton and littleton and fayetteville 23. but factor the little bit of a breeze that is out there and we have single digits windchills right now. 7 is what it feels like in roxboro and 9 in rocky mount and 15 in fayetteville and 17 in rayford. so these are the temperatures that you need to be prepared
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make sure that the kids bundled up. sunshine just not warming us up a lot today and 28 at lunchtime and 33 the afternoon high. if you're keeping track, that is colder than where we were yesterday. this is the big picture on our satellite and radar. not a lot going on in the and we have high pressure dominateing it the weather. this is across the central portions of country. omaha waking up to snow this morning and that is part of our next system. and that will move through quickly and that could bring us a few flour recognize starting tomorrow evening -- flurries starting tomorrow evening. high pressure and plenty of sunshine. not a cloud in sight and we'll stay way through 6:00 p.m. this evening. we'll head into overnight and through the our wednesday, we'll continue to see more clouds through the day. i'll stop this around 5:00 p.m. we're still on the dry side. back to the mountains, they're
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higher elevations. for us, a lot of this moisture not going to make it into our area. so a few light flurries tomorrow evening around sunset and here's 7:00 p.m. where we could see a few flurries. we could see those through 10:00 or midnight. if you see a night snow shower, maybe a small accumulation of dusting on grassy surfaces, other than that this will not be a big system for us. overnight tonight, 16 degrees. very cold again tomorrow morning as we head into the coming days, we climb up to 38 on wednesday and the light flurry tomorrow evening and 47 on thursday. and the next round of unsettled weather will come through friday. and the bulk of this system is going to be a cold rain on friday. friday night into saturday, possibly some snow showers mixing in there and saturday, a high of 42 and dry again for sunday and early next week.
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in central north carolina. it is 4:52. that is the first look at your let's switch gears. this is a live picture at greed more and glenwood avenue. report. just a few cars in either direction this morning. if you're heading on 540 and westbound, you're looking at 63 miles an hour. if you're heading east, close to 60. so traffic moving along close to the posted speed limit. meet our pet of the morning. this is a good looking guy. this is a five-year-old german shepherd. his name is scout. scout lives with kelly and they say they watch every morning. >> it looks like he has some christmas presents over there. thank you for sending in this picture. we want to feature you're your furry friend on our morning show.
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deserving, e-mail your pictures
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you're watching there is a controversial for the oscars. this is drawing the fear of some a list celebrities. will smith went unrecognized for his role in concussion. and his wife is suggesting that people actually boycott ceremony posting this video to facebook. >> is it time that people color recognize how much power influence that we have amasted that we no longer need to ask to be invited anywhere. >> and in 2013, 93% of the members choosing nominees were white. last year it added 322 new members in an effort to bring in more diverse voices.
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underway for one the most familiar voices. the eagles' fry died. he played the keyboard angry tar for the iconic band. he was 67 years old. the money will go to help kids that have a mom or dad fighting cancer. check out these beautiful flowers. far out. >> right. there's something special about them. these are the fist flowers ever agreed in space. astronaut scott kelly tweeted this picture from the international space station. he has tended to the blooms and giving scientists how flowers grow in micro gravity.
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if you're like us, you're probably sleep deprived during the week. >> catching up on your shut eye on the weekend may help. we saw this research that were sleep deprived by more than four weeks more apt to diabetes and heart problems.
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your sleep on the good morning. i'm stefan chase. >> and i'm mike gonzalez. we're off to a cold start. and emma wright is live in raleigh with what you need to know before you head out the
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