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tv   WNCN Today at 530AM  CBS  January 20, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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cold temperatures first, we'll get to when the snow arrives next. 19 clayton, 14 louisburg, 18 south hill, 16 roxboro and south of the triangle, 25 raleigh while clinton is at 24. your fast forecast, 8:00 a.m. this morning, 17. pretty clear, pretty frigid. 32 at noon today, that's right where we hit for an afternoon high yesterday. we should get above freding -- freezing for several hours this afternoon. 37 our afternoon high, then starting right around 4:00 in to the evening drive home until about 9:00, i do think we're looking at the chance for? flurries and the potential for snow showers, dusting on grassy surfaces. some of the roadways have the potential to be on the slick side, we'll be closely
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meteorologist wes hohenstein will be here as well. i-40 miami boulevard, starting to see more cars out there, but the good news, no trouble spots on i-40. we are seeing a trouble spot in durham. the road is closed because of a water main break. the road is gear street from essex to hardy, good alternate will be cheek road until they get that cleared up. remember, the temperature's well below freezing, if there's standing water on the roadways, that could freeze and cause slick conditions. more on traffic and weather in 10 minutes. >> thanks so much. breaking news right now, raleigh police are investigating an early morning shooting on the campus of st. augustine's university in raleigh. the shooting happened around 1:00 a.m., crews took the victim to the hospital. that victim is a student but is expected to be okay. officers have made an arrest. university officials put the campus on lockdown while officers investigated the scene but now no threat to the campus, classes will start as scheduled at 8:00 a.m.
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after a gunman stormed a university in pakistan. two of the dead are student and teacher. several other people also wounded. the attack happened shortly after university opened. police and the army exchanged gun fire with the attacker. and right now our team coverage of the freezing temperatures. >> this morning, d.o.t. crews are heading back out to treat the roads ahead of any winter weather headed our way. wncn's emma wright joins us live from the salt barn in raleigh with more of the plan, emma? >> reporter: governor mccrory has ordered the state to start preparing for any possible dangerous travel conditions. we're out here at one of the state maintenance yards, still pretty dark but we're told they're going to start mibsing up -- mixing up the brine condition and putting it on the roads, however the state doesn't expect any significant snow or isolator this week but it's important to be prepared and prepare to stay warm. they say avoid using alternative heating sources like the oven or a grill that heats your house. duke energy says they see a
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very cold winter months and they say some customers can be hit with high bills. they say they do have programs in place to help people out. >> we work with agencies across the state, local nonprofits and government agencies to help distribute the funds to our customers who are in need. >> reporter: you can find more information about those duke heating assistance programs on our website, as for the naint yard here, we're -- maintenance yard, we're told they'll start brining after rush hour. reporting live in raleigh, i'm emma wright, wncn news. >> thanks so much for that update. ahead of the weather, officials checked on people who may need their help, we rode along to several parts of the county, looking at seniors and others, looking for cars along the side of the road to make sure the driver have help and somewhere warm to go.
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all play a part in checking on our citizens, that may be disabled or elderly citizens that may need a little extra help. >> the office did not increase staffing last night but that could happen this week. on call in case the snow shows up and starts causing issues in the area. stay on top of all the weather issue by downloading the wncn news now app, comes complete with the latest forecast, radar and push alerts when the forecast does change, it's free for your apple or android device. right now durham police have investigating a crash involving an officer. investigators say the police officer was on durham chapel hill boulevard around 8:30 last night, the other vehicle was headed in the other direction and veered on to oncoming traffic. the officers swerved to miss the car. no one was hurt, thankfully. they did find drugs in the driver of the other car, charges are now pending.
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man found dead in an orange county neighborhood. monday deputies found the body of 22-year-old tavin kendrick of durham at the efflen cheeks community center in the back of a car with the open trunk. investigators still searching for the gunman but don't believe there's a threat to the school or those who live nearby. >> we found out somebody is dead, it's been a crazy 24 hours, real crazy. >> a scary 24 hours for sure. extra sheriff's deputies were there at the elementary school, just right next to the shooter taking place. wake county school board revised its proposal to switch nine elementary school from traditional to year round calendars, now the proposal at four schools. surveys done shoes most of the stache on board, they support the move. parents not quite cold. being discussed in hopes that elementary schools that aren't performing well academically will be helped, and also if the
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happen until the 2017, 2018 school year. 5:37 now on your wednesday, besides getting a chance to see us early this morning, another reason for you, why you should wake up. >> this one may be cooler though, five planets at once, yeah! later when you need to head outside and how long you have a chance to check it out. plus, actor, song writer, and hero?
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has gotten a new >> and now your wncn weather forecast. >> hope you're having a great wednesday morning, thanks for joining us, back in the weather center with alyssa corfont, may
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commute may be a mess. >> i think they could be tricky, isolated spots that could get icy, watch out for that. let's go ahead and talk about your forecast. 19 degrees this morning. pretty clear morning for us. problem free on your morning drive in. just have to layer up because boy oh boy is it cold. 29 durham, 16 roxboro, 15 siler city, and 21 pinehurst and raeford, 20 this morning in goldsboro. here's your drive time forecast right thousand. again, we're in the teens, dropping to nearly 17 for 8:00 a.m., 18 and back in the 20s by 9:00 a.m. rkts quickly see cloudy sky as we head throughout the morning and all in preparation for this system back to our west. not going to bring a lot but the timing will be critical for this. we're seeing snow showers back to our west through kentucky and tennessee, there's actually winter storm watch in effect for our mountains. that arrives late this afternoon in to our evening drive home.
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those do arrive, maybe a light snow shower, that's what i'm thinking could cause slick spots. be alert as you're driving home, 37 our high today, dry weather expected on our thursday. enjoy every minute of it because friday, round round number two and that could start a wintry mix for your morning drive in. of course i'll walk you through the changes coming over the next 48 hours, in the next complete forecast. >> thank you for that report. severe weather continues to hit the cuban capital of havana. gale force wind have blown for more than 30 hours there. the wind kicked up hunl waves -- hiej -- huge waves, stranding residents. caused by the subtropical low pressure in florida. just a disaster there. tour boat caught fire in new zealand forcing 60 people overboard, half a mile from
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crews saved everyone, people taken to the hospital with minor injuries. sarah palin is pushing her support behind donald trump, where the campaign trail leads for the two today. plus, meet ricky, a local service dog who is known around the raleigh campus. now the sweet girl who is help used to helping others, now i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara helps me be in season. stelara may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara if you are allergic to stelara or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion
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>> "wncn today", what you need to know right now. >> welcome back, thanks for staying with us, here's ou our top stories, raleigh police are investigating an early morning shooting on the campus of st. augustine's university. >> shooting happened around 1:00 this morning. officers found the student shot, that victim expected to be okay. officers made an arrest as well. classes scheduled this morning. gunman stormed in to a university in pakistan, at least two of the 19 dead are a teach
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teacher and student as well, nobody claimed responsibility for the attack. check on people who may need help in these freezing temperatures. deputies are on call in case freezing weather causes issues in the area. the d.o.t. also treating the roads throughout the area today. today, candidate trump and palin will hit the campaign trail together. yesterday, palin announced her support for donald trump. she praised trump as a candidate who has shaken up the republican party. palin and trump will aend events in iowa also in oklahoma. today, u.s. attorney general general and durham native loretta lynch will testify before senate sub-committee over gun control. a hearing surrounds the justice role in executive actions related to gun control. earlier this month, president obama announced executive actions designed to reduce gun violence. those proposals focus on mental health checks,
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candidate ben carson suspended his campaign events today after a group of staffers were involved in a deadly car crash in iowa. 25-year-old bren dna joplin died after the van he was in flipped over on an icy stretch of highway and hit by another vehicle, the three others were released from the hospital. two women died and nine others hurt when a bus crashed and flipped on its side in san jose. on its way from l.a. to oakland. the driver admitted he was sleepy at the time of the crash, trying to figure out if he fell asleep during that crash. well, oscar award winning actor and song writer jamie foxx being called a hero this morning. >> and for really good reason, the california highway patrol says foxx and another good samaritan helped free a driver from a burning truck. the driver crashed just outside of foxx's home monday. the driver, 32-year-old brett kyle was drunk and speeding. he hit a drainage pipe, the
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in to flames, kyle now is in intensive care with third degree burn but he's alive due to foxx's bravery. take a look behind me, this dog has become a staip he will at campbell law. ricky helps her owner meredith get around campus. >> now the campus is coming together, wncn's maggie newland with the inspiring story. >> can you shake? >> reporter: for the past four years, mer drith -- meredith and ricky have been inseparable. >> almost like my child. >> reporter: she's legally blind, ricky is her guide dog, at campbell law school where the mix has become a favorite among professors and students. >> ricky is a class mascot for sure. >> always looking at me, so i said the dog is paying attention. i don't know it if the rest of the class is or not! [ laughter ] >> reporter: helping to find an empty seat in class and safely navigate her way to school. >> moving cars and traffic probably the most dangerous. >> reporter: for someone who can't see clearly, just crossing
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experience but ricky acts as her eyes, giving her a sense of security. >> i know she sees everything and is looking at everything and i don't have to worry about it as much. >> reporter: but right now, ricky is too sick to go to school. >> more tired than usual. >> reporter: when the dog became lethargic and stopped eating, meredith learned ricky has a mass on her spleen. she needs surgery and it's expects to do cost $7,000. meredith started a gofundme page and reached her goal in less than 24 hours, thanks in large part to those in kanl -- campbell. >> it blows my mind and the amount of kindness and generosity everyone has shown, especially in the past, just the past day is amazing to me. >> to see a law community which can be so serious at times really come together. >> it's a family. we care about each other and take care of each other when we can. >> reporter: they all want to see this wagging tail again soon. >> it really showed me how much everybody loves ricky, and how
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want to make sure that she's okay. >> that's a good girl! >> reporter: in raleigh, maggie newland, wncn news now. >> oh, maggie, thanks so much. if you want to help out, find the link to the gofundme page on our website, and meredith is going to donate any extra money that's raised and put that towards ricky's organization that provided the, provides guide dogs. just a wonderful story. >> great story all around. okay, so take a look at the weather now, meteorologist alyssa corfont, i think the top priority is to stay inside laugh half. >> i wish we could do that! wouldn't that be nice? it's cold out there this morning, and then for your evening drive home we're tracking the potential for light flurries, snow showers as well. 19 degrees, live look from the raleigh durham international airport, we're getting a frosty
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louisburg, 15 south hill, on delay, mecklenburg county they won't open until 10:00 a.m. further south of the triangle, 22 lillington, 21 pinehurst and raeford. here's what you need to know as you're planning your day, 8:00 a.m. temperature, 18 we're at freezing at lunch time, pretty cloudy already at lunch time and flurries late in the day, in to the evening hours, critical timing because i do expect them to be here during your drive home. 6:00 temperature around 33. high pressure still ahead this morning. look at this back to our west. this is what's going to move in to our area, bringing us that potential for flurries. late this afternoon, in to the evening hours. so at 9:00 this morning, we'll already be say partly to mostly cloudy, lunch time today, limited sunshine as we head in to the rest of the afternoon, we'll be watching the snow showers back to our west. say, 4:00, 5:00, that's when i think they'll enter central north carolina.
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we do see that light snow shower, a quick dusting on grassy surfaces possible. the roads will also be cold enough they could provide those flurries, provide us the chance for slick spots for your evening drive home. so really, be careful as you're driving home this evening. good news is, all of that will quickly end and by day break on our thursday, we're looking at say partly cloudy skies. now, your snow forecast for this evening not looking impressive. where we're seeing the gray shades, a dusting possible through midnight tonight, maybe ape 00.10 of an inch, and arriving friday, the timing of this critical because i think it starts early friday morning and you're seeing that pink right over central north carolina. i think that's an indicator it could start as a wintry mix for us before transitioning in to all the cold rain in the afternoon. but friday morning's commute will certainly be a tricky one
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so 37 our high today in raleigh, 36 in durham, 41 around fayetteville. fast forward to tonight, any snow that is falling will quickly taper off by midnight at the latest. partly cloudy skies, a low near 26, and as we head in to the coming days, you'll see some sunshine on thursday, enjoy every minute of it because then friday starts the messy waerths as we -- weather as we head throughout the friday and saturday, periods of wintry mix, snow and rain, still a little early to talk about any totals at this point in time. most of this should wrap up sunday morning and as we head in to early next week, while monday looking like a really nice day, 52 degrees and sunny. it is 5:52 right now on this wednesday morning, let's get to your traffic, glenwood and blue ridge road, this intersection between crabtree valley mall, seeing cars move through, no big delays we're tracking at this point in time. we do have an alert though in durham.
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on greer street between essex and harty street. if you're driving around the durham area, near i-85, try to avoid the area. temperatures well above freezing, any water out there will freeze on the roadways. more on traffic and weather at 6:00 a.m. >> all right, alyssa, thanks so much. let's check out these beautiful dogs, hope and sailor. they live in downtown raleigh with sister sara lynn and kristin. >> gorgeous dogs chltd they're posing -- dogs. they're posing too right in front of the capital. >> yeah, the presidents. johnson and jackson. [ laughter ] >> mike g! he does his research, let me tell you. we want to feature your furry friend on our morning shows, if you've got pictures, send them in to include their name, their age, your name and where you live. >> reporter: we're outside the state house in lansing, michigan where protesters are making a
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snyder delivers the state of the state speech here. people are very angry with the state of the water in flint,
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they've hershey's miniatures. we pour 'em! we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey's miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate.
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it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, fresh brewed, or one cup at a time. black silk, from folgers. 5:55, right now the search continues for two college students swept out to sea just off the coast of california. >> yeah, unbelievable story here. officials say 15 foot waves swept away five university of california santa cruz students but three were able to climb up on rocks at the base of that cliff. officials say a 25-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman though never made it out. crews still searching with a helicopter and boat this morning. happening right now firefighters in philadelphia are braving cold temperatures and high wind as they battle a fire at an apartment building. >> in fact one firefighter had to be taken to the hospital after suffering heart issues. no word on the firefighter's condition right now or what started this fire.
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to the north american international autoshow in detroit, michigan. he'll be there to tout the recovery of the american auto industry as well as to see the progress of the people of detroit, its people and its neighborhoods. jobs have been created since the 2009 bailout of the auto industry. starting today, sky watchers and early bird out there getting a special treat. they'll be able to see five planets together in the sky just before dawn. >> i've got my telescope with me. >> you're ready for this? >> no, not really. [ laughter ] this is a cool story, mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter all visible for 45 minutes, right before sunrise. experts say it's the first time in more than 10 years all five of them have appeared together in the pre dawn sky, the show will last through february 20. big changes are coming to wncn, you see that big eyeball behind us, starting february 29, we're going to be the new cbs affiliate here in town. >> and that mean you'll see
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bang theory, ncis franchise, good wife just to name a few. wncn is your home for march madness for all you basketball fans and the masters golf. check out for complete details. coming up, freezing temperatures and the possibility of snow on the way. >> yeah like it or not, you could see some of it today from how to dress your kids to the bus stop to when we can could
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to know coming up in >> on air, online, wherever you are, "wncn today" starts now. a st. augustine student shot on campus, this morning the latest details coming up. plus, could we see winter precipitation tonight? that means snow. alyssa is going to break everything you need to know down. >> fighting taliban fighters who stormed a university on a deadly attack.
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thank you for watching "wncn
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