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tv   WNCN News at 11  CBS  January 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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an error, on line, where ever you are this is w ncn news. a small burst of winter weather and more on the way. this is a live look at raleigh and what felt earlier is gone. the problem is another round will pack a big punch and it's not far behind. i am sean and thank you for joining us. we have a winter storm beginning friday and schools are delayed tomorrow. we begin with west with the weather. we are a little more than 24 hours away and it will start early morning hours of friday. the little bit of snow that we had earlier has pushed to the coast and skies will clear. we are looking for a decent winter day tomorrow and sunshine with warmer weather.
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and half an inch of snow up in person county. there is some residual moisture and the areas we see shaded blue include term, orange, and person county. they could see some black ice and make sure you are careful in those areas. otherwise it's very cold in upper 20s and cold air. this gets the ground nice and cold and is not a situation where it is cold. it will accept the first bit of moisture that starts to fall friday into saturday. it will be sunny and dry with temperatures not in the teams but in the mid-20s to 6 am and 7 am. 32 x 9 a.m. 32 x 9 a.m. we are still looking at a significant weather event
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timing will be dutch bring precipitation in and it will not stop until 10 pm on saturday. we could see up to half an inch of ice and these numbers will likely change. because of the ice it will be a major event. making travel dangerous on friday into saturday. i won't be surprised if there changes to school schedules on friday. as we mentioned off the top a winter storm watch will go into effect for friday into saturday because of dangerous travel. we have our first calls on the ice accumulation and the snow accumulation and i was so -- show you these maps coming up. haywood county is expected to get several inches and several districts decided to
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flurries did not too much and here's a live look. we are happy to say there is no reports of slick spots or crashes and it's a reminder to stay safe and take plenty of time. if a storm comes with rain it could wash it away and when we have dry conditions like they had yesterday and today they tried to get major intersections covered. >> they say if the roads of slick you have to head out to be careful. crews out east are gearing up for snow and ice and in martin counties and along highway 64 and other roads they have plenty of brian, salt, and then to put out. those who have to fly are watching this closely and here
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several airline are headed out to delta and united they will waive the change or cancellation fees for those transferring to certain areas. prepare for the winter weather and local plumbers say they have dealt with busted pipes and temperatures continue to dip. they let cold water dip into a faucet in the insulate pipes and keep the thermostat at the same temperature. as for power they say that down trees and limbs are the leading cause of outages during storms. >> winter weather can be unpredictable and we have crews on hand and ready to respond. you are asked to prepare ahead and put together an emergency supply kit so flashlights and battery and water nonperishable food.
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all of those schools are on a two hour delay. whether it's rain, snow, or cold if you downloaded the new app it's free for apple or android devices. the our cheering over a decision to scrape the train hub and amy cutler explains why. >>reporter: some on the land nearby and they all had one in common, they were opposed to the project. >> it's been in the family for many years and they are going to try and take. they plan to pass this land down to a grandson and then a knock on the door came last week saying that they will be
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where was the notice and the chance for the public to weigh in, the details of the project came via email and it's called the carolina connector. they are looking to create a transfer hub and shipping facility and it will bring 1500 jobs to the estate. they held a meeting and then they spoke out. they've taken bill action regarding this project and they do not support the current site of the project. in a statement earlier in the day they urged commissioners to keep the dialogue but it's only day seven. >> we do not condone the threat
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>>reporter: the next step is finding another piece of land where it can go and there hoping it can still be built in johnston county. >>reporter: power is slowly being restored any university employee is in the hospital. eyewitness told wncn that they saw a man's body on fire before he collapsed . >> we noticed flames coming out and they step out and fall to the ground.
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are investigating. many that buy, sell, and trade of internet have a safe meeting space and they have spots for exchanges marked with 24 hour surveillance. >> we wanted to establish a place where people could come and feel safe and a lot of people don't want to meet in a random parking lot somewhere. police in raleigh are answering a popular question, traffic stops. >> people want to know what they should do, what the officer should do, what they can expect and what to do if they have questions about the stop. they put together this step- by-step video on what to do if you get pulled over it also goes over what to do if you
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unfairly. you can find the whole thing right now on . stocks close higher than expected and the dow was down and financial advisers say the markets are volatile because of low oil prices and slowed growth . they say that the best thing to do is to invest wisely. >> the most important thing to do is not have all your money in one place, not in the stock market or mutual funds or annuities and even gold and silver. >> the only people that really have a problem say that you don't want to put it in a place where you don't or cannot ignore it for 20 years or longer.
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kicked off a campaign and the proposal calls for infant structure improvements and those opposed to a bond say it's not fiscally responsible to take on debt. they should be brought before representatives to appropriate the budget process. the better view is for future generations. there will not be tax increases. and concerns over
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plus a battle on a city bus a voodoo -- a rude awakening where two silos were destroyed along the newest river and they were considered an eyesore, demolishing this will clear for a new development along the riverfront and police in cleveland are investigating a scuffle between you know i bus driver -- ohio bus driver and a passenger. it was asked when the passenger refused and you can see him kicking a window in the bus and
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that is when the driver confronted the man and they fought for several minutes. the passenger was arrested the driver paste -- placed on suspension. the pentagon has included foreign terrorist organizations to include isis and this allows for broader engagement and us forces can go on the offensive and actively target is a threat to the us. 20 students are dead and it happened when the skilled walls and made their way into dorms and classrooms. it sparked a three-hour long gunbattle and the commandos say that they killed for militants. they have claimed responsibility.
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joined donald trump -- sarah palin joined donald trump and she said he can change the country. >> we deserve a commander in chief who will respect what it is that our forces go through and would never leave them behind. frustration spilling over infant michigan as president. obama is trying to fix a contaminated water supply and they have sent bottles of water to people in flint that cannot use tap water and rick snyder declared a state of emergency.
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it. they have not had to clean water since april 2014 and this was a source to save money and since then the water has shown elevated level of lead. people are calling in to protest the conditions of schools and classrooms where they teach. there is mold the key people from teaching and have filed an injunction request. it's hard to believe we're talking about all of this but there is a new weather record and 2015 was the hottest year in history and they had been keeping record for the last 36 years last year was more than 20% warmer. the warm temperatures are fueled in part by one of the
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it's cruel of us to use things like warm and hot in the good news is that tomorrow morning will not be in the teens and tomorrow afternoon will be the warmest day we have had. we are looking at a significant weather event and friday and saturday we will get you updated ice and snow totals. skies will clear and we will see some sunshine tomorrow. it won't warmest up a lot but definitely warmer than they have that. we still have a little bit of the windchill and it will feel like 20. plenty of sunshine throughout the day and no precipitation. a boring weather day we are okay with it. look it up to 38 degrees by lunchtime which is about the high today was still feel like 34 degrees on the way to 44
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this is doubly warmer than where we have been and we had some snow here earlier and we look to the midwest in texas and our weather is coming from there. this area continues to develop in texas and will ride above the southern part of the united states. a couple of changes over the past 24 hours and the track an area of low pressure which are quickly due to hurricane and it has started to shift farther to the south and what that does is allow the cold air to come farther to the south meaning we have a better chance of seeing freezing rain and snow and ice and what will happen is the rain will move up and right on top of the cold air. this will make for a complicated forecast and
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and we think that the predominant precipitation on friday will be freezing rain where it falls through the atmosphere gets closer to the surface and freezes and this causes problems with driving, trees falling on power lines and power outages. by tomorrow lunchtime we are sunny and a pretty decent day considering that as we get into early friday morning here comes precipitation from the southwest we're moving into more and spreading over a good portion by the friday morning commute and it could be freezing rain and snow that could cause a mass on the morning commute and could continue into parts of friday afternoon. the warmer rain will start to push freezing rain and snow farther and by friday evening it's more of a cold rain and
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in. it will continue parts of overnight and on the backend more cold air will come in and saturday morning we will see the rain and freezing rain turned to snow, mainly from the triangle. this continues to parts of saturday afternoon and as you can see, it is a lot of weather and a lot of it could be frozen. we think that these conditions could be worse and now it looks to the north of raleigh up to the virginia border and a quarter inch of ice just outside the area. the further north you go this is the first estimate of what totals could be like and the lowest totals where they will see more rain down in the sand hills, 1 to 3 inches through
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could take off 3 to 5 and then 5 inches and a lot more of that as we had northwest into virginia. that number will change and one thing that will not is the winter storm watch and it's in place because travel will be dangerous friday and saturday. it will not change and anytime between 3 am and 10 pm is when the winter weather will come and 125 inches of snow with dangerous travel. in the meantime pretty decent day tomorrow with some sunshine and temperatures in the 40s and no precipitation. as you know this is not the case friday and saturday in these days will not get out of the 30s and then 50s, we next
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are rain chances. thank you west, mvp, that's what the pro football writers of america think, they voted the league mvp today and he is helped lead the panthers to a 16-1 record and they hope to host the arizona cardinals sunday night. roy williams says his team did not practice well and the tar heels struggled. the tar heels put this away and forced turnovers. johnson is on his way to a double double and johnson is the only tar heels in double figures.
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we took it easy and we were playing the score in that got the coach hot. danny manny push the referee too far and one person that was not hot once again is marcus paige and how often does he outscore the tar heels player? it happened tonight and just 2 points for the struggling page. >> i guess they pay me a lot of money to say i don't know but i never had a player that i had more confidence in the marcus paige. despite shooting 26% they were able to beat wake forest and marcus paige continue to struggle.
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2016 could be the year that hundreds of thousands of people take their smoking habit for good and the cdc is kicking off your number five from the former smokers campaign and we go to share personal stories from smoking illnesses and some feature becky that suffers from
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doctors at duke university will help treat patients better and faster and they are hoping to differentiate between bacterial and viral illnesses and there's a variety of flu viruses and bacteria and other common infections. this preliminary test was 85% accurate in classifying illnesses and the goal is to have a rapid test that could be used. morning tonight if you have a microsoft pro then they were sold by march of that -- last year. we can overheat when twisted repeatedly and microsoft give refunds. doors are not watching properly and this applies to
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covers focuses of modern a last look at the list of schools delayed tomorrow morning, all two-hour delays. person county schools,
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and roanoke run a two hour delay . come friday we will have a longer list. tomorrow is not the day when this arrives. it will be sunny and 20s in the morning and 40s in the
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portion of the day saturday. [ cheers and applause ]
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