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tv   Today  CBS  January 21, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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>> vegas, guys. >> that was most excellent. >> because they didn't drop us. >> by the way, jenna and i totaled up our poundage. >> you may not want to hear it. >> i'm 152 and you're -- >> 148. >> so anyway, it was 300. >> 300. >> congratulations to our guys. we want to thank everybody here on this thirsty thursday, january 21st, 2016. we're in las vegas. jenna bush is in for kathie lee. that was the royal court from caesars palace. made up of hand maidens, caesars and cleopatra. you guys, thank you so much. you were awesome, awesome. >> thank you so much. >> all right, we've got a really fun show. all the talk is -- you guys can go. you don't have to stick around.
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>> thank you. >> so hoda's on a high. >> i am. >> first, a little cheers. >> to vegas. >> here's the thing. bye, kids. >> bye, everybody. j. lo you guys was at planet hollywood last night and she killed it. i went to bed at 1:00 and woke up at 2:00. >> she slept for one hour. >> fun. also we got lilliana. took a tour of the night life. if you like clubbing, who doesn't, this is the place for you. she's going to show you some of vegas' trendyist hot spots. >> plus, like you've never seen before, cirque de soleil. will perform a little later on. >> we were on the iconic las vegas strip, as you guys can see. i got to have a little fun last night. >> a little fun? was it the most fun night of your life?
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>> it was one of the funnest days ever because, number one, i got to sing backup with the backup dancers. not on the show -- because they're not stupid -- but before the show. it was like one of those moments where you're in the group, in the middle of all these dancers and you can't believe it's happening. j. lo was performing. she got up on stage and it just exploded. i think the best part was i got to sort of, i don't know, i felt like kind of part of the family. >> you are part of the family. you're hoda lopez. >> j. lo's mom was next to me and she was dancing during the show. let's watch a little bit. don't stop keep it moving let the rhythm keep you on the floor >> so here's the cool thing too. j. lo's kids were there.
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that was rebel wilson and kelly osbourne. so there were -- her kids were there and the thing that i loved was there were some racy parts of the show and the kids had on those big -- >> how old are they, like 5 or? >> i think they're 7, maybe 6. they're twins. when there was a risque part, the grandma, j. lo's mom, took the babies or took the kids's heads to her chest so the babies weren't watching. there were lots of celebs in the audience. kelly osbourne was there, rebel wilson. >> biebs. >> biebs was there. i had a little photo bomb that was -- >> who doesn't love a photo bomb? >> they didn't. all right. but one of my favorite pictures you guys is this one. it's jenna, who's lost a tooth. >> wait, that's j. lo. oh, thank you. to go from j. lo to me with the lost tooth. >> we're going to describe about what happens in vegas stays in vegas.
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that will all be out tomorrow. >> they promised what happens in vegas stays in vegas and then immediately, you know, they said that to me, don't worry, we'll keep you safe here, and then seconds later. >> i had to. we're going to tell you guys where we are. we're next to the restaurant serendipity 3. >> 42 million people visit las vegas every year. we walked out of our hotel at 4:00 in the morning. packed. it's amazing. 17 of the 20 biggest hotel also in the u.s. are here, which is crazy when you think about it, 17 of the 20 biggest. >> the flamingo's right across the street, the bal lajo and the paris are close by. the cosmopolitan just down the road. harrahs, the ramad are all on the other end to get a little perspective of where we are. >> restaurants. the biggest market here is the food. it's the biggest part of vegas.
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the city's home to the most celebrity chef restauranteers anywhere in the world. >> here are some of the chefs. mario. >> bobby flay. >> emeril. >> wolfgang puck. >> it's top of all this stuff, every time we come here, there's something new. the city's gearing up for the final presidential debate. it's in october. it's going to be at the university of las vegas. >> that's a big deal. >> it's going to be a biggie. >> and there's a new 20,000 seat arena that will open this spring called t mobile arena with some of the really big names, janet jackson, guns n roses so if there's not enough to do, well, there's more. >> it's a little chilly we have to say. >> yeah. >> we're sitting next to thought heaters. >> it's a little chilly but the sun is rising. >> it's always a good time for a little drinky. >> look at this.
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>> bernardo from mr. chow has arrived. >> wow. >> look. >> hi. >> good morning, ladies. >> so here's the thing about champagne. we do like to have a little bubbly. a lot of people, and i would say most people, have never been able to try something called dom perron. usually you have to buy it by the bottle. >> we serve it by the grass. >> glass. >> that's rare, right? >> we have the dom, we have one of the absolutely best champagnes on the planet. would you mind if i poured you a glass? >> we would not mind one bit. >> twist your arm, right? >> not at all. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> let's taste it. >> all right. >> so as he's pouring. >> one glass. >> guess how much a glass is. think in your head. >> i would have said $25. >> $80. a bottle is 500 bucks. >> this is like we're drink liquid gold.
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mr. chow's hosted j. lo last night for her grand opening and they had a lot of fun. i still am like -- i'm so happy. >> she slept for one hour but you would never have known. >> i got to say, it was really fun. >> shall we? a little toast. >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate it. >> thank you, cheers. >> here's to $80. >> a lot. >> sit really good. >> really good. >> okay. you know what's funny about me, i like cheap alcohol. i really do. >> she normally drinks champagne out of a box. >> by the way, if you were wondering, this is cool, in the middle of the night, people started buzzing, they said matt damon was here. they're shooting the bourne series here. they shut down the vegas strip. >> okay. >> and they were shooting a car chase scene and sequences. people were all trying to spot him. the neighborhood was warned.
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know, because -- loud explosions and the fire -- this is the fifth film in the franchise and it's expected to hit theaters this july. so there's always something going on here. >> always something good. >> always something. i still have my crown on by the way. >> looks good. >> so do you like to use instagram? we have a question for you. what is the most instagramed place in las vegas? of all the places in vegas, what do you think it is? >> well, i know what it is. >> what would you have thought before? >> i would have thought somewhere on the strip. probably that -- i don't know. the sign. >> the famous sign. well, the bal lajujo. it's the most insta grammed place in vegas. >> we never thought we were going to get a star like this but we did. last night we saw j. lo and today we get steven tyler! come on out! >> hello, ladies. >> oh, my god. >> morning, hoda. >> oh, my god.
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so good to see you, wow. >> how are you? >> good to see you. look closely. look closely. by the way, i know steven tyler and you look exactly like him. did you get lip injections? >> oh, my god. >> did you? >> you're asking me if i paid to look like this? no, this is god's sense of humor. first a platapus and then me. >> you do tributes, right? >> i perform for legends in concert. which is a very cool deal. we're standing behind the flamingo which is where we perform since nights a week. as of next month i think it is, 33 years, the longest running show in los vegas. >> that's amazing. >> have you ever met the real steven tiler? >> yeah. >> what did he say? >> he said we look good but our eyes are too close.
10:10 am
we had a great time. actually steven and i, we pranked his son. >> did he believe it was steven? >> i think taj might have seen me before. we're sitting backstage. steven puts me in his makeup chair and he called taj on the radio. he's like, baby bear, this is papa bear, get your butt, paraphrasing, up to the dressing room. taj walks in and i'm in the chair and i say, taj, daddy doesn't quite feel like himself what do you think it is? steven came up from behind. >> scared him to death. >> tears in his eyes. we had a great time. >> thank you for coming. >> give us a hug. >> thank you, steven. thanks for stopping by. >> okay, thank you, sweetie, we really appreciate it. thanks for coming by to see us. >> thanks so much. >> now, as you guys know, this is -- celine dion has had a couple of tragedies recently. and this is such -- i think kind of an encouraging sign.
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she decided she's going to take the stage on saturday. this is after you guys know her husband passed away and then shortly after her brother passed. i think she really just wants to kind of get out of her head and get on stage. >> and she's taking the stage here in vegas. this is her home. she lives here in vegas. so i think, you know, she's returning here. maybe she doesn't live here but she performs here and she's coming back to perform. i think it shows how amazing she is. we wish her the best. >> all right. so you know what else vegas is known for. >> i know. >> what? >> weddings. >> it's called the unofficial wedding capital of the world. there are 80,000 marriage licenses issued in a year. so we're going to tell you some of the famous couples maybe you didn't know. has a chapel. here they are. >> mia farrow and frank sinatra in 1966. >> demi moore and bruce willis
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>> cindy crawford married richard gere here in 1991. another failed. that's okay. >> paul newman and joanne woodward were married here in 1958. they remarried -- >> they remained married. >> until his death in 2008. >> listen, i have something for you. amanda, do you have my prop please? please. i mean, yes, because weddings not. today? now, that may get you excited. that may get you excited, but it's not really happening. it's just a prop. >> okay, thank you, jenna. >> we need something sweet. we got to bring in. the place serendipity took such great care of us. justin here has something we want to call the treasure chest. >> of desserts. >> it's got a little bit of everything. >> justin, you can order this? >> yes, absolutely. >> at serendipity. >> this is available all the time at serendipity, las vegas.
10:13 am
>> golden spoons. >> justin, thank you so much. we're going to eat. i'm going to do the red velvet. >> i'm going to have a little ice cream. >> it's $99 and it's delicious. >> thank you. thanks for having us. >> she's the world's ultimate fan girl. she feels right at home here in vegas. >> j. lo makes her debut and hoda was front and center. >> and we're going to take you behind the scenes ri hey, remember the game when i set the rookie passing record? i mean, you only mentioned what, 50 times... how about when i had three events in one night? well, i've been working on my new superhero move all day! we're non stop, we've gotta have our extra protein. oikos triple zero greek non fat yogurt has 15 grams of protein. zero added sugar, zero artificial sweetener and zero fat. and zero holding me back! oikos triple zero. be unstoppable.
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if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts, and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common, and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. xeljanz can reduce the symptoms of ra, even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz. last night jennifer lopez took the stage and did what she does best, dazzled fanned during the opening night of her "all i have" residency. >> this was so much fun. check it out. she's one of the most spectacular triple threats. singing.
10:17 am
and acting her way into super stardom. say. >> with more than 20 million albums sold, j. lo continues to give all she has. now after three decades in the industry, jenny from the block is hitting the strip. and guess who got an invite. i got to tell you, i'm pretty excited. you know why? we're the only crew that's allowed back here before j. lo's big night. this is planet hollywood. she's performing at the access theater. we wanted to get her something cool so i got her flowers. i'm also going to write her a note on my las vegas card. loveve you, knock 'em dead. well, somehow i accidentally ended up living out one of my dreams. with a little help from vocal
10:18 am
coach stevie mackey. tonight we gonna be it on the floor and choreographer tabatha. >> punch up with your arm. >> after all, who doesn't want to be j. lo, even just for rehearsal? tonight we gonna dance on the floor la, la, la woo woo woo next, time to hit the red carpet. tonight we're gonna get on the floor and finally it's show time, baby. tonight we're gonna get on the floor
10:19 am
by the way, you know you're in good company when you're sitting next to j. lo's mom. don't stop keep it moving after 90 minutes of nonstop thrilling performance, j. lo stopped by to chat with me. in case you're wondering, still flawless. it was so funny, to me, it was so full of surprises. when i sat here i wasn't sure what to expect, and all a sudden there was a light show and prior row techniques. it was so much bigger than i expected. >> thank you. >> was that kind of the intent? >> yeah, you know, the name of the show is "all i have" so i wanted to give everything. let's get loud when the music was playing by the way i had a little dance lesson before so i learned the little thing. >> you learned the choreography? >> when the confetti was falling and it was the end of that show, what were you feeling inside?
10:20 am
>> so good. feels great. feels amazing. i feel like i've been doing like an hour and a half of cardio. it's a high kind of, you know. it's a great moment. >> well, you killed it. >> thank you. i'm so glad you came and you made it. >> it was awesome. >> go get some sleep. you have to get up in what, a half hour? >> yes, i do. love that girl. j. lo's going to be in vegas for the next three years.
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10:23 am
musician teller is spreading coins all over me. how do you do that? >> world famous from penn and teller as you know. >> wait, what? >> teller, you're a man of very few words. >> no, there's not one in -- >> no. >> we're rich, keep going. what else you got? >> that's it. no. where are you going? >> scared. >> you're getting my ring? no. you'd like me to take it off? >>cy cyi wouldn't do it. >> did it fall? >> we found it. don't worry. >> okay, wedding ring. >> okay. >> you're going to make it reappear, right? otherwise i'll be in trouble with my husband. >> there it is. >> okay. >> got it. >> want me to hold it? >> yeah, it's right there. >> wedding ring.
10:24 am
i got it. jenna, i got you. i got you right there. >> you got it? >> yeah, i got it. hocus pocus. >> okay, we have to go pretty fast here. >> no way. >> okay. >> want me to let go? should i let go? >> oh, my gosh! you can catch penn and teller at the rio and las vegas night life next. >> how did you do that? an ordinary jar of vaseline jelly. it's something we don't think about much. except when we've got chapped lips or a small cut. but for people living in areas of crisis, simple skin conditions can turn into serious issues. so we created the vaseline healing project a partnership with direct relief to help millions in need heal their skin. so they can go back to work. or school.
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hey, everybody, it's thirsty thursday. we're live from caesars palace in las vegas. i am joined by jenna bush hager. kathie lee is taking some time off for the next couple of weeks. we're talking about night life which is one of our favorite subjects. >> you know whose favorite subject it is? our girl lilliana. she made some good use of her weekend. >> here's the thing about vegas, it's unbelievable night life. just behind me, you'll see the nightclub with its gorgeous outdoor terrace. it's actually one of the hottest
10:27 am
spots here on the strip. and talk about a city that never sleeps, well, check this out. las vegas is all about fun and debusch russ weekends. giving you one of the best views of the city. >> i have a feeling the view right here might just be a little better. hello, gentlemen. you guys are joining me on my ride. >> yes. the idea is to migrate over to our show where you see the rest of us. >> how much more? >> this is probably the one place where you can have an open bar and see everything the city has to offer all at the same time. >> now, has any celebrities made an appearance here? >> floyd mayweather. shania twain. britney spears. elton john.
10:28 am
>> cheers to a fun night out in vegas, gentlemen. what happens in vegas stays in vegas. drinking high above the strip definitely has its advantages. for a more elevated form of cocktailing, i headed over to the chandelier bar at the cosmopolitan hotel. >> it's going to be a little more classy and a lot more fun. >> so let's stop talking and let's get to drinking. first up, a twist on the classic old fashion. >> we're calling ours the fall fashion. sugars, bitters and fall fashion all in that beautiful ice there. >> that's awesome. really good. >> the best drink isn't even on the menu. it's called the verbena. >> it's going to tantalize your tongue a little bit. >> the flower on top actually alters your taste buds.
10:29 am
>> give the cocktail a try again, see how it changed. >> it's a totally different drink. >> that's why it's fun. people keep coming back for it. >> i'll definitely be back but for now it's off to oriole restaurant at mandalay bay to grab a couple bottles of wine. the big question of the night is red or white. bingo. cabernet sauvignon anyone? you can't drink on an empty stomach so for more cocktails, great food and killer live entertainment, i your time now is 10:33 am, our viewing area under a winter storm warning. >> snow, sleet and ice coming
10:30 am
with the governor right now. taking you live.>> we had the operations director, and good morning. winter has arrived in north carolina. our goal with this potential winter storm is to be over prepared, and hopefully, underwhelmed. in increment weather, there are certain conditions of the weather, but we never know what the end result will be. and so we want to ensure that we are prepared for the worst of the worst, and hoping for the best. as you know, our first statewide winter storm is headed to north carolina later on today, and we are prepared,
10:31 am
changing conditions throughout the state. we have already seen that this winter is having an impact. overnight, two fatalities, one in stokes county, and one in forsyth county, and very side -- very sad, and our hearts and prayers are with the families that are dealing with this tragedy. this winter storm will only get worse, so we want to ensure that we can prevent any loss of life. in fact, the mountains are seeing serious precipitation, and we need to make sure that the people in the mountain areas are taking safety precautions. as usual, with a forecast summary, there are uncertainties with this storm, but we know that this winter storm is heading our way, impacting north and south carolina, and it will also
10:32 am
the latest forecast indicates that the western part of the state will see heavy snow, snow, sleet and ice in the triad and since part of the state. gusting high winds, i send rain expected in the coastal areas. we are anticipating fairly extensive snow and ice in the foothills, triad and especially the virginia border counties. the charlotte triad northeastern counties could see northeastern snow, and the concern is the ice depending on the temperature. by tonight, much of the state, summer to last year, experiencing precipitation starting from the southwestern region. with lower temperatures, sleet and freezing rain will accumulate as ice, making the roads treacherous, cutting the trees, and possibly having an impact on our power.
10:33 am
we are concerned about the areas that could see 2/10 of an inch or more of ice due to the accumulation of one quarter for more on the trees and power lines, and that leads to the potential power outages, and very cold weather. we are paying attention to the areas along charlotte, fayetteville, rocky mountain, wilson and the triangle. there is a lot of uncertainty with the storm, so we will have to see what mother nature brings. in the meantime, we all need to be ready and pay close attention to the forecast. i have activated the state emergency operations center, we have declared a state of an emergency, allowing me to deploy essential assets for storm response. based upon the lessons learned from the past, we have issued an executive order that waves the usual hour and wage restrictions to the truck
10:34 am
storm, particularly important to the power restoration companies, essential agricultural operations, and fuel supplies. we have implemented something else, a statewide practice to mark the abandoned vehicles along the highway. the highway patrol is coordinating with the law enforcement officers and emergency responders to check and mark all vehicles that are abandoned to ensure that no one is left stranded in a potentially very dangerous condition. this is very important for us, and we do not want to leave anyone abandoned on the highways, a major priority for the highway patrol. following the quick clearance policy, initiated during this administration, the dot crews will swiftly clear the roads by pushing the vehicles that may impede the traffic out of the roadway to the shoulder so that we do not have a large back up,
10:35 am
we would do everything we can to help with that. mike spray barry, the emergency operation director will be recommending to meet later on today as we watch the forecast, how to deal with this, and how long the state employees will stay at work tomorrow. we will watch closely and make a call as to whether the state employees, from not only the triangle, but across the state, to go home early to relieve the traffic conditions and issues we could have on the highways. the state traffic control is shifting the resources to cover the potential trouble spots, and troopers actively looking for abandoned vehicles, and they will check the cars to ensure motorists are safe. secretary tennyson will explain all of the things they're doing to prepare the roads, from the west to the northeastern area
10:36 am
of the state, and we will give you the usual safety tips, which are very important, and stay off the roads when travel becomes dangerous. unnecessary travel during a storm puts people at risk, and our emergency personnel at risk. if you have to travel, slow down and leave the room between you and the other vehicles, and wear your seat belt. the first lady and i want to recommend, be careful and take care of your pets during this cold weather. with that, i will have mike sprayberry, along with nick tennyson and colonel gray.>> first of all, i want to thank the governor for his rapid declaration of a state of emergency, and signing off on the transportation waivers.
10:37 am
this allows us to have a rapid and agile response to this event that is unfolding in our state later tonight. we expect significant amounts of snow and ice, starting in the western part of the state, moving across the state. there is a severe weather warning for winter weather. that is basically all the way up into wake county at this time. this will create hazardous travel conditions, and it will create power outages, and we know this, and we are taking the appropriate steps to mitigate the hazard. the governor and frank perry have authorized me to activate the state emergency operations center which it is being done today. we will rapidly respond efficiently to any resource request that is sent to us by the county, and perform other missions that the governor spoke about. we have begun being deployment
10:38 am
of the national guard partners to the various parts of the state where we know there are issues. utilities are staging additional assets into the state so that they can search to the areas where there are power outages and minimize the time of power outage. the state highway patrol will be working with the agencies to patrol the primary and secondary roads to ensure there are no standard -- stranded motorists. the governor has made this abundantly clear to us time and again, and the highway patrol has a good plan working with our partners to make that happen. the north carolina forest street has the chainsaw crews on the alert, and you will hear from secretary tennyson later on about what they are doing,
10:39 am
but they have surged the assets so that they can respond rapidly to keep the traffic moving on the major thoroughfares. we will be providing a recommendation on the implementation of the adverse weather policy for the nonmandatory state employees, and we will do that later on today. we do not want to have people out there in hazardous driving conditions. our urge everyone to stay connected to the local media, follow the directions of your local elected officials, stay off the dangerous roads, and keep an eye on your neighbors at all times. let's look out for each other. please download the ready and see app -- nc app, and this will help you to stay in touch with the local conditions and the weather. and with that, we'll talk about the transportation actions.>>
10:40 am
operation yesterday to begin brining the roads, and putting salt solutions on the road to help avoid the buildup of ice to the extent that we can. we are mobilizing the crews, almost 1000 employees with 500 or so pieces of equipment out. we are making sure that we are ready. we have also, we have crews this afternoon, spending most this afternoon, spending most of the time resting up to be ready to go out overnight. we do not have people waiting around for something to happen, and we have people that know what their job is, and when they are called up to do it, they would do it well. and they will try to protect the safety of the citizens of north carolina. naturally, we are proud of and want you to use the roadway system, but use good judgment
10:41 am
when you do this, and do not put yourself or others in danger unnecessarily. speaking as somebody that is our comments about, that you are good driver pretty good in the snow, remember that you are not the only one out there. you need to know that some of the danger may not be because you do it, but you have to deal with other people. another thing that i want to make sure that i emphasize, the ncdot is not just roads are we have the division of motor vehicles, and we provide services to citizens, locations all across the state on our website, and the and
10:42 am
are open or not will be updated real-time. if anybody's wondering about whether to go or whether it is open, information will be updated. i want to urge everybody to take advantage of the online access to the services. we do not have to how do you go and stand in line, you can go online. the message, for sure, do not set out for the dmv office in this weather condition without checking to see if it is open, or licensed state agencies. from the farthest west division, the 14 highway divisions, we have division 14 it which is the farthest west, and they have continuous treatment during the event underway. the equipment is free stage. we have the assistance patrol out in case it is needed. in this area is returned --
10:43 am
referred to as the gorge in division 14, and we do continuous treatment during this event. and farther east, division 13 is another patrol is leading on the identification of stranded motorist, and we look for to the same excellent in performance from this team that we've had in the past. we hope it turns out that this
10:44 am
my condolences to the families of the fatalities that we had last night in this ice storm. we all on patrol get up every day and strive to make sure that we have no fatalities. mike and -- my can steer -- my sincere condolences to the family. as the governor said, we will maintain coverage throughout the state to ensure we do not leave anybody out on the road. we will have dot emergency management to ensure this is done. we will be working with the law enforcement partners, many of who are in this room, and actively participate to ensure that we can cover the roadways and keep everyone safe. i strongly urge you to keep track of the road conditions in
10:45 am
511 or go to trained to, and do not dial 911, and you can go to trained to, or call 511. you can go to the website to find out if your vehicle is told if you have to leave it under abandoned -- abandoned by the roadside. we will make sure that everybody has a convenient way to know where the vehicle is, so that you don't think it is stolen or anything. i want to thank the troopers and law enforcement officers for their dedication to this service, and i appreciate the governor's support and leadership as we work together to keep everybody say.
10:46 am
yourself if you have a question.>> [ inaudible question ]>> we will get just much information as we can on the accident. >> we have to accidents, and the snow and ice covered the roadways, and they crossed left to center, and one was struck by the pickup truck, and the other went off of the roadway to the left down an embankment and overturned.>> [ inaudible question ] back one was on bench road near robinette lane, and the ones on -- in stokes was on william fowler road.>> you mentioned the a national
10:47 am
guard troops were being deployed, can you tell us how many we are talking about?>> thank you. one of the many benefits that we have being located in the north carolina emergency management, we coordinate very early. as the governor says, in order to get over prepare for the event. over the last couple of days, deciding what is going to occur, and what we will put in practice. by 6 pm, we will have 87 national guardsmen on duty, and filling out 11 basic teams, and we have trucks that will be concentrating on getting stranded motorists off the road, getting people to emergency medical appointments, and getting caregivers back and forth to their locations.
10:48 am
and we have people staging at these locations, primarily in the western part of the state around statesville, marion, conover, and a a crew here in raleigh is well, and 11 different locations.>> governor, you talked about preps not wanting to repeat previous mistakes, and in recent years, especially in the metro heirs, we have seen, is there something you would like to see happen in this go-round that did not happen in previous instances?>> we have not had the pc experience, but we did get close to it during one winter storm. the major issue for me, we know that these storms occur during rush hour, so we need to give a
10:49 am
private sector groups to let their employees out so that we do not have a mad rush, especially if the storm hits at rush hour and we have black ice. we will make a fairly early decision for tomorrow regarding the state government employees in each region of the state to ensure that my decision regarding the government employees getting off work does not hinder the traffic. we have major interstate traffic is well up and down the coast, i-95 285, i-40, 26, and so forth. we will be very aware of the major interchanges, not only affecting local traffic, but interstate traffic. the other lesson learned that we learned two or three years ago during my first year in office, what was the abandoned vehicles. and there were examples in other states that we have
10:50 am
a car, and everyone assumed that no one was in there, and we do not want to have any injuries or death, and that his wife myself and colonel gray have implemented the program to check every car, and we will put a sticker on the car indicating that the vehicle has been checked. many people stay in the car until they can get help because it is the safest place, to be in the car. each circumstance is different, and we will check each individual car, based upon observing experiences that are beneficial from other states. we think this will work extremely well, and it did during the last major storm. this is a science, regarding on what to put on the roads, and wind. it is almost like an agricultural science, and nick, and his team they learn something new every day, on when is the best time to put
10:51 am
when it is too late, and when we need to wait. the other information is to be civilians. winter storm a year or two ago when we had a civilian that was tragically hit while trying to help someone else due to a dui, someone was drinking and driving during the storm. sadly it hit the civilian right here in raleigh, and that family is still morning. we have to constantly warned the general driving public not to take a risk, and you could kill other people, not just yourself. i do not want to put our emergency workers in harms way because people are being selfish and their own short- term needs, when they could wait to run an errand. risk. those are several that come to mind.>> to follow up on the question, do you think the
10:52 am
employers will look to you to see when you decide to send state workers home, in order to make their decision?>> i think it may influence orders, just like when the school superintendents in each county make a decision to close the school, that has an impact on the employers because they have to go get their children, so all of us will learn from each other and assist each other. we have to recognize the conditions in each part of the state may be different, so we may have one message one part of the state, and this is quite unique. since i've come in to office, we have had winter storm's cover at least two thirds of the state, and storms tend to hit the west, piedmont or east, and like this, this is a broad area. it does not look like it will hit the bar northeast area. that is an extensive wide area that we need to cover, and we
10:53 am
will be assessing where to deploy the equipment. the dot will have to guess on where to have the equipment, ready to be deployed, and utility companies would do the same thing. and also, the highway patrol will have to make similar decisions, along with the national guard. we are all guessing on this storm path, and that will make the issues on the recovery as well. any other questions?>> there are a couple of events coming up, and assuming and [ inaudible question ]>> we have the championship game in
10:54 am
>> they may be canceling, and this is a shares question about some of the big events that we have in the triad and charlotte region through the next several days. what we will be doing is giving updates every day to determine our recommendation on what they should be doing. i think my first year in office, that was some what of a challenge, and we wiwi be recommendations, probably every day at a specific time. we will most likely be here tomorrow, and saturday as well, giving recommendations. we will also talk to the officials that may have major events, and we will give them
10:55 am
recommend on down the road. that is a good question about these events being held. we have some major sporting events, and we will beginning the vent -- event updates, primarily saturday. any other questions?>> i want to thank the media during this, and for conveying the message, what the dangerous, what the power outages are, and things of this nature, and we need to continue, and i appreciate your relationship in helping us during the storms. certainly we need to take this very simply, and we will give many more updates to each of you as we did this storm coming through. we want to be over prepared and
10:56 am
this incur in the past, and i don't mind embarrassing forecasters in the future, and we hope they are wrong. that would be okay with me. but if they are not wrong, we will be prepared. thank you.>> coming up, governor mccrory wrapping up the storm. let's get over to our meteorologist >> good morning, who brought you this today, earlier this morning. you can see this winter storm warning will go into effect at midnight tonight. this winter storm warning is in effect for the triangle.
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