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tv   WNCN Today at 11AM  CBS  January 21, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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and orange county. all of those are east of that line and we have a winter weather advisory that will go into midnight tonight continuing through 6 pm this for areas south and east of the triangle. but, talk about the calm before the storm disguise just a few clouds. it is 37 degrees. today's temperatures much warmer than what we have been. i am showing you the satellite radar not to show you what's going on locally to show you what's going on across the state. have an area of low pressure that will move across the gulf states, and that will bring plenty of moisture into our area and in area of high pressure will bring in the cold, combine the two and that's when we are looking at this winter storm. but, we were temperatures, if you are working -- looking to get out 34 roxborough, headed
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clinton, here is your forecast, as we head through of the day, 44 is are afternoon high, then we are back into the upper 30s, all day long you will be dry i don't expect any precipitation until after midnight. i am really thinking it is after 3 am that this starts to move in. it will start as a wintry mix. freezing rain, ice even cold rain throughout the day. and then, it all wrapped up by saturday evening, as far as a first look, up to a half an inch of ice. this will be enough to bring down power lines also to bring down tree limbs. we heard the governor talk about that. 125 inches of snow, this will make travel very dangerous. encouraging you to stay off the roads throughout the duration of this storm. of course, i'm going to break down those totals for you
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you so much. >> limits rain snow, or cold. you can take those with you. if you downloaded are wncn app. you just saw live, wncn wrapping up a news conference on how the state will deal with the winter weather. he says there have aren't even to fatalities, and for said county, crews -- forces county. that the state emma wright joins us live from the emergency operation center.>> reporter: -- >> can you hear me? >> reporter: the governor is declaring a state of emergency because of all the snow that that storm obviously is expected to move over here to our area. he says a halfhearted into
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there have all ready been to deaths in north carolina. they say they both happened because of car accidents. both of those cars ran off the road unfortunately, they ended up in fatalities. said they have implemented a program. if folks start abandoning their cars, this new program is going to have state troopers in national guardsmen go around and check all of the cars so that no one is stuck. abandoned, he said he learned december -- he learned from other members of the state, the best advice when the storm hits is if you can stay calm. -- home. >> stay off the roads when travel becomes dangerous. unnecessary travel only puts people at risk and, puts her personality -- personnel at if you must travel, libran
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always wear a seatbelt. >> also, we once recommend to be careful, take care of your pets during this cold water -- weather. the governor says that the state is working with the national guard to work with this -- to deal with the storm we will continue to monitor the updates and we will bring more. tonight on the news at six. reporting live emma wright. thank you. the winter weather that is expected to cause issues is all right in causing problems -- is all ready causing problems. rain and freezing temperatures caused a thin sheet of ice on area roads and also this morning. in philadelphia crews are still
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the civic -- with brine. they are getting ready for the weekend. >> you're trying to put in place every piece of equipment we have. get a change on every vehicle that can carry a plow. >> people are also out entering store shelves, buying what they need, stocking up on coats, gloves as well's grocery items. >> the frigid temperatures affecting the east coast are nothing compared to the monster winter storm expected to roll in. tens of millions of people are bracing for impact from virginia. with blizzard conditions on the way, some areas could see up to 30 inches of snow over the next day or so. people are scrambling loading up on rude surprise. -- loading up on food supplies. >> i always make sure that we are stocked especially during times like this. it even cause problems for president. obama. after landing a joint base area.
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helicopter was grounded. peering out for the potential winter weather that we could see over the next 24 hours plumbers tell us that they have been flooded with calls, they expect even more as the temperatures continue to dip down. if you avoid the headache try having full -- cold water. keep the -- keep it all at the same temperature. as for power, they the down trees and limbs are the cause of outages during a storm. >> winter weather can be unpredictable. so, we are having all of our crews on hand and ready to respond. >> you are asked to prepare ahead of the event that your power does go out. make sure you have some batteries on hand. keep tuned, also, as i weather changes so did the openings, closings and delays. for area schools and businesses,
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of your screen and of course our social media platforms. to make sure that you are prepared for any weather, consider putting together an emergency supply kit. it should include flashlights, batteries, water as well as non- pondered -- perishable food items. fema recommends getting a communication plan together in the event that fans in love once are together. make sure you have a blanket, socks and mittens everything to stay warm. also make sure you have a fire extinguisher and that you know how to use it. also a quick reminder from duke energy, this is the time when i see a spike in energy use and and lots of cases customers wind up getting ford by high electric bills. for more information, go to our website still ahead, here in the county, making a
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the city is struggling high levels of lead. they report, that they live below the poverty level and a large portion are minorities. they switch their water supply to save money. now, it just been announced that share and but the situation and donated the water which is going to serve as the local areas. >> relief from -- for neighbors for a train hub, the board commissioners decided to scrap the project. dozens of property owners turned out to voice their opposition to what is called the connector. >> we do not condone strong arm tech -- tactics. or eminent domain. we talked with homeowners who fear that they would use eminent domain to take their land, they said they are looking for partnering with
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build a terminal that honors the values. an employee is recovering in the hospital after an accident. students rushed and after seeing a man on fire and collapsed to the floor. they said it happened in electrical closet. scheduling is scheduled for a police officer convicted of sexual assault he was found guilty. it was against 13 african- american women. the crimes were committed while he was on duty. a jury has recommended a sentence totaling 263 years. his lawyers are demanding a new trial. a judge says russian president vladimir putin probably approved the assassination of in asked russian agent. he died from radiation poisoning
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putin ordered his death. he moved to the uk claiming to know dark criminal secrets. russian authorities have denied involvement. the pentagon is making bold changes in the fight against isis. strategists are considering sending more troops into experts say, but this would expand engagement. this be allowing american forces to go on the offensive. politics just before the iowa caucuses democrats and republicans are focused on bernie sanders. nbc's tracy potts has more. >> reporter: do believe this? this guy is a whack job, he is beating hillary clinton even donald trump is talking about bernie sanders. it shows him up by 27% in new hampshire and within striking distance two points behind hillary clinton. 13 says they are not worried but she is pushing back
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>> it's kind of like we are in a vigorous agreement but were not exactly seeing eye to eye. >> here is bill clinton on sanders. >> the real issue is, who can win the election, who is prepared to do the job, and who can make real change.>> ted cruz on sanders and national security. >> bernie sanders chose not to turn, he chose not -- not to attend he chose not to vote. >> they are more than ready to take him on. >> they would rather run against him. >> lower tier candidates are taking aim at ted cruz. >> ted is all over the place on this. i can't characterize everybody else's position, it would give me whiplash. >> political tax in every direction -- attack in every direction. still not sure where you stand? well, it's up to you the voter, make that decision and wncn has great tools for you to make
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our political page. one thing we are sure of is that something is coming our way. >> and a lot of it. we are looking at a major winter storm. there is actually a blizzard watch in effect for dc, and baltimore. it will have a big impact on areas north and east of us. we are tracking that storm to come in before daybreak. you never know is coming. as you look towards downtown. talk about the column before the storm. 33 and south hill, 40s down around the sandhills, 42 in raeford, and clinton. we will climb to 38, 41 at 2 pm, our high today is 44.
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we'll start to see more clouds this evening but that will not bring us any precipitation until after midnight. again, dry around our area just a few clouds, we have to really take the picture out to a big scale to see where our system is. this is going to be across the gulf states, and that's when it's going to have a bigger impact on us. so, here is how this is set up, that area of low pressure across the gulf states lots of moisture, and then a lot colder. as those two combined, we are really going to be looking at a big threat for freezing precipitation. when i say that, i am talking about freezing rain, sleet, also the chance for snow and that's what we are going to wake up to smile morning. looking at pretty clear skies. and until about midnight tonight, that's when we start to look for this wintry weather. starting at 5 am tomorrow
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will not have a morning commute, if you do we are looking at snow, freezing rain and sleet. that continues to move right over the area increasing and coverage and intensity drought tomorrow morning. here we are, and there's a good chance that you are going to stay in that snow band. here we will see more freezing rain, further south you will head towards the sandhills, said bill, and financing county. now, more vessel start to see the cold rain transition. these temperatures are very tricky. some of us around the triangle could see this continue into the afternoon hours. going to wrap around it for saturday morning, depending on how much this band moves into our area and how much moisture it has will depend greatly on what we receive.
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at a half an inch of ice, plus these areas shaded in pink. i have expanded this, it includes a wake county, durham county, orange county areas up to the central portions of the state, areas are in white. you could see up to a quarter inch of ice. let's talk snowfall totals, i think very small snowfall totals if you are south of raleigh, and south of the trying a. one to 3 inches for wake county, but during orange county you could see 3 to 5 inches that is 3 to 5 inches of snow there could be portions of mecklenburg county, that receive over 5 inches of snow. that will be friday into saturday. this will make for dangerous travel conditions. reminder, this goes into effect for the triangle all of these midnight tonight continues through 6 pm on saturday. winter weather advisories in
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same timeframe midnight tonight. so temperatures for today, sunshine, 44 raleigh, 44 -- 46 in fayetteville. that wintry mix is here after 3 am, 28, i say some of you if you are around the 95 corridor you might see the sunrise dry. the temperatures are making this forecast tricky 35 on friday, 36 on saturday, and maybe even a few flurries on saturday morning you should see drier weather arrived, 45 is our high sunday afternoon, the 50s are back for us as we head towards monday and tuesday. this is still a developing forecast. we expect those to hone in on those as we head into tonight. we do believe it will be a messy morning for us tomorrow. because, it will be a struggle for those two warm up.>> make
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even start a little bit earlier. >> and stay off of those roads. >> you don't want an ugly russia.
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continue -- you welcome back it is official, cam newton is the ndp. they announced the results of the -- they announced the result after they helped him with the record. panthers host the arizona cardinals this sunday. >> it will be a great game. meanwhile, the buffalo hills -- bills making history. >> catherine smith is the first ever woman to be hired as a full-time assistant coach. she will work as a special teams quality control coach. rex ryan said catherine smith has done an outstanding job in
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during the seven years she has worked with her staff. the tar heels are sitting pretty out of conference. you know it hasn't been pretty their recent play. unc coach had worries about the way that the practice went. rightfully so, posting for us, they got the w just fine with a final score, but not a whole lot to celebrate. this is the second straight game that they shot below 40% making it the second offense of the -- second-worst offense of the season. they made only one bucket and they scored in the single digits for the third straight game. next up, carolina travels to virginia tech. duke is back on the court saturday afternoon. they are taking on the wolfpack. it will be time for a tobacco road showdown.
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game. i'm rooting for both teams if that's possible.>> what a
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stay with us. isn't that a beauty? learning a harsh lesson on the job. never play around with a customer's $400,000 car. >> the cry -- the guy took the keys and he decided to wrap up the engine when flames started shooting out of the car. the engine blew up, the whole thing was caught on camera and shared online including the reaction. >> you are laughing, but this is not funny. >> no. not at all. >> really crack >> i'm cheesy. tomorrow, it is the day we have been talking about the
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sunrise. coming in as a wintry mix of sleet, snow, freezing rain before the system is all said and done we can have up to a half inch of ice went to 5 inches of snow. before that, sunshine 44 all
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thank you for watching. hello and snow. that rhymes. that is all anybody is talking about i went to the grocery store last night and you would have thought -- there were lines. i went in for a couple of things. i'm like everybody else.
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