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tv   WNCN Today at 600AM  CBS  January 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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about the weather even we have kristin ketchell with your forecast. good morning. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. outside right now we're still dealing with the wintry weather after the ice, the sleet and the snow that we had yesterday, we're still seeing some snow showers falling in some spots this morning. and take a look at your radar right now. and you can see the spotty snow showers. i'm going to stop the radar here and we'll zoom in and take a look. and we have some light snow falling in franklin and louisburg here and vance county and warren county and we'll see some flurries and light snow showers there. we have some flurries around the marina. and sanford seeing a few light snow showers even down in fayetteville, parts of cumberland county seeing a little bit of light snow, possibly some freezing rain mixing in. and some spots a ran into freezing rein this morning.
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its way through the region. and we have a chance for light snow showers through this morning and early will afternoooo here's a live look from top of the hill restaurant and you see the roads in downtown chapel a little icy. we're still under a winter storm warning for the counties that you see highlighted in blue. that is till 6:00 this evening for a dusting or winter snow. and we have the additional snow accumulations and winter weather advisory in effect till 6:00 p.m. for edgecombe and nash counties and noon for counties to the south of that. and that is for an additional dusting of snow as will. 24 in raleigh, 25 in durham and 27 in fayetteville and factor in the wind and it feels colder like that. it feels like 18 in fayetteville and 15 in durham and we have a windy day with some snow showers in the area. and winds gusting up to 25
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with the ice weighing down a lot of branches and power outages a possibility today. and expect the snow showers to continue. i'll be back with an update on your forecast coming up. the main concern in weather like that we're experiencing right now is staying warm. >> the power outages are a problem for tens of thousands of people in central north carolina and last night, this power pole snapped in two and possibly because of accumulation. that ice and snow also a problem for people at home. >> let's take a look at the duke power outages map here. and all the red icons that you see, that means that 2,000 households are without power and you can see them in the triangle and points south and east. and wake and johnston counties are among those hardest hit. >> and the most seriously impacted communitied are in our area. wake county with 60 thought outages and johnston county
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and cumberland has about 5,000 and a hundred thousand outages statewide. the crews are still assessing all the damage. many of those affected by the out outages are seek -- bid by the outages are seeking shelter. and they are concerned about the power outages becoming more money as the week goes on. and we spoke with one woman that arrived at sanderson after struggling to find some somewhere to stay. >> and more shelters are arrive if the need arises. for a list of all the shelters go to
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power outages, ice on the and the power limbs and tree limbs. >> and we find lauren out there. what is it like out there? >> reporter: good morning. we are just making our way on to interstate 40 where we're not the only ones on the road this morning. let's give you a live look of what it is lice right now. this is -- like right now. the crew have been able to clear a majority of it. most people are just stick together one lane -- sticking to one lane and making one track. they are making sure that there's not ice and snow in their way. we're running into interstate 40, and 440. those are the roads that we traveled on so far. they are okay. pretty good for the most part, six forks not as good as the interstates that we're seeing so far.
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if it did melt over the morning hours yesterday, it was going to refreeze last night. it is only about 25 degrees right now. so it is still significantly cold and not warm enough to melt that again. so we're running into is a little bit of black ice and we're seeing on wake forest before we headed on 440. we noticed quite a few people running the red lights. i don't think this was them just trying to get to their destination. i think this is them trying to get through the red lights in hopes they would not slip on any of the black ice or ice that is under the snow that we're seeing right now. it is sleeting a little bit, it sounds like. and definitely mixed in with snow right now as we're near the cary town boulevard exit. the people are trying to run
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i don't think this is intense al trying to run -- intentional trying to run the red lights, just to keep from slipping. make sure that the roads are okay for you before you head out the door if necessary this morning. we'll give you another live look later on in the show. those icy conditions will keep the utility workers working hard all weekend as will lots of other emergency workers. >> since thursday night, the treatment ares responded to more than a thousand crashes across the state of north carolina. and amy cutler is looking at how people responded to the first winter storm of the season. >> reporter: almost as soon as the snowy icy mix began falling, crews began cleaning up. but some still chose to venture out. >> this is what we do. if is it bad weather, serve going to be in the house andoff to be bothered.
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bothered. >> reporter: we caught up with darlene at the kroegers. she was among several others trying to pick up the essentials. phillips said that she took a cab. what did you have to do to get a cab in this weather? >> i called them. >> reporter: what about the smaller roads, the ones the plow trucks have not gotten to. they have some ice on this one and they have a big hill. what happens when you live up the hill? tony has lived up that hill for 40 years. >> a four wheel vehicle makes a big difference. >> reporter: they park their suvs at the top of the hill. >> people that are not used to driving it especially with a two-wheel drive vehicle, that is tough. >> reporter: amy cutler, wncn
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>> and the ice is no joke this morning. you can have the latest headlines and forecast and how much ice is expected all in the palm of your hands. download the wncn news now app. it is free wherever you get your apps. if you're stuck in the ice or enjoying the snow, you can send us a snap or some videos right now on send us your pictures. time is 6:09. coming up, it is a big weekend for the panthers as they get ready to take on the arizona cardinals in the nnc showdown. but will temperature shock be the enough to knock the cards off their perch? we're looking at chance for more snow showers as this massive winter storm continues to pull out of the area.
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roads were awful, slip and slighting. do not drives this you don't have to. that is the best advice here. this is a live look at our tower camera. it is completely iced over. there is a glaze of ice and freezing rain. we had a quarter of an inch up to four tenth of an inch of freezing rain in some locations. so zoom things in here because the virginia border counties going to be the best chance for seeing additional snow
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up in mecklenburg county and virginia we have a chance to get an additional inch up here and snow showers in franklin to the north and east of the lewisberg. we have a few snow showers even in the own backyard here in raleigh and around the airport, cary seeing light snow showers. southern wake county seeing light snow showers as well. and south of that in the sand hills, we have a little light snow falling. our shaw university camera, you can see the raleigh key line in the background -- skyline in the background and we have the huge isaac isolated isaac he wills -- ice sickles on it. and you see wilson county and north hampton county till 6:00 and it expires around noon for
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i'll let you know when the wintry weather will come to an end coming up. winter weather means cold temperatures all week long. so how will this affect the carolina panthers' bid to become the nfc champs? and we're not the only state getting hit hard by snow and ice. we take a look around the country as winter proves it it
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keep your here's a look at some of the top stories. winter weather hit our area hard yesterday and the cold temperatures are not going anywhere till sunday afternoon. tens of thousands are without power in north carolina. wake and johnston counties were the hardest hit. >> the winter storm left five people dead and in iredell county, a man faces charges after a he hit the back of a tow truck. >> only a handful of flights are scheduled fly out today. and now airlines are waiving the cancellation and changing
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this storm could be historic for the nation's capitol. it has the potential to set a record for the city. and this is out of philadelphia. there. the city is dealing with snow and high winds. emergency crews try to keep up with the blizzard conditions. leaders in nine states and washington d.c. ordered this issue. this is video from kentucky where the drivers were stranded on interstate 95. nashville, tennessee had roads that were difficult to navigate and people got stuck. >> i've never seen it this bad. i thought i'm going to walk. >> so the storm is battering northward now and here's what it looked like in atlantic city. new jersey is under a state of
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we're going to check out times square in new york city. and the normally busy tourist destination becoming a snow covered ghost town, barely anyone there. but the impact is being felt across the nation and the west coast. air travel at a standstill in many places, including airports in philadelphia and washington d.c. the weather impacted the traveler here in minneapolis. >> i was hoping to go to raleigh/durham, north carolina and i just heard that my flight was canceled. i hoping that i could rebook. but i just found out that the rebook flight canceled as well. >> passengers recalled the frightening moments when their plane skidded off the runway in chicago. it is expected to impact one in four americans.
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>> yes, and also impacting the carolina panthers. they did not let the snow affect practice. they hit the field yesterday in charlotte they reviewed drills and strategy all in the middle of the snowstorm. the city's mayor said that charlotte is ready to host the playoff game. >> we're monitoring things with nfl and our team. we hope that we still get a lot of fans here and that it is still a great game on sunday. >> and the cardinals are still planning to fly in today. it takes a view from outer space to really capture the here is size of this monster storm. west to east, 85 million americans in 22 states, one quarter of the country's population, in its path. but it is the nation's capitol
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in our area, we did not see that much snow. but some spots accumulated more thankers. we had been 7-inches in roxboro, five and a half in bethel hill and raleigh. and 1.5 inches of snow and sleet. but the ice was the bigger deal. in sanford, four tenth of an inch of ice. and that is enough to cause trees and power lines to come down. a quarter of an inch in carrboro. a messy station and we're still dealing with the situations situations here. so we're looking at dusting up too inch possible. and we're seeing some snow showers falling in credemore and henderson and warrenton and in the triangle, light snow and
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possibility. and we'll see the snow showers wrapping up. and we may have an additional dusting of snow possible in some spots. in cumberland county, they're dealing with ice. we had upwards of a quarter of an inch of ice. and that will make things a little messy this morning. 23 the current temperature in raleigh and 25 in durham and 27 in fayetteville. and the winds gusting to 20 miles an hour in henderson and south hill and 16 miles an hour in durham so we got a windchill. and it is make things feel cold out there. it feels like 18 degrees in raleigh and 15 in durham and 19 in fayetteville. as we head through the day today, the chances for snow will decrease and the best chance will be this morning into early this afternoon. and we're talking about a dusting to up to an inch in some spots after all the ice and sleet and snow yesterday. and that will add to the totals here so it could be a little messy as we head through this
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showers lingering around the area, especially along the virginia border counties today. that will be the biggest chance of seeing the additional accumulations. so don't be surprised if you run into light snow showers pretty much wherever you are before the wintry weather clears out tonight and we have black ice issues likely as we head through the nighttime hours. 33 is the high temperature in raleigh today and high of 32 in durham. so only at freezing. and no sunshine today and the ice and the snow and the sleet that we had yesterday not going to melt for us here. and the carolina panthers kick off tomorrow night at about 6:40:00 p.m. and the temperatures a little cold for the kick i don't they will be on the colder side in the 30s. so keep that in mind if you head to the game. 25 degrees tonight and flurries and icy roads and winds out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles an hour and the 7-day forecast has the temperatures warming up here. and west temperatures around 33
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tomorrow and we'll see sunshine. 46 on monday. as we head through the rest of week, we got a chance for some plain old rain tuesday into wednesday. and the temperatures tuesday in the 50s and that will feel fantastic. a little rain likely tuesday into wednesday before we dry out for thursday and friday. but be careful on the roads out there. i would not advise driving, especially this morning. >> absolutely. 6:25. and still ahead on wncn today, a major change by the academy
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to add diversity to lifetime voting rights can be earned after three of the ten year terms or if a member has won or been nominated for an oscar. the critics stay is a step in the right direction. but the problem is bigger than just the academy. >> till the industry allows african-americans and asians
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extraordinary body of work, the academy's hands will be tied. >> so the academy's goal is to double the number of women and diverse members by the year 2020. 6:29. coming up, we go back to the reporter lauren in the field and she watches the icy roads for you this saturday morning.
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crews working overtime. but thousands of people still without power. it is no fun out there. 6:30 and 23 degrees as we look at the icy roads on this saturday, january 23rd. i'm stefan chase. >> and i'm justin quesinberry. glad you're starting your saturday with us. we have your morning headlines
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coverage. and slash in -- and lauren is in the mobile news tracker and kristin ketchell is in the forecast center. it is messy out there. did not be on the roads if you do not have to. there is a lot of ice out there. we had more than a quarter of an inch of fall in some lexes things extra tough as the crews try to get a handle on things. we're dealing with a different situation than yesterday. we have some very light snow falling in a lot of locations. and it has been falling for the past couple hours. so it light. is along the virginia board, they have the best chance to satisfy snow accumulation. and we're looking up to an inch of snow in these locations. even in northern franklin and person county going to see a little light snow today.
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in some spots around the triangle as well and we're seeing some snow falling around the marina. so if any roads are icy, the snow is going to make them icier this morning. and we have the winter storm warnings and advisories will continue through the day. so an additional dusting to an inch lyingly in the areas shaded -- likely in the areas shaded in blue and we have the advisories around 6:00 p.m. and the sand hills and they expire at noon and an additional dusting of snow possible for folk there's. it is 24 degrees in raleigh, 25 in durham, 27 in fayetteville. we factor in the wind and it feels colder. so it feels like it is 18 ram in durham. ice is a problem today and likely be a problem tomorrow and monday morning as well on the roads. i'll be back with a complete update on your forecast and let
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temperature arrive coming up. 6:34. the reason for a lot of the power outages is ice on the roads and the power lines. >> we have been the roads for more than 24 hours in. i spent about ten hours in this yesterday. and lauren is in this right now. what can you tell us about how things are looking out there right now? >> reporter: we've traveled a lot of roads so far already this morning and a lot of them are hit and miss. let me show what you we're looking at right now. you are looking at a live look of blue ridge road here in raleigh. and we've traveled from 440 to wake forest road to i40. it will be hit and miss. there are patches where everything appears to be clear and then a patches of a lot of snow and even some ice. and what you need to remember is even if it looks clear,
6:28 am
and that is what is really dangerous when you're out on the roads. what our best idea that we have found out so far is taking it slow. people are passing us on the roads. but we're hoping and he want everybody to make to their destination safely if they need to get out. to we'll continue to be in the news mobile tracker through the morning. live in raleigh. >> a bit of turbulence. it likes like they are okay. stay safe out there. >> many people are having problems at home with more than 130,000 people in north carolina without power. >> and that means no light, no refrigerators and no heat. take a look at the time duke energy power outage map for our area. all the red icons mean more than 2,000 households without power. you can see them dotted up across the triangle and points south and east.
6:29 am
are among those hardest hit. >> among the seriously hit areas is wake county with 60,000 outages and johnston with 29,000 outages and more than a hundred thousand outages statewide and the crews are taking a look at the damage. >> a power pole on newburn avenue, last night it snapped in two possibly because of isaac location. it -- accumulation. when a storm hits, there are often death. >> for five people, they have died as a result of the winter storm n iredell county, a six- year-old is killed on i77 near troutman and now the boy's father is facing charges. investigators said that 29-year- old -- was driving and f-150 truck and lost control and struck a tow truck. lopez, the boy's mother and sister were injured. they stay lopez was driving too
6:30 am
and that was the scene at i- 95 and johnston county yesterday afternoon. one person killed after a tractor-trailer jackknifes. the person killed was a man in a truck from virginia. this road was shut down for several hours and the crews worked to remove the power lines. no one killed in the crash. thousands of people are finding themselves stuck in the triangle this week after flights in and out of raleigh- durham international airport have canceled. >> you can see why. today nearly 150 flights have already been canceled. you look through the departure board on the airport's website and only a handful of flights are scheduled to flight out today and this is the lives look at the camera out there. and delta and legend are able to make a few flights out. >> about two-thirds of all
6:31 am
be canceled and now major airlines are waiving fees to cancel or change tickets during the storm. crew are working to clear the roads and keep them that way. there are 70 d.o.t. workers in wake county and 2,000 across the state. >> after a certain time, with the constant precipitation, it doesn't take long to accumulate again. >> where i'm seeing the accidents is where it looks like it is a safe road and people are speeding and they are assumeing it is safe because they don't see snow on the roads and that is the greatest concern right now. >> the crews will continue to put salt down in an effort to keep the roads safe. death of an inmate at the durham county jail is under investigation. officials say that jail staff found 29-year-old matthew lamont mccain and pronounced him dead. he had been in jail since
6:32 am
a woman and battery of an unborn child. the cause of his death is not yet known. washington d.c. set to get
6:33 am
wintry weather and we look many of us waking up to additional snow showers falling across the area. here's a live look from our radar. and you can see some of the snow showers, especially north of the triangle. these are the same areas that were hit with snow and ice yesterday. and we're seeing light snow falling to the east of louisburg and warrenton and credemore and even in wake county and also parts of harnett county right now between littleton and we have a little light snow moving through there and the sand hills. we have spotty and light snow showers and flurries moving through parts of the region this morning. an additional dursting up to an inch likely in the locations that you see highlighted in blue. and it continues through 6:00 this evening and the best chance for the accumulations going to be early this morning till about lunchtime and the winter weather advisories continue till 6:00 p.m.
6:34 am
counties here and the noon for the sand hills. so an additional dusting of snow in those spots as well. temperatures are cold and it is 24 in raleigh and 27 in fayetteville. and we factor in the winds. and it feels like it is in the teens for most of us in the area. and it is cold and icy on roads. and we got more light snow showers plus a wind gust later today too, up to 25 miles an hour. it may cause additional power issues because we have a lot of ice on trees and power lines. and we'll let you know when the wintry weather begins and the warmer weather comes back. north carolina is not the weather. we'll look at how the snow and country. a few of the pictures that some of you have sent to us. we appreciate it. keep them coming in.
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6:46. here's a look at some of the day's top stories. power outages are a problem for tens of thousands of people in central north carolina. this power pole on newburn avenue snapped in two possibly because of accumulation. sanderson high school opened their doors for people that need a warm place to stay.
6:38 am the carolina panthers did practice. they hit the field friday in charlotte. and they play the arizona cardinals tomorrow that is a big game. and the east coast is -- hunkering down. one in four americans will be caught up in the wintry blast. >> reporter: it takes a view from outer space to capture the here is size of this monster storm. west to east, 85 million americans in 22 states and one quarter of the country's population in the path. the storm has turned deadly and four people in north carolina and another in tennessee killed in the storm related car crashes. but it is the nation's capitol
6:39 am
and the storm predicted to be unlike any that has hit the city in almost a hundred years. the mayor preparing for the absolute worst. >> we see this as a major storm. it has life and death implications. >> reporter: and the predictions staggering, more than 30 inches of snow and record breaking totals expected in many areas. the powerful winds gusting up to 65 miles an hour, crippling ice turning roads dangerous and snapping trees and power lines. and 7 days in washington d.c. have declared state of emergency. and hundreds of car accidents in the past two days in virginia alone. the overriding message from the city and state leaders... >> if you don't have to drive, don't drive. if you don't have to leave your home, don't.
6:40 am
and stay safe and stay off the roads. >> don't go on the roads. >> reporter: at airports more than 6,000 flights have been canceled and many more cancellations expected. this united flight skidded off the runway at chicago o'hare. it is the sign of a horrendous weekend ahead. >> forecasters said that the storm will reach its peak between now and this afternoon when some areas could see ten inches of snowfall every six hours. a lot more to come. >> absolutely. we had a fair amount of snowfall in some location across the area. the virginia border counties had the most. roxboro, a little north got 7 inches of snow and bethel hill five inches n raleigh, we got a little over an inch half. but the ice was the bigger story yesterday. we have a lot of warm air overhead and that did cause some of our frozen
6:41 am
but the surface was not freezing that is why many of us dealt with freezing rain yesterday. four-tenths of an inch in sanford. and that is the reason for many of the power outage there's and we had a -- outages there. and we had three-tenths of an inch in raleigh. the ice is heavy. and now we're dealing with a little light snow. so we have light snow and a few flurries flying in the area. and orange and durham county seeing a little light snow as well. don't be surprised if you open up thed with and see a few flakes in the area. and littleton, dunn and smithfield and clayton seeing a little flurry activity. the current temperatures in the 20s. 24 in raleigh, 25 in durham, 27 in fayetteville. so we did have a lot of what
6:42 am
did refreeze last night. if you don't have to drive today, it is not advised. stay inside and enjoy the wintry weather. 25-mile-an-hour wind gusts in henderson, 20 miles in south hill. it feels colder so it is feels like it is 18 in raleigh, feels like 16 in durham, 12 is the current windchill in henderson. so we have a chance to see a few more flurries this morning. and the temperatures barely going to climb to above freezing today, topping out around to 33 at raleigh and it will be cold as we head into tonight. and we're not getting a chance to melt any of the snow and ice that we had fall yesterday. and we have light snow showers that continued to fall yesterday. and light snow showers likely along the virginia border counties and that is the best chance of picking up additional accumulations today. and 3:00, most of the wintry weather wrapping up here, except along the virginia
6:43 am
once the sun sets tonight, we head into this evening, the wintry weather pulls out of here and the skies clear. but the temperatures will be cold tonight. so the ice will be an issue tomorrow morning and it will melt a little of the snow during the day tomorrow and the ice too. but it will likely refreeze tomorrow night and into early monday morning. we're going to have ice issues as well. 33 the high in raleigh today and looking at a high of 32 in durham, 34 in fayetteville. tomorrow carolina panthers take on the arizona cardinals and it is going to be chilly for the game. 33 degrees at kickoff. 29 for the last play. but not dealing with the wintry weather anymore in charlotte tomorrow. we have cold and dry conditions with the clear skies. and for us tonight, the flurries come to an end and icy roads still going to be a big deal. and we have a lot of ice out there. and some of the roads that were not pretreated going to be a problem as well. 25 degrees is the low temperature for tonight. still some gusty winds and northwest at 15 to 25 miles an hour.
6:44 am
we'll see the sunshine tomorrow so no sunshine today. the temperatures once again barely above freezing and we cool off to 25 tonight. so everything that melts today will refreeze overnight. we have more melting that will happen tomorrow because we'll finally see the sunshine and that is good news for the power outages and we'll get rid of some of the ice on the branches and power lines. but sunday night we fall to 20 degrees. that means that monday morning, black ice going to be an issue and we warm back up into the 40s on monday. and 50s on tuesday and plain rain in the forecast tuesday night into wednesday. >> a lot of people looking forward to the heat. tens of thousands of people in the viewing area are without power.
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know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape. thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. greensboro and i40 looking okay. and the a lot of snow on the
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unc charlotte had some snow showers. you can see the dust on the rooftops. so the forecast has a lot of freezing temperatures in t and that means that a need for portable heaters is huge. >> we made some new friends at the helping hands mission. >> my god. lord, yes, lord. my god. >> we took heaters to help the families in need. organizers said it was difficult for people to make donations with the road conditions. but our crews were able to get out and about. they were out anyway and they still need more help there. you can make a donation at the rock quarry road. >> sounds of joy. over a hundred thousand customers are without power this morning. duke energy crews continue to assess and respond to outages all through the area. and this morning, the company said they have had some problems with the outage reporting system. but they're asking for folks to
6:48 am
so series what to do if your power goes out. you need to report to duke energy. and west number for you. -- we have the number for you t is 1800 power line. never touchdowned lines. stay away. and don't try to open up your full refrigerator. a full refrigerator can stay cold for four hours and a freeze are for two days but only if you keep them closed. so keep them shut. and this will help protect your home electronics from damage if you use a surge protector. you can stay up to day with things in the power of your hand even when the power is out if you download our app. we have a little light snow in the forecast today, a dusting up to an inch possible. and we're seeing some of the light snow showers. and the temperatures will not
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33 in raleigh and 25 tonight and melting with sunshine tomorrow.
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good morning. the blizzard of 2016. massive storm barrelling up the east coast this morning already worse than expected in some parts. at least ten are dead. more than a foot of snow on the ground with another 2 feet possible in the mid-atlantic. along theshoreline, wind gusts at hurricane-strength. 85 million people in the storm's path this morning. 33 million under a blizzard watch. airports a nightmare. >> this is our third flight change. >> hundreds without power and on the roads, more spent the night in their cars. traffic coming to a standstill.
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