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tv   WNCN Today at 600AM  CBS  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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keep it here on wncn. emma wright is live in our mobile news tracker checking out the roads for us. and big news, the panthers' that's right. but let's check in with and i'm loving the fact that we're going to get to warm up. >> and me beth. and i'm ready for my neighborhood streets to melt. and we're expecting a lot of melting to take place later today. but right now we're below freezing. anything that melted yesterday, likely refroze through the overnight. watch out for black ice. we have a few clouds here in the triangle and seeing a few more as we make our way west in depends better row and charlotte. take a look at the temperatures. they've been below freezing for
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27 in raleigh and 27 in littleton and 22 in sanford, siler city, 21 and south hill, virginia is right now reporting 20 degrees. here's your forecast, black ice likely this morning and 41 at lunchtime and plenty of sunshine today and get ready for this. 50 degrees this afternoon. and the warmest that we've had in about eight days. we'll get more on your forecast in a little bit. but let's check in with your traffic conditions. a few more cars that what we were looking at earlier. and you notice the main highways looking clear this morning. and it is the side streets that you'll have to watch out for icy conditions. here's a look at your life drive. and this is i40 eastbound at 301 that is 440 and 40 merge. and not causing a lot of delays but there are not a lot of cars out there just yet. >> on the lookout for sure.
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and despite the melting, some several school systems have canceled. and wake tech also closed today. and a few schools operating on a two-hour delay, including johnston county. to find the full list, including businesses and government closings, check our website on if you don't already have it. the team coverage of this winter weather continues this morning. emma wright is live on the roads this morning to give you a look at the conditions before you head out the door. how are things looking out there now? >> reporter: we're seeing the roads hit and miss. the one that are clean are generally okay. but the one slick spots are in the side roads. we heard that a car slid off the road and into the guard road. but atlantic is one of the streets that lot a lot of help from the d.o.t. they scraped it earlier in the week.
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and we're seeing some shiny spots on the roads in the middle of the road and the turning lanes and again outside lanes where some of the snow and ice has piled up. when you're out driving on the beltline, 540 and 440, you'll want it keep an eye on the on and offramps. and there's still a lot of snow on those thick patches of ice and the secondary roads, a lot of those are still a mess. if you're trying to get out of your neighbor this morning, you'll probably have to give yourself a few extra minutes. things are still pretty slick. i'm emma wright, wncn news. secondary roads still a problem this morning. north carolina is one of the several states that filled the impact of this winter storm that stretched all the way up the east coast. and justin quesinberry is here problems. >> reporter: at least 30 people
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north carolina had the largest number, six. several roofs collapsed, including a mall in virginia and a bowling alley. and the bubble on the washington redskins indoor practice facility. no injuries to report. and federal offices remained closed today in washington d.c. that received two feet of snow. and lawmakers postponed both. and in new jersey, flooding has improved. and in new york, it reopened travel. but they are still urging people to stay home. >> the travel ban has been lifted. >> the roads, they're okay. but the main roads are great and they're open and flowing. and there's a will the of spots that they have not touched yet and there's a mess out there. >> and the major airlines have canceled hundreds of flights for today. many runways were cleared and reopen this week. but it is taking time to get
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and at regan airport, there will be no official snowfall amount because they lost their measuring estimate. hundreds of people in our area are still without power. we're taking a look at duke energy's icon here. 4,000 people in wake and 3,000 people still waiting for power to be restored in johnson county. every home in the 1600 block of crescent drive in spring lake was impacted before restoring the power to the area, workers had to remove tree limbs that fell on some of the lines. >> it's been miserable. i sleep in my pjs, sweat hands, hoodies. i wrap up in a blanket. >> i can't do nothing. i can't watch the football game
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>> few of -- and i cannot eat. >> i feel for those people. i feel for the guy that did not get a chance to watch the football game. and the carolina panthers are the nfc champions and they are headed to the super bowl for the first time since 2004. and todd gibson was in charlotte for all the action. >> reporter: for the second straight week, the panthers jump out to a huge lead. the panthers' offense is clicking. how about this beauty of a call this is a handoff and he weaves his way to the cardinal defense. and that is 10-5 cats. and they have a 24-7 lead at the break. and the panthers are not about
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and they will force 7 arizona turnovers and including four interceptions from carson palmer. and when luke -- gets another playoff pick six, let the celebration begin. the panthers mull the cardinals 49-15. super bowl 50, here comes carolina and the panthers in search of some respect. >> all we heard was arizona this and arizona that and arizona has the best wide receiver core. we're one of the best defenses. they're going respect us. >> a wonderful feeling. a lot of work has been put into it. >> 12 years ago the carolina panthers lost in super bowl 38 to the patriots.
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mvp peyton maning manning that could be his swan song. hopefully you've been saving some dough up to trip advisor. hotel prices in the area have skyrocketed. the average cost is $1,100 a night six miles within the stadium. and the further away that you stay, it will be a little better price but they'll hit you up. 25 to 50 miles away will cost you an average of 345 a night. >> you have to blow the budget for the panthers. that is a chance of a lifetime. >> i think we should be lob lobby the boss. we could a morning show from california. >> fantastic. following federal investigation into the safety of the hover boards. one retailer is offering full refunds. they may not have hit the billion dollar jackpot but a
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lottery winning to help a really quiet start to your workweek. and we're seeing all the buildings lit up. to visibility not a concern. the neighborhoods streets, not the primary ones, build the secondary streets that you drive to and from today are slick. and we're looking at ice that melted yesterday, it has refrozen. so be careful. 21 in roxboro and 22 in sanford and durham at 28 and raleigh and littleton at 27. so here's the out-the-door forecast, back to 25 by 8:00
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and near 29 by 9:00. black ice the main concern for us this morning. and address in layers because the afternoon hours -- dress in layers because the afternoon hours will be in the 50s. you're going to like this. it is time to eat up and try something new. we'll tell you how local restaurants are vying for your business this week. if your car was part of a recall last year, you're not alone. we have the record-setting numbers of how many cars were recalled last year and why
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you're watching wncn several school districts in your area are still closed or delayed today from the lingering snow and ice on the roads and power outages. you can find the list at the
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panthers are nfc champions and headed to super bowl 50 and they'll face the denver broncos after a 49-15 beat down of the cardinals last night. the super bowl is february 7th. deputies are investigating a tragic situation, the death a 7-year-old after a dog attacked a boy in lumberton. deputies found the boy and his brother wounded saturday morning. snow and ice kept most of the ruin ways closed over the week and today, the passenger cans expect nor delays and cancel -- more delays and cancellations. and there were more flights canceled than made it into air. anyone with a flight schedule today to call ahead or check on line first with your airline. more than 51 million cars were affected by recalls last year and that is according to new numbers from the ntsb. there were 900 separate recalls
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higher of 803 in 2014. they attribute the increase to enforcement. there's a perfect time to try out a new restaurant. triangle restaurant week kicks off today. apartmenting restaurants in raleigh, durham, chapel hill and surrounding areas will offer three course meals. $15 for lunch, and 20, 25 and $30 deals for dinner. for some this is annual tradition. >> it is a great opportunity to get into some of the premier restaurants in raleigh and taste the delights that everyone presents to us. >> mike, i think you owe me lunch this week.
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through -- week lunch through this week. and amazon is now offering few refunds for costumers that bought the hover boards and the website. the move comes after consumer product safety mission is investigating more three dozen incidents of them smoking or bursting into flames. but amazon said that sales have not slowed down for the device. in wisconsin, the police are looking for $160,000 worth of stolen cheese. you cannot make this up. there's an investigation into two cheese heists in the past two weeks. the latest bandits got away with $70,000 worth of cheese. if it is found, it cannot be eaten. the trucks are sealed by safety and food inspectors. and if the thieves are opening up the trucks, it cannot be sold. >> i don't know if i want that kind of cheese.
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they love their cheese curds. this is a live picture from the raleigh-durham international airport this morning. quiet to start off this morning. and the main roads pretty clear. it is the second streets that saw a lot of melting yesterday and refroze overnight. if you see anything shining out there, know it is likely ice. the temperatures that we're dealing with right now have been below freezing for quite some time. not a lot going on in the state. just a few clouds in the triangle and a little more cloud cover as you head to the west and greensboro and high point and charlotte. and let's talk temperatures. dress in layers. it is down right cold this morning and it will not be as bad this afternoon. 21 in roxboro, 20 in south hill and 27 in raleigh and littleton. 8:00 temperature, 25 degrees, 41 at lunchtime and 50 for an afternoon high. and normal for this time of year-round 52 degrees. is we're close to the mark for the first time in over a week
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back to 44 as we head towards 6:00 this evening. and the good news even warmer temperatures for tomorrow and 56 the high on tuesday. and a cold front comes through and it will drop the temperatures but only briefly. back into the 40s wednesday and thursday and we'll be back into the 50s by the end of the workweek. we'll have a southerly breeze and we'll be warmer and seeing a lot more melting. a lot of us will not be dropping to freezing and not as much black ice. and the forecast turning up for us. and sunshine as we head through the afternoon. as we head through the our daybreak, i think we'll see a little more cloud cover and partly cloudy skies but for our tuesday, we should stay dry as well. 50 the high in raleigh and 49 in durham, 54 in fayetteville.
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many of us near freezing in the triangle. we should have it right around freezing. 32 degrees as we head into the coming days. you'll notice the temperature, 56 on tuesday and stun sunny and chances of rain wednesday and thursday and look the upcoming weekend. doesn't that look fantastic. 50 on saturday and near 60 on sunday. the main streets not so bad. it is the neighborhoods that you have to watch out for icy conditions e we have an accident that i want to alert you about. this is i40 eastbound at exit 301. that is the merger of i540 and 40. not a lot of cars out yet. but as we see more cars hitting the roads, this will cause some delays. 6:21. this little girl is a smart
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it is our pet of the morning. this is melody. chihuahua. and the only way she would go out in the white stuff is in two coats and wrapped in a blanket and care rid in a doggy sling. >> thank you for sending that n if you want your pet on our show, send us an e-mail to send it at 6:21. and the panthers are headed to the super bowl. but will the entire starting lineup will ready to play? we'll take a look at the injuries that may bench a few players. as you get your child ready for school this morning, we have the list of schools that have canceled or delayed
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and we have those and more carolina put the game away in the third. and what they scored this second goal of the night. and canes win it 5-2. let's talk a little super bowl action. it is set after yesterday's championship game. >> before the panthers demeanor natured the cardinals, the broncos took on the patriots. denver got on the board first. and then the pats answered and then they missed the extra points and that would come back haunt new england in the fourth quarter. he led them to tie but needed a two point conversion to tight game. >> a lot of people happy for peyton manning. it may be his final game.
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that hope that some -- face the panthers and they hope that some of the key players will be back. and roman harper left the game with an eye injury after a heart hit. and jared allen sat the game out with a foot injury and he hopes to return to the super bowl as well. the tar heel tar heels ekk out a victory. >> johnson had a good showing. this is a double-double. the heels pulled old the win 75-70. >> and it was still a good game. here's what is coming up in the next half hour. >> reporter: we're keeping an eye on the roads this morning and we're still seeing a lot of snow and ice. i'm emma wright.
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morning commute is going to look like coming up. secondary roads and the back roads are slick. take it easy there. and we want to know more about the forecast and what it holds for us today on your monday, january 25th. and meteorologist alyssa corfont has the answer after the signing up for health insurance was very easy... my premium is 22 dollars a month. it only took a few minutes, and i got exactly the kind of coverage i wanted at the price i wanted... it was a comforting feeling to know that our family is secure and that we have health insurance... most people who sign up qualify for financial help to make coverage moreaffordable, lowering their monthly premiums. financial help with makes it possible... you could find a lowpremium plan and avoid paying a fee for nothaving health coverage.
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carolina panthers are the nfc champions this year and they are heading to super bowl number 50. and they could still be celebrating. and maybe they're just wrapping it up in the city. and the wintry blast still is affecting north carolina.
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-- schools around our area are canceling class and delaying class. we are spared for the most part from the winter storm. but the blizzard shut down our nation's capitol. several thousand folks are still without power and they are working to rectify that. and we're happy that you're with us on this monday morning. and we hope that you survived the snow and ice over the weekend. i'm mike gonzalez. >> and i'm stefan chase. meteorologist alyssa corfont knows the answer. that is the big question. will we see warmer temperatures? and the answer is yes. the 50s today and we have not had the 50s for highs in a week. here's what is going on right now. this is the satellite and radar. a few clouds in the triangle. a little more cloud cover as you washing your way further west -- work your way further west in greensboro and charlotte. let's talk temperatures.
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that is means anything that has melted yesterday, has refrozen overnight. 28 in durham and louisburg and mid-20s in henderson and 26 in clinton as well. look for the black ice this morning. 8:00 a.m. temperature, 24 degrees. and 41 at lunchtime and back to 50 as the afternoon high and the normal high is 52. so close to the mark and 44 the temperature by 6:00 p.m. and we'll see a few more clouds as we head towards tomorrow. but that will not cool us down. and we'll let you know what the rest of the workweek will look like. this is i40 and rock quarry road. the main highways not too icy. it is the secondary streets na are seeing lots of ice this morning. this is an accident in durham
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the accident is at exit 276 this morning. and that is the fayetteville road exit. if you're heading in this direction, stay alert and look for this accident on the side of the street. we'll have more on traffic and weather in about ten minutes. 6:31, still issues this morning. despite the melting across the area over the weekend, several school systems have canceled classes for today. and that clouds wake, durham and orange county schools. wake tech also closed for today and a few schools operating on a two-hour delay, including johnston county. our team coverage of this winter weather continues this morning. right now emma wright is on the roads in the mobile news track tore give you a look at the conditions -- tracker to give you a look at the conditions. how is it looking? >> reporter: it is actually looking pretty back.
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secondary roads being a little worse. and i would not call this a secondary road. this is lake boone trail and blue ridge. look how bad this is. we did not purposely seek this out and we stumbled upon it. we slipped and slid a little bit going down a little hill. but very slick when you see all the ice and snow. this is what you have to look out for when you're on the morning commute. we were on the beltline earlier and 540 and 40, those roads are looking good. they've been shown a lot of love by the d.o.t. but the back ones, they are really slick. we saw people slipping and sliding. if you have to come in the area, you'll have i have to your give yourself a few extra minutes. >> good advice there. on that note, a lot of schools closed. so check out
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today federal offices in washington d.c. remain closed this is after this week's storm dumped two feet of snow on the area. and the blizzard put a halt on legislative decisions as well. senators plan to return wednesday evening. across the mid-alantic, cleanup continues today. a mix of snow and floodwaters drown neighborhood streets, crews worked to repair the down dollars power lines from the heavy winds there. now let's get to the good news. the carolina panthers are the nfc champions and now super bowl bound. and justin quesinberry has a look how they got to the celebration. >> reporter: the panthers dom natured the arizona cardinal -- dominated the arizona cardinals. you see them celebrating after the big game in charlotte. and newton is and all pro this
6:28 am
panthers to five time mvp peyton manning and the broncos to the super bowl in two two weeks. this is what so many people are focused on right now. >> we got one more thing to do. we're not finished this arizona this and that. arizona has the best wide receiver core. we're one of the best defenses. they'll respect us. don't worry about it. >> we're in the big time now. >> big time. so the carolina panthers will take on the anc champions broncos february 7th in santa clara, california. >> thank you very much. more fun now. and the panthers' victory means north carolina senator thom tillis won a friendly wager against arizona senator john mccain. the congressman representing
6:29 am
a homily speech on the senate floor and congratulate the champion and wish them a super bowl victory and wearing a tie with the winning team colors. and many carolina fans that will be forever memorialized in the senate record. >> for senator mccain. search continues for three escaped inmates in california. investigators said that the friday. the three men cut through steel bars and went through the roof the jail and reappealed down the wall using sheets. and two of the escapees charged with murdered and one kidnapping. police in mississippi are trying to figure out what led to a fatal shooting inside of a gun store. the owner of the gunshop and his teenage son were killed when another father and son went to the shop to pick up a gun.
6:30 am
have gotten into an arguement over a $25 service fee. that this when things escalated. and the sheriff's office said it is not known who shot first or if the surviving victim will be charged with a crime. it sounds like a mess there. >> sad story,. the counts down to iowa is on. we'll check the latest polls a week out from the latest caucuses. temperatures are in the 20s. watch for black ice as you head
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25 in southern person pines and at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes.
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i know parents are happy that the temperatures are warming up because the kids are bouncing off the streets. >> yes. the good news it is going to get warmer. the bad news this morning is we're all back below freezing. plaque ice is a concern for you and d e neighborhood streets have refrozen in the overnight. so here is a live picture from raleigh. and we're starting to see the sunrise earlier and earlier these days. and the bad news like i said, still very cold outside. and we're just going to see a few clouds out there as the sun rices this morning and -- rises this morning and not a lot going on. i'll take some tranquil
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and i want to encourage you to dress in layers. milder conditions are expected this afternoon. and the 50s will be back for the first time of in over a week so 22 right now in south hill. 26 in henderson. 28 in louisburg and durham and upper 20s in littleton and pinehurst and rayford 24. so here is the out-the-door forecast. the sun does not rise till 7:21. in the meantime, around 24 degrees, 25 at 8:00 a.m. and we'll start to climb a little faster. still below freezing. and black ice a real threat for us and clear skies and address in layers. if you see some direct sunlight before 9:00, 10:00 a.m., you may see some early melting. 50 degrees the afternoon high today and warmer tomorrow and enjoy every min of it. a cold front -- every minute of it. a cold front is coming through for our wednesday.
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for rain in our area. that 50 is looking really good there. check out this scene. hundreds of people are gathering in switzerland for the 38th annual hot air balloon festival. pilots and crew from 15 different countries are prepared. spectators watched saturday as dozens of hot air balloons launched into the clear blue sky and that lasts through january 31st. and the water crisis in flint, michigan continues and how one celebrity is helping the people out there. and the lotto did not pan out for a group in clayton but it
6:35 am
help out a neighbor in several flights today are still canceled or delay. check on line before you head to the airport today. the carolina panthers are heading to super bowl 50 in saint at a clara, california. here's a reason to get out and try something new. it is triangle week kicking off today. they will be offering a three course meal at a discount. $15 for lunch and 20, 25 or 30 for dinner. and the candidates in both parties are making a final push before iowa. votes will be cast in that week's caucuss a week from today.
6:36 am
and is possibly a bump since sarah palin endorsed the front- runner. and hillary clinton gets an endorsement from the de moines register and they also back marco rubio. >> every time i've ran for anything at this level, i've taken on the establishment. >> it is very personal. and people look and say can i imagine this person to be president and mannedder and chief? and because of my experience i think that is something that people really take into account. >> the first caucuses are scheduled for monday, february 1st. president obama will reportedly tackle the legacy of the cia's so-called secret war of the street na area are a. --
6:37 am
and and estimated 30% of explosives never blew up and they continue to injure or kill people today. secretary of state john kerry is also in laws as part of that disdramatic mission in asia -- that diplomatic mission in asia. they want them to take a further stance against north korea after the latest check of a nuclear bomb. powerful earthquake rocked southcentral alaska saturday morning. it struck 160 miles southwest of anchorage. closer to the epicenter, about 30 home were evacuated because of a gas leak and 5,000 people have lost power but no reports of any injuries. seven people were injured
6:38 am
flight from mime miami hit tush turbulence over the atlantic ocean. three flight attendants and four passengers were taken to the hospital and will stay there overnight and they will make arrangements for a new crew to get there. the man that ambushed a philadelphia officer while sitting in his car will be going to his preliminary hearing today. he's being held without bond and the officer survived the shooting. tonight's show jimmy fallen is rallying support for flint, michigan's water crisis. he's calling for others to join him in donating in a tweet. he asked about how about ten friends match me.
6:39 am
and he has a big heart so do these neighbors. they donate what had they did opportunity to a family that lost a lot in a house fire. >> i felt great to help my friend out. >> that's what friends box over $300 in wings were donated to buy food, clothes and gift cards. >> i'm really grateful. at first i thought we lost it all and then we got new stuff. >> helping them out. that is ten-year-old isiah johnson that was a nice thing to do. >> that is an awesome story. that is good and warms your heart on a monday morning and we need some warming up. 50 today? >> 50 today and 56 tomorrow. we deserve it it was cold
6:40 am
take a live picture outside. it is cold again this morning and that is leading to black ice in the area. this is a live picture from our studios. and if you have not noticed it, we're getting lighter and lighter each morning. and the sunrise happened at 7:2 is this morning. but with the temperatures well below freezing, you need to watch for black ice. if you see the roadway shining, know that is ice. and the neighborhood streets still looking at thick areas of ice there. my neighborhood still looking treacherous. so be careful this morning. 21 in roxboro and 20 in south hill and 26 in henderson and 23 in roanoke rapids. and here's the hour-by-hour forecast, 25 at 8:00 a.m., 33 at 10:00 a.m. so we don't get above freezing till 10:00 this morning. and # 1 at lunchtime and -- 41 at lunchtime and 50 the afternoon high and back to 44 by 6:00 p.m.
6:41 am
were talking about, the temperatures continue to climb, not only today but through tomorrow as well. 56 is the high tomorrow and then some rain comes through and that a cold front that drops us into the 40s. but then we should get back to seasonable again friday afternoon. here's the setup for today. high pressure demeanor naturing our forecast -- dominating our forecast, bringing us a south early breeze. and the -- on southern breeze. and evernight we'll turn partly cloudy and i say that we hang around with the partly cloudy conditions for our tuesday but no rain till wednesday. high today of 50 in raleigh, 49 in durham and 54 around fayetteville. overnight tonight, i amonged this all right, not as cold. we'll be near freezing.
6:42 am
the sand hills, you can stay above the freezing mark. boutonniere the virginia border, you'll likely fall below freezing for a few hours. rain and wednesday and i believe it lingers into our first half of thursday and sunshine back friday. and next weekend, take a moment and look at this forecast. 59 on saturday and 60 on sunday. yes, above freezing and this upcoming weekend looking fantastic right now. we'll keep you up to date and right now 6:51. let's check in with traffic on this monday morning. we're starting to see the lighter skies in this direction. this is 540 and western boulevard. and the main highways still pretty clear. ramps. we have an accident near apex. and this is starting to cause some backups on 55.
6:43 am
if you're in that direction and commuting from apex and raleigh. this could slow you down a little bit. we'll have another update on traffic and weather before 8:00 a.m. >> a 60 on the sunday, we can break out the bbq. >> hot dogs and franks. >> let's get to our pet of the day. this is melody. she is an eight-year-old chihuahua. she would only got out in the storm wrapped up in two coats their doggy sling. this is the typical washington d.c. back street. it has not been plowed. it's only been shoveled and that is by the people that live in the neighborhood. and the cars are packed under a works feet three of snow and it is met in the area and many other cities and it is far from
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i'll have that story coming most people who sign up for health insurance on qualify for financial help to make coverage more affordable, lowering their monthly premiums. many find low premium plans for less than $75 dollars a month. if you don't sign up, you have to pay a penalty of $695 or more.
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take a look at these images that are coming out of stain. 6.3 magnitude quake hit alaska. the epicenter of the quake was print pointed in the mediterranean sea. but six aftershocks were felt through the region. in thailand, malaysian investigators are investigating large section of debris that washed up on the beach. there is still no confirmation that the debris came from the malaysian airlines plane that crashed. they stay is most likely a rocket park.
6:46 am
a fuel scale delivery mail service. costumers can use a uber eats app and order meals from restaurants and have them delivered by a uber deliver. sign me up. i'm with you. >> deliver, please. 28 degrees right now and a live picture from the studios as we continue to watch the sunrise and keep in mind. the sunrise does not happen till 7:21 and hears a look at temperatures. 28 in raleigh and durham and black ice and the second desire streets this morning so watch out as you head for the door. 50 the afternoon high and the first time we'll be in the 50s for about a week or so and 44 for the 6:00 p.m.
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and let's take a live look outside. watch for ice and the temperatures have been below freezing for quite some time this morning. >> you have to watch out for the back roads. thank you for watching wncn today on this monday. >> have a great day.
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good morning.
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