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tv   WNCN Today at 11AM  CBS  January 26, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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i'm mike gonzales. >> i'm stephen chase. students interrupted the board of governor's meeting in chapel hill. most board members called in by phone with the exception of five. more than two dozen protesters have gathered to submit a petition calling for the removal of margaret spellings as president. >> the group sites a survey of more than 1,400 teachers who said they are unhappy. we will keep you up to date. >> more developments expected. the sun is out but the roads are still a little dangerous. >> some delayed claz classes
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>> this is a live picture from our wncn tower camera. this yesterday was snow covered across the parking lot. they still have some snow in the courtyard there but breezy at times. for the northeast part the main roads are dry and looking clear. it's it's the secondary streets that we're still -- it's the secondary streets that we're concerned of. plenty of meant melting later. 52 raleigh, 52 in sanford. already at 58 in re ford, 56 in fayetteville. here's the big picture, all of us deal with a tranquil day ahead of our next weather maker a cold front. that cold front is sparking widespread showers across tennessee and that way their way into north carolina today. over night those scattered showers
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at noon, 55 at 2:00, our high 58678 we're back into the low into upper 40s by 8:00 p.m. i think it's close to midnight that we start to see a few showers move in. i'll let you know how that will impact the rest of your work week coming up in your complete forecast. >> thank you sofrp. you can stay top of the -- thank you so much. you can stay on top of the weather by downloading the wncn am frp it's all free for your apple and on devices. hazardous road conditions prompted chapel hill schools to keep students home once again this morning. it was a last-minute decision that didn't come in until about 7:00 this morning. the school system spokesman jeff nash said the weather wouldn't keeper rate even with the delay. >> we did it with the opens that we could be open with enough sunshine this morning
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once we it wount going to happen. >> now while the district is small many employees still live far away. administrators worried the weather outside morning commute. in wake county school buses rolled out on a 3-hour delay and that had a lot of crews scrambling to clean up the parking lot. one of the scoops was pleasant hill in raleigh. wright. how is it looking oh out there? >> reporter: the staff has been working since early today at pleasant union elementary school. they said one of the biggest problem social security the snow that's dr problems is -- problems is the the is the now problem is the snow that rethawed. the
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first one out hire. we talked to wake county schools and they got up at 3:00 a.m. to assess the road situation, make sure they were still good to go for this 3-hour delay. i talked with the principal here at pleasant union elementary and he said he's been personally keeping an eye on the school and the school parking lot since the snow fell. he said he's been in touch with the district so they can communicate and let them know if the school is good to go. >> i mean, last night i was sending them pictures an things like that. this is what it looks like out 234 our parking -- in our parking lot and around alerted and can provide theerer sources to help us out. one person couldn't do it all. >> reporter: school here at pleasant union is set to start wake county said because there's a 3-hour delay it means school will start three hours later but will end at the same time. they
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the roads throughout the afternoon and the night and we here at wncn will be doing that as well. reporting live i'm emma wright, wncn news. >> keep track of any school delays or closings on our website, a busy morning for the raleigh utility crews. they're working to repair a 12 inch water main break along durham roads in wake forest. right now several homes along the 700 block of durham roads are without water service as crews repairs there. the eastbound lane of dur ram roads from capitol boulevard to tyler run drive are closed at this time. the after math of the winter storm continues to cause problems up and down much of the east coast. a lot of federal offices remain closed today as well and airlines are backed up from canalling thousands of flights. to make matters worse new jersey is struggling with coastal flooding. dan siniman reports.
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clean up is far from over. >> paralyzed by this storm. >> in new york it was the second snowiest storm in history and many streets are impassable. >> i was supposed to work to today and i couldn't go to work because i was afraid of falling. >> in the nation's capitol the government was closed monday along with schools and many businesses. residents tried to dig out. >> there's only so much you can do when you get 20 plus inches of snow. >> along the jersey shore flooding. another problem, beach erosion. it's left a number of homes on the jersey coast in danger. >> many of them are tinkering on the edge of falling over it looks like. >> some of the busiest airports were brought to a standstill by the snow. >> so these guys are pushing and halling snow from sun up to sun down. the challenge for airlines, getting all the planes and crews into position,
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getting passengers where they need to go. nbc news. >> thank you. operations are back to normal for harnett county's 911 center. operators were having some real problems receiving wireless 911 calls last night. the county tells us the issues have been resolved and now all callers can use 911. horrific story here, the owner oh of a dog that mauled and killed a little boy in robinson county has not been charged at this hour. 7-year-old talan west died after he was attack bid the pitbull on sunday. his 8-year-old brother barely escaped jumping on a near by car. >> one on that leg, one on that leg and then the big one got all of his face and bit him up. >> it doesn't feel fair at all. it don't. since i left the hospital last night i didn't even get a chance to hold my baby. >> the child's parents were cold by dss they cannot have unsupervised visits with their children during this information. investigators say the pitbull died at the scene
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how that dog died. the wake county fire marshall is investigating a fire that forced 17 people out of their apartment in garner last night. two people were hurt when they had to jump from their apartments to escape the flames. at least one passenger was damaged by to flames. smoke and water effected 7 more yuvents. the department of public health is investigating an inmate death at the durham county detention facility. 29-year-old matthew mccain was found unresponsive in his cell last week. the sheriff's office tells wncn there will be no staffing changes or disciplinary actions related to mccain's death. president obama is pushing a ban on solitary confinement for juvenile and low level offenders in federal prison. in an up ed piece in the washington post the president wrote that solitary confinement diminishes chances for successful rehabilitation. president obama said the move will effect 10,000 federal inmates and wants to limit solitary confinement for the
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for the democrats and republicans who are running for president they are desperate to show why they should win and want the momentum of a win. here's edward laurence. >> in iowa the temperatures may be cold but the race to be each party's nominee for president is heating up. the democratic candidates highlighted their differences from one another as they made a final pitch to people in iowa. >> i led the effort against wall strut reregulation. see this issue. >> we tackled income and equality and produced results. not if talk, action and that's what i will do as president. >> ted cruz saying one thing and then doing something different. >> on the republican side the race is getting nasty, especially between donald trump and ted cruz. >> i will not respond because i think the people of iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and the people of this country deserve better. >> till cruz released his
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donald trump's new york values. >> my views are a little bit different than if i lived in iowa. >> they are different, line on abortion. >> trump is now calling cruz the man from canada. >> that pipeline goes from canada, the birthplace of ted cruz. he was born there. now he goes all the way to texas. maybe there's a conflict of interest. >> the gop front runner said he will take action as president and not back down to anyone. edward laurence, nbc news, washington. >> thank you. new at 11:00, an exclusive interview with u.s. congressman david price. he tells wncn today he's endorsing hillary clinton for president. price who represents the 4th district of north carolina said clinton is the most experienced and principaled leader of the field of candidates. democratic representative said her strength in foreign policy sets her apart from the other candidates. >> i think she's equipped to be president as very few candidates in my lifetime have been.
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have great confidence in her and very happy to endorse her here as we look towards the primary season beginning and particularly of course towards the north carolina primary. >> an nbc news poll shows sanders. tuesday, march 15th. >> you have the caucuses in iowa. >> things just heating up. >> yes, they are. still ahead, kay police wind up ducking for cover after someone taking a the latest on the case when we come back. >> well, temperatures across
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we're at least four people have been governor's meeting.
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protesters took empty seats at the board's table and then some began speaking into the microphone, banging a gavel and knocking down name cards. when police moved in protesters fought being taken into custody. now, the group called the faculty forward network sites a sur vi of 1,400 faculty that says profes soars are deeply unhappy with the director of higher ed and the state. we'll have more as it continues to unfold continue at 6:00 and 7:00 and on online at a henderson teen air forced for a deadly shooting is due inside a courtroom today. 18-year-old raheen wilson is accused of killing 31-year-old justin moore in his vehicle in november. moore's prove was also injured but survived with minor injuries. sampson county sheriff's deputy haves linked two women to a h 2014 murder investigation.
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west has been charged as an axis vi after the fact. a man accused of firing a gun at a gastonia #345u8 monday afternoon remains in the hospital. investigators say jamal hill fired at least one shot when police tried to arrest him for stealing a car at eastridge mall. during the 19-year-old's escape attempt he fell 25 feet from a retaining wall. no one else was injured. durham police continue the search for the suspect who held up a duker university student. the incident happened right around near the round about of weathermaker and chapel drive monday morning. the student was not physically injured. a gun incident prompts a lock down at winston-salem university. someone showed a gun during some kind of con dpron trace. no shoots were gyred and the suspect left the scene. the lock down was lifted around 1:00 a.m.
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uncovered new information surrounding water contain nap nation -- water contamination inware forest. now flextro nishgs ooshgs cs, one of the companies that was involved has agreed to develop a plan to clean the ground water. the department of environmental quality health drafted that plant and sent letters to thes families effected. water donations continue to pour into flint, miff began as the city struggles with major contamination crisis. state the state's attorney general named a former pruetter to spear head the investigation. governor rick snider has already been subpoenaed. they are looking at whether any laws were violated in the process that left the water contaminated with led. on a deposit pif note things are looking nice in the weather here. >> yes, certainly. they're looking nice as we head into the afternoon. right now we're at 52 degrees. this is a live
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tarmac is locking dry right now some of your neighborhood streets are still a little icy in spots but don't your worry, once these temperatures continue to climb sunshine beats down on them most things should melt throughout the day. 50 in roxboro, henderson and south hill. 52 in sigh her city. in the upper 50s around ray compare this to where we were 24 hours. we are close to 10 degrees warmer than we're 9 degrees warmer in raleigh and in durnl. close to that in sigh this warm up just going to continue for us. 53 at lunchtime, 58 for an afternoon high. backseat into the low 50s so pretty mild towards 6:00 p.m. here's the set up for today, we're watching a cold front back ahead of that breeze. that's bringing in that the rain associated with this cold front could be here as early as midnight tonight and could continue throughout the day on wednesday.
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imagination. it's actually going to have a bigger impact on our temperatures. here's what i'm thinking, today we soar into the upper 50s. 6 degrees warmer than average. tomorrow as we start to see more clouds and a few showers we drop to 48. the cold front actually moves through, we drop to 43 on thursday. don't you worry, this cool down is just a brief one at that. 51 back in our high for our friday, 59 on saturday. i even think we'll reach the 60s throughout the weekend. a really nice weekend ahead for us. here we are right now, looking at 2:00. we're looking at partly cloudy skies. those conditions continue for us throughout the afternoon. shortly after sunset clouds are going to win out. like i said right around midnight is when we'll start to see a few showers. a few showers also throughout the early morning hours of our wednesday and for some of you has you're headquartering out wednesday might you might encounter a light shower. these will be scattered in nature. by the afternoon hours it looks like we could see some drier conditions,
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close to sunset on our wednesday. so far today, a high of 58 in raleigh, 57 in durham. the 60s down around the sand hills. we fast forward to tonight. we're turning cloudy and also tracking the chance for isolated showers. clouds at night actually act as a blanket. they keep us insulated. temperatures not going to be as cold. i think we stay in the 40s here around the triangle. around the virginia border the 30s. it looks like all above freezing as we wake up on our wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon 48678 just a few shower 43 on thursday, most of us should be dry then the 50s back for friday. looking ahead into the upcoming weekend, 59 on saturday, 60 on sunday and the beautiful weather keeps oncoming. 62 as we head into early next week on our monday. really snow being the last thought on our minds as we head into early next week. good news is because we really need all this ice and snow to finally melt and get out of the here,
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>> i just want to give you a round of applause. >> thank you, thank you. >> parents at home thank you as well because their kids are bouncing off the wall frp >> they are pushing them out the door. just go outside. >> thank you so much.
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onto san if you want to go to the super bowl to cheer on the panthers you have to pay. >> the cheapest tickets to san francisco currently going for about $3,700. you got enough room on the credit card? hotel and ticket packages start at $5,700 if you want round trip air fare too it's going to cost you nearly $7,000. >> looked into going to the super bowl, obviously that's a little up there in terms of
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stay around here and watch it at home. >> as the ticket prices rise so does the demand for panthers t-shirts and jerseys are flying a you have the shelves. >> it's when you find a friend a presented -- that's when you the chips. sglptd rough night for duke last night as they took on miami. miami goes on the win this one 80-69. nba where charlotte looked to bounce back from a 7-game losing streak. >> they gave the kings all they could handle. the game went into double over time and it was lin's pass to hornets, 129-128. charlotte finally getting a win.
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why they are favorited to be the repeat. >> the warriors just bailed out against the spurs. seth currie great as always. he helped golden state run the table on sannen tone yoen. they snapped
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120-90 coming up on my carolina
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come on and head's up when valdona's day isn't enough you have a better way to celebrate your better half. >> today is national spouses day, time to let the one you love know how much they are apreshtuated. day. >> superman. >> you know, whatever . >> yeah, right. >> ray is going to call me and
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are you trying to dig out of something? get home. forecast. 58. tomorrow the clouds roll in and we are tracking the chance will not be these showers will cool us down. by thursday. only briefa brief cool weekend holds. 60 on sunday. those low 60s are next week as well. normal for this time of year is actually 52 degrees. we're a little bit all over the place for the next few days. >> we'll take all over the place with this one when i see sunshine like that.
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happy. it's my carolina today. >> hello and good morning to
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