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tv   WNCN Today at 600AM  CBS  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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standoff is over after a deadly shooting. two are dead, three others injured at a homeless camp shooting in washington, the details. >> schools are back after the big storm. yeah, that includes orange county, durham, public, vance county schools, as well as granville and franklin county schools. they're operate ong a two hour delays -- operating on a two hour delay, person county schools on a one-hour delay. the reason for the delays, the roads. most of the main and secondary roads are clear thank to the melting and warm temperatures we had yesterday. but some rural areas, the thick ice is taking longer to thaw out and clear off. >> yeah, surprising to see so much still on the roads. still there. wake county students will go to school at normal time today. some parents complained yesterday's delay put their children at risk with some roads still seeing snow and ice, but the district says hey, they were safe. all right orngs that, on
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it over to alyssa, an -- icky day. >> yeah, that's sneaking in to the triangle, few showers starting to fall across the northern portions of wake county, lee county, now the good news is because we've been dealing with cloudy skies, we're dealing with unseasonably mild temperatures. no wintry weather do we have to worry about this morning unless there's still some of that ice on your neighborhood street. 37 sanford, 48 raleigh, 47 durham, also 47 as we look towards henderson south of the triangle. 45 fayetteville and towards clinton this morning. so keep that umbrella nearby, morning hours. especially 46 at 8:00 a.m., 47 at noon, 48 our afternoon high. yesterday we hit the low 60s. so this drop in temperatures certainly going to be felt across the area. we'll see that temperature drop evening. i'll let you know when the 60s return and the sunshine comes back in your complete forecast. but right now it is time to check in with traffic.
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cars out on the roadways. i-440 and glenwood avenue, this morning. the good news, no delays to report. i do want to check in with some of your drive times. as you're getting ready to head out the door this morning, coming northbound in to raleigh, u.s. 1 between highway 55 and downtown, that's been a 16 minute drive this morning on i-40, everything moving it at the posted speed limits. coming in from the apex area between nc 55 and downtown, that will cost you about 21 minutes this morning. drive safe, i'll have another check on traffic and weather in 10 minutes. >> all right, thanks so much. first major snowstorm of the year, some area schools are still operating on a two-hour delay. some area schools still working secondary roads. wncn's emma wright joins us live from the mobile news tracker with an update, good morning. >> reporter: we were just checking out the roads in durham county, one of those schools on the two hour delay today. we did see snow and ice and some slush and some of those secondary roads mostly in some neighborhoods where there was some shade that didn't have a
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was talking about. most of the roads there in durham however looked like this, here. we'll show you some video of what the roads in durham county looked like earlier this week when we really had some problem with that snow and ice. there were a couple inches of ice on the roads in some places, durham county cancelled school on monday and tuesday and then again, a two-hour delay today. that means the start of school is delayed by two hours but school should end on time. reporting live from the mobile news tracker, i'm emma wright, back to. >> thanks for that update. breaking news and officials are back in the 700 block of durham road this morning in wake forest to repair a water main break. they had fixed it yesterday morning, you may remember we brought it as breaking news yesterday morning. officials say the 12 inch break occurred in the new section of the pipe that was installed on tuesday. it's expected to be fixed by 7:00 a.m., fortunately. the road is down to one lane as of right now.
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weeks, the occupation of federal land ends in oregon. wncn's lauren haviland has the latest on this and what's ahead later this morning, lauren? >> reporter: the local sheriff's office will hold a press conference sometime today. a near month long occupation by a small group of protesters came to a violent end. one of the occupiers is dead after a traffic stop by oregon state police and the fbi which resulted in an apparent shootout with the occupiers tuesday afternoon. police identified the man as lavoy finnicum, six people arrested in all including the group's leader, amon bundy, his father fame os for -- famous for a standoff in nevada, spoke out on the. >> trying to teach people about the constitution of the united
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success. and the federal government had no no constitution of jurisdiction or the authority to be there, no arresting power and here they are, and murdering people. >> bundy, his brother and three followers in federal custody on felony conspiracy charges. the local sheriff's office will hold a press conference sometime today. the district attorney and fbi will also be there. mike back to you. >> all right, lauren thanks so much. protesters at unc say they plan to continue their demonstrations through march. they took over the unc board of governor's meeting on tuesday, take a look. [ cheers and applause ] yeah, things got pretty crazy, unc police had to remove some of the demonstrators after they interrupted that meeting. four people were arrested. they're really upset about the board's hiring of margaret spellings as the new unc systems president, the secretary under president george w. bush. she's been criticized for helping to oversee no child left behind and for serving on the board of a business that
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we talked to one of the people who was arrested. >> officers dwan to act -- began to act very aggressive, they grabbed one of the protesters in the meeting, we tried to step in to intervene, the hostility. >> the behavior, the response of the officers here was completely dictated by the behavior of the protesters. >> those arrested were charged with resisting officers. spellings is set to take over the unc system as president on march 1, become a real political football there. [ laughter ] >> yeah. well, you know, it's type to rise and shine -- time to rise and shine. 6:07. if you filed your taxes, listen up. thieves already looking for ways to steal your cash this tax season. we'll tell you how and why and how you can protect yourself. >> yeah, just seems like there's no bounds anymore. they're everywhere. if you're planning on getting away this year, you're not alone! we'll explain. yeah, i want to go somewhere! [ laughter ] >> yeah, book me a trip. let's talk about your forecast.
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today, some of you for the first time.
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and now, your wncn weather forecast. >> welcome back to "wncn today", 6:09 right now on this wednesday morning. 48 degrees out at the airport. one of the first flights of the day getting ready to head towards the runway. all in all, a quiet start for us. just a few very light showers starting to fall in and around central north carolina. a few of those sprinkles reaching the ground in northern portions of wake county and then as we look back towards chatham county, lee county very light rain as well. but again, light rain, really going to be more of a nuisance than anything else. we'll be here throughout the morning and most of us should be drier by the afternoon. let's talk temperatures though, because the clouds have moved in throughout the overnight, temperatures this morning very
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been. 42 in roxboro, 41 in sanford, 45 in lillington, also in the mid 40s around fayetteville and in clinton this morning. so temperatures continue to drop, not only through sunrise right around 7:19 but around 8:00 a.m. as well, 45, 46 by 9:00, mild temperatures this showers possible, cloudy skies. the catch though, temperatures don't move a lot throughout the day. afternoon highs very close to today. 48 on our thursday and then the sunshine and then 50s should be back by friday. a closer look at your weekend ahead in just a little bit. stefan? >> thanks, alyssa. it if you're planning on taking a weekend getaway this year, you're not alone. according to a recent enterprise survey, eight in 10 respondent plan on taking a getaway, that grows for those married or have kids. many won't travel far from home, 80% of those surveyed say a top benefit of a weekend getaway is
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or stay closer to home and explore. time again is 6:11. a durham startup is zbeting -- getting a lot of interest online.
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"wncn today" what you need to know right now. >> just about 6:14 on your wednesday. this morning's top stories, the leaders of an armed group that occupied a national wildlife refuge in oregon for the past few weeks now under arrest. fbi agents arrested military leader bundy and six others. officers shot and killed one person involve -- involved. and breaking news out of washington, two people died and three others hurt at a shooting at a homeless camp, the police say it's very targeted. the affluenza teen should be
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stay in mexico we are was captured last month. he and his mom had been on the run for weeks after video surfaced of him at a party where there was alcohol, violating his probation it terms. he was driving drunk when he killed four people in a crash in 2013. the flint water crisis continue to be a real nightmare for residents and state officials in michigan. yesterday healthcare workers conducted hundreds of checks on children for lead exposure, it can be crippling to the mental development, especially in young children, since it was declared three weeks ago, thousands of water bottles delivered to people there. a massive recall for automaker ford, involving takata airbags covers 314,000 ford trucks, model year 2004 through 2006. the airbag is being blamed for more than 10 deaths and 100 injuries, the recall now covers 14 car companies and 24 million vehicles. tax season is about a week
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scammers are out to get your refund cash. in many cases, all a thief needs is your name, social security number, date of birth to pretend that it's actually you when filing. experts say most people have no clue their refund has been stolen until they file for their own return. if you do get scammed, you'll eventually get your money but it could take anywhere from three months to even a year to get it. >> well, our number one tip is file first and beat the crooks. >> okay. so another way to prevent it from happening to you is to make sure that you're using a qualified tax preparer who will protect your personal information. durham clothing company is set to open its first brick and mortar star next month thoonks d -- thanks to a very successful kickstarter campaign, called runaway, and see what's next. >> about running from convention. >> reporter: started a few years ago by a couple of
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runaway is an up and coming clothing store in durham, but more than that. >> curators of art, fashion in durham and beyond. >> reporter: most of the design comes from the art work of the company's founder and durham artist, gabriel ingets. >> being able to represent the city that i went to durham public schools that's been huge for me. >> that looks thicker than the one we've done before. >> reporter: also well-known for its drm over its durham campaign. >> the attributes we try to convey when we talk about what durham is, some of the shirts say "say it like you're from here". so this table will be here. >> reporter: and now thanks to a successful kickstarter campaign raising more than $26,000, runaway is opening their first store front on main street in february. >> really important to show our audience that we are, you know,
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to be part of this community, young artists and musicians. >> all white paint on the walls, i hope they'll put out the rest of that. >> stefan, you have bought their stuff. >> two t-shirts, yeah, as christmas gifts. >> they're blowing up. love to see that, durham has got a great edge and artistic feel. you can see all our what's next pieces and this story on our website at let's toss it over to another trend setter, alyssa corfont. >> oh, you're setting the bar high. let's check your forecast, the time now 6:18, this is a live picture from our shaw university camera in downtown raleigh. as we look towards the skyline, no problems right now. we are tracking the chance for a few showers, some of those starting to fall right over wake county back to our west towards chatham county and lee county. but this isn't going to cause a lot of problems this morning. showers very light in nature. just moving on through this morning. and i think we'll see some drier conditions by the afternoon hours. let's go ahead and get to the temperatures because the cloudy
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we're looking at very mild temperatures. so 48 believe it or not in raleigh, 47 in durham, in henderson 42 right now in roxboro. near 50 in pinehurst. around fayetteville and clinton this morning, the mid 40s. here's your hour by hour forecast. the catch here, temperatures don't climb a lot today. so where we are right now is very close to where we'll be this afternoon. i expect us to continue to drop by 45 at 8:00 a.m., 46 at 10:00 a.m., 47 at noon, mostly on the dry side. by 6:00 we should be close to 43. a chillier evening for us. remember, yesterday we hit 61. it's going to be hard to duplicate that beautiful day for this time of the year. here we are, the big picture, watching this cold front slide right across the state as we speak, bringing us that chance for showers. high pressure back to our west, that's eventually going to move in but not until say, friday, saturday when we really start to
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so for today, cloudy condition, showers in the morning, showers through about lunch time and afternoon. this is not going to be a washout, many of you will get through today and tomorrow for that matter on the dry side. here we are, 5:00 this evening, most of us just looking at cloudy condition, and we'll hang with those cloudy skies as we head in to overnight tonight, thursday. now, the best chance for rain tomorrow is going to develop after lunch time. this is lunch time on our thursday, still cloudy. the best chance for rain is really going to move up the coast. so for that, for us that means really the best chance of rain raleigh and eastward. in raleigh, 47 in durham 51 and in fayetteville. fast forward to tonight, rather cloudy skies but much colder temperatures, a low tonight near a 33. not expecting anything icy tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon back in the upper 40s, and then we're in the 50s as we head towards friday. it gets even warler for the --
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on saturday, 60s are here again, sunday and in to early next week. don't forget groundhog day is tuesday. we are tracking the chance for showers though back in the area by monday. it is 6:20 on this wednesday morning. checking in with traffic, lumly road, certainly the busiest road we've seen this morning, that's not saying much. still cruising along at a pretty good speed on i-540 this morning. we do have an accident, here in raleigh t. it's at the intersection of crabtree boulevard and raleigh boulevard. if you travel in that area, just try to avoid it. doesn't look like it's causing much congestion at this point in the morning. mike and stefan? >> all right, thanks a lot, alyssa. 6:21 on your wednesday. today's pet, we promise you want to check this out. meet oreo. the 3-year-old rabbit lives in timberlake with angel and jackie. thanks for sending this one in. you can see oreo is definitely --
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fan, the black jersey, they'll wear black in the super bowl, he's on point, one slick rabbit. we want to feature your furry friend on our morning newscast, e-mail their picture at, make sure you include their name, how old they are, where you live nirks great stories we'd love to -- any great stories, we'd love to have those. speaking of the panthers, we are counting down the days till super bowl 50 right around the corner. coming up, new details on how the panthers will look that sunday. i think i just gave it away. >> just a little bit! no, stay tight, you haven't seen it yet. plus a story of a veteran and his long lost pet in the
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the hurricanes hosted the
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>> yeah, they beat them after christmas and got the sweep last night with a major shutout, 3-0 in just the -- first period. lack got a goal, and 26 saves, next to calgary to take on the flames tonight, ward's first game after being injured off the reserved list. injured reserve, all right. yeah. [ laughter ] the carolina panthers will be back in black. >> that's what the carolina panthers are going to be wearing during the super bowl. >> yeah, that's right, the team announced their color choice on tuesday. the denver broncos the designated home team, they chose the white unis, carolina has worn black in the season, they lost both games but they're hoping this time is different. and white, the broncos are 1-1 in the super bowl. but they had that, was it them that had that super bowl run? no, apostle thinking of the -- i'm thinking of the bills, they lost, digressing. moving back to the super bowl. super bowl may be the last we see of peyton manning on the
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microphones at the nfc championship game captured comments to bell belichick. sounds like manning said hey, listen, this might be my last rodeo. so sure has been a pleasure, coach. the future hall-of-famer has been riddled with injuries in recent years but he's back and kicking and playing well. nfl is going even more high tech for this year's big game >> and get this, you can win tickets to the official super bowl mobile lab. the road to l comes with a guide tolt super bowl, by download -- to the super bowl, by downloading it you get fan experience, concerts, and download your own super bowl ticket, if you can afford it. tickets go for 4,000ed on stub -- $4,000 on stub hub. buy one for me too. you can see it on cbs which will soon be our network partner. that's right, wncn is excited starting february 29, we will be delivering hit cbs programming such as the big bang theory, "ncis" and march madness.
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all right, here's what's ahead on wncn, emma?
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department is on on air, online, wherever you are, "wncn today" starts now. >> good morning, thanks for watching "wncn today" on this wednesday, glad you're with us, i'm mike gonzalez. >> and good morning, i'm stefan chase. back to class for lots of students today following last week's big storm. >> and we've got to tell you several districts though are delayed this morning. orange county, durham public, chatham county, vance and granville all on a two-hour delay, person county schools object a one-hour delay today. wake county students going back to school at the normal time today, some parents complain commained yesterday -- complained yesterday's delay put their children at risk, but the district says they were safe. this morning, wncn's emma wright is on the scene of an early morning fire in raleigh, we're going to get to her in just a moment.
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studio with the latest drama of the campaign trail, but first with meteorologist alyssa corfont, some showers? >> yeah, we're tracking those showers this morning moving in to the triangle as we speak. make sure you keep that umbrella nearby, not everyone will see the wet weather today, but you'll want to be prepared just in case. now with the cloudier skies this morning, temperatures unseasonably mild in some cases. this is warmer than where we've been the past few days. 48 in raleigh, 48 in goldsboro, 45 in clinton and fayetteville. 44 in lillington and sanford. you started off the morning in the upper 30s, already started to climb though. you're now at 43 degrees. let's go ahead and talk about your forecast for today, we'll be right around 46 at 8:00 a.m. showers possible, especially this morning. i think some drier conditions return this afternoon. 47 at noon, 48 our afternoon high. now, yesterday, we hit 61 degrees. so these temperatures certainly going l -- going to feel much colder than we were yesterday.
6:27 am
in your seven-day forecast, i'll let you know when they arrive, coming up in 10 minutes. with traffic. you're getting ready to head out the door, i-40 and rock quarry road, more and more cars out there, it is that time of the morning, if you're heading out, staying safe. an accident here in raleigh i'd like to let you know about. crabtree boulevard at the intersection of raleigh boulevard. we updated you on this. about 15 minutes ago, still looks like it's an accident there, i'm sure crews are trying to clean it up. if you're heading in that direction, just watch for some congestion, maybe an alternate on this wednesday morning. 10 minutes. great. breaking news, this out of raleigh this morning. crews are on the scene of a fire on hanover street. that's near the five points area, emma wright is on the this point? >> reporter: well, we know this fire started tonight 15 block of hanover street just before
6:28 am
the fire department, the police, the paramedic all still out here. they've got the street blocked off. it looks like the fire was happening about half a block from where we are. the fire trucks have taken up most of the street. you can see one of them just leaving right now. we don't know how this fire started, or if there were any injuries. we are hoping there weren't any, this was still an active fire happening right now. we're going to continue to be out here and hopefully bring you more information. later on in the show just as soon as we know more. for now reporting live in raleigh, i'm emma wright, wncn news, back to you. >> thanks so much, a lot of thanks. project billed as a great economic activity for johnston county may have been derailed, governor pat mccrory says the site, the rail company csx chose for a new transportation hub is not a viable option at this point. just two weeks ago he was talking up his enthusiasm for the project and the 1,500 new
6:29 am
but land owners including trent lasseter launched a media campaign, he was afraid of losing his family home and business north of selma. >> the term we've heard a lot in the last 12 days and this is from the top to the bottom is "in the dark" a lot of people .12 days and this is from the top to the bottom is "in the dark" a lot of people were in the dark supposedly. >> csx did not respond to request for comments on the governor's announcement just a few days ago a spokeswoman said they want to continue talks with the land owners and wanting to move that project forward. traffic moving at i-540 and 440, a multiple vehicle crash, this was the scene along i-540 between 40 and aviation parkway and the airport. troopers say a tire on that car blew, when the driver was trying to pull over, he lost control and spun around, hitting another car head on. fortunately, neither driver was seriously hurt. fayetteville man will head
6:30 am
accused of sexually assaulting a woman twice. 23-year-old davonte williams is accused of salt assaulting the woman twice in her home. >> he was trying to get her to drop the charges, assaulted her and threatened her, she was able to talk her way out of it to make him leave the area, that's when police were on the way. >> police say the victim did know williams, he's behind bars with more than $1 million bond. the family of a man found dead inside of his jail cell at the durham county jail is demanding answers. matt mccain's body was discovered last tuesday. a cause of death not determined. since then his family spoke to wncn, saying jail staff ignored his pleas for help. relatives also say he suffered from epilepsy and diabetes and medication. >> he would've had his medicine and stuff like that, he would still be here today.
6:31 am
to die at the jail since the year 2000. sheriff andrews announced local state investigations. we all know the carolina panthers are heading to the super bowl, but did you know that everyone that work for the franchise -- >> everyone? >> every single one, it doesn't matter what you do there. we'll let you know who's footing the bill. >> sweet! >> and why you wish you worked there, right, alyssa? any forecasters that work them? >> i think they need a meteorologist! temperatures 46 this morning, only 48 this afternoon, much cooler as some kids are heading back to school for the first time this week.
6:32 am
the 60s >> now, your wncn weather forecast. >> welcome back to "wncn today" in the weather center with meteorologist alyssa corfont, some of that snow still hanging out on the sides of streets. hopefully some of this rain can wash that away, finally. >> yeah, let's get it out of here! first and foremost, i'm sick of seeing it around as well. but we are tracking rain as you mentioned, mike, some of that rain falling here in raleigh, 48 degrees. look at this, over the beltline this morning. plenty of cars out there cruising along early. if you're getting ready to hit the road, take the umbrella with you. very scattered showers this morning, but for some of you, they are falling in and around your drive. so right now, the few showers falling right around wake county also a few back to our west towards durham and orange county, also towards chatham county and lee county this morning. there will be very scattered in nature this morning and then most of us will start to see drier condition as we head in the afternoon.
6:33 am
cloudy this morning, temperatures unseasonably mild. raleigh right now we're at 48. sanford 43, still in the 50s believe it or not around pinehurst, 45 in fayetteville and clinton. here's what i'm thinking is going to happen throughout the morning. we'll see the temperatures continue to drop until sunrise, maybe even shortly after. 7:19 is the sunrise this morning, 46 at 7:00 a.m., 458:00 a.m. and then -- 45 at 8:00 a.m., then we slowly climb, don't forget the umbrella, let you know when the rain finally moves out complete in your forecast, mike. a happy reunion this week for a military veteran and his beloved cat. great story. robert connell was stationed at cherry point along our coastline when he got deployed four years ago. their cat hemi went looking for him but never came home. fast forward to now, the cat was found, animal control tracked down the couple who are now
6:34 am
the cat to cope with ptsd. great reunion there. republican hopeful donald trump says he's not going to participate in tomorrow's debate.
6:35 am
what he says he "wncn today" what you need to know right now. >> welcome back, 6:41, top stories right now, orange county, durham, public, chatham county, vance and franklin county schools all on a two-hour delay. >> and person county schools operating on a one-hour delay. in rural areas, a thick ice taking a lot longer to clear out the roads. breaking news this morning out of seattle, they're searching for two people in connection with a deadly shooting at a homeless camp, at least two people died and three others hurt. please call the shoot -- police call the shooting quote very targeted so far no arrests. the leaders of an armed
6:36 am
wildlife refuge in oregon for the past few weeks now under arrest, arresting military leader bundy and at least six other people. officers shot and killed one person. to politics now, donald trump says he is skipping tomorrow's republican debate just days before the iowa caucuses. cruz is now challenging him for a one-on-one debate. bernie sanders is also heading to the white house today. we've got wncn's lauren haviland she's got the latest in the white house, lauren? >> trump's got momentum in iowa, winning five of the latest six polls. despite that, he's skipping thursday's debate because he thinkst fox moderate dwror -- thinks the fox moderator is unfair. they call his terrorizations of moderator is unfair. >> i want you to think how you would react if you were interviewing someone for a job,
6:37 am
i'm not willing to show up to the interview ". >> by skipping the debate, he's being a rebel, a renegade. it's the year of the outsider, he may be okay. but some iowans may wonder, why are you quitting? >> the democrats also fighting for an iowa win, bernie sanders meeting with president obama in the white house, it was discussed in december and no formal agenda. msnbc and the new hampshire union leader are partnering to democratic debate. now an it would be moderated by rachel maddow, five days before the new hampshire primary. the democratic national committee has yet to give its approval for the event. martin o'malley has already agreed though, and hillary clinton's campaign says she will participate if it the -- if the other candidates all agree.
6:38 am
is backing hillary clinton for president. during an interview only on wncn, price, who represents the fourth district of north carolina said clinton is the most experienced and principled candidates. foreign policy sets her apart from the rest. >> i do think hillary clinton and this includes the democratic and republican fields, i think she's by far the most experienced, the most she's given the fullest account president. >> an nbc news poll shows clinton has a strong lead, 14 points over bernie sanders, a north carolina primary is set for tuesday, march 15. happening now, a milwaukee man is in fbi custody accused of planning to commit a mass shooting. investigators say that samy mohamez hamzeh planning to shoot up a temple, he manned to travel to israel and kill soldiers and citizens in the west bank. they say the 23-year-old who worked as a fitness trainer
6:39 am
attack and had even planned his escape route. the lockdown has been lifted at the naval medical center in san diego. the campus was essentially closed off for nearly six hours after an employee reported hearing gunshots in a building at 8:00 a.m. military police swept the campus but found no signs of a shooting or a gunman anywhere. the building in question houses administrative offices, a gym, a dorm for woounded com-- wounded combat veterans in long-term care. a marine recruiter in the chattanooga shooting was warded the purple heart. he hurt his leg back in july, four marines and a sailor killed in that attack. the gunman killed by police. five service members in that attack will be awarded a purple families. still digging out from deep snow from last week's blizzard, dumping more than two feet of
6:40 am
down schools and even the federal government. and outside of philadelphia, cars still buried under piles of snow tranding people -- stranding people for days. and in queens, snow mous -- plows not being able to treat the sidewalk. >> dig ourselves out of here. >> if you need an ambulance, how are they going to get through? >> yeah, that's for sure, many airports in the northeast still struggling to get back to normal schedules with hundreds of cancelled flights. so they are backed up. and clearing up the snow here at home hasn't been cheap. the state spent around $5.3 million on the most recent winter storm. that number expected to climb with the additional worker cost and contractor invoices not yet come in. the state budgeted about $40 million for winter weather response and so far, about $12 million of that has been spent. >> if we go over the $40
6:41 am
certain things maintenance wise, as much as possible. >> the state spent $67 million last winter, and nc d.o.t. spokesperson says the department does not dip in to funding for pot hole repair but could cut back on things like mowing during the summer time if at all necessary. we're hoping this is the last storm of the season, alyssa and mike. [ laughter ] >> yeah, that would be great, that would be okay with me! >> i remember last year we got snow a couple times in february, you never know. well today, i've got a little kid, this is icky weather. >> icky weather. i kind of like that. i'm going to spell that out on my graphics one day. for today, icky, yeah, a good explanation of it. cloudy and dreary, we're starting to see rain splatting on the lens at the durham international airport where it's now 48 degrees. just light rain you have to contend with out the door this morning. just a few showers showing up on our sat lied rairt -- satellite radar composite. dealing with a line of showers
6:42 am
its energy and steam as it moves towards our area. very light rain falling across portions of wake county up towards orange and durham county as well and chatham county, lee county, very light showers this morning. falling near sanford looks like pittsboro, you're on the dry side. what you need to know as you're planning your day, take the umbrella with you, and also very cool compared to where we were yesterday. right now starting off with temperatures in the mid 40s at 8:00 a.m., 47 at noon, 48 our afternoon nie. low -- low 40s by 6:00 p.m. the cold front sparking the showers should be off by the p.m. sparking that wet weather, back to our west, high pressure. the high pressure system doesn't start to dominate our forecast until say, friday of this week. it will stick around though for the weekend ahead and the weekend ahead looking really
6:43 am
today. forecast, 8:00 a.m. few showers in and around the area. still holding on to the chance for a few sprinkles, noon, 1:00. as we head to the afternoon like i said, i do think we'll be on the drier side. as we head in to overnight tonight, pretty dry, still pretty cloudy even at midnight and in the early hours of our thursday. the best chance going to move up light along the east coast, of course we're close enough, the best chance for tomorrow will be around raleigh and off to the 95 corridor. you're looking at the best chance for rain tomorrow. let's talk temperatures. it you're getting ready to head out the door right now, 48 raleigh, 41 sanford, pinehurst though, still at 52. the mid 40s around fayetteville. our high today, 48 in raleigh, 47 in durham, 51 in fayetteville, overnight tonight, we drop to near freezing 33 degrees, not expecting anything sort of ice or snow, most of us
6:44 am
then we head in to tomorrow, 48 a few showers in the afternoon, on friday. 51. we'll stay in the 50s for saturday then we climb in the 60s for sunday and early next week and don't forget, groundhog day on tuesday. we'll see if he predicts a longer winter or a spring. time now 6:50 on this wednesday morning, we'll get to trang traffic and -- traffic and this is a live picture of i-440 and lasseter, plenty of cars the good news, no slowdowns in this direction. we do have an accident on i-440 eastbound at the i-40 exit. we know this is a big interchange, not a lot of cars in it that direction just yet, as more people hit the roads this could cause delays. stay alert towards i-440 eastbound and exit 16. another check on traffic and weather just before 7:00. all right, we're voting on an early spring from that groundhog. thanks, alyssa. plans are beginning to take shape for a big new development project in cary. as you drive in to cary from
6:45 am
town center is on the left, undeveloped land on the right. that's the site slated for the eastern cary greenway, similar to pedestrian friendly north hills. wegman's expressing an interest, last night the planning director presented his vision for the project at a work session the town council listened and then weighed in. the next step the town board has asked the planning director to come up with more specific renderings. talk about real life cliff hanger. residents here in california left teetering on the edge by the effects of el nino. local officials have declared a state of emergency and are urging these residents to leave. but a few of them are defying that order. i'm gabe gutierrez in pacifica,
6:46 am
we'll have the latest on the welcome back, breaking news out of raleigh. >> crews on the scene of a fire on hanover street near the five
6:47 am
that's where we find wncn's emma wright following the story. emma at this point, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, it looks like the fire's out but we're hearing a woman who lived in the burns. we're going to show you where it happened. it happened half a block from street. the fire department still has most of the street blocked off while they fight the fire, i took a walk down the block, they had a ladder to the top story of the house, looks like they had water from the hotspots. don't know how it started, it's still an active fire scene. they've got the police out here, the paramedics, the fire department. we of course are continuing to follow this story and we will bring you much more information as soon as we get it. but again, one woman taken to unc burn center here after a fire on hanover street in the five points community in raleigh. reporting live, i'm emma wright, wncn news. >> thanks a lot, hopefully she'll be okay. all right on a lighter note when the carolina panthers face the broncos in the super bowl in
6:48 am
they'll have a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. >> you better believe it team owner richardson is paying for each and every employee of the organization to go to the san francisco area to see the team play in super bowl l. to the executives. richardson always stressed from the players to the front office, carolina wins as one team. and this isn't the first time that the big cat has rewarded his employees. you might remember this one, in 2004, he picked up the tab for more than 550 employees plus a guest to go to houston for the super bowl xxxviii to watch them take on the patriots. he provided airline tickets, hotel rooms, access to parties, fun! plus a trip to nasa and tickets to the game. can you imagine how expensive was that? the panthers will face the cbs. >> it's nice to be an owner of a successful football franchise. >> he's an awesome boss! >> you guys got any predictions?
6:49 am
>> i think it's carolina. >> i'm focused more on what i'm eating. >> 10 pounds every super bowl. how's the weather looking? for today, not so good. kwloeud skies -- cloudy skies, showers now moving through central north carolina, keep the umbrella with you, very light rain with this system. 48 in raleigh, 47 in durham, also in the mid 40s around the sand hills. temperatures not moving a whole lot today. a high this afternoon, 48, most of us should be drier later today. and just in to our wncn newsroom we do have an accident. it's near 401 but on simkins road, in south raleigh, we'll watch out for more information coming in on this accident as we head through the morning. >> and punxsutawney phil makes an appearance next week? >> next tuesday. >> yeah, springtime, all right, thanks for watching. >> the today show is next, we hope you have a great wednesday, we'll see you back here all
6:50 am
good morning. breaking overnight. two members of that group of protesters occupying a federal building in oregon shot by
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