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tv   WNCN Today at 530AM  CBS  January 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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today and even a few showers. some of those showers falling now across southern portions of our area, along 95 and cumberland county. then into southern portions of hoke county this morning. keep the umbrella handy, to be honest i think the best chance of rain will develop later this afternoon. so let's get to the temperatures now. 37 degrees raleigh. 35 durham. where you're seeing a little break in the cloud cover, much colder. 26 roxboro. 29 henderson. where we're seeing rain showers -- the good news is it's well fayetteville. here's the forecast for today, 36 at 8:00. climbing to 41 by noon today. then a better chance for rain developing this afternoon. afternoon high of 46. back to 42 as the rain continues close to 6:00 p.m. more on the forecast in a bit. and when that sunshine returns. right now let's switch gears and check with traffic. this is i-40 and fayetteville street. not a lot going on in this direction so if you're heading out this morning, know if you're heading on i-40 no
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we have a problem spot in southern portions of wake county. this is just east of apex, just west of garner. there's power lines down because of an early morning accident. that is elbridge drive near the intersection with rock service station road. rock service station road is closed now between highway 42 and old station road. so we'll keep an eye on this. right now back to you. 5:32. authorities arrested three more people in connection with an armed group that seized a oregon. this came a night after agents pulled members from the group during a traffic stop. one person was shot and killed, eight others taken in to custody. including the group's leader ammon bundy. he's now calling for those remaining at the refuge to leave. the group has occupied the refuge for nearly a month as part of a long-running dispute surrounding public lands.
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military will have a chance to meet with potential employers. the annual recruit military job fair is taking place, held at carter stadium. emma wright with more on what you need to know when you go. >> reporter: this job fair brings together hundreds of veterans and dozens of companies. this job fair has been happening in raleigh for the past couple of years. veterans attending previous fairs have said it's very helpful. we have video of what one of those previous fairs looked like last year. more than 40 companies were set up in the vaughn towers where it's being held at the stadium. recruit military, the company putting this on, says today there will be recruiters like home depot, aaa, post office in and city of raleigh. previous attendees say career fairs like this make it easier after being in the military. >> they want that college degree or some kind of college
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tried explaining myself. you want somebody who read a book for two years? i've done it four years and got shot at while i did it. >> today's career fair starts 11:00 a.m., ends 3:00 p.m. at the vaughn towers. recruit military says if you plan on coming bring your resume. reporting live in raleigh, emma wright, wncn news. to new developments in the case of a duke student taken to the hospital following a rush event at a sorority. duke university abruptly suspended all sorority activities yesterday. it came after they say a female student that was a new member of a sorority had too much to drink of the the university is meeting with the 18 different sororities now as a result. duke issued a statement saying all agreed that what happened the other night is unacceptable and steps must be taken to prevent similar recurrences. at this time activities and suspensions have been partially lifted. >> it's scary. as a sorority member myself i get nervous for new members or
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positions. >> there was a girl collapsed there and she was dressed only in a bra and underpants. on her face with her arms back like this. >> duke says that student is expected to be ok. they've been tight-lipped about the case, wouldn't say what sorority was involved. 5:35. today you can once again share your thoughts about fayetteville's controversial city seal. the city seal's currently a picture of the fayetteville markethouse. slaves were sold there in the 1800s. critics say the landmark building is a symbol of slavery and doesn't truly represent the city. three separate meetings taking place throughout fayetteville today. we've got more on protests outside the wake county detection center due to recent immigration raids. protesters held a vigil and tried to call attention to how they feel the raids are tearing families apart. earlier this month u.s. immigration and customs
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100 people during raids. those people were undocumented immigrants, primarily from north carolina, georgia and texas. the homeland security secretary says it's part of a broader strategy to deal with illegal immigration. people at last night's vigil are concerned about kids being separated from their families and then the safety -- their safety when they return back to their home countries. >> it's always like a constant fear -- this takes a psychological toll on people -- since i was a kid i had a mistrust of the police because every time i saw a police car i automatically feared that i would be separated from my parents. >> secretary jay johnson says the raids shouldn't have been a surprise. he says these kinds of operations will continue as they are warranted. 5:36. the future of a csx transportation hub project in johnston county is up in the air. on tuesday the governor released a statement saying that the current proposed site
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but still not a guarantee because csx officials say they are still committed to moving the project forward even at this current sticking point. land owners aware of the state's power to use eminent domain say they hope they can keep their farms and businesses regardless of where the project goes from here. >> people that voice their support on day one just assumed this big project, since it had been announced that the land had been acquired and everything had been done. >> csx says it looks forward to addressing any concerns, it's unclear at this time when or if the project will actually move forward. tonight another public workshop about the future of rdu international airport will take place in raleigh. the airport authority held its first workshop last night in durham on the vision 2040 master plan. it includes ways to tackle growth including future aircraft and passenger activity. the next step is to develop alternative ways to meet the growth without sacrificing customer service. that means improvements to the
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parking and other facilities. hopefully the lines at the coffee stands stay short. >> i got to say it's one of the friendliest airports i've ever been there. they are always so helpful there. >> it's one of the fastest airports. it's good stuff. >> they are quick. let's catch up on news now. 5:37. top republican presidential hopefuls once again will debate but the top runner says he's not going to be there. what donald trump plans to do instead. >> look at this cute and could lie -- cuddly guy named banana.
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welcome back to "wncn today." good thursday morning, 37 degrees. this is a live picture from our tower cam. we're looking over the beltline, slowly but surely seeing a few more cars out there. the reason we're so mild here in the triangle, yeah, we're colder than yesterday, mild compared to where we should. we're looking at clouds and a few showers moving into our area this morning. with the cloudier conditions, i said this yesterday, it acts as 40s across the sand hills. i'll show you temperatures in a moment. check out cumberland county, now seeing a little more widespread rain activity this morning. take the umbrella with you. and a very broken line of showers extending towards johnston and wilson counties this morning. now to the temperatures i was talking about. even milder around the sand hills, 42 fayetteville. 43 raeford. now 38 sanford. in the upper 30s around raleigh.
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colder towards the virginia border, mid-40s. in the triangle we're in the mid-30s through 8:00 a.m. then we'll climb, 37 by 9:00. isolated showers and cloudy skies, take the umbrella. even if you're not seeing rain this morning. i'll let you know when the sunshietcomplete forecast. now 5:41. coming up, surveillance video captures a group of deputies in florida hitting and kicking a suspect. still to come, what happened to the five deputies and the punishment one now faces. later, how nasa plans to remember the victims of the
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years after it exploded. pepper discovers jimmy dean delights, made with real egg whites, lean cut meats, and whole grains. excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning. with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. 5:34. the aspca will begin to move animals from a shelter in hoke county.
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history took place at the haven animal shelter. the owners, stephen joseph spear and linden spear were charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty. the shelter operated without a license for 10 years. today you can once again share your thoughts about the fayetteville controversial city seal. it's actually a picture of the markethouse. slaves were sold there in the 1800s and critics say the landmark building is a symbol of slavery. >> more than 400 veterans and military spouses are expected to attend a hiring event later today in raleigh. it runs from 11:00 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon. tonight the republican presidential candidates face off once again in a debate. >> that's right. the eight candidates leading the polls have been invited to participate in the primetime debate on fox news, that includes ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson and jeb bush. senator rand paul left out of
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back in because of his standing in the most recent polls in iowa. this is the last debate before the iowa caucuses february 1st. >> although frontrunner donald trump is invited he says he won't be there. he still leads in iowa and says he doesn't need the debate to bolster up his support. his issue is currently with the fox moderator megyn kelly he says was unfair to him in the first debate. instead of participating he's holding an event in iowa with veterans and wounded warriors. some say this move could backfire. >> there's a huge risk. we're already seeing republicans pounce on him saying he's too scared to go toe to toe with fox news. >> as for the democrats, senator bernie sanders met with president obama yesterday in the oval office. he and hillary clinton are tied in iowa, sanders has the 15- point lead in new hampshire. people who are visually impaired are getting a little extra help when it comes to voting. just in time for the march 15th primaries here.
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with the wake county board of elections helped 76 visually impaired people navigate what is being called the automark. a voting machine that lets voters listen to the list of candidates through headphone. >> having this devic allows them to sit at the machine and mark their ballot completely privately and ndependently, to preserve the secrecy of that vote. >> that gives me peace of mind. i don't want everyone to know who i voted for because it's my choice. >> that makes sense. there are more than 200 machines currently available in the county. happening now -- former florida sheriff's deputy faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted on excessive force charges during an arrest two years ago. a federal grand jury indicted 33-year-old jesse terrell it says excessive force of use by the deputy resulted in bodily injury to the suspect. he was fired. four others involved resigned. the wife of a police officer in illinois who staged his suicide to look like a murder is in jail herself this morning.
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woman, melanie gliniewicz, on charges of dispersing charitable funds without authority and for personal benefit as well as money laundering. investigators say they found inconsistencies in financial documents surrounding a police program managed by her late husband lieutenant gliniewicz. authorities say they used money for personal expenses. you can imagine how some people are about this. officials in the nation's capital are cracking down on drivers who abandon their vehicles due to the blizzard from last week. the district has issued more than a million dollars in parking tickets and an additional $65,000 in fines, as many as 665 cars and trucks were towed from city streets there. better news -- happier news, one of the world's top acrobatic paragliders crossed
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list. horratio lawrence is a guinness world record holder for the most continuous loops while paraghieding gliding. 568 spins. here's a live picture from shaw university in downtown raleigh. as we start our thursday morning really not looking at any fog or rain to speak of here in raleigh. there is rain showing up on our radar. first, i want to show you the loop the past two hours. this shows this broken line of showers extending back through central portions of south carolina and into our area. stopping this and bringing you to a closer look at home, there's showers towards wilson county through johnston county but looks like the most rain falling across portions of cumberland counties, towards fayetteville a few sprinkles, a few light showers around spring lake and southern portions of the county. this will continue the next few hours:i still though hold steady with thinking the best chance of rain is going to
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evening drive home. so it doesn't matter if you're seeing the rain now or not. take the umbrella with you, especially if you're here in real and off to our east around the 95 corridor. what you need to know as you plan your day, 35 at 8:00 a.m. just a few sprinkles, 41 at noon and again most of us still on the dry side, 46 our afternoon high before we fall back to 42 by 6:00 p.m. the afternoon high into the evening drive home, the best chance for rain will develop. so here's our future forecast. this morning for the most part just dealing with cloudy skies, same situation through about lunchtime. here we are at 1:00, you can see this band of rain really developing along the coastline. this model keeps the majority of the rain off to our east. i think this is going to wobble further west which means in raleigh and again that 95 corridor has a better chance of seeing rain this afternoon. that will quickly move out and the good news is the skies are going to clear quickly. that is not the greatest news for your temperatures tomorrow morning. they will be near freezing but
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hey, it's friday. we all want sunny skies then. here's a look at the temperature trend. yes, today, unseasonably cold but with that sunshine around the temperatures are going to go up. so 51 tomorrow. 55 on saturday. the 60s are around for sunday and into the start of next workweek. monday we could be looking for a high of 66 degrees. but of course we're far from that mark this morning. 35 in durham. 37 raleigh. the 20s around the virginia border where you're seeing a break in the cloud cover. but 40s where you're seeing more clouds and the chance of rain this morning in the sand hills. 46 our high in raleigh today. 45 durham. 48 fayetteville. overnight tonight i mentioned that clearing leading the cold temperatures. 32 degrees our overnight low. here's a look at the coming days, 50s here friday. 55 saturday. and then look out sunday, it's looking perfect, 62 and sunny.
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day tuesday, we'll have to see if the groundhog predicts a longer winter or spring. let's look at the traffic conditions. 5:51. this is wade avenue and i-440. a few more headlights and tail- lights in this direction. nothing to slow you down though. we have an earlier morning accident on i-85/i-40 eastbound, extreme western portions of orange county, even west of hillsborough this morning. watch for some delays there. not picking up a lot with our live drive traffic monitor. i'll keep you up to date on traffic and weather through the rest of the morning. meet our pet of the morning. "vinny." remember vinny bash -- barbarino from welcome back kotter? >> no. >> anyway, he doesn't look like that. about
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welcome back. 30 years ago today the space shuttle challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff. all seven astronauts on board died including christa mcauliffe. she was set to be the first teacher ever in space. in honor of those men and women and other nasa personnel who lost their lives on the job, january 28th is the nasa day of remembrance. this morning senior nasa officials will participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery. and later in the day other nasa centers will hold remembrance events as well. raleigh man who beat stage 4 cancer is headed to super bowl 50. to hopefully see the carolina panthers beat the broncos.
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expense paid trip to the bay area to watch his team in the super bowl. the trip made possible by the fill your bucket list foundation. it's a carey-based nonprofit that grants wishes to adults with cancer. he says he's taking his mom with him because she dropped everything in her life to take care of him when he was first diagnosed. >> i was pretty pumped at first. i was speechless. i instantly called mom and told her about it. and i hadn't told her yet that i was going to pick her to go with me. so that was kind of -- you know -- fun to keep that a secret. >> the foundation was about to spenenthousands of dollars on super bowl tickets but just the other day somebody donated a pair of tickets to help fulfill grant's wish. a kind deed they did. north carolina's company getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the big game. behind the scenes. cbs hired filmworks in rocky point to help with lighting,
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also to help out by powering at the sight. >> we have a crew out there already. i think we have about 15 tractor-trailers similar to what you see back out here. we have generators, we have building structures, and other intentities or our other things to go to santa clara. the super bowl is sunday february 7th, on cbs. we're excited that starting february 29th we will be delivering all of the hit programming on cbs. >> that list includes some really good shows. find out more about this on our web site, a trending story. this little guy is back with his owner after he caused a sara for one woman in -- scare for a woman in florida.
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he snuck into a 99-year-old woman's home and fell asleep on her chest. she was terrified and screamed. family members captured "banana," rushed him back to his owner. they normally call the rainforest of central and south america home, not miami. >> that's not that cute of an animal. that would be like a nightmare. >> i think he was adorable.
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we'll be right back. on wncn -- more arrests in connection with the standoff in oregon on federal land. details coming up. >> a major opportunity for veterans around the triangle to find work. we've got a live report coming up. >> the aspca's largest ever
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