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tv   WNCN Today at 600AM  CBS  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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lauren with the latest. good morning. i'm mike gonzalez. >> good morning, i'm stefan chase. we have the forecast now with meteorologist alyssa corfont. >> good morning. this forecast starting with a few showers, down across the sand hills. the showers around now samson and cumberland county and extending a very broken line towards portions of wilson county this morning. needless to say if you're seeing the showers this morning -- if you're not seeing the showers this morning, take your umbrella with you but steadier afternoon. in the meantime let's talk raleigh. 34 durham. you can see just updating in lewisburg at freezing now. down around the sand hills where they are seeing a little more cloud cover this morning, more of the 40s. the 20s. 26 roxboro and in south hill. also north of the triangle develop. visibility down to a half-mile in henderson. five miles in roxboro. seven miles in south hill and durham.
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36 at 8:00 a.m. just a few isolated showers, most of us dry at lunchtime and then i was talking about the steadier showers, i think those arrive closer to 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon and could stick around for the evening drive home. back by 6:00 we should be close to 42 degrees. i'll have more on the forecast and when the sunshine will arrive coming up in a little bit. let's switch gears and check in with traffic now on this thursday morning. here's a live picture outside and you can see cars are moving pretty freely, not a lot to delay you on this thursday morning. we are tracking an accident, it's near breyer creek, on breyer creek parkway, accident at the intersection of lumly road. if you're heading in that direction this is your typical routine? allow plenty of room for the cars involved. we'll get to more on traffic and weather in about 10 minutes. 6:02. breaking news -- authorities arrest three more people in connection with an armed group that seized a federal wildlife
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this came a night after agents pulled members from the group during a traffic stop, one person was shotted a -- shot and killed. eight others taken into custody including the group's leader ammon bundy. he's calling for the ones remaining at the refuge to leave. the group occupied the refuge for nearly a month as part of a long-running dispute surrounding public lands. members of the military will have a chance to meet with potential employers. the job fair got a great response last year i remember. emma wright is live outside of the stadium with more on what you need to know when you go. >> reporter: this job fair typically brings hundreds of veterans and dozens of employers together. it's been happening for a few years here. veterans who have attended it in the past tell us it's really helpful. we're going to show you video of what last year's career fair looked like. this year recruit military, the company that is putting this on says they expect to have over
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attend expect to meet with people from home depot, aaa, time warner, post office and city of raleigh to name a few. we talked with veterans at previous job fairs who say finding a job after leaving the military can be difficult but say career fairs like this are helpful. >> they want that college degree. or they want some kind of college degree. and it's like -- i've tried to explain myself, you want somebody who read a book for two years? i've done it for four years, and been shot at while i did it. >> reporter: if you are interested in establishing this career fair it starts -- attending this career fair it's 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 thm this afternoon. at the towers at the stadium. the recruit military says they suggest preregistering ahead of time. more information on how to do that at they say when you come, of course you should bring your resume. emma wright, wncn news. police in durham are working diligently to close
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homicides from last year. this after last year's murder rate nearly doubled in the city. one of the unsolved cases is 22- year-old johnny mclean, gunned down in march while driving in east durham. wncn questioned durham police about why the cases haven't been solved. they say factors like lack of witness cooperation and little physical evidence sometimes holds up an arrest but police say they never give up. >> all our homicide cases until they are solved remain active. we never have a homicide case that goes inactive. >> detectives stress you can give confidential tips to crime stoppers, we posted the phone number on right now police and the highway patrol are investigating a deadly crash on i-40 in wake county. the accident happened just before 4:30 yesterday afternoon. police say jason jones was driving on to the exit ramp from 40 east to 70 when he ran off the road and hit james lucas. lucas, walking on the side of
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so far investigators have not filed any charges. today aspca workers will begin to remove animals from a hoke county animal rescue. the owners charged with animal crueltiy. >> reporter: the aspca says it's their largest animal rescue in history. the raid took place in hoke county yesterday. more than 600 animals were found living in what authorities called deplorable conditions. some were found with open wound, others with severe respiratory disease, the owners, stephen and linden spear are charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty. the shelter was operating without a license for the last 10 years. >> what took authorities so long to intervene? >> what they would do, the complaints would go through the state, the state would then do their investigation. when it came to the animal
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we drafted a search warrant and went to the property. >> reporter: nearly 140 responders will access the 122- acre property over the next two to three days. the spears' pond set at 4,000 dollars. bond. lawmakers will meet again next month to have their voices heard on whether someone should step in to help run some of the state's low-performing schools. a house committee met yesterday to discuss the possibility of achievement school districts. the plan would take five of the state's lowest-performing elementary schools and group them into districts or actually one district. some lawmakers say it may be a better idea to focus on efforts already underway to help improve low-performing schools. so christmas in january for some kids at the unc children's hospital yesterday. a mother whose son is awaiting
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like this make the stay at the hospital a whole lot easier. >> i think it kind of gets him -- his mind off of what he's actually going through. so it's nice to just have the outside world come to you. >> 150 lab corps employees filled each box as part of a team-building activity. nice initiative there. >> all times of the year. time now 6:08. a dangerous new lethal combination has killed two teens in tennessee. coming up, what police say they are drinking. >> plus, massive flooding in an australian town. what is next for the water- logged city. >> heads up, students, take your umbrellas, a few showers this morning, a better chance of rain this afternoon. high though of only 46.
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welcome back. alyssa corfont. we love a beautiful sunshiny day but there's a good reason to like the gray daze as well. the clouds keep us insulated. >> we're mild this morning especially around the sand hills. right now we have a live downtown raleigh. not a lot going on locally but like i said, around the sands hillser dealing with some rain this morning. sand hills. you're waking up to light showers around samson and cumberland counties. the line of showers extends back towards central portions of south carolina and now even up towards wilson county and edge comb counties this morning. even towards southern portions of wayne county. i'm really looking at samson county. you're seeing the brunt of the rain now. it's light in nature. if you're getting ready to head out take the umbrella with you. the best chance of rain is actually going to develop as we head into later this afternoon. let's get to the temperatures.
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insulate us. so the 40s where they have more clouds around the sand hills, 41 fayetteville, lillington and clayton, we have cloudy skies here of our own. 37 raleigh but you move towards the north carolina -- virginia border, 26 in south hill and roxboro. an indicator there there's a break in the cloud cover from time to time. temperatures through the rest of the morning, 36 now, we'll fall into the mid-30s by 8:00 a.m. climbing back though to 37 by 9:00 this morning. isolatedded showers, cloudy skies for that morning commute, needless to say though you are going to need that umbrella. if you're waking up around the sand hills. as we head into the afternoon i think there's a better chance for rain moving through. we're going to stay on the chilly side, 46, we'll climb back to the 50s with sunshine on our friday. 55 on saturday. fantastic. of course i'll show you just how warm we'll get on sunday forecast. clean-up continues today after water filled a city in
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take a look, flooding submerged cars, damaged buildings after a severe storm near melbourne. the state emergency service says it received almost 500 calls for help had. 18 people had to be rescued. homeowners and restaurant workers surveying the damage this morning. certainly feeling for those folks and thinking of them this morning. time now just about 6:13. a deadly bus accident in indiana leaves one school without their leader. coming up, hear from parents and teachers as the community continues to grieve this
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you're watc welcome back. today you can once again share your thoughts about the fayetteville controversial city seal. it's a picture of the fayetteville markethouse. slaves were sold at the markethouse during the 1800s,
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building is a symbol of slavery. >he republican presidential candidates face off tonight on fox news, the last debate before next week's iowa caucuses. frontrunner donald trump says he won't be there citing issues with megyn kelly, the moderator. instead he'll be in iowa, holding an event with wounded warriors and veterans. >> 30 years ago today the space shuttle challenger exploded 73 seconds after takeoff. all seven astronauts on board died. january 28th is recognized as the nasa day of remembrance. nasa will hold a wreath laying at arlington and remembrance events all throughout the day. >> vets on the coast are working to figure out what killed a baby humpback whale that washed ashore on the beach. the stranding coordinator says the whale was 2 to 3 years old, very thin, appeared to be sick
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today class will resume at amy beverland elementary school in indiana. a school bus had jumped a curb killing susan jordan, the school's principal. police are investigating and say the driver had no prior record and submitted to drug and alcohol testing. they say the bus showed no clear signs of mechanical troubles. meanwhile parents, teachers coming together to remember jordan last night. susan jordan was much more than the principal of my children's school. she was my friend and she was just the most amazing boss, mentor, friend, second mom. that anyone could have. >> precious memories, sounds administrators say grief counselors will be at the week. this story is getting a lot of attention with parents. two teens in tennessee died after drinking a dangerous mixture of soda and racing
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two other teens who crank the -- drank the mixture were taken to the hospital and eventually released. it's known as "dewshine" and is extremely dangerous. >> it affect the retina in the eye and you can become blind. >> mountain dew makes a product called "dewshine" but it's not the same thing as the dangerous combination of soda and racing fuel. nonetheless extremely scary for parents. >> who comes up with this? with these ideas? so dangerous. >> you're young, you're dumb, you do silly things. hopefully it doesn't start to explode around the nation. weather, we have clouds but better than snow, right? >> let's go ahead and talk about this. this is a live picture from shaw university in downtown raleigh. not so bad as we start our thursday morning. not so bad for us but if you look to the south, that's where they are seeing a few showers this morning.
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radar composite over the past two hours. these showers streaming in from south carolina this morning. but over the last hour we'll call it, those really beginning to break up. throughout the rest of the morning i think the showers are slowly going to taper off for us. but where they are falling now, well, obviously you want to take the umbrella, across central portions of cumberland county, a large portion of samson county seeing rain and towards wayne county. i'll bring to you a closer look at samson county. along clinton, off towards i- 40, you can see i-95 in cumberland county, that is also seeing some very light rain this morning. watch for wet roads. if you're driving around cumberland, samson counties this morning. all in all this shouldn't slow you down a lot but i'm expecting steadier rain later this afternoon and that could have a bigger impact on your drive home. here's what i'm thinking, for today, 35 degrees at 8:00 a.m. a few isolated showers, 38 at noon, 41 at lunchtime, the majority of us are going to be dry throughout the morning hours. you'll notice as the
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best chance between 4:00 and say 6:00 this evening, our high this afternoon around 46 degrees. the setup for today, we had that cold front move through yesterday, we were talking about that, that is stalled off the east coast. areas of low pressure going to ride up along it, that will provide with us a good chance for afternoon showers later today. still going to be chilly for this time of year but don't worry, some warmer temperatures weekend ahead. let's map out the rain chances on your future forecast. majority of us dry at 7:00 a.m. through lunchtime i think the majority of us are dry as well. southern portions of cumberland and samson counties could start to see rain a little earlier. this is our in-house model. it keeps the majority of the rain east of our area. i wouldn't be surprised if the access of this rain moves a little further west, putting more of us under the threat of rain later this afternoon for the drive home. the good news, as quick as the rain moves out it's going to move out and skies will clear close to midnight.
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skies for friday. it will be cold though by friday morning. 37 now in raleigh. 41 in lillington and fayetteville. our high today 46. 45 durham. close to 50 around the sand hills. overnight tonight with clearing skies, i mentioned colder temperatures, around 32 for an overnight low. here's the coming days, looking at a high of 51 friday. 55 saturday. look at that, the 60s are here for sunday, monday and into the middle of next week. it's now 6:21 on this thursday morning. let's check with traffic now. starting to see more cars. this is outside our wncn studios, i-440 and wake forest road, a few more cars now, nothing to slow you down. there's an accident we've been watching throughout the majority of the morning. it does have rock service station road closed in southern portions of wake county. power pole is down and lights across rock service station road. a good alternate is going to be u.s. 50.
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around this morning. coming up on 6:22 -- making a dream come true. coming up, how one unc star hopes to turn childhood dreams into reality and get that ring. >> plus, we caught one an nc state legend who knows a little something about the super bowl. to say the least. don't miss out on holtz'
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welcome back. nc state looked for their second acc wednesday night at pnc. >> the pack hosted georgia tech but things didn't go their way. despite a massive game from barber and abu who scored 36 and 22 points respectively, nc state closed a 14-point gap in the second half before watching
6:21 am
losing 90-83. next up, 15th ranked miami comes to raleigh. hundreds of thousands of kids have dreamed of making it to the super bowl but only a few actually get to live it. >> in 11 days former unc star trey boston will. he told our todd gibbson he used to watch the super bowl and play in the backyard dreaming he was there. his mom with a often throw that game winning pass to him. hole get the chance to make a big play against peyton manning in the super bowl. back then he was thinking of different stars. >> no, never thought about peyton manning. maybe brett favre, older quarterbacks. peyton was never on my list. >> you can bet he's ready to make an impact come super bowl sunday and live out the dream of getting a ring. hoping to get a pick instead of a touchdown. maybe he'll take it all the way. former nc state star tory holtz went to super bowl 34
6:22 am
he won that super bowl but lost super bowl 36. >> he shared advice for the panthers. >> this is a very exciting time for the organization, for the current pens organization as well as the fans and all involved. i would say enjoy the emotions, enjoy the ride, enjoy the journal anybut take care of your -- journey but take care of your business first so you can go on game day so, focus on winning the super bowl. >> i asked him who he was rooting for. who do you think? >> carolina panthers? >>duh. it's february 7th in santa clara. things wrapped up in the australian open of tennis. >> djokovic defeated if federer. federer won the third set but djokovic came back in the fourth set to win the match 3- 1. you're watching wncn news
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we'll be right back. happy thursday morning, thank you for joining us, i'm mike gonzalez. >> i'm stefan chase. this morning we have wncn's emma wright, in raleigh ahead of a militata job fair happening today. >> and lauren havellin has a preview of the big gop debate tonight. but first alyssa corfont, more rain in the forecast? that's right. more rain so take the umbrella with you. more rain is to the south and east now, already moved through cumberland and hoke counties. this you're waking up and driving looks like i-40 into raleigh from samson county or if you're traveling up 95 you could encounter wet roads. i think there is a better chance of rain though as we head into the afternoon hours. i'll get to that in a moment. let's talk temperatures now. if you're getting ready to step out the door, 37 raleigh but 34
6:24 am
even colder towards the virginia border, 26 in roxboro. 28 henderson. further south you go, well, milder because we're looking at cloudier skies. 41 in fayetteville and lillington. there's also a little bit of fog now being reported around henderson, advise i can't there at 3 miles -- visibility at 3 miles, 5 miles in roxboro. today, just a few showers this morning, mid-30s at 8:00 a.m. 41 at noon. then we're looking for a high of 46. when we reach that afternoon high that is when the better rain chances will be developing for us. i do think they will stay around for the evening drive home so that could take you a little bit longer this afternoon. i'll let you know when sunshine returns coming up in the complete forecast. time to check with traffic. seeing more cars. it's that time of morning. i-40 and fayetteville street. moving a little slower than when we checked in on it earlier. we also have an accident in northern portions of wake county. this is on breyer creek parkway and the intersection of lumlye
6:25 am
540 to the breyer creek area this could slow you down this morning. i'll have more on traffic and weather in about 10 minutes. today members of the military will have a chance to meet with potential employers, annual recruit military job fair is held at carter findlay stadium. what you need to know before you go, emma wright has more. >> reporter: it brings hundreds of veterans together with dozens of companies in the area. veterans who attended fairs in the past say they are really helpful. we have video of what one of the fairs looked like in the years past. today you can expect more than 40 companies here, recruit military, company putting this on, says they will have companies like home depot, aaa, time warner cable, post office and city of raleigh here to meet with veterans. we talked with veterans at some of these previous fairs and they say finding a job after leaving the military can be
6:26 am
fairs like this make it easier. >> they want that college degree. or they want some kind of college degree, and it's like -- i've tried to explain myself, you want somebody who read a book for two years? i've done it four years and been shot at while i did it. >> reporter: if you're interested in attending it starts 11:00 a.m., ends 3:00 p.m. recruit military says they suggest to you preregister on- line first. find a link on they say if you do come make sure to bring your resume. reporting live in raleigh, emma wright, wncn news. to new developments in the case of a duke student taken to the hospital following a rush event at a sorority. duke university abruptly suspended all sorority activities yesterday. the move came after they say a female student, a new member of a sorority had too much alcohol to drink the the university is meeting with 18 different sororities, duke issued a statement saying all agreed that what happened last night
6:27 am
steps must be taken to prevent any similar recurrence. at this time the suspension has been partially lifted. >> it's really scary. i don't know, as a sorority member myself i am nervous for new members or anyone ever in those positions. >> a girl was collapsed there dressed only in a bra and underpants lying on her face, kind of with her arms back like this. >> duke says that student is expected to be ok, they've been tight-lipped though about the case, wouldn't say what sorority was actually involved. today you can once again share your thoughts about fayetteville's controversial city seal. the city seal's currently a picture of the fayetteville markethouse. slaves were sold there in the 1800s, so critics say the landmark building is a symbol of slavery and doesn't truly represent the city. separate meetings are taking place in fayetteville today. for more information go to protests were held outside
6:28 am
center yesterday because of recent immigration raids. protesters held that vigil, trying to call attention to how they feel the raids are tearing families apart. earlier this month u.s. immigration and customs enforcement arrested more than 100 people during raids. those people were undocumented immigrants primarily from the states of north carolina, georgia and texas. the homeland security secretary says it's part of a broader strategy to deal with illegal immigration but people at last night's vigil are concerned about kids being separated from their families and their safety in their home countries. >> it's always like a constant fear. this takes a psychological toll on, you know, people, like, since i was a kid i had a mistrust of the police because every time i saw a police car i automatically feared that i would be separated from my parents. >> the dhs secretary says the raids shouldn't have come as a surprise. he says these kinds of
6:29 am
happening now -- the future of a csx transportation hub project in johnston county is up in the air at this time. on tuesday the governor released a statement saying the current proposed site was no longer a viable option but that is still not a definite guarantee because csx officials have said they are still committed to moving the project forward even at this sticking point. land owners wary of the use of eminent domain say they hope they can keep their farms and businessings regardsless of where this project goes from here. >> people, that voice their support on day one just assumed that this big project, since it had been announced that the land had been acquired and everything had been done. >> csx says it looks forward to addressing any concerns. at this point it's unclear where or if the project will actually move forward. tonight another public workshop about the future of rdu international airport taking place in raleigh. the airport authority held its first workshop last night in durham.
6:30 am
it includes ways to tackle growth including future aircraft and passenger activity. the next step is to develop alternative ways to meet that growth without sacrificing customer service. that means improvements to the airfield, passenger terminals, parking and other facilities. i got to say it's a complete joy to fly out of rdu. >> it's a nice airport but growth is expected to, like 50% over the next 20 years in our region. so it's growing and you have to get ahead of it. and keep the coffee line short. that's the most important thing going. >> i don't doubt they will help with you with that. republican presidential hopefuls meet up tonight. >> the frontrunner won't be there. why donald trump says he's not showing up. >> take the umbrella with you as you head for the door. we're looking at a few showers but better chance of rain this
6:31 am
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enamel is your teeth's first line of defense. but daily eating and drinking can make it weak. try colgate enamel health. it replenishes weak spots with natural calcium to strengthen enamel four times better. colgate enamel health. stronger, healthy enamel. welcome back to "wncn today." about 6:39 on this thursday. currently 37 degrees. it could be colder for this time of year. not so bad as we start off. this is a live picture from the raleigh-durham international airport. some of you dealing with more clouds, also a few showers moving through the area this morning. not a lot of you, but those showers that are falling, falling very light. now across the southeastern portions of our viewing area. want to show you a closer look. look at this, wayne county seeing steadier rain at this time. then also north and central portions of samson county. earlier the showers were
6:33 am
waking up there and you see the wet roadways no rain falling at the time but it was earlier this morning. so here's a look at the temperatures. if you head towards the virginia border we're seeing a break in the cloud cover. that is why the temperatures are much colder. 28 in henderson and south hill. 26 roxboro. here in the triangle not so bad. we're still rather cloudy, 37 raleigh. out towards johnston county, 39 clayton. around the sand hills where they are seeing more rain, more clouds, 42 raeford, 41 clinton. here's how your day is going to shape up, we'll be in the mid to upper 30s through about 10:00 a.m. in the 40s by noon. still just an isolated shower possible. as the temperatures continue to climb this afternoon, so do those rain chances, 46 our afternoon high. the best chance of rain going to be throughout the area, around that drive home. so as you hit the car, around 5:00, 6 co:00 this evening -- 6:00 this evening, know some of you could be traveling throuou
6:34 am
i'll give you more details forecast. special surprise for two kids along our coast. great story. gunnery sergeant andrew navarro surprised his little boy and girl, he just wrapped up a six- europe. it's his seventh tour overseas that he's been on. the navarros took their kids home early and planned on playing legos, basketball, getting outside as a family. so great to have him back. 6:41. remembering a tragedy, how nasa will honor those lost in the
6:35 am
ago today. welcome back. tonight's republican debate will with without donald trump.
6:36 am
>> reporter: donald trump's numbers in iowa are strong. analysts say skipping tonight's debate is a risk but it could turn out to be a smart one. trump's feud with fox news anchor megyn kelly has led to one less candidate on the stage tonight. fox confirms there will be no empty podium. ted cruz challenged trump to a one-on-one saturday, he's even reserved a spot. trump has a competing event. >> he doesn't want to answer questions from the men and women of iowa about how his record doesn't match what he is selling. >> interesting side show. greatest show on earth. this is not a show. this is serious. >> there's no clear answer this morning whether iowa voters will be offended or impressed. you can watch the debate tonight on fox news. back to you. to the democratic side. senator bernie sanders met with president obama privately in
6:37 am
about an hour. sanders told reporters that he thinks the president has been even-handed during the democratic presidential primary. the meeting comes just days after the president praised hillary clinton during an interview with politico, fueling speculation the president was supporting his former secretary of state. sanders called yesterday's meeting very productive as well as constructive. people who are visually impaired are getting some extra help voting. in time for the march 15th primaries here. the raleigh lions club and board of elections helped 76 visually impaired people navigate the automark, a voting machine that lets users listen to the list of candidates through headphones. >> having this device allows them to sit at the machine and mark their ballot completely privately and independently, to preserve the secrecy of that vote. >> that gives me peace of mind, i don't want everyone to know who i voted for.
6:38 am
there are more than 200 automark machines currently available in the county. a former florida sheriff's deputy faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted on excessive force charges during an arrest two years ago. it was captured on video, a federal grand jury indicted 33- year-old jesse terrell, it said excessive use of force by the deputy resulted in bodily injury to the suspect. terrell was fired, four other deputies involved resigned. right now the wife of a police officer in illinois who staged his suicide to look like a murder is in jail herself this morning. grand jury indicted melanie gliniewicz on charges of dispersing charitable funds without authority and for personal benefit as well as money laundering. investigators say they found inconsistiencies in documents surrounding a police program used by her late husband. police say it was used for personal expenses including a trip to hawaii.
6:39 am
space shuttle challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff, all seven astronauts on board died including christa mcauliffe, she was set to be the first teacher ever in space. in honor of those men and women and other nasa personnel who have lost their lives on the job, january 28th is the nasa day of remembrance. this morning senior nasa officials will participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery and later in the day nasa centers across the country will hold remembrance events. this move is sure to get a lot of complaints. officials in the nation's capital cracking down on drivers who abandoned their vehicles because of last week's blizzard. the district has issued more than a million dollars in parking tickets and an additional $65,000 in fines. as many as 66 a cars and trucks were towed from city streets. now they are going to charge them basically. extra money if -- if they are forced out.
6:40 am
clouds and a little rain but it's better than that was. >> yes. and we're tracking sunshine for the weekend. so we just need to fast forward through today. 37 degrees, cloudy now. this is a live picture from our wncn tower cam. i have it turned looking to the east , it's just cloudy so not much sunrise to be seen on this early thursday morning. we're talking about the cloudy skies on the satellite and radar composite. not everyone waking up to wet weather. look at wayne county. you're really seeing steadier rain across portions of goldsboro and looks like down 117. that extends through the southern portions of wayne county out the other end as well so. mount olive, goldsboro seeing light rain. some of the showers really just kind of tapering off around the clinton area this morning. if you're stepping out the door make sure you take your umbrella, a few light showers this morning. i think better chances for rain
6:41 am
that could impact more of us. so 35 at 8:00 a.m. 41 at noon. most of us still on the dry side. showers mainly east of the triangle later this afternoon. 46 our afternoon high. back to 42, that evening drive home especially around the eastern half of our viewing area, could be a soggy one. here's the situation, we had a cold front move through yesterday. it's now stalled out off the east coast. this area of low pressure moving up along it will provide us that chance for afternoon showers. still on the chilly side, just get through today though and then that sunshine should return. so here's what i'm thinking -- 8:00 this morning, most of us on the dry but cloudy side. the clouds really not going anywhere, as we head throughout the day. this is 1:00 this afternoon. starting to see the showers in our southeastern-most communities. pretty much the areas that are seeing the rain now. sampson county, wayne county, cumberland county. those will continue as we head into the afternoon. now, this model keeps a lot of this rain to our east. i think a lot of it though will
6:42 am
in raleigh but certainly around that 95 corridor, i do think you'll see more in the way of wet weather this afternoon. 1:00 in the morning, as we head towards friday, all the rain is out, the skies are clearing, the clearing skies are going to tech around, paving the way for -- stick around paving the way for plenty of sunshine as we head into friday. 20s around the virginia border but 40s around the sand hills. this morning in raleigh, 37. 46 our afternoon high in raleigh. 45 durham. 48 fayetteville. then fast forward to tonight, with the clearing skies, it's going to be colder, temperatures should start off tomorrow morning near freezing. as we head into the afternoon the sunshine is here, 51 on friday. even warmer for saturday at 55. and then look at that, the 60s, sunday and monday and looks like groundhog day next tuesday 65. that is our next chance of a few showers. 6:50 on this thursday morning. let's switch gears and get to traffic. right now wade avenue and i-
6:43 am
slowdowns to report. if you're traveling on this, in this direction no problems. let's switch on over to the live drive conditions. we're tracking an accident earlier this morning, it looks like it's still an issue on aarondale avenue near zebulon. look for congestion in you're heading in that direction. 6:51. a raleigh man who beat stage 4 cancer now headed to super bowl 50 to hopefully see the carolina panthers beat the broncos. grant lefoun is getting an all expense paid trip to the bay area to watch his team in super bowl 50. the trip is made possible by the fill your bucket list foundation. a carey-based nonprofit that grants wishes to adults with cancer. he says he's taking his mom with him because she dropped everything in her life to take care of him when he was first diagnosed. >> i was pretty pumped at first.
6:44 am
and i instantly called my mom and told her about it. i hadn't told her yet i was going to pick her to go with me. so that was kind of -- fun to keep that a secret. >> there was even help for the help. the foundation was about to spend thousands of dollars on super bowl tickets but just the other day someone donated a pair of tickets to help fulfill grant's big wish. north carolina company gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the big game behind the scenes. cbs hired filmworks in rocky point to help with lighting, setting up mobile studios and power up the site. >> we have a crew out there already, i think we have 15 tractor-trailers similar to what you see out here. we have generators, we have building structures, announce booths and other entities, other things for the area. >> you can see their hard work
6:45 am
super bowl sunday february 7th on cbs. speaking of cbs, we want to remind you that wncn is excited, starting february 29th we're going to be delivering hit cbs programming. >> a lot of great shows will be on cbs. find out more about the change on our web site, at we'll be right back. ammon bundy now telling his group to stand down and go home. this comes after bundy and several other leaders from the group were arrested and one of those leaders was shot and killed in a confrontation with
6:46 am
the latest coming up on to 6:55 is your time. this is news you need to know before you head out the door on this thursday. today the aspca will begin to remove animals from a shelter
6:47 am
the group's largest animal rescue in history took place at the haven animal rescue shelter, more than 600 animals were found living in what authorities are calling deplorable conditions. the owner, stephen and linden spear, were charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty. the shelter operated without a license for 10 years. today you can once again share your thoughts about fayetteville's controversial city seal. it's a picture of the fayetteville markethouse. slaves were sold at the markethouse during the 1800s. critics say the landmark building is a symbol of slavery. today more than 400 veterans and military spouses are expected to attend a hiring event in raleigh. it runs from 11:00 this morning to 3:00 this afternoon. at carter findlay stadium. they are going to have resumes together, business suits on ready to go. >> hopefully they bring their umbrellas so the resume doesn't get wet. let's look at our satellite
6:48 am
we're tracking showers, now moving across portions of sampson county into wayne county as well. better chance for showers will develop later this afternoon. so you may not wake up to rain this morning, you'll still need to take that umbrella with you. 37 in raleigh. 39 clayton and goldsboro. 40s clinton and lillington. check out those areas north of high 20s. better chance of rain between 3:00 and 6:00 and high today of only 46 degrees. let's look live outside, oh, it's the clayton bypass, that time of morning. lots of brake lights in this direction. so as you head out the door make sure you know that it's going to take you a little longer. >> back to the forecast. as if we needed another reason to look forward to the weekend. >> 60s by sunday.
6:49 am
>> "the today show" next. don't forgive, don't forget. >> i told you don't ask me that question. >> donald trump takes his feud with fox news directly to bill o'reilly and rejects the fox anchor's request for forgiveness. >> you are this much more seriously than i am.
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