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tv   WNCN Today at 600AM  CBS  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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take off their >> on air, online, wherever you are. "wncn today" starts now. >> right now on wncn, the carolina panthers headed to california this weekend. we're going to take a look at a major event planned ahead of their big trip. plus, a trump-less debate for the gop, how things went in des moines. and as fear over the zika virus spreads, we also take a look at different ways scientists are helping to fight the disease. good morning, and thanks for watching "wncn today" on this friday, i'm maggie newland in this morning for mike gonzalez. >> good to have you along, maggie, good morning to you, good morning to you, i'm stefan chase. we've got your morning news and a check on traffic first. let's find out more about the weekend fork -- forecast from meteorologist alyssa corfont. >> the weekend is looking phenomenal, sunshine, temperatures in the 60s by sunday afternoon. before we get to that, we have to talk about today.
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skies, a big change from where we were 24 hours ago. remember, yesterday some of you were actually starting off with a few showers. now, because of those clearer skies, we're also looking at colder temperatures, 32 in raleigh, 33 durham, 35 henderson, 30 now in roxboro and siler city. these temperatures continuing to update around the sand hills, 37 in clinton and raeford. so we'll get to your fast forecast as you're getting ready to head out the door on this friday morning. we're talking about plenty of sunshine. a little bit of fog though, south of triangle this morning should be right around 35 at 8:00 a.m. 45, lots of sunshine at lunch time today and then 51 our afternoon high, compare that to normal, normal is actually 52. close to where we should be. clear skies continue through 6:00 p.m. this evening. we'll get to your forecast and that weekend ahead just a little bit. but let's go ahead and switch gears, checking in with traffic. i-85 and duke street, just a few cars in either direction this morning.
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commute, buckle up and have a safe drive in. go ahead and check in with your live drive conditions, capital but all that in green right now, moving close to the posted speed limits this morning. 41 miles per hour coming in to the city on u.s. one. more in 10 minutes. the carolina panthers soon head to the west coastthe team will get a huge sendoff from friends this afternoon in charlotte. wncn's emma wright joins us live in the studio with more. >> reporter: well, fans have been preparing to send them off in style, the team has been preparing for one of their biggest games ever. they say right now they're just focusing on practice and using this break to rest up. on the practice field, the panthers say it's business as usual. >> coach still has the same routine, as always. he working, we had no time off. [ laughter ]
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back josh norman said he's trying to drive out the noise. >> i know there's going to be a lot of lights and hype going down in san fran, haven't seen it yet, but i've been hearing about it. so i'm anticipating that. >> reporter: charlotte is preparing to send the team off in style. they've spent the week painting the town blue for today's big sendoff raleigh. >> for us older guys, it's always nice to get a longer break and rest up and recharge a little bit. so i'm not complaining for the extra time. >> reporter: the team says they'll need all the energy they can get when they go up against the broncos and their legendary quarterback, peyton manning. >> if you throw in, you know, an interception, guy allows me he to be there for it, probably going to, you know, bow to him. because, um, that's how much i really think about the guy. >> reporter: today's sendoff ralia -- rally happening in
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>> you can find all you need to know about the panthers over at, we have set up a panthers super bowl page just go to >> 6:04 is your time. north carolina teachers are renewing their calls for pay raises. yesterday, house lawmakers heard from eight school superintendents from across the state, they talked about how difficult it is to get and keep good teachers without a competitive salary. state school superintendent dr. june atkinson says the raises would show a commitment to the teachers. >> i believe that a 10% raise for our teachers would go a long way in our minimizing the revolving door. >> with all due respect, i don't think that's a realistic number. we certainly want, we would like to do that, right but we can't afford it. >> the department of public instruction says a 10% pay raise for teachers in north carolina would cost about $540 million. and today, state
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scheduled to visit three cumberland county schools. she's going to visit students and teachers at west area elementary schools, as well as ponderosa elementary, wrapping up at douglas bird middle school. the votes for the 2016 in iowa, the republican candidates debated last night. minus the gop front runner, donald trump. wncn's justin quesinberry has a look at the unusual night in politics, justin. >> reporter: yeah, he skipped this debate despite he had calls from fox news just minutes before it started last night. as he held his own event for veterans nearby, trump's opponents addressed the missing billionaire. >> he was a little teddy bear to me. >> i kind of miss him, i wish he was here. >> probably looking for me, saying, has anyone seen trump? why, where's trump? >> reporter: trump says he raised close to $6 million at his event, carried live at least
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while the debate aired on fox. two candidate who did not make it on to that debate stage ended up the trump's event, santorum and huckabee, santorum saying he didn't want to be photographed in front of the podium with trump's name on it. across town, immigration ranked on facebook as the top issue. >> you changed your position on immigration, you used to support a path to citizenship. >> to did you -- >> well, you changed it in the book. >> last night's debate was the last before iowa makes its choice. but could we see another debate involving donald trump and ted cruz before then? details on that in our next half hour. >> thanks a lot, justin. seems like megan kelly didn't seem to mind. >> she got herself some publicity. >> yeah, she was getting quite a lot of popularity. 6:06 this time, world health officials say they can't control the spread of the zika virus through south america. we've got details on how the threat has now made it to the
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plus, it is a busy time for online dating sites, why they're seeing an influx and how you can find success. and temperatures this morning, chillier than where they were yesterday, 36 near
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in the mid 30s, and louisburg, a . and now, your wncn weather forecast. >> welcome back, and good morning to you. this tuesday, alyssa, you promised us it was going to be gorgeous. >> i'm so glad it held steady. >> good! >> you're tracking more sunshine today and over the weekend ahead. >> yes. let's start off with today's forecast. 36 at 8:00 a.m. in the mid 40s by noon today and then a high of 51 degrees. this is pretty much spot on for where we should be for this time of year. so go ahead and enjoy it and if you're not able to enjoy today,
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the weekend is really going to warm up nicely. so here's our neighborhood network in shaw university, we're checking in with our downtown raleigh camera and then skyline, looks great this morning. no fog, no rain like what we were dealing with yesterday. the skies are clear. now, of course it's hard to see that until the sunrises and that sunrise happens right around 7:18 this morning, blufl one with clear -- beautiful one with clear skies, 32 raleigh, colder than yesterday, colder towards sanford, 32. sand hills you started off your thursday morning in the 40s, starting off our friday morning in the upper 30s around fayetteville, clinton and raeford. now there is a little bit of fog but it's south of the triangle for the most part. looking at visibility now dropping to two and a half miles and done. so that has worsened since our last check. it's also dropping in clinton to about four miles, pretty much the same around fayetteville. visibility there at six miles this morning. so checking in with your afternoon highs, sunshine today, it will be breezy, keep that in mind.
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and eventually in to the 60s on sunday. i'll have more on how long the 60s will hang around, coming up in your complete forecast. stefan? >> thanks a lot, alyssa. hey, singles out there, listen up. it's a season of love, online dating sites say they're seeing a huge tick in enrollment this time between the holiday. and yeah, february 14, valentine's day. so holiday loneliness, family nagging, social media envy and time off from work can all contribute to the jump. in fact the recent east coast snowstorm bought a blizzard of activity for those dating sites. some tips now to increase your chances if you're going to sign up, first be sure to smile in your pictures, no mean mugging. avoid photos that show you drinking or show too much skin. and be honest in your description to avoid getting lost in all the options. >> people on dating sites think there's another option around the corner, keep swiping examine they don't settle in on trying to get to know the people
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>> yeah, there's only so much fish in the sea; right? experts say when you get that first date, don't talk about your ex. a good idea. time right now, 6:12. the raiders could be considering
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up knew wncn, what you need -- "wncn today" what you need to know right now. >> in this morning's top stories, the search is on for a would be bank robber. it at the pnc branch in zebulon, see it all unfold on surveillance video. the bank manager saw the armed suspect and held the door shut investigators believe he may be driving a dark gray vehicle with black rims. if you know anything, call zebulon police. today crews will head back to hope county animal she will --shelter to rescue dozens of
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; the shelter's owners faced charges. today's the johnston county's dss building set to reopen after a bed bug scare. officials shut down the building when they found a bed bug in the lobby area. pest control determined there was no active infestation. health officials say the zika virus is spreading rapidly with no sign of stopping. now more than two dozen people in 11 states and washington dc have all tested positive. all had recently travelled south of the border to the middle of the outbreak. experts say there could be as many as four million cases of the zika virus in latin america by next year, causing pregnant women to miscarry or deliver babies with abnormally small brains. clinical trials on a vaccine will be held this year.
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see if it should be declared an international health warning. carriers are allow customers to cancel or postpone trips to areas affected by the zika virus. the move comes as concern of the mosquito born virus rises. united, delta and american could offer refunds to travellers who put a hold on their trips to latin america. officials in el salvador are turning to fish that eat the zika insects. to fight dengue fever, they care for the fish that live in small tank throughout the area. a fall hazard has prompted the recall of more than one and a half million shower rug. this is what you need to know, the recall involves aqua rugs with four plastic suction cups in beige and clear, consumer
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rugs, they were sold from july 2012 through september of last year, at bed bath and beyond, as well as the dollar general. facebook will soon be taking on uber and lyft. a patent application published yesterday reveals the social media giant may get in to ride sharing. the feature would help users share vehicles or find a travel buddy to get to and from events. it could also connect to someone that you can travel with on public transit, the buses, the news comes weeks after facebook announced a partnership with uber to book cars through the facebook app. one of the cars used by pope francis during his visit to philadelphia last fall is now available at auction. the pope travelled around the city in two fiat 500 l model cars, very cute. one of them on display at the philadelphia auto show. the other fiat is up for auction!
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held at the auto show held today, proceeds will go to select ministries. vegas. the chairman and ceo of the sands casino company wants to build a $1 billion dome stadium which might lure an nfl team to play there. meeting with owners mark davis, the 65,000 seat stadium would be built on a 42 acre lot recently purchased by unlv, the university there. now the school could share the proposed facility with an nfl franchise. so first we talked about the raiders going to san antonio, out, in el paso, i think it was san antonio, now we're talking about las vegas. go figure. [ laughter ] >> they would need a team, i guess, that would be fun. let's get to your forecast, talk about fun. we're looking at a great weekend ahead. and today, starts that warm up. 36 at 8:00 a.m., 41 at 10:00 a.m. this morning.
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that's where we were yesterday for an afternoon high, we surpassed that, the afternoon hours today reaching the low 50s which is pretty close to where we should be for this time of year. it will also be breezy and we'll get to more on that in just a little bit. but i want to check in with what's going on outside, 32 degrees right now raleigh, our wncn tower cam we're looking east and a beautiful sunrise. the sunrise happens around 7:18, earlier and earlier each day. current temperatures, 30s in roxboro, 30 siler city, freezing lillington, clayton and sanford, down around the sand hills colder morning for you. you woke up to the 40s yesterday, this morning you've dropped in to the upper 30s. there is enough of a breeze out there to make it feel colder. feels like 31 in fayetteville. feels like 27 in pinehurst, wind chills in the mid 20s in roxboro and the low 30s. not as big of an impact here around the triangle this morning. now, the reason we're dealing with breezier conditions, we
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across the area today. that's bringing snow showers through pennsylvania, new york, new england, that is not going to have a big impact on us again. we stay dry. the only thing we see change with this cold front coming through, breezier conditions, the sunshine though, shaz going to -- that's going to stay around from start to finish, lufb time -- lunch time, perfect if you're out and about, 6:00 p.m. on our day today, clear skies, clear skies overnight means colder temperatures tomorrow morning. so if you think today's cold, just wait. temperatures in the 20s as we head towards saturday afternoon, that sunshine hangs around and i think temperatures will be even warmer though throughout the afternoon. so for today, high of 51 raleigh, 50 durham, 54 in fayetteville. fast forward to tonight, clearer skies, colder temperatures, good news winds won't be a factor, 29 degrees our overnight low, the coming days, 55 on saturday, 60s
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the 60s you'll like early next week, look at this, 66 on monday, unseasonably warm. the warmer than normal temperatures continue for groundhog day on tuesday, we'll see if punxsutawney phil requests or predicts a longer winter or earlier spring. i think earlier spring would be my vote. next chance for rain comes through on wednesday. now 6:21 on this friday morning, let's get to your commute, if you're heading out and about, we are starting to see more cars. but it's that time of the morning. the great news in this direction, pretty much all around the area, we've been accident-free all morning. let's not change that, get to your destination safely. now as far as some drive times, if you're coming northbound, if you're in theyl owe -- yellow, starting to see slower moving traffic, u.s. one 55 and downtown, costing you just over apex on 401. more on traffic and weather closer to 6:30.
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set things up for the super bowl in santa clara, mistakes are bound to happen. coming up, we'll show you the blunder painters made on the field. >> shameful. and hearing from ron rivera about how the team is preparing
6:21 am
keep i welcome back, the nfl wants le have a stadium -- levi stadium to be perfect, but forgetting very important details. >> accidentally painting both zendz in bronco -- end zones in broncos orange, painting the visitor end zone and forget their were the home team, and
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>> at least they got it fixed. president obama was recently asked about the big game. >> well, naturally he's a chicago fan, so with his team out of the mix, whom does he favor? >> you know what, i got to see a little more information, but i think it's a great story for peyton manning to be, you know, towards the end of his career, in a super bowl again. and, you know, the defense that the broncos have is unbelievable. but carolina looks tough. this is going to be a close one. >> i like it, he's playing both sides. he's not going there, smart choice. panthers coach ron rivera is busy working on a game plan, having cam newton handing a lot of footballs to the kids watching. >> that's what i like to hear, he's preparing for a big game. >> it is really a great chess match, and not necessarily, you know, coordinator against coordinator as it's quarterback against defense. he's going to be there and throw you out of your game so you can
6:23 am
>> well, peyton manning is preparing for what could be his last game ever, it is manning's fourth super bowl appearance and he says he's ready. >> we're facing an outstanding team in all three phases, every one has to do their part. >> you can see them face off february 7 on cbs. >> can't wait. >> good tv. time now 6:26, coming up in the next half hour.
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game with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with nutella - spread the happy! >> on air, online, wherever you are, "wncn today" starts right now. >> good morning to you, wee emma wright hope you're -- we hope you're having a great friday morning, i'm stefan chase. >> and i'm maggie newland in for mike gonzalez. >> with the preview of the panthers send off party today.
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plus, justin quesinberry wrapping up last night's debate, but first with meteorologist alyssa corfont with a look at the forecast, just in time for the weekend, alyssa. >> just in time for the weekend, the sunshine is back. now the clear skies are what we're tracking right now, because of those clear skies all around central north carolina, we had these colder temperatures, 32, here in raleigh, freezing clayton, 35 goldsboro down around the sand hills, remember, yesterday you woke up to rain and the 40s, this morning, clearer skies but the upper 30s. 37 fayetteville and raeford, and then as we look in to areas north of the triangle, 33 in south hill, also 33 in henderson. so here's a look at your fast forecast. patchy fog around the sand hills this morning, other than that we're dry. 35, 45 at noon and then 51 our afternoon high. it's been a few days since we hit the 50s, normal for this time of year. it's right around 52. we drop back in to the 40s for your 6:00 drive home. i'll have more on the forecast
6:26 am
over the weekend ahead, coming up. let's check in with traffic right now. this is creedmore road in glenwood avenue, just a few cars in either direction, i think some people are enjoying a little snooze action on this friday. if you're getting ready to head out the door, just buckle up, make it a safe morning commute. heading westbound, your loops i-440, moving close to the posted speed limits, 16 minute drive. 440 an eight minute drive, and bypass and u.s. one, that's an 11 minute drive this morning. i'll have another check on traffic and weather in 10 minutes. >> sounds good. the carolina panthers heading to the west coast to prepare for super bowl l. getting a huge sendoff from fans this afternoon in charlotte. wncn's emma wright joins us live in the studio with more. a big party, right, emma? >> oh yeah, preparing to send
6:27 am
preparing on one of the biggest games ever, and using the break to rest. panthers say it's business as usual. >> coach still has the same routine, as always. he working, we had no time off. [ laughter ] >> reporter: off of it, corner back josh said he's trying to drive out the noise. >> i know there's going to be a lot of lights and hype going down in san fran, haven't seen it yet, but i've been hearing about it. so i'm anticipating that. >> reporter: charlotte is preparing to send the team off in style. they've spent the week painting the town blue for today's big sendoff raleigh. >> for us older guys, it's always nice to get a longer break and rest up and recharge a little bit. so i'm not complaining for the extra time. >> reporter: the team says they'll need all the energy they can get when they go up against the broncos and their legendary quarterback, peyton manning. >> if you throw in, you know, an interception, guy allows me
6:28 am
going to, you know, bow to him. because, um, that's how much i really think about the guy. >> okay. today's sendoff rally happening at noon in uptown charlotte, the panthers leaving for the west coast sometime this weekend. maggie? >> have a lot of people supporting them, that's for sure. you can find all you need to know about the panthers over at we have set up a panthers super bowl page. just go to right now the search is on for a would-be bank robber whose crime was cut short by a quick thinking manager. it at the pnc branch in zebulon, see it all unfold on surveillance video. the bank manager saw the armed man and held the door shut so he couldn't enter. the suspect then began to hit the door with the gun but still the manager just wouldn't budge. the man then gave up and ran off. investigators believe he may be driving a dark gray vehicle with black rims. if you know anything, call
6:29 am
crews heading back to hoke county at an animal shelter there to rescue dozens of neglected animals. investigators saerpeds searched a search warrant at haven after complaints from neighbors and other agencies, 600 animals, many showing signs of neglect and some in need of medical care. also found at least 15 dead dogs buried at the shelter. but one shelter volunteer tells wncn she was shocked by the signs of neglect. [ indiscernible ] does care and not the way it's been portrayed. >> the shelter's owners, joseph and linda spear arrested on animal cruelty charges, have from jail. skoeunt -- deputies in wilson county searching for these two, jimmy and patricia williams, accused of animal cruelty. investigators say they found 21 dogs, two iguanas on the
6:30 am
the dogs were alive. they say the couple abandoned the property and had the utilities cut off more than a week ago. set to reopen after a bed bug scare. officials shut down the building when they found a bed bug in the area, explaining the closure. pest control came and cleared out everything, they determined there was no act -- infestation. a massive csx shipping facility not to our state but the railroad will get to decide when it comes and where it should go. tuesday the governor says the original proposed site in selma was no longer a viable option. the decision came following fierce opposition from land owners and local officials. yesterday the lieutenant governor said csx need to find a new spot for the facility. >> i think it's a great project, and i think probably most people in north carolina think it's a great project, the way they go about acquiring that land and
6:31 am
the next step now. >> csx told us in an e-mailed statement that it's committed to the project and working with stakeholders to move that project forward. hundreds of veterans looking for jobs got a chance to show off their skills. companies like home depot, time warner and the city of raleigh were at vonn towers at carter finley stadium for a job fair. organizers believe about 150 people who were there at the fair are soon going to be offered a job. and those jobs come as the number of service members moving to our state is soaring. the north carolina va secretary says north carolina has climbed to number eight in veteran population, the highest ever. the va has added eight more veteran service locations statewide to help out. in wake county, veteran populations jumped more than 59,000 since september of 2014. time check, it's 6:35. a raleigh woman was attacked just feet from her own home. still to come, the message she has for the thieves.
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morning, a bit colder than yesterday right now siler city
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you could find a lowpremium plan and avoid paying a fee for nothaving health coverage. final 2016 enrollment deadlineis january 31st. and now, your wncn weather forecast. >> welcome back in the weather center now with meteorologist looks beautiful! >> beautiful! i bet you'll take the little one out to the park. >> absolutely. i've planned that. >> maybe a bike ride. >> better than last weekend, that's for sure. >> wins hands down compare to do last -- compared to last weekend. kids getting ready to head out the door, on the way to the school but on your way home, bus
6:35 am
51 degrees, sunny, warmer than where we were yesterday. keep in mind, the sunrises 7:18, slightly brighter condition out at the airport but the airport this morning 32 degrees. bit colder than where we were yesterday at this time. let's go ahead and check in with temperatures, 33 south hill and henderson louisburg at 36, clinton, the temperature just updating in goldsboro to now 34 degrees. i also want to point out some visibility concerns, south of the triangle right around the sand hills, visibility at two and a half miles in fayetteville, three in dunn and four in clinton. that's going to be enough that we'll slow you down from time to time. seven miles visibility. so not so bad around sanford and siler city on this friday morning. let's get to the weekend forecast, shall we? today, 51 breedsy at time -- breezy at times, saturday 55 and sunny, looking at those clear skies movering in on our sunday, 62 degrees our -- moving in on
6:36 am
up, the 60s will continue, when you'll need the umbrella again coming up in your complete forecast, maggie? at brazil's oldest and most productive mask factory getting ready for carnival, the most popular masks this year depicting the embattled president and the oppositioned lawmaker who opened proceedingings -- proceedings against her. store managers selling the products say store sales have been worse than last year. knowing what may have killed a humpback whale that washed ashore, discovering the one to 2-year-old whale on tuesday, the while likely died from a parasite that attacked its or dwans. -- organs, it had damage to its organs, including its kidneys. facing off for the final gop debate before the iowa caucuses,
6:37 am
coming up, could there be a welcome back. thousands of shoppers nationwide are losing their go-to grocery and retail stores. walmart shutting down more than 150 stores nationwide, including this one here in durham. now the move has made some communities pretty upset. in oriental, along our coast, walmart opened up a year and a half ago, putting the smaller, family-owned grocery store out of business. walmart says it's committed to opening up 300 stores in other food desert areas. the search is on in raleigh for the people who mugged a woman just feet from her home. she is still shaken up after it happened tuesday evening as she was walking to her car from her home on east davies street. three thieves hit her over the head, threw her on the ground and grabbed her bag. inside her phone, wallet and green card. according to the police report,
6:38 am
aa gofundme page set -- a gofundme page set up for her got 9,500. she's incredibly grateful she says, as for the thieves though -- >> i want my day in court with them, i want their parents to know what they do at night when they're out. >> officers looking for the suspects. if you have any information, please call the police. no charges are expected in an incident is that sent a sorority pledge to the hospital at duke university. a police report says it's being investigated as a case of underage drinking. a duke spokesman says the 19-year-old rushed to the er late tuesday after a party in randolph hall on east campus, duke partially lifted a ban on activities, and anti-hazing advocates, a couple whose son was killed at an famu hazing ritual were upset. >> we need to have a sense of urgency. >> the victim is fully expected to recover.
6:39 am
votes of 2016 in iowa, republican candidates debated last night minus the gop front runner. wncn's justin quesinberry has a look at the unusual night in presidential politics, justin? >> yeah, set to be the last debate before the voters make their choice in 2016 there in iowa. but there could be another, more on that in just a moment. but first, donald trump skipped this debate as he held his own event for veterans nearby. he raised close to $6 million for veterans at his event which was carried live at least in part by some cable channels while the debate aired on fox at the same time. two candidates who did not make it to the debate stage ended up at trump's event, rick santorum and mike huckabee. santorum joked he did not want to be photographed in front of the podium with trump's name on it. across at the debate, immigration ranked as the top issue on facebook. >> now, you want to trump trump on immigration. we're not go to beat hillary
6:40 am
going to say or do anything to win an election. [ applause ] >> i like marco, he's very charming, he's very smooth. but the facts are simple. >> western iowa technical community college is getting ready for saturday's cruz forum at the school and its -- it's possible that it could pay host to a gop front runner debate if donald trump accepts a challenge by ted cruz. cruz campaigned at their center and booked a venue for this weekend's event just about a week ago, but the proposed debate with trump was not mentioned. stefan? >> thanks, justin. right now we're getting an and look at the deadly shooting during a traffic stop of an armed occupier of a national wildlife refuge in oregon. an fbi plane captured the scene, officials say lavoy finicum's vehicle tried to maneuver around the roadblock and got stuck in a snow bank instead. officials say when finicum got out of the truck, he reached
6:41 am
the fbi says there was a loaded nine millimeter semiautomatic handgun in his pocket. and jefferson airplane member kantner passed away at 74. he died in california after becoming ill. the group as you probably know is known for the classics like "somebody to love" and "white rabbit". almost five years have passed since the nuclear meltdown at japan's fukushima nuclear power plant. workers still trying to clean up the aftermath due to the high radiation levels and the decommissioner process. engineers have now developed remote devices to help dismantsle -- dismantle the plant, it's expected to begin in 2017. at least three people died when a small plane crashed off australia's victoria state coast today. happened off barwood heads.
6:42 am
area at the time saw the plane plunging in the water, three bodies found by a fourth person may also be missing. australian coast guard, police boats and victoria state emergency services all involved in the search. meanwhile, sidney, australia is getting pounded by bad weather. lightning strung the sid -- struck the sidney tower in the middle of the city, incredible pictures. uprooting trees and causing major damage, flight delays at the sidney airport as well. wow, those are crazy pictures. >> yeah, we're going to be dealing with very calm weather. not only today, but right on through the weekend. let's gutd -- let's go ahead and take a look at your forecast, 36 degrees, clouds, 41 at 10:00 a.m., 45 at noon and then a high eventually of 51 right around 4:00 this evening. most of you dealing with clear skies, maybe you're heading out for a dinner this evening. 6:00 should be right around 42. now, it's going to be breezy today, wind gusts could peak at
6:43 am
here's a live picture from our wncn tower camera, just as expected, it's going to be a beautiful sunrise, that color aacross the -- across the horizon, 32 degrees, been a few mornings since we've seen a sunrise are here in raleigh. temperatures around the area, 33 in durham, 30 roxboro, right around 30 siler city at freezing in sanford and lillington. that's a big change from the 40s many of you around the sand hills were at yesterday. now you have to factor in the wind this morning, because there's just enough of a breeze to make a little bit of a difference. feels more like 29 in south hill and henderson, wind chill at 25 and roxboro, wind chills also in the 20s around sanford and pinehurst. wind chill not as big of a factor in raeford this morning. here's what's going on in your forecast today. we have a cold front that's moving across the area. the only thing that means for us, breezier conditions. the sunshine's going to stick around, warmer than normal conditions as well. now if you're travelling, i do
6:44 am
snow possible in pennsylvania, new york and new england state. if you're heading to the northeast, keep an eye out on your forecast and flight plans. now, as far as your forecast for us is concerned like i said, nothing changes. so clear skies around 8:00 a.m., a cloud or two throughout the day. we'll be dry at lunch time. may want to dress in layers because it's cold but by the afternoon hours, seasonal conditions return that's the 50s. clear skies at 7:00 p.m. this evening and clear skies overnight tonight, recipe for very cold temperatures tomorrow morning, i think the big difference will be the 20s more widespread by day break, tomorrow sunshine all we have to worry about. 51 our high in raleigh, 50 durham, 54 fayetteville. fast forward to tonight, clear skies, cold temperatures, 29 degrees, wind aren't going to be a factor for us, so that's nice we don't have to worry about the wind chill tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, 55 in
6:45 am
are going to be in the mid -- even warmer monday and tuesday are going to be in the mid 60s and don't forget, groundhog day, punxsutawney phil will predict an earlier winter or early spring, stay tuned for that. 6:51 on this friday morning. let's get to your traffic conditions, i-540 and neuse falls road, no cars, what we typically see, it's friday, i think we can expect that. let's go ahead and take a look at some of the speeds. if you're heading out to rtp, i-240 westbound between wade avenue and rdu this morning, you're moving at about 72 miles per hour, i-40 heading out near the cary area, 68 miles per hour westbound. we'll have more on traffic and weather just before 7:00 a.m. >> all right, thanks a lot, alsa. 6:52 is your time. talking about carolina panthers, one of cam newton's biggest fans now the envy of all his friends.
6:46 am
football from cam during a game against the patriots earlier this year. newton is known for handing baults of course to kids after the panthers score a touchdown. back home in raleigh, jaden has a picture of the incredible moment framed right on his wall. >> i was telling him cam, cam, come over here, and then he gave me the ball and fist pumped me. it was just crazy, i was like, it felt like i won the lottery. >> you can tell, that's a moment he's not going to forget. he's predicting a blow out win when the panthers take on the denver broncos at super bowl l. he says the score's going to be 50-0. [ laughter ] >> all right, panthers! big expectations there, right? cam and the panthers have a fan who knows a thing or two about championships, steph curry donned his own panthers jersey, must have been good luck with how badly they beat the cardinals, gushing about newton and the super bowl bound panthers that shoot around this
6:47 am
>> that's big for the city, for cam for the team. to be representing charlotte out here in santa clara next week. or two weeks from now. so, i've been a lifelong fan. >> he grew up around charlotte, his father dell curry played for the hornets. good morning, the world health organization convening a meeting to find the checks on the caribbean. what about the united states? might we see mosquitos carrying
6:48 am
zp if sho -- and if so, what at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. welcome back, a quick look at some news you need to know before you head out the door on this friday morning, a super bowl party takes place today in charlotte for the carolina panthers, the panthers pride rally kicks off today at noon. thousands of fans are expected to take part. they leave for california on
6:49 am
facing off with the denver broncos february 7. right now the search is on for a would-be barvg robber -- bank robber stopped by a quick thinking bank manager, happened in arondale avenue in zebulon. the suspect may be driving a small gray vehicle with black rims, if you know anything, call zebulon police. today, crews will head back to a county an -- hoke county animal shelter to rescue animals there. they found 600 animals, many showing signs of neglect and in need of medical care at the haven animal shelter. they also found at least 15 dead dog buried at the shelter there. the shelter's owners faced charges, they made bond and currently out of jail right you -- right now. all right, for a last look at the weather. >> a spectacular sunrise already, the official sunrise doesn't happen until 7:18. plenty of color spreading across the horizon. 31 degrees though, so it is
6:50 am
yesterday, 33 in durl, drk -- durham, 36 in clayton, lillington, roxboro, you're at 33 this morning. 45 at noon, 51 our afternoon high, plenty of sunshine, the 60s will be here for the weekend ahead. let's go ahead and have one last check on traffic. and talk about a slow morning, you know when the clayton bypass looks like this at 7:00 a.m., things are moving freely. have a safe drive in, 25 minutes
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